A Reliable Companion in Leatherworking: Best Tool Belts

In the different activities that involve the utilization of the handy tools, the worker will use the tool belts. The tool belts function by carrying the necessary tools and organizing them to keep them close to you as the task is ongoing, thereby making the work easier. Tool belts are generally known as stuff worn around the waist that offers many pockets to retain the necessary tools in the worksite. This is why it is used by various professionals, such as the leatherworker, making it the companion in leather crafting. 

There are several best leather tool belts you can find in the market today at both online and physical stores, but not specific to leatherworking. This article will introduce you to leathercrafters’ best leather tool belts based upon their features, materials, and customer reviews. Leather tool belts are your best companion in leather crafting. It is not just an accessory but an essential. 

Lightweight Tool Belt For Easier Movement

This is like the leather belt used for securing pants, skirts, and for fashion purposes. But, this lightweight tool belt is not created to hold your clothes or to complete the OOTD attire because it is designed for leather crafters. 

Its Best Features

It is a tool belt created especially for leatherworking. It is wrapped around the waist, just like your typical fashion accessory belt. The tool pouches, lightweight tunnel, & holders are mounted or attached to this tool. It carries lightweight tool pouches hence named a lightweight tool belt.

It is durable and comfy to use because it is leather constructed that can fit 33 to 44 inches or around 838 to 1143mm of waist sizes. It has an overall width of one inch, an overall length of 49 inches, and a one-inch belt width made in the USA. 

Where To Buy

If you want to get this lightweight tool belt, visit its manufacturer’s website since it is available to import its products. If you can go out and go to a physical store, you can also buy this from the local retailer.

It is typically made up of cowhide leather that is ideal for a tool belt because it’s durable and wear-resistant. You can get one at a price range of $22 to $70.

Tool Pouches For Easier and Safer Tool Transport

Another best tool belt you can use in leatherworking is the tool pouches. These tool pouches are paired with lightweight tool belts so that you can wear them around your waist as you start to work on some leather projects. 

Things To Know

Tool pouches are also known as work belts for craftsmen or craftswomen, and other workers wear them to transport the essential tools. Tool pouches help you carry the necessary tools more accessible and safer on the worksite. It provides rooms for several tools available just around your hips, leaving hands free from holding and gripping it.

Tool pouches are made from leather used by different workers, including the craftsmen and craftswomen in leatherworking. This leather tool belt is available in many pockets, or pouches a leather tool belt may contain. You can have a single-pocket tool pouch, ideal for keeping leatherworking holding tools like smooth jaw pliers or any single handy tool of your choice. This type of tool pouch is riveted to ensure durability and long-lasting usage. A single-pocket tool pouch worn in your hips with the aid of a lightweight tool belt helps avoid tearing of clothes, discomfort, and any possible injuries. 

Another option is a  three-pocket utility pouch that features a one-inch reinforced gusset and two inches outside pockets. This is also riveted to ensure durability in transporting. In comparison, a four-pocket tool pouch type of tool belt is riveted for long-lasting use and durability in keeping the necessary tools for your leather works. Ten-pocket tool pouches are similar to the other tool pouches, like their leather material and constructed with durability. 

It differs only with the number of pocket compartments. Moreover, an 11-pocket tool pouch is a tool belt capable of keeping a knife, measuring tape, and of course, built with multi-pockets for different leather tools. A five-pocket, six-pocket, seven-pocket, and eight-pocket tool pouches are also available, with the same features but have a varied number of pockets for the user’s preference.

Tool pouches are unique because they are customized with a different number of pockets. All of these tool pouches are made in the USA. The prime feature of these tool belts is their leather that is constructed and riveted to keep and organize the leather tools efficiently. 

Where To Buy

You can get the different tool pouches from the single-pocket to the eight-pocket tool pouches at various online shopping stores or visit a local retailer. You can buy the single-pocket tool pouch for a price of $15 to $21, excluding delivery fees if you order and online and have it delivered to your doorstep.

For a starting price of $23, you can get a three-pocket tool pouch available in physical leather shops or online stores. With the same means, you can get a four-pocket tool pouch for $20 to $26. Ten-pocket tool pouches have a price that ranges from $56 to $69, and 11-pocket tool pouches cost $91 to $105 at different online shopping stores. 

If buying online, make sure to check the record and legitimacy of the online site or seller you are transacting with as a precaution.

CLC Leather Tool Belt For Multi-Purpose Jobs

One of the best leather tool belt brands is the CLC leather tool belts which feature the patented Sta-Open rockets and are designed with a gusseted bottom. This tool is created for various trade industries like carpentry, electricians, etc., because it is also available to the other craftsmen/ craftswomen in leatherworking. 

Its Best Features

The CLC leather tool belt has many beautiful features like the rugged buckles, which would not buckle under pressure. This toolbelt is also a carrier of the essential tools in need of long working hours. The device is used by various professionals, including leatherworkers so that working becomes more manageable and convenient.

One of the CLC or Custom Leathercraft tools is the heavy-duty top-grain suede construction work apron which features front pockets, double gussets, and two loops. This tool has a total of 12 pockets to accommodate different leather tools like the hammer, pliers, utility knives, measuring tape, pencils, awls, etc. It also comes with a leather belt so that you wrap it around your waist. 

This tool is designed for construction, carpentry, electrician, but some leathercrafters also use it. It weighs around one lb, with a dimension of 5” x 27” x 10”, and has two inches poly web belt which can fit 29” to 49” waist size.

Where To Buy

Heavy-duty top-grain suede construction made from custom leathercraft is available at online shopping stores and other physical stores. This tool belt costs around $33.59 to $35 and has a one-year warranty that is good for its price.

Occidental Leather Green Building Framer Tool Set

This is one of the top options used by frame workers to keep and organize their essential tools. It is also an excellent addition to leatherworking.

Things To Know

It is one of the top leather tool belts in the USA, also made in the US at Occidental Leather. It has 24 pockets and tool holders perfectly fixed and several rooms available for different leather tools. With these numerous pockets and compartments, you can place various leather tools necessary for crafting leather items. These may include a measuring tape, hammers, pliers, cutting tools, awls, and others you need.

It weighs around one pound and has a dimension of 1.1” x 1.1” x 1.1”. It is permanently attached to the leather belt so that you can wear it around your waist. Occidental leather green belts are exceptionally durable, for they are riveted and stitched and handmade from leather material. Since it is very durable and has several pockets, it is one of the best choices by different workers like carpenters, framers, and leatherworkers.

Where To Buy

Occidental leather green building, specifically the B5625, is available at many online shopping stores. Since it has good features and is built, it comes at a high price, starting at $355 to $360. It offers a limited warranty which means a lifetime repair service like riveting and stitching which is a good thing for on-the-go workers.

AWP HP General Construction Leather Belt Flip Pocket Tool Rig

This is one of the popular tool belts among carpenters and contractors. Craftsmen and craftswomen can also utilize this tool belt in leatherworking. This is one of the best tool belts made from leather to ensure durability and long-lasting utilization. 

What Is It

It is the best tool belt for carpenters that is also available for aspiring leatherworkers like you. Like any tool belts, this is used for transporting your tools to the worksite for easy access. It has two large rings for hammers, D-rings for suspenders if you want to, and several pockets or rooms for your leather tools. This tool belt weighs 4.61 lbs and has a 15.2” x 13.55” x 11.6” package dimension. Of course, it comes with a set like the leather belt, so you can wrap it around your waist to easily reach the tools while working.

Where To Buy

You can buy this from the online shopping website, which has a decent cost of $135 to $140, excluding the delivery fee. You can also visit physical stores for this tool belt.

Leather Tool Belts As An Essential

Leather tool belts have always been used in different trades even before because of their offered practicality. This has been used over the century. Hence it might be a good idea to look back on how it started.

It’s Beginning: A Brief History

When World War II ended, the manufacturing companies that produced army uniforms began to think other workwear products fit their materials. Companies like Dickies started to manufacture heavy-duty clothing for factory workers, construction workers, and miners.

Those were the aprons or “carpenter’s aprons” similar to the heavy overalls utilized by different workers of today. 

The carpenter’s aprons created by different workwear companies were further improvised by adding “simple tool loops and fastener pockets,” which was similar to today’s tool belt features.

The heavy overalls created by various companies weigh so much, which protected workers against job-site scrapes & abrasions and weather that also left the workers feeling hot when working.

Because of that reason, a lot of workers in the 1940s chose a pair of jeans & aprons instead of heavy overalls so that they can quickly move and feel much cooler. The carpenter’s apron and heavy overalls before were used for protection purposes and as a tool keeper during working hours and activities. The tool keeper purposes of the carpenter’s apron activated a leather toolbelt in the 1950s.

The first leather toolbelt was custom-made by the shoe repair and saddle shops. That leather tool belt was durable and featured 16 large open pouches, eight penny nails, and a pocket for different handy tools. The leather tool belts then became so popular among various workers, which is why they added in the 1960s suspenders to bear and avoid back strain of the workers. 

A Toolbelts’s Function: What You Need To Know

When people hear toolbelts, they know that it is a belt-carrying tool worn around the waist, but there is more to it. Tools belts are not limited to the waist. Some types of belts are attached with suspenders which are placed on the shoulders. Apart from these, there are a lot of tool belts out there for various applications.

Tool belts are created for workers to keep and organize the necessary tools, not to hold on to the toolbox to get some tools. For instance, an ironworker erecting a steel frame to the new building will wear tool belts because it is tough for them to go down to get other essential tools in which their hand can not get a hold. It is used as a tool keeper which will transport the necessary tools used in different activities. 

Also, tool belts help you reach out the essential tools just around your waist or hips (depending upon the types of tool belt you wear), which allows the works more accessible and saves your time. The several pockets and loops it has are great for retaining different tools used in the worksite.

The most durable tool belts are made from leather, especially the suede types of leather, while some tool belts are created from polyester, fabric, cotton, etc. The leather tool belts are riveted to make them durable in holding tools and equipment. Tool belts are used by different workers like carpenters, electricians, ironworkers, and leather workers. 

Types of Tool Belts

The waist tool belt is the renowned type of tool belt worn, of course, around the waist. These tool belts are adjustable so that they can fit different waist sizes. The suspenders tool belt helps the worker avoid back strain by distributing the weight evenly, for it is suspended in the shoulder for a more comfortable experience. This type of tool belt is sometimes described as a harness that is adjustable for different workers.

The hip tool belt is another type that allows the worker to quickly grab the tools because it is placed on the worker’s hips. But, this has a lower holding capacity than the waist and suspenders tool belt.

An Apron tool belt or tool belt vest works as a cloth for it covers the worker’s body, which features numerous pockets and loops compared to the rest of the tool belts.

These are just the types of leather tool belts based on how they are worn because many tool belts are classified upon their types of material, who uses them, and their unique features.

The Leatherworking Tools Ideal in Leather Tool Belt

Of course, a tool belt is nothing without the tools it carries. The necessary tools placed in the leather tool belts should be selected effectively, considering that leather crafting involves numerous tools if you are still a beginner in leathercrafting. Here are some of the tools you must include in your tool belt.

What Tools You Need To Keep In Your Tool Belts

Trim knives or sharp trimming knives are essential tools you must keep in your tool belts, for this serves several functions. This tool is both available in straight and curved blades knives used in detailed leatherworking, trimming, and making precise cuttings (the essential skills as a leathercrafter. 

Leather spike awl is another a-must-tool in leather crafting that you can easily reach out from your tool belt because it has numerous functions in leatherworking. This super handy tool serves as a third hand in your crafting, for this is capable of piercing through leathers to create holes in saddle making, mark holes for even spacing and pattern keeping purposes, etc. 

Because leatherworking always involves leather cutting, crafters must equip their tool belts with a sharpening stone. This tool keeps the blades, knives in excellent condition and is highly sharp, necessary for the cutting tools before using it.

Like carpentry, frame workings, and other constructions, leatherworkers necessitate tape measure because it is an essential tool in preparing leather cutting. 

Punching is present in carpentry and frameworks, for it is applied in leatherworking with the use of a hammer.  This tool is used to push nails (particularly in saddle making) and punch tools to pierce through the leather. These are just some of the necessary leather tools you will put in your tool belts. Should you add more devices and essential materials, consider the pockets, loops, and holding capacity.

The Perfect Reason To Use A Tool Belt in Leatherworking 

It provides convenience in leather crafting, thereby making the work faster. 

It offers enough pockets, loops, compartments for the necessary tools, which help the leatherworker save time looking for a specific tool in the toolbox and save space in the workbench. It organizes means to avoid misplacement.


Leather crafting becomes possible with the set of leather tools and the right accessories. The leather tools come in a variety which you will need in crafting one leather item. No doubt, there are many devices you need, which is sometimes frustrating when looking for specific tools in your toolbox. This is why a leatherworker needs a leather tool belt to carry the essential tools and keep them organized. Tool belts help the leather crafter reach the needed tool just around the waist or hips. If you have a budget constraint, don’t worry. You have decent options that are not so expensive but work best.

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