Best Leather Accent Chairs: Time to Spice Up Your Home

Leather accent chairs are the best addition to your home, whether it is for decorative purposes or daily use. When you buy your leather accent chair, you can’t just go out and pick one right away. There are a lot of factors that you need to consider, such as the type of leather the chair is made from, what comes with the chair, and so much more.

You owe it to yourself to relax from time to time, so getting a good leather accent chair is the best way to go. In this article, I will talk about the different leather accent chairs that you can buy in the market, including their descriptions such as dimensions and what leather they are made from. I will also talk about how you can take care of your leather accent chairs, such as removing stains and spots and regular maintenance.

Leather Accent Chairs Under $500

If you are on a tight budget but still want quality leather accent chairs, I have listed the best chairs in the market that you can purchase. 

ELuxury Supply Armless Accent Chair: Budget Friendly

The Eluxury Supply Armless Accent Chair is considered a unique leather accent chair. It screams modern, and it’s designed for comfort without having to pay too much for it. It has a plush faux-leather rest atop with an ‘X’ style frame which provides a chic vibe. You can sprawl out as much as you can because of the open, unobstructed design.

You can add the optimal combination of class and comfort with this leather accent chair. It has a barrel structure and style which encourages luxurious relaxation as well as ultimate satisfaction. The Eluxury Supply Armless Accent Chair is excellent for small areas in your home. This leather accent chair is engineered with comfort, versatility, and style.

The assembly of the chair is easy and usually shipped in a single box. It is easy to carry, and all you need to do is attach the legs with the included wrench and hardware. The Eluxury Supply Armless Accent Chair measures 23″W x 29″ D x 31″H and weighs 28 pounds.

The Eluxury Supply Armless Accent Chair is the cheapest on this list, with a price of $219.99.

Retro Design: Baxton Studio Retro Modern Accent Chair

The Baxton Studio Retro Modern Accent Chair is a mixture of modern flair and retro style. This leather accent chair has a stunning and sleek design that everyone who visits your home will notice. The Baxton Studio Retro Modern Accent Chair is considered to be a mid-century lounge chair because of its wooden frame and dark chestnut finish. 

The leather is dark black which is the best color combination with the wooden frame. With this leather accent chair, you can definitely spruce up your home. It has a button-tufting with piping on the edges of the cushions, which are removable with stoppers underneath. It also has a rounded armrest with splayed legs.

The Baxton Studio Retro Modern Accent Chair costs $251.79.

Christopher Knight Haddie Club Chair

The Christopher Knight Haddie Club Leather Accent Chair adds a sophisticated design to your home, making it the perfect chair to have in your home. It provides a seamless union of classic and temporary styles. The leather sits on top of birch wood legs comfortably, providing a sleek, beautiful, and sturdy design.

A small leather accent pillow is already included when you purchase this leather accent chair. It blends together with the button-tufted design with a beautiful wooden frame. You can place this club chair in your lounge space, where it provides clean lines and an understated look.

The Christopher Knight Haddie Club Chair uses materials to reimagine the traditional design. This chair measures 25” W x 26. 25” D x 32. 75” H and can transform any small, simple place in your home. Unlike the other chairs listed here, assembly is required with this one. All the instructions and tools that you need are included in the package, so there’s no need to worry.

The Christopher Knight Haddie Club Chair costs $278.99.

The Ashley Peacemaker Leather Accent Chair

The Ashley Peacemaker Leather Accent Chair provides a contemporary, classic, and stylish design making it a perfect piece to add to your home. It has a classic comfort of faux leather and soft cushions, which rests on a sturdy metal frame that has an antique brass finish. This chair is exceptionally crafted, and you just sit back on the faux leather cushion and feel the ultimate relaxation you need. 

The armrests are padded and are supported by a metal frame. With this chair, you can relax with style. The Ashley Peacemaker Leather Accent Chair will look perfect by a sofa, bedroom nook, or your modern living room space. Ashley Furniture Industries is one of the trusted sources for stylish furniture where you can ensure quality and durability.

The assembly process is very simple where you can follow the manual easily. The chair measures 27.75″ W x 32.5″ D x 36.75″ H. The seat measures 24.75” W x 20.50” D x 18.75” H with an arm height of 24”. The Ashley Peacemaker Leather Accent Chair costs $377.99.

The Mid-Century Low Arm Leather Accent Chair: Rivet Jamie

When it comes to smaller size chairs, it is more versatile when placed in your home. The Rivet Jamie Mid-Century Low Arm Leather Accent Chair is the chair for you. You can put this leather accent chair in any place in your home where it can boost the aesthetic of your home. 

The Rivet Jamie Mid-Century Low Arm Leather Accent Chair is made from a solid hardwood frame. The legs are made with foam padding and soft top-grain leather upholstery. It provides a timeless and versatile design suitable not only for small spaces but also for spacious, open floor plans. It will be a great conversational piece the next time you have guests over.

This leather accent chair is easy to assemble because all you need to do is simply attach the legs to the main chair. The Rivet Jamie Leather Accent Chair will be a great addition to any room that you have in your home. It is an eye-catching and mid-century modern inspired design. It has a distinctive profile and is tapered with hardwood legs.

The cost of the Rivet Jamie Mid-Century Low Arm Leather Accent Chair is $475.

Leather Accent Chair Under $1,000

Now that you have a couple of leather accent chairs listed under $500, in the next section, I will list down some of the chairs that are under $1,000.

The Leather Swivel Armchair: West Elm Hemming

The West Elm Hemming has winged sides and a gleaming nickel base. This leather accent chair is the closest that you can get from having a throne of your own in your home. It has a cozy and sophisticated feel that can be a great fit for all-day lounging. It comes in a wide range of neutral colors that you can choose from to match the style you have in your home.

This accent leather chair is made with top-grain leather as well as muted vegan leather hues. With this chair, you can also purchase a matching Hemming Swivel Ottoman, which is also made from top-grain and vegan leather. Get complete comfortability with this combination which is great for kicking up your feet after a long day at work.

The cost of the West Elm Hemming Leather Swivel Armchair is $699.

The Vacation Feel Melt Lounge Chair

The Melt Lounge Chair is perfect if you are craving a vacation, especially when some of the tourist spots are still closed during this pandemic. This leather accent chair is a fancy hammock that is made with buffalo leather and has a square frame that’s strikingly sculptural since the seat floats on air.

When you’ve settled on this leather accent chair, you will feel relaxed and melt right in. The Melt Lounge Chair is a statement piece that you can add to your home. It is available in two colors which are Rich Black and Pale Tan.

If you are a fan of minimalist designs, this is perfect for you. It brings a minimalist silhouette that looks stunningly beautiful. It brings a sense of understated elegance to your living or bedroom spaces. It is made with 100% natural leather and has a rub count of 10,000. The leather is dyed exclusively with soluble dyes.

It is made from the hide’s natural surface that is left intact, which allows the leather to breathe and adjust to your body temperature—no need to worry about sweating during the summer day while sitting on this lounge chair. The leather material is supple and soft to touch.

The Melt Lounge Chair measures 26″ Wide x 29″ Deep x 26.5″ High with a seat height of 15.5”. The leather part of the chair is made to protect the leather against stains and dirt. All you need to do is to apply a protective coat of colorless leather cream for at least four to six months, and you are good to go. However, with any material, there will be signs of wear and tear over time. 

The Melt Lounge Chair costs $875.

Leather Rocking Chair: Article Embrace Bella Tan

If you want to have a leather rocking chair in your home, the Article Embrace Bella Tan is the best for you. It has a cross between two traditional chairs, which makes it a great nostalgic pick. It offers a heritage look of leather as well as a soothing sway of a rocking chair. Having this chair would look perfect in a bedroom, den, office, or nursery.

It has a supportive silhouette that is fitted with curved wooden legs that will sway your cares away. This leather rocking chair has deep, plush seats upholstered in sophisticated leather, making it a more relaxing and immersive experience. It will be an elegant and beautiful addition to your home. 

The Article Embrace Bella Tan Leather Rocking Chair is built with a corner-blocked solid wood frame that is durable and will help your chair last for years. It has a tight seal and the back high as well as consists of resiliency foam and fiberfill. The seat also has a sinuous spring suspension and upholstered in semi-aniline Italian tanned leather.

With this rocking chair, there’s no need for assembly, and it measures 30″H x 31″W x 39″D. The Article Embrace Bella Tan Leather Rocking Chair costs $999.

Leather Accent Chair for People With Hefty Budget

If you have the budget to splurge, this is the perfect section for you. The chairs I’ll be listing below are on the top line and the priciest on this list.

Unique Leather Accent Chair: Scout & Nimble Kamara Armchair

The Scout & Nimble Kamara Armchair is the best for you when looking for a unique leather accent chair. Scout & Nimble was co-founded by Jesse Bodine, who is driven to make quality furnishings that are accessible to professionals and homeowners alike. Jesse was able to create fresh, textural takes on each piece of furniture that he makes.

The Scout & Nimble Kamara Armchair has a clean wooden frame and woven back seat that appeal to the traditional leather chair. This chair features beautiful craftsmanship, durability, and rugged good looks. It is also not too bulky or obtrusive, which is excellent to place in small spaces. 

The best thing about this leather armchair is it is a handmade piece, so you can ensure that it is one of a kind. It is made with thick strips of leather that are carefully hand woven around natural teak. The seat and back are comfortable at the same time, providing an elegant design.

It measures 27” W x 32” D x 28” H, the seat height is 28”, and it weighs 17 pounds. The Scout & Nimble Kamara Armchair costs $1,118.

Luxurious Inmod Messina Armchair

The Inmod Messina Armchair provides an approachable elegance and offers the best of both worlds. It features a timeless silhouette and has clean lines as well as a subtle wing-back design. The exposed wooden legs are made from a walnut finish. It comes in a variety of colors which are Mustard, Grey, and Bold Turquoise dyed leather.

It can pop up with beautiful colors and be the most interesting part of a room in your home. The buttery bonded leather is slightly reclined back and has a lumbar pillow that offers comfort for hours. You can easily cozy up in this chair while reading a book or binge-watching your favorite series or movies on Netflix.

The Inmod Messina Armchair measures 36” W x 29.5” D x 43” H and has a one-year warranty. This leather accent chair costs $2,210.

Taking Care of Your Leather Accent Chair

Leather is one of the materials that you need to maintain over time. There’s no argument that there is nothing more beautiful than a leather accent chair in your home. It provides the ability to look both relaxed and polished at the same time. These types of chairs can also provide a rustic charm and elegance in your home.

Maintaining your leather accent chair is a must because they are known as the experts in concealing dirt.

Preparing Yourself for Cleaning

Before you get to the cleaning, you have to prepare yourself first. You need to make sure you refer to your furniture care instructions since it will provide the proper way to clean your leather accent chairs. Extra precautions should be put when you have genuine leather and top grain leather materials for your chair.

Now, most manufacturers, if not all, will use the same standard furniture care guide. The guide will talk about the different solvents to use in your leather. These are indicated by letters, and they will let you know what solvent is safe for your leather accent chair.

When you see a ‘W,’ it means you can only use distilled water and water-based cleaning agents. The ‘S’ stands for solvent-only, which means don’t dry clean the material and do not use water. You can only use a solvent-based cleaner with the ‘S’ indicator. ‘SW,’ on the other hand, means that you can only use solvents or distilled water on your leather accent chair.

The ‘X or O’ means vacuum only, and deeper cleaning would need to be handled by professionals. You will also encounter the ‘SW’ indicator, which means you can use mild solvent and water to clean your chair. When you know the cleaning method that is suited for your leather accent chair, you can gather the materials. 

The solvents that you can use are saddle soap or other mild cleansing soap. You can also use a vacuum cleaner with attachments or a handheld vacuum. Aside from that, you can also use warm water, microfiber cloth, cotton swabs or balls, rubbing alcohol, and other optional leather treatments.

Now, these cleaning materials don’t need to be used every single time you clean your chair. It is best to have them on hand so that you can clean your leather accent chair whenever you can.

Cleaning Your Leather Accent Chair

The first thing you need to do when cleaning your leather accent chair is to vacuum it. As mentioned above, it is best to use a vacuum with an attachment or a handheld vacuum. In this process, you can eliminate any crumbs, lose hair, pet dander, dirt, or any debris that has crammed in the corners of your chair.

These elements can interfere with the proper cleaning and stain removal that you will be doing in the coming steps. Now, if you don’t want to push the dirt and other elements around, moving from one place to another, then vacuum is the best solution. 

The second thing that you need to do is get your leather accent chair wet. The surface stain you don’t and can see can be easily removed with mild soap and water. The best soap to use is saddle soap because it is designed to particularly clean leather. You just have to make sure that the cleaning product doesn’t contain anything that your manufacturer says cannot be used. You can also use mild laundry detergent on your leather accent chair.

The third is treating and removing stains on your leather accent chair. Once you have removed as much dirt as possible with soap and water, it is time to bring the heavy hitters in. To eliminate stubborn stains on your leather accent chair, it is best to use alcohol and cotton swabs. 

Stains like ink usually penetrate into your leather accent chair. It can be removed by simply dabbing the stain with a cotton swab soaked in rubbing alcohol. You have to remember to dab and not swab around since it can cause the stain to spread. 

Fourth is letting your leather accent chair dry. It is best to let your chair dry completely, and you can speed up the process by toweling off the furniture. It is best to let your leather accent chair dry overnight so you can avoid the possibility of mildew. 

Lastly, treat your leather accent chair with a leather conditioner. As I’ve mentioned above, this is not required for cleaning. However, using a leather conditioner is the best way to maintain the integrity of your chair. It is also effective in helping the leather avoid cracks over time. 

The entire process only takes less than ten minutes to do. Once you’ve done the steps I’ve mentioned above, you can make sure that your leather accent chair will look good as new. Now, another cleaning method that you should do is to spot treat your leather accent chair, which I will talk about below. 

Spot Cleaning Your Leather Accent Chair

There’s no need for a thorough cleaning when it comes to your leather accent chair when it serves as a decoration piece in your home. It is best to have a thorough cleaning done once or twice a year. What you can do instead of thorough cleaning is spot cleaning.

Spot cleaning is cleaning any stains or spills that are present on your leather accent chair. Removing them can keep your chair looking great. With spot cleaning, all you need is a cloth, cotton swab, and rubbing alcohol. As mentioned above, to remove the stain, just dab and not wipe around the stain to avoid it from spreading.

Caring for your leather accent chair is not too complicated. It doesn’t require any expensive or specialized materials. Keep your chairs looking brand new every day by cleaning them regularly. When you see any stains or spots, make sure you attend to them as soon as possible.


Having a leather accent chair in your home can provide a luxurious and elegant feel to the space. If you want to up your game when it comes to decorating your home, adding a leather accent chair is the best way to go. When you own this type of chair, it is best to know how to care for and clean it so that it will last for years to come. Also, make sure you know what to look out for before going out and buying your own leather accent chair. Happy shopping!

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