Keeping Leather in a Great State With The Best Leather Conditioners

Leather contains natural oil to keep them moisturized, free from dirt, and makes them durable. However, the various activities from leather crafting draw out the crude oil, making them prone to dirt, cracks and will not last long. This is why leatherworkers make use of leather oil or conditioner. The leather conditioner or oil that helps moisturize and condition the leather fibers to keep them more flexible and durable is a synthetic substance added to leatherworking. 

Leather conditioner is utilized in leatherworking to keep every item last for a lifetime. It is added as a natural substance to condition every leather item. Because of this, many leather oil or conditioners are available in the market today, which can be frustrating when you look for one. For this reason, the article will give you a list of the best leather conditioners you will want to consider in leatherworking. 

Lexol: A Trusted Brand Tested Through Time

Lexol has been one of the trusted brands since 1933, where it manufactured several products like leather cleaner and leather conditioner. Lexol offers leather conditioners at a reasonable price and does the job well. 

The Best It Has To Offer

It is purely made from emulsified tanning oils where its source came from animal brains. A.  versatile leather conditioner perfect for different kinds of leather except for the suede and nubuck types of leather. 

It is a non-toxic leather conditioner suitable for almost all types of leather. It is ideal for more refined and more delicate leather than the other leather conditioner. It can easily clean and condition the leather to restore its appearance. 

Lexol conditioner contains fine oil droplets where it can “nourish, restore flexibility, and protect leather against cracking without leaving a greasy residue.”. It is one of the best for conditioning car leather, furniture, shoes, bags, briefcases, sports equipment, luggage, and more. 

Price For Its Use: How Much It Cost and Where To Get It

It costs $15 and available in many online shopping stores and comes with a leather cleaner and two application sponges. The Lexol leather cleaner and conditioner has a volume of 8 oz bottles.

Sprayable Leather Conditioner For Lesser Time Spent

The sprayable leather conditioner is the choice if you want to save time. This leather conditioner is retailed by car polishing and other auto detailing stores and is one popular leather conditioner. 

The Best It Has To Offer

It is a leather conditioner easily applied to the leather with just a spray. It contains Vitamin E and Aloe to keep leather soft, supple and protected. It is rich in lanolin-based cream and propolis, having “remarkable suspension release qualities.” It is 100% ph and neutral balanced.  

It quickly dries, leaving no greasy feel, and repels water better and longer than the other products. It prevents leather drying, cracking, and hardening. It also offers a protective coat that lasts for ages and leaves no residue so that you don’t have to wipe down any traces after the conditioner has dried.

At the same time, it has a more excellent scent than the other leather conditioner. It can maintain a deep shine on the leather surface. It is not only a leather conditioner but a cleaner at the same time.

Price For Its Use: How Much It Cost and Where To Get It

This product is available at online shopping stores or physical shops, which cost $15 for the 16 fl oz volume. The conditioner plus cleaner cost $22.98 for every volume. You also buy in a gallon size or 128 fl oz for $57.83.

Obenauf’s Leather Oil: Rich With Natural Ingredients

Leather oil manufactured by Obenauf in the USA is one the best leather you want to keep. This leather oil is popular among leather workers because of its best composition. It also comes at a friendly price.

The Best It Has To Offer

It is a blend of natural oils, namely beeswax and propolis (a glue-like substance produced by the bees), that provide a longer lifespan for your leather. It is best used in conditioning oil-tanned leathers to keep hydrated, mostly during summer.

It is an excellent leather conditioner to preserve different leather items like boots, furniture, apparel, tack, belts, saddles, etc. It is also capable of restoring dry motorcycle leather and many more. The oil preservative helps add waterproof ability to the leather. 

It is easily applied to the leather with just the use of a dauber applicator. This conditioner keeps the leather protected and preserved. Its preservatives allow the leather to breathe and keep the fibers flexible. 

Because of its natural content, leather will last longer because, as it is said, “the key to preserving and protecting the leather is to keep it natural.”

Price For Its Use: How Much It Cost and Where To Get It

You can shop at any leather online shopping sites for Obenauf’s leather oil. You can buy this oil in an 8 oz volume for $11.35. 

A 16 oz volume of this leather oil is also available at amazon shop for $19.95. The leather oil of the Obenauf manufacturing comes with a dauber applicator for easy conditioning

Sof Sole Mink Oil: A Budget Wise Leather Conditioner

If you are looking for a cheap leather conditioner, Sof Sole Mink oil is the best choice. Yes, this is inexpensive, but it is one of the best that condition the leather significantly. 

The Best It Has To Offer

The oil is created to help the leather condition,  preserve, and protect the leather. It also adds the waterproof ability of the leather. This leather oil creates a barrier or a waterproof barrier from the different elements such as salts, water, and perspiration stains.

It is easily applied using a clean cloth, then allowing it to dry for a few minutes. This leather oil is ideal for boots, purses, belts, shoes, jackets, hats, saddles, harnesses, baseball gloves, etc. 

Mink oil is best in conditioning and making the leather more waterproof. Just bear in mind to conduct the test first before using it because it may darken some leather surfaces. Test the inconspicuous leather area with a small amount of the leather oil

Price For Its Use: How Much It Cost and Where To Get It 

Shop the Sof sole mink oil at online shopping stores that offer leather products. One pack of this leather oil costs $5.29. You can also get three packs of mink oil for $16.22. Each pack having 99g or 3.5 oz of product.

Leather Honey Leather Conditioner: The Top-Choice

Leather honey is among the best leather conditioners ranked top one as the best selling in leather care products at Amazon shopping store. This leather honey “makes leather last longer” and has been in the industry since 1968.

The Best It Has To Offer

It is a “powerful leather conditioner” that penetrates deep into the leather to protect new leather and restore old and dry leather.  It is a non-toxic conditioner for it contains no silicone, solvents, or animal products.

It is entirely odorless compared to the other leather conditioner. It can protect the leather all year long against elements- rain, snow, etc. The formula is water-repellent for the waterproofing ability of the leather. It can restore all types of leather, even with various colors except for suede, faux leather, or vinyl, and is suitable for leather furniture and leather car interiors.

Make your leather belt and leather shoes more flexible. It is best to use this oil in upholstery truck seats, motorcycle leather, boots, gloves, purses, jackets, saddles, tack, etc. Leave no oily residue when applied. 

One treatment of this leather honey may last for six months. It is made in the USA by the Leather honey brand. Conduct a test first to the inconspicuous leather area before using it.

Price For Its Use: How Much It Cost and Where To Get It 

Visit an online shopping platform and search for “leather honey store” to shop for the best leather conditioner. You can buy an 8 oz for $19.99 or get a 16 oz for $32.99. Or you can get a 32 oz leather honey leather conditioner for $50.99. It comes with a free cloth applicator, so you can easily apply it once received.

Saphir Medaille d’Or Mink Oil Polish: 100% Pure And Natural

Another leather conditioner that used mink oil as one of the preservatives to formulate leather conditioner is the Saphir Medaille d’Or Mink Polish. This leather oil is a 100% pure and natural mink oil. It is one of the excellent leather conditioners. 

The Best It Has To Offer

It is formulated from mink oil with no added waxes. Its mink oil is perfect for deep penetration of nourishment in smooth leathers. Mink oil helps hydrates and softens the leather. It contains no harmful formula to the leather. 

No greasy feel when applied to the leather. It is best used in leather boots, handbags, etc., for it restores leather, making it look new.

It is made of high quality from France, Saphir Médaille d’Or products manufactured from the finest materials. It is easy to use along with polishes, brushes, sprays, etc., even for beginners.

The Saphir Médaille d’Or was awarded and recognized for having unmatched quality of leather care in 1925 in Paris. Thereby, it is one of the best in producing leather conditioner from a natural and effective formula.

Price For Its Use: How Much It Cost and Where To Get It 

You can buy this product from an online shopping store. You may also look for this at any physical shop that sells leather essentials. It cost only $24.64.

Bickmore Distressed For A Leather Without Stress

As the brand name implies, it restores distressed leather with the use of its conditioner. Bickmore distressed leather conditioner is among the best oils used in leather to make them look new and durable. This leather conditioner has been made in the USA and manufactured by Bickmore. 

The Best It Has To Offer 

Of course, this will restore your distressed leather by removing deep dirt, scuffs, and soil. It is suitable for distressing various leather goods like leather messenger bags, sofas, belts, briefcases, footwear, iPad cases, etc.

It rehydrates your dry leather because of its natural oil formula that keeps the leather fiber soft, supple, and in excellent condition. Restores oil on your leather and rejuvenates the original texture of the leather. Can clean and condition leather at the same time. Can remove oil stains and many others so that leather looks good 

Its brand name has been in the industry since 1882, thereby making it one of the trusted & tested leather conditioners available in the market. Just don’t use this leather conditioner on suede type of leather.

Price For Its Use: How Much It Cost and Where To Get It

If you want to get one, you can visit the Bickmore store online or look for it from physical stores. You can have this product at Shop for $10 with a volume of 8 fl oz.

Leather Conditioner As A Leather Life Saver

Suppose you have an old or worn-out leather property, new purchases that you value. In that case, leather conditioners are the best product that you can use to preserve it. Aside from this, there are also other reasons why you must apply leather conditioner.

Leather Conditioner: Simple Facts

Leather oil or also known as leather conditioner is a synthetic substance added in the process of leathercrafting. It is a synthetic substance composed of a singular oil. It can be a mixture of fats, oils, waxes, and other conditioning agents.

Those oils, fats, waxes, or conditioning agents are mixed into a specialized formula producing the leather conditioner. It could also be mink oil or naturally-derived oil, which you can directly apply to the leather surface.

The Perfect Reason To Apply Leather Conditioner

A leather conditioner is necessary because any leather project exposed to various elements like sun, dirt, rain, and heat will drag out the natural oil of the leather fiber. It helps the leather condition so that it will retain its durability. 

Its substance moisturizes the leather fiber so that it will remain flexible and durable. It protects the leather fiber from any form of dryness, cracks, or breaking as you use it. Importantly, it restores the natural oil or moisturizer of the leather and adds some water-resistant or waterproofing ability depending upon the type of conditioner. 

To maintain the leather in its best quality for decades.  For new ones, you can use conditioners to enhance the suppleness of the fiber and provide protection to your leather.

The Best Time To Use Leather Conditioner 

Use leather conditioner after leather dyeing. The leather should be dried entirely up or follow the 24 hours rule to ensure its dryness before conditioning. Apply leather conditioner to the dyed leather item to rehydrate and moisturize the leather material.

Applying leather conditioner after dying helps seals the color. If you have used a finished leather material which means dyeing is no longer needed, you can apply the leather conditioner at the last part of the leatherworking.

To the excellent leather owner, it is recommended to apply a leather conditioner every few months or the so-called proactive maintenance. Apply the conditioner if the leather color begins to lighten

If the leather becomes slightly stiff and less flexible is an indication that it needs a conditioner. If you find cracks on your leather goods, immediately apply the leather conditioner.

The Process of Leather Conditioning

There is no doubt that the leather is already clean in leatherworking because the dye is applied before conditioning. Therefore, a cleaned leather is the first step in leather conditioning. Using a soft cotton rag, apply the conditioner into the leather in a circular motion. Then let it dry before buffing it with a clean rag.

In different leather goods, start by removing the accessories- straps, laces, fasteners, etc. before conditioning. The next step is cleaning the leather using a damp cloth (any cloth as long as it’s a microfiber cloth) to wipe down the entire surface. Clean again, but this time, use saddle soap to your damp cloth, then apply it to the leather surface. Let it dry overnight, then wipe away any cleaning residue.

Now apply a small amount of the leather conditioner to the leather surface for an hour so that you will know that the chosen conditioning agent causes no discoloration to the leather goods.

l. Put a dime-sized amount of the leather conditioner into a soft cloth, Then rub the fabric to the leather surface in a circular motion. Allow the leather conditioner to dry. If you find any conditioning residue, wipe it with a clean, soft cloth.


To make the leather look new, as always, you need to make use of a leather conditioner or leather oil. It helps aesthetically and extends the life of your leather by making it durable, protected against harmful elements (rain, snow, sunlight, etc.), and preserved for more extended use. Leather conditioners condition the leather by just a simple rubbing of oils on its surface. With a simple application, you can be with your leather for the longest time possible.

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