Lately, I have been thinking of enrolling myself in an online leatherworking class. Ever since I was a child, my free time revolved around trips to the craft store, curious about how leathercrafts are done. Now that I have the chance, just like you, I won’t let it down. So, I browsed the internet to see. Glad, I found these online leather working classes to enroll myself into! 

What leather working classes are available online? Beginner leatherworking class, small leather goods and leather accessories making, learning techniques in leather crafting, pattern making, and creating leather bags and garments. All of these are conducted virtually and are perfect to be taken up

Online classes bring education right to your home, at your most convenient time and comfort. Gladly, learning all about leathercrafting was also made available online, just making the most out of technology. I know you’re in need of a list of what classes you can take up. Right on this blog, we’ll give you what you need – list of different online leather working classes, what they offer, how to enroll, and how much it would cost you.

Get Started with Virtual Beginner Leatherworking Class

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Basics are vital for success in an endeavor.  For a newbie, there are countless unknown things that one must be familiar with. Below is a list of available courses online offered by different websites excellent in training newbies in leather working and raising them from scratch. 

Leatherworking Courses Online by Different Websites

Virtual Basic Leathercrafting with Soulflower.co

A “Basic Leatherworking via zoom” course which is best for beginners with no experience on leather crafting. 

For a session fee of £57.21 or $79.23, you are no longer at a loss as one will learn all about leather and basic tools and skills that a leatherworker should have will be taught – setting of hardwares such as rivets and button snaps, rounding off corners and saddle stitching, burnishing and tooling techniques. Also to tell you, this online class is inclusive of kits to be shipped to the student.

Reasons Why One Should Enroll Yourself in a Beginner’s Leather Working Class

Learning the Fundamentals: The backbone of everything

By starting right from the beginning, you will have an in-depth background of the endeavour – learn the leather lingo, gain an understanding on different kinds of leather, working skills & techniques, and the truth about how things are done 

A Preparation for Advanced Stages

Learning basics = level of readiness. You’ll be prepared of advancing those you have learned and take one step higher without the doubt of not passing a certain stage of learning because you have a strong foundation of the path you are taking

of learning because you have a strong foundation of the path you are taking

Online Small Leather Goods Making

Leathercrafting is a good hobby. Crafting one though small in size gives us a sense of fulfillment. To start making one, you should be knowledgeable of the “how to’s” and enrolling yourself in small leather goods making online classes is a great option! Checkout the websites below that will teach and help you every step of the way. 

Dopp Kit Assembly by Soulflower.co

This is an intermediate workshop wherein the elements of the dopp kit pattern, types and parts of zippers and the dopp kit assembly step-by-step process will be tackled. Enrolling in this class costs  £70.41 or $97.51.

Online Class – How to Make a Card Case with carreducker.com

By paying a session fee of £35.00 or $48.47, you will be receiving a downloadable 30-minute video. This will guide you, step-by-step, through making an Italian veg. tanned leather card case with three pockets and one row of saddle stitch

How to Make Leather Pocket Wallet with Teacher Auke & Jildou

Here, registered students will be knowledgeable on how to create a design for your own leather wallet, design a pattern and make it using a simple stitching method. To enroll, student must avail a subscription that starts as free for 7 days of unlimited classes then subscription costs after seven days will be charged then

On-screen Leather Accessories Making

A lot of people love accessories because they complement their outfits, complete the  look, express themselves – style, identity and personality. Some want these ornaments to be made of leather and I know you are one so it’s time to make yours!

Online Classes by Leathercraft Masterclass

Leathercraft Masterclass offers 55 courses and counting. One can have full access to videos whenever they avail a membership plan

The Traditional Wrapped Belt Buckle Making Course

An intermediate/advanced course that comes in video series wherein the step-by-step process on how to make a traditional wrapped belt buckle will be discussed also covering the supply list which is important so that the crafting will be possible

The Box Stitched Watch Case Making Course

This is an intermediate/ advanced course also that comes in 4 video series in total. Enrollees will be learning new skills such as box stitching in a circular pattern and creating a turned edge corner in a new way.

Leather Wallets WebJam (with Leather Kit) with CraftJam

This class is beginner-friendly where no experience is necessary and uses the zoom platform in conducting classes. Class level is beginner that has an average class size of 12 and requires students to be aged 18 and older.

This course has a fee of $70.77 which includes a ticket bundle with a CraftJam Leather Wallet Kit that will be shipped to the enrolee. 

In this WebJam, one will learn on how to transfer the pattern for your wallet, cut and assemble leather, insert studs and finish off wallet.

Techniques in Leather Crafting with E-Learning System

It’s time now to be an advanced leather worker. Check these websites below for you to be more skilled and learn different exceptional techniques to use whenever you craft something out of your beloved leather!

Learning Hot Foil Techniques with Leathercraft Masterclass

An intermediate course which serves as an in depth guide to the uses, functions and benefits of a hot stamp machine. Learner could learn how to select foils and set up foil machine and will also know on how to stamp

Leather Burning (Pyrography) – Leather Tray with ​These Hands Maker’s Collective

A 2 hour Live Virtual Workshop perfect for beginners. Learners will learn the basics of pyrography on leather. The learners will be mailed a kit with all tools and materials along with the login information for our virtual workshop

This class has an average class size of 5 and is limited to 10 students with age requirements of 18 and older. Course fee is $90

Leathercrafts Pattern Making Class On the Net

Pattern making is necessary as it is a skilled practice that with proper education, one can excellently create a blueprint for the garment, accessory or any other craft he is making. Further scroll this article up and see pattern making classes offered by experts in the industry!

E-learning Course on Design and Making of Leather Goods by CSIR-CENTRAL LEATHER RESEARCH INSTITUTE

Course will cover 2 modules: (1) Introduction to leather goods & pattern making of key case, wallet and ladies bag; and (2) Leather goods fabrication wherein the learner will have a glimpse for tools, materials and machineries used. The course fee for Indian students is Rs. 20,000/- plus 18% and USD 1000/- for GST International students

How To Draw Leather Floral Patterns by DG LeatherCraft Academy

This class right here is a self-paced online course focused on the basics of designing any floral pattern for belts, purses, notebooks or saddles. Also, fundamentals of quality floral design in leather tooling will be discussed.

Course fee is $125 inclusive of unlimited access after enrolling as long as you like. Enrollee will receive a digital copy of their very own eBook, “Introduction to Leather Floral Design”

Bringing Leather Bags Into Existence Through Synchronous Class

Bags are our extensions. There are things that can’t be removed from a man or woman’s daily existence. Therefore, they always need a bag to carry with them. If you want to make yours, there are classes offered by several institutions that will help you throughout your bag-making journey.

Bag Making Online with Soulflower.co

This class claims assembly of bags in one sitting and is suited for bag making beginners. Topics and techniques to be discussed in the class are the pattern making basics, creating and manipulating the T-shape pattern and bag construction. Course fee is $106.42.

The Bloomsbury Attache Case Making by Leathercraft Masterclass

This course is created in 4 part video series where the learner at the end of the course will be able to know the measurements and dimensions of at attache briefcase and box stitching principles and process on how to make handle, make the lid, edge finish the case and waterproof case

With your Internet Connection, Learn Leather Garments Construction

The Bespoke Leather Apron Making Course by Leathercraft Masterclass

Learner enrolled in this course will learn on how to take specific measurements for yourself or your clients to ensure a perfect fit, apron pattern making, marking and cutting, how to select the correct leather for an apron, best glueing practice, pricking and stitching techniques and how to protect and condition your apron for practical use with a custom wax barrier recipe

Making a Leather Jacket: How to Design and Sew Your “Dream” Jacket with Sir Jeff C-etcetera

This is an intermediate level course where there will be a demonstration of leather jacket construction – general design process, material selection, cutting, interfacing, sewing the leather shell and zippers, attaching lining, adding hardware. Unique to leather garment production – tools, machines and processes will be covered also

In this course, there will be a hands-on Class Project. Enrollee should take time to sign in and avail a premium membership


By giving yourself a leatherworking education, it offers you a peace of mind that you are preparing yourself to confidently conquer the leather working industry whether you’re planning to make it a hobby, to be employed or make leathercrafts production a source of income.

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