What Is Leather Perforation Technique?

When we see a group of well-constructed holes poked across your leather car seat, you cannot help but wonder why this is needed and how come the holes are cut in equal parts, without a hole being missing or being out of the pattern. You sometimes wonder if those holes have any purpose to it, or it is just added there for design and style. You may think that these holes might damage your beloved leather goods. This process is called leather perforation, and no, it does not damage your leather goods.

What is leather perforation? Leather perforation is the process of cutting holes into the leather in equal intervals, and it is usually done for functionality and aesthetic purposes as well. It is used widely in vehicle upholstery, and in bags and shoes for design purposes.

In this article, I will discuss what leather perforation is about. I will also talk about the different reasons why leather perforation is important, including the pros of using perforated leather for your everyday living. Lastly, I will also talk about the different uses of leather perforation.

Perforated Leather For Dummies: A Refresher

Perforation Is Poking Holes On Your Leather For Function

Leather perforation is a regular matrix of holes in leather surfaces on upholstery or architectural products. It is also the cutting of holes into the surface at regular intervals. Through the perforation, bits of leather are punched out and removed from the surface, creating a systematic pattern of holes on the surface of the leather.

These are usually done for functionality, and oftentimes used for design purposes. You can see perforated leather in vehicles, upholstery, and in bags, and shoes. Function is the reason for perforated leather in vehicles and upholstery but it is used in bags and shoes for design and aesthetic reasons.

The Leather Perforation Process: How It Is Done

For leather perforation, machines are often used to do this process as manually doing it can be tiring and time-consuming as well. Some leather workshops use smaller machines and different punching tools are used to achieve different patterns and hole sizes.

The perforation tools punch round holes on the surface of the leather for a lesser time, saving the leather workers time and effort from doing this task manually. Some other professional companies use state-of-the-art equipment, promising quick turnaround times, to the pleasure of the customers.

To achieve the elasticity level needed to create the perforations, they treat the flesh side of the leather using a finish and then letting it dry. Then, they place the finished leather parts on the leather perforation machine along the perforation line, and then add the design methodically and precisely.

Then, as the leather perforation machine pokes holes all over the surface, the cut-out leather pieces land in the collecting container of the perforating machine. Perforation comes in several patterns, sizes, and shapes, and the leather workshop or the professional company can set these to your liking.

Leather Perforation Machines vs. Manual Labor: The Real Deal

Back then, people used to do the perforation process by themselves manually without using any machines. That process has been proven time and time again to be labor-intensive, time-consuming, and delaying as well.

Nowadays, manual perforation is only done when making shoes and bags, which are smaller and might require a certain level of meticulousness, especially when artisanal boutiques are doing it for their products.

On the other hand, using leather perforation machines, no matter how big or small they can be, is always the best practical choice for this process. Not only will they save you time and effort, they will also give you highly satisfactory results in a shorter period of time.

Reasons Why Leather Perforation Is Important

Reduces Slipping From The Leather

Since leather car seats are perforated most of the time, it is less slippery to touch and has not skid to it. Sitting in car seats with perforated leather are a lot more fun and comfortable, as opposed to sitting in car seats with regular leather in it.

Smooth leather car seats are infamously known to cause a lot of slipping when driving. This is when you or your passengers have your bottoms skid over the seats, whenever the car navigates curves or when you simply slam the brakes.

It Makes Your Seats Cool Down Or Warm Up When Needed

Leather car seats have the tendency to be really cold and hot during the winter and summer seasons, respectively. Perforated leather offers a great way of allowing your car seats to cool down or warm up much faster whenever you need it.

Heating and cooling systems installed in most car seats work well with perforated leather as it is able to dispatch the heat and cold much better. Perforated car seats will definitely work even better than regular leather car seats in terms of temperature control.

Allows Leather To Breathe Even Better

Perforated leather breathes much better than smooth leather. This is seen whenever we drive in hot weather, which can make us sweat profusely from head to toe.

With perforated leather being much more breathable, it drastically reduces or limits perspiration in hot climates without having any expensive and fancy car cooling systems installed. You do not have to spend tons of money for car cooling when perforated leather does this best.

It Softens And Absorbs Sounds Well

Perforated leather is great for absorbing and dampening noises. A car with perforated seat installation is going to help cancel a substantial amount of road noise from little shocks and bumps.

This is important as a noisy ride can make you uncomfortable, tired, and irritated for some reason. It helps cancel noise from the outside and inside of your car as well.

Uses Of The Leather Perforation Technique

Widely Used For Upholstery In Vehicles

Perforated leather is widely used and is the best choice for upholstery in vehicles. You can use perforated leather primarily in car seats but you can also see it in steering wheels, consoles, and inside door panels. Perforated leather car seats are often designed with the leather covering the seating surfaces only. Luxury car models may be upholstered in 100 percent leather.

Also Used For Shoes, Luggage, And Clothes

Leather perforation is also used in making your shoes, bags, and jackets made from leather. While aesthetics is a reason why they do this on these items, perforating leather also helps with the level of comfort when people wear these.

It promotes free air flow which is very helpful, especially when the wearers are sweating profusely and we all know that leather smells awful when it gets wet. It acts as a vent for air to flow inside the article of clothing and dries your body part that is in contact with the leather to reduce the chances of sweating. Also, this makes temperature control much better especially during the warmer months.

Taking Care Of Perforated Leather Goods

Keep The Moisture At Bay All The Time

Moisture can easily penetrate through the perforations on the leather surface, making the edges of the holes swell. Moisture can definitely deform the leather, so it is a given not to clean them as regularly as you would do in an article of clothing made of cloth and fibers. Moisture can sink into the leather and come back up using visible water stains. You should only clean this when it is visibly dirty.

Use The Proper Cleaning Products

You must use the proper cleaning products that are meant to be used in cleaning perforated leather. Use a soft, lint-free cloth and apply sparingly, taking care not to fill the holes too much with your cleaning product. If possible, always start on the area that is not perforated. Then, remove any leftover product with a lightly damp cloth.

If the perforated area gets too wet, dry it first using a hair dryer and allow it to dry before continuing the process.

Treat Your Perforated Leather Every Six Months

Perforated leather should be treated at least every three to six months. That depends on how regularly the item is used. Use a leather preserver after cleaning so that your perforated leather should remain clean and supple for a long time.

Never scrimp on the cleaning products or risk losing the quality and suppleness of your leather if you choose to do home remedies. Remember that leather, be it perforated or not, is very expensive so taking care of it is mandatory.


Perforated leather makes wearing and using leather much bearable and more comfortable than ever. It has so many advantages, including making your journeys inside your cars much more comfortable. We must remember to maintain and clean them whenever needed, and wipe some disinfectant especially on your car seats after every trip to prevent the spread of diseases caused by viruses, particularly the coronavirus. Healthy-looking leather goods are better seen with healthy-looking owners.

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