Where to Put Your Candles: The Best There Is

When you are getting invested in making candles, whether it is a hobby or a side business, some type of mold or jar is needed to place your candles. Candles are not just for setting the mood or illumination, but they will also help alleviate anxiety and stress. However, what helps the candles stand out is their containers. When making your own candles, you have to consider the best jars for them.

Otis Classic Small Glass Bottles: Great Option With Lids

When you are planning to create candles to give as a souvenir for parties, it is best to use the Otis Classic Small Glass Bottles. These mason jars make great souvenir items because of their crafty shape and unique cork lids. Aside from that, these jars also come with brown paper labels and strings, which are great for customizing your candles.

When you use these jars for your candle projects, they will give off a rustic vibe. What I also love about these bottles is they are wide enough to get that candle and tall enough to leave a good amount of clearance for your wick.

The glass is also three millimeters thick, which is considered to be a heavy-duty jar, making it great for resisting heat. With the Otis Classic Small Glass Bottles, you don’t have to worry about cracks happening and other heat-related mishaps. The jar is clear enough for you to showcase your candle design.

The set comes with 12 bottles, which makes the Otis Class Small Glass Bottles a great value for your money. It also includes 20 brown paper labels and a big bundle of string so that you can add personal touches to each candle that you create.

Now, the Otis Classic Small Glass Bottles may be a bit too small for other candle makers’ needs. Another downside is the cork doesn’t fit the jar perfectly and may be either too loose or doesn’t close at all.

The Otis Class Small Glass Bottles is available on Amazon for $15.99.

Accguan Four Ounces Glass Jars: Best for Small Candles

The Accguan Four Ounces Glass Jars is perfect for making small candles, and it is great for gifting. Now, jars like these are normally used for canning, so they should stand up nicely to being filled with melted wax. These jars can definitely handle the heat of wax when you pour it into the jar.

The Accguan Four Ounces Glass Jars come in a box with padding so you won’t lose too many during the shipping process. The glass may be a bit thin for canning use, so it should work just fine for your candle-making projects. You just have to be sure that you heat the glass before you pour the wax to help avoid any cracking or other damages.

When you see the jar that has any signs of damage, make sure not to fill the jar. If the glass is thinner in one place or has hairline cracks, it might break when filled with hot wax. The large amount you receive will help make this a great option for your candle projects.

If you plan to make your candles as a wedding favor, the Accguan Four Ounces Glass Jars is the best choice for you. Choosing this glass jar is also a great budget option for anyone who plans on selling their candles. Small candles can be sold at a low price which will allow customers to try out scents that they might want in a bigger size in the future.

These jars are highly recommended as long as you need very small glass jars. The Accguan Four Ounces Glass Jars are less than three inches tall, even with the lids on. So, it is best to always read the description before hitting that buy button.

There are two downsides to the Accguan Four Ounces Glass Jars. First, the lids can be cheap and might not fit right with the jar. Second, the glass can be a bit thin, which may not be too ideal for candles.

The Accguan Four Ounces Glass Jars are available on Amazon for $28.99.

Accguan 12 Ounces Glass Jars: Best Large Jars

The Accguan 12 Ounces Glass Jars are your typical mason jar shape. When you purchase these jars online, you will get 20 pieces in a pack, and each jar has a capacity of 12 ounces. When you are looking to make larger candles, these jars are the best option for you.

The larger the jars are, which means you can easily add different things to your candles, such as flowers, and have them visible through the clear glass. The Accguan 12 Ounces Glass Jars also have thick glass so they can withstand the hot wax that will be filled into the jar.

Just like the one above, just make sure that you warm the glasses up before filling so you don’t risk them cracking from the sudden temperature spike. The wide mouth of this glass jar also makes pouring the wax easier and light.

With the Accguan 12 Ounces Glass Jar, your customers or someone you plan to give the candle to would need a long lighter to light the candle. Once the candle burns down, a standard lighter wouldn’t be sufficient enough to light it up.

The number one issue with this jar is how they are packed. The padding is pretty low, so this means that they can be broken during rough handling. When you frequently have your boxes arrive beaten up, it is best to be careful with these.

Now, the return process is pretty easy, which is great. Another downside to the Accguan 12 Ounces Glass Jars is they don’t always seal well. When you are just using these jars for candles, it would be a deal-breaker. However, it can be a problem when it’s holding liquids.

Make sure to inspect for any damages on the jar before filling it with wax. There are some people who bought this and noted that there are broken bottoms that can result in leaking or breakage when you try to fill it with hot wax.

The Accguan 12 Ounces Glass Jar is available on Amazon for $27.99.

Vivaplex Amber Round Glass Jars: A Unique Twist to Your Candles

When you want to add a unique twist to your candle-making project, the Vivaplex Amber Round Glass Jars is the best option to choose. These round glass jars have a maximum capacity of eight ounces and come in eight in a package. It is best to fill the glass jar with about six to seven ounces of candle wax so that you can give way for the wick.

The Vivaplex Amber Round Glass Jars has an amber-tinted color that keeps it free from any harmful UV rays. It also has a simple design and wide opening, making the jars easy to clean. There’s no need to have to stick your hand in too deep just to make sure that they are properly disinfected.

These round glass jars have a heavy-duty glass body, so you can expect these jars to stand high temperatures from the melted wax and burning candle.

Now, the only drawback to these round glass jars is that the lids are made out of plastic. It would have been way better if the lids were made out of non-plastic materials. Also, you can expect poor shipping handling when ordering these jars online.

The Vivaplex Amber Round Glass Jars are available on Amazon for $17.99, and it comes in an eight jar pack.

Cornucopia Brands Six Ounces Square Victorian Jars: The Affordable Option

If you are looking into affordable options for your candle containers, the Cornucopia Brands Six Ounces Square Victorian Jars is the way to go. It comes in a 12 set in a square shape that makes it easier to attach the labels. These candle jars also come in a transparent jar so you can easily see what’s inside.

With the transparent jar, it will also allow you to have fun with colors that you want to use for your wax. These jars also have a maximum capacity of six ounces which is the perfect size for beginner candle makers. The jars are also tall enough to allow enough room for your wicks to stand out.

The Cornucopia Brands Six Ounces Square Victorian Jars also comes with a cold metal lid that is known to stay in shape despite the heat from the wax. It can also keep the jar tightly closed to keep the contaminants away from your candles.

Another great thing about these jars is they serve multi-purpose. Also, you can use it to hold your candies as soon as the candles are fully used. It has a wide opening, and cleaning won’t be a huge problem.

The only drawback to these jars is that the lids do not fit them easily. You may have some trouble trying to fit in the lid.

You can purchase the Cornucopia Brands Six Ounces Square Victorian Jars on Amazon.

Factors to Look For When Buying Candle Containers

The very first thing that you might look for when it comes to buying candle containers is the person’s style or home decor. However, it comes down to if it is safe to make the candle in. The following will talk about the different factors that you need to look out for before buying your candle containers.

Check the Jar’s Stability

The stability is a bit obvious, but any container that could easily tip over should always be avoided. A great example is something with an uneven surface on the bottom, like a hand-thrown pottery bowl may not be the best idea. Also, top-heavy objects such as wine glass can get tipped over easily.

Another thing that you should consider about stability is the surface that you place your candles on to burn.

Check the Shape and Diameter of Your Containers

The shape and diameter are not talked about much when it comes to making candles. However, it will solve the most common candle container problem. When a container is narrower at the top than the bottom, it won’t work too well when it comes to candle-making.

The reason for this is as the candles burns, and they form a circular melting pool in the wax. When the wax burns down, it will go deeper into the candle. If the diameter is too small compared to the bottom of the container, it will be exposed to more heat than is safe.

You will only not have candle tunneling, but you will also have the risk of candle cracking. If the container has a much wider opening than the bottom, you may need to use multiple wicks. So, the shape and diameter of your containers play a big role when it comes to candle-making, and you should pay more attention to it.

Consider the Size of Your Jars

When you are choosing the size of your candle jars, you would have to look into how big you want your candle to turn out. Keep in mind that you don’t want to fill the jar to the brim since it can result in the storage being troublesome.

It is especially true when you are planning to sell the candles that you make. As a tip, it is best to advise leaving extra space between the brim of the jar and the top of your candle. The space that you will have is for the wick placement.

You need to make sure that it is long enough to help the wick burn thoroughly the first time you light up your candle. When the wick is too short, it will make it hard to burn the candle completely.

A nine or ten-ounce jar can comfortably contain seven ounces of the candle to give you a clear idea. It will leave enough room for the wick, especially when you are using a lid that will take up space on the inside of the jar. Also, it is not advisable to get a jar that is too small unless you want to make small candles.

If that is the case, getting a candle with no lid and opting to have a dust cover on top of it is better. It is not only a practical solution; it will also help you get more candle wax into your tiny container.

Check the Material of Your Jars

One of the most important factors when choosing your candle jars is the material. Since it would contain a candle, the jar must be able to withstand heat. Tin cans are amazing at keeping in the heat, but they are not as durable as glass jars.

Metal tin cans are susceptible to leaks, and it is not recommended to use when it comes to your candle-making projects. On the other hand, Glass is also known for its sturdiness and the capacity to withstand extreme heat without cracking.

It also makes the perfect material to be used as a container for candles. It is also the safest option since it won’t be prone to spills or leaks in the long run. As much as possible, make sure to stay away from plastics and other flammable materials, no matter how good they look.

Types of Candle Containers for Candle Making

When it comes to candle containers, there are different types of containers that you can use safely when you are doing your candle-making projects. They can come in different types, and the styles are endless. Here are some of the safe containers that you can choose for your candles.

Metal Candle Containers: Great Choice for Making Candles

When it comes to the best container for candle-making, candle tins are the best choice. There are different sleek designs such as gunmetal candle vessels or an exotic look which are similar to the high-end candles. When you plan to add labels to your candles, metal candle containers that come in beautiful colors are the best way to go.

Colors such as matte black rose gold or bold teal will be perfect for candles that have labels on them. Metal candle containers are also easy to label and can be placed on the top, bottom, or even on the side.

Unlike glass containers, when you use metal ones, you won’t be able to see the wax. However, this would be great for the beginner candle worker since they won’t be experimenting with different colors or designs just yet. They can easily hide any imperfections, such as uneven pores and candle frosting.

You will also value the use of candle tins since they will keep your candle scent stronger whenever they are stored with a lid on.

Glass Candle Containers: One of the Popular Choices

One of the most popular choices when it comes to candle containers is glass. However, there are some glass containers that are not safe for candle-making. For you to make candles in a glass, it needs to be thick, smooth, and able to resist high heat.

You can also consider using mason jars since they are considered to be safe glass containers. Mason jars are designed for pressure canning, and they can withstand up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. They are smooth, non-porous, and thick enough to avoid cracking when you are transferring hot wax.

Now, any other glass jar that holds these similar features could be a good candidate for making candles. As for the other types of glass, make sure that you avoid drinking glasses, glass vases, and different decorative glass containers.

Having said this, there are plenty of beautiful glass containers that are made for candles, such as the ones that are mentioned above.

Ceramic Candle Containers: One of the Favorite Containers of Candle Makers

One of the favorite containers of candle makers is ceramic candle containers. They are awesome when it comes to handling the hot wax when you make your candles. They are long-lasting, sealed, and heat resistant, which is an important factor when it comes to making candles.

When a ceramic candle container is marked with microwave and dishwasher safe, then you are good to go. If you want to restore a vintage ceramic container or mug, you have to make sure that it doesn’t have any cracks or is in good condition before using it for candles.

Also, if you find a ceramic container that you love that isn’t sealed, you can apply two coats of some type of water-based sealer to make that candle safe.

Concrete Containers: Getting Popular By the Day

Concrete containers are now becoming super popular with candle makers. They have a unique industrial vibe as well as check off sturdy and leak-proof features for a candle container. Concrete is known to be the most resistant to heat and fire out of all construction materials, which makes concrete containers the best for candles.

If you think that concrete containers are boring and gray, you can also make them as colorful as possible by painting them. You can even add a little bit of creativity to the design of your concrete containers. Aside from buying them, you can also create your own concrete candle containers if you have the supplies.

Enamel Candle Containers: The Fail-Proof Container You Need

Another fail-proof container that you can use for your candle-making projects is the enamel candle container. They are made to resist heat and cracking which is perfect when you pour hot wax into the container. You may have a hard time finding an enamel container that leaks or isn’t sturdy.

They are, without a doubt, one of the best candle containers in the market. You can create a multi-wick candle in a farmhouse-style enamel soup dish or even a serving bowl. Aside from that, you can also make an enamel mug candle for the stylish type of candle that you want.

Safety Reminders: Keep These in Mind While Creating Your Candles

As I have mentioned above, the containers that you should use for your candles should withstand heat without melting or cracking. Also, it must not be flammable due to different reasons. The first reason is that candles are placed on tables with cloth covers and on top of wooden tabletops most of the time. When you use a candle jar that is not heat resistant, it either melts, leaks, or cracks, creating a potential fire hazard.

Another thing that you should take note of when choosing your candle container is the jar should not have any flammable components. There have been some candles that are poured onto small wicker jars, which can be a potential fire hazard no matter how charming it looks.

It is recommendable, though, that you place them in a container that is mounted onto the wicker jar, especially for the beginner candle maker. Lastly, make sure to avoid any plastic lids as much as possible. If you plan to reuse a candle, make sure not to put the plastic lid right after putting off the fire.

It is also recommended to wait a couple of minutes until the candle has cooled down before cooling it with any lid. Doing this would prevent the plastic from melting or from being distorted due to the heat. An alternative choice that you can have is to look for jars that have metal or cork lids if you want to reuse your candles.

Recommendations When it Comes to Candle Containers

If you are a beginner candle maker, it is best to buy candle containers that have big mouths so that you can easily pour the wax. Containers such as medium-sized ones are the best for beginner candle makers. The Accguan 12 Ounces Glass Jars is one of the best candle containers that a beginner can work with.

When you are a beginner and are looking for candle-making equipment, here is an excellent article that you can read. Of course, as a beginner, there is a lot to learn, such as mistakes that you should look out for. Here is an article that I have written about avoiding those mistakes.


Choosing the right candle container for your candle-making projects is not only for aesthetic purposes but also for the safety of the person using the candles. It is important that you choose a container that is not flammable and can resist high heat so that you or your customers will be safe while they use the candles you have made.

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