Five Best Leather Pyrography Kit For Your Burning Needs

When it comes to leatherworking, you should have the best tools possible to achieve the result that you want for your project. Depending on the task you will be doing or how heavy you want your pyrography pen to be, you need to ensure buying the perfect pen for you. There are factors that you need to look into, such as its ability to render heat and the tips that it comes with.

Leatherworking is one of the best hobbies to have during this pandemic which is why having the right tools is the best way for you to perfect your desired projects. In this article, I will talk about five of the best pyrography pen kits that you can buy in the market. I will also discuss each feature it offers and how much it would cost. Lastly, I will also talk about what features you should look into when choosing your pyrography kit.

The Best of the Best Pyrography Kits

Choosing the best pyrography kits is essential. So, before heading out and buying your own, make sure you know which one is the perfect fit for you. In the following section, I will talk about the five best pyrography kits that are available in the market.

Stuart Pyrography Pen: Great For Beginners

When it comes to the best budget upgrade, the TRUArt Pyrography Pen is the one that you are looking for. It is excellent for heat retention and leather pyrography. This pen is lightweight, and you will feel no form of fatigue when it’s used. It comes with 15 watts of power and can heat up to 850 degrees.

With great heat retention, you can get consistent burns. It comes with 21 varieties of attachment tips such as razor blades, soldering tips, calligraphy tips, and groove tips. It also includes pattern transfer tips, strip tips, branding tips, and knife tips. When you purchase this kit, it comes in a carry-on case so that you can organize the pieces of tools you have.

It has two heating modes which heat up quickly and can get down to work much faster. The TRUArt Pyrography Pen is easy to use and has a heat-resistant rubber handle as well as simple settings. If you are just a beginner at leatherworking, this is the perfect pyrography pen for you.

It is durable and comes with a complete user manual that you can follow if anything happens with the kit. It has a stainless steel barrel that is integrated with heat and impact-resistant rubber. Now, if you have big hands, this may feel small to you, but it will give you precise results. The TRUArt Pyrography Pen costs $37.95.

WooEver Pyrography Kit: The High-End Tool

The WooEver Pyrography Kit has digital adjustable temperature control and is considered to be a high-end tool. The WooEver Wood Burning Kit comes with a high and low voltage. It has a dual pen professional burner that provides you consistent heat control while working on your projects.

When using this kit, the result will be fantastic and thrilling. It has a standard 110 volt and a solid 60 watts power, which can get really hot while using. It comes with 20 interchangeable wire tips, which can be used for different burning designs and levels of details. Aside from that, it also has two durable burning pen stands, which are great for support.

The kit also comes with a screwdriver, sickle, sponge, and sandpaper. It may be for professionals, intermediate and beginners can also use this kit. If you are ready to take your pyrography skills to the next level, this is the perfect tool to use. You can expect precision and pleasing results with the WooEver Pyrography Kit.

The tool is made from aluminum alloy and an insulation plug which is easy to use. It is durable and sturdy, where it can get really hot fast. The digital monitor is easy to read, and the thermostat helps to fine-tune the temperature adjustments. The cost for the WooEver Pyrography Kit is $137.69.

Razertip Dual Burner: Best for the Experts

Razertip is a company that is known to make great burning tools. They have 14 years of experience and cater to both Canada and the United States. Just like the WooEver, the Razertip Dual Burner is also considered to be a high-end burning tool. It is durable and great for long-term use, and worth every penny.

It has a 10amp output which is the fastest tip-heat recovery for pyrography kits. It has an ultra-stable control which can provide consistent burns when turned on and off and on again. It comes with a skew pen, tips, and one heavy-duty cord that provides comfortable use. The kit includes one SS-D10 burner (power supply), one Standard cord, one heavy-duty cord, one medium knife standard pen, one small round standard pen, one 1/16 inches ball standard pen, and one heavy-duty medium shader pen.

The Razertip Dual Burner comes with a 1200 watt power with super flexible adapter cords, making it easy to use both standard and heavy-duty bands. The thermostat helps fine-tune the temperature adjustments and has the capability to cool down quickly. It has superheating tips where the settings allow you to switch between pens with the flip of a simple switch.

This pyrography kit is designed to bring you supreme control, providing 100 times more control when doing your projects. The indexed handpiece indicator lights can help confirm if you are using the pen and cord operation properly.

Now, this device comes with a hefty price tag which is $339, but it is worth every penny. It comes with replacement tips as well but can be pricey.

BurnMaster Eagle Pro: Worth The Money

The BurnMaster Eagle Pro is a two-port burner with 130 watts and includes two pens, 15 tips, and a bag. It has a superior patented design and accepts pens as well as replaceable hot wire tips from Burnmaster, Detail Master, Colwood, and Razertip. It also has two selectable handpiece power ports and two universal power cord or adapter which are six inches long.

This pyrography kit is great for leather and has non-slip rubber feet. It weighs 4.5 pounds which can provide unlimited creativity on your leather projects. The BurnMaster Eagle Pro costs $299.95, which is worth every penny.

Walnut Hollow Creative Versa: Best Budget Tool

The Walnut Hollow Creative Versa is the most versatile leather burning tool. It can be used in different ways due to the flexibility it offers and its adjustment settings. The price of this pyrography kit is at a lower point and perfect for those who are looking for a budget tool to use for their leatherwork projects.

With this pyrography kit, you can make temperature adjustments from 0-95 degrees which is suitable for leather and pyrography techniques. It comes with a beautiful storage case, so you know your tools are safe and sound. The Walnut Hollow also has a burning tool stand and one burning tool or pen with a comfortable grip.

You can also get 11 interchangeable tips: universal, stamping, mini flow, cone, mini universal, hot knife, tapered, flow, calligraphy, shading, and soldering tips. If you are looking for a tool to practice your pyrography techniques on leather, this is the perfect tool. It is great for burning patterns, hot stamping, hot knife cutting, stencil cutting, etc.

The Walnut Hollow can reach a temperature of 950 degrees which is perfect for beginners. It comes with an eBay to use color-coded dial and is very versatile. It also comes with a six-month warranty against manufacturer defects. Now, the heat control may get in the way sometimes, and it’s not a fast-burning tool. The cost of the Walnut Hollow Creative Versa is $28.33.

Choosing the Perfect Pyrography Kit

Now, before buying your pyrography kits, there are a lot of factors that you should consider. It is best to know what to look out for when purchasing this tool. Other burning tools come with peculiar features and are simply great additions to your leather tools.

Consider the Heat

There are three main factors that you have to consider when it comes to heat. You need to consider how fast it heats up, know what’s the one temperature and variable temperature.

One of the most important things to consider on your pyrography kits is how fast it heats up. You don’t want to sit around and waste time waiting for the pen to heat up, especially when doing pyrography work. You want a tool that can heat up quickly so that you would get the best result possible.

When you are doing your leatherwork, it is best to have at least a pyrography tool so that you can switch in between if one gets too cold. This technique helps with the consistency of burns and will get the task done faster. 

Now, leather pyrography comes with pre-set and high heating temperatures. It usually comes with brass interchangeable tips and heating agents like soldering iron. One temperature will get the job done and usually a cheap alternative for beginners.

One temperature kit will get you through what you need to do, but you would need more refined details with leatherworking. To achieve these fine details would depend on how much control you have over the tool. The variable leather pyrography tool will offer control as well as regulate the heat that you need during your leatherworking.

Tips That You Should Know

There are different types of tips for different types of designs that you need to get done on your leather projects. The following will talk about the various tips to get and master when you are doing leatherwork.

Calligraphy Tip

As per the name, this tip is great for calligraphy and lettering. It is one of the most versatile tips, and you can utilize this tip in three basic ways. You can take your mastery as far as it can go. When using this tip, make sure that it is held at a 45-degree angle and make sure to use the edges and corners of the calligraphy tip.

You can also use this tip for shading as long as it is held horizontally. The calligraphy tip is considered to be one of the best writing instruments that you can use on your leatherwork. 

Writing Tip

The writing tip is also known as the C-tip and great for writing on leather. With this tip, you will be able to glide the leather surface just like a ballpoint pen. These tips are great for any fine details in your leatherwork. If you need micro writing done, this is the best tip to use. Aside from that, you can also have fine shading, signing names, and branding.

Shading Tip

The shading tip is also known as the ‘S’ tip and is excellent for any shading work you need. You can add darker tones or details into a design, and when you need to shade large areas, this is the best tip to use. It provides dark textures and great shading effects.

Tight Round Tip

Lastly, there is the tight round tip which can be used for anything. It can do different kinds of details, such as making perfect curved lines. It is also great for shadowing strokes that you might need to do on your leather projects.


When it comes to your leatherworking tools, choosing the best is crucial. There are different types of factors that you need to consider when buying your pyrography kits, such as the heating capability, one temperature, and variable temperature. Aside from that, you should also be aware of the different tip choices that you have and how each one works, and when to use each one. There are plenty of pyrography kits in the market; all you need is to find the right fit for you. Happy burning leather workers!

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