Best Beeswax Candle Making Kits: For Your Beeswax Needs

There is this wonderful feel about beeswax candles you don’t get to see in other candles. From its natural sweet scent to its health benefits, one could not deny that beeswax candles are simply the most loved despite their high price. If you are fond of DIY beeswax candle making, I got you covered. Here is a list of the best beeswax candle making kits you can purchase. 

Best for Beginners: YINUO LIGHT Candle Making Kit 

With thousands of customer ratings on Amazon, YINUO LIGHT candle making kit is one of your best choices for quality beeswax candles. The DIY candle making starter set is packed with care and has everything you need, including a 500 ml melting pot, four bags of seven ounces of beeswax, six candle tins with lids, and six different scents to pair with beeswax’s natural honey scent.

The package also includes ten cotton wicks, six dye blocks, ten wick stickers, six labels, six stirring sticks, two wick clips, a storage bag, a thermometer, and a user manual for the overall procedure in making your beeswax candles. 

Whether you are a kid or an adult, this candle making kit makes it easier to produce your customized candles. You are well guided on the procedures to follow through the user manual. Having a kit with a complete set of materials is a plus point, especially for beginners unfamiliar with what to prepare. 

The tools and ingredients in the package could make six divine candles of different colors and scents so that you could light a different one each day or on each occasion. YINUO LIGHT features premium beeswax and all its candle making supplies that last a long time. 

Candles made from this kit or even the candle making kit are a perfect gift for family and friends who have creative hands and love DIYs. Be it birthdays, Christmas, or Thanksgiving, beeswax candles would never go out of style and would always find a place in your homes and businesses. 

Best for Aromatherapy: SUPERSUN Candle Making Kit

The SUPERSUN candle making kit is loaded with tools and ingredients you’ll need for your personalized candles. The detailed product instruction manual includes various products such as a melting cup, a stirring stick, two wick center devices, four hefty bags of beeswax, and four candle dyes.

Flavor your candles with the six fragrance oils found in the package, including lemongrass, orange, tea tree, eucalyptus, mint, and lavender. These scents would make your aromatherapy candles more soothing and healthy. You’ll also get nine boho-themed candle tins and 100 wicks and stickers to complete your candle making set.

Your candle will be guaranteed long-lasting, as the 100% natural beeswax does not easily melt or deform with proper wick trimming as they burn. The beautiful packaging also adds to its value, making it suitable for gifting on any occasion like Mother’s Day, birthday, Thanksgiving, or even Halloween. 

Unleash your creative cells with this all-in-one candle making kit perfect for friends and family bondings. With the long list of tools and ingredients in this package, beginners and experts would not run out of supplies for their personalized candles. 

Best for Rolled Candles: Candleology All Beeswax Candle Kit

Candleology introduces their 100% all-natural beeswax sheets, which come in various colors. The eco and natural candle making kit is manufactured by beekeepers in the EU and includes environmentally friendly beeswax sheets, accessories, and a gift box. This kit is perfect for rolled candles and fits candle makers from beginners to experts.

Making rolled candles with a Candleology kit would help you relax, take your mind off your daily routine at work, and let your creativity flow. As you roll the sheets, you simultaneously alleviate your stress and create a beautiful rolled candle perfect for any part of your home. 

The Candleology kit is the perfect craft for family members of all ages. Kids, teens, adults, and even your grandparents would have a good time rolling these beeswax sheets, quickly transforming them into wonderful candles. If you are a beginner candle maker, you should try this.

The package contains ten beeswax sheets: two gold, two white, two deep pink, and four bright pink sheets of eight by eight inches each. The 85 inches of cotton wick would also go a long way in your candle making. 

For decorations, Candleology included 39 inches of decorative ribbon, a wooden heart with the brand’s logo and slogan, and a gift box for gifting your rolled candles. Worry no more, as the kit features a creative, detailed instruction manual you can follow for your projects. 

Best for Fashionable Candles: Bacro Nature’s DIY Candle Making Kit

Nature’s DIY candle making kit by Bacro boasts 70 pieces of tools and ingredients for your beeswax candle making. The complete set comes with everything you need, including the 17-ounce beeswax, four scents (lavender, lemon, rose, vanilla), a 600 ml wax melting pitcher, and eight tin candle jars and lids with stylish designs.

The list goes on as the kit includes 20 cotton wicks, wick stabilizers, glue dots, a stirring spoon, and four dye blocks. You would not be lost in your candle making process with the step-by-step guide included in the package. 

The kit produces four different scented candles in red, yellow, lavender, and blue colors. These scented candles will fill your home with soothing scents and help you relax even more with their aromatherapy effects.

All items in Bacro’s kit are certified of premium quality. The cotton wicks emit no black smoke and could burn for up to 20 hours. You could also use the versatile and fashionable candle tins to house your favorite jewelry. 

By gifting this candle making kit to someone, you give them a piece of your creative interests, which they can enhance with this complete set of materials. This kit is perfect for DIY lovers and a fantastic gift for any occasion.

Bacro’s priority is the customer’s utmost satisfaction. You will rest assured that all concerns will be covered if there are order-related issues. Their customer support is thorough in providing you with a great buying experience. 

Best Complete Set: Haccah Complete Beeswax Candle Making Kit

The premium candle making kit from Haccah is suitable for all levels and contains everything you need for homemade scented candles. You’ll find a melting pot in the package, four bags of natural beeswax, candle essential scents, a stirring spoon, and a thermometer.

Aside from those, you can also get your hands on ten wick center devices, 20 different candle dyes, ten candle tins, a hundred candle wicks, 12 warning labels, and two rubber pads for the price of one.

Exquisite craft boxes for gift giving are among my favorites in this kit. This also comes with detailed instructions and precautions one should follow during the candle making process. You can see that all items are carefully thought of to sustain the needs of candlemakers, be they, beginners or experts.

The natural wax is a gem in this kit. The beeswax would not even make a sound when boiled and would not easily cause any allergic reactions to users. Its hard texture would not easily deform or melt, making it perfect for taller and bigger candles. You would not be worried about smoke in the candle, as the wax would burn smokeless. 

Top off your candle making experience with six scents such as lavender, rose, lily, ocean, jasmine, and sandalwood. These scents would add flavor and more life to your natural candles. 

Mix and match colors with the ten available color dye blocks, which are easy to melt and incorporate into your melted beeswax. With the easy steps provided in the manual, you’d be sure to produce well-burning candles that smell and look amazing. 

Best for Smart Candle Making: PEEWF Candle Making Kit

PEEWF candle making kits use smart technology in their supplies. It features an electric candle making machine with an LCD touch screen for displaying the real-time temperature of the contents inside. Together with this machine is a non-stick candle melting pot, which is properly insulated and easy to use.

This versatile electric candle making machine is highly suitable for most kinds of wax, such as soy wax, wax beans and beads, hard wax, and wax block. The machine is perfect for candle making, which is strict regarding melting temperatures and the amount of time the wax is exposed to heat.

Other than these two, you also get four packs of four ounces of natural beeswax, two four-ounce tins with lids, a candle silicone mold, and 50 pieces of pre-waxed cotton wick. The candle making kit also includes 56 dot glues, a stirring spoon, two centering devices, a user manual, and a warranty card. 

If you want to purchase a gift for your friend or loved ones who love DIY projects, especially making candles, then this is what you are looking for. With its ease of use and smart features, any level candle maker, beginner or expert, would enjoy producing candles with this set. 

Best for Colored Rolled Candles: Toadily Handmade Beeswax Candle Making Kit

The handmade beeswax kit from Toadily is Amazon’s choice for the best rolled candle making kit. It features ten full-size beeswax sheets, approximately eight by sixteen and one-fourth inches. The 100% natural honeycomb sheets come in different colors: aqua, black, blue, buttercup, cranberry, forest green, and the natural beeswax shade.

Also included in the kit is a cotton wick, approximately 18 feet, which you can cut into different lengths depending on your candle size. Each beeswax sheet could create two pieces of eight-by-one-inch taper candles, and the ten sheets would go a long way in producing unique candles.

Toadily’s “make your own beeswax candle kit” arrives in a beautiful and stylish box, perfect for gifting of any occasion. Get one of these and worry no more about your Christmas or birthday gift to your loved ones. Gifting this kit would awaken their creativity or enhance their candle making skills. 

This DIY craft is perfect for kids who’ve outgrown their toys and are looking for other things to do. They may even develop an interest in candle making when you have them started using this easy-to-use and fun candle making kit. 

You can set up an activity for the kids during a birthday party or a fundraising event where they will create candles to give to their loved ones or sell for a cause. There is no limit to what you can create with this amazing kit. 

Best for Gifting: Ahyiyou DIY Candle Making Kit

Just by looking at these sophisticated candle tins, you would clearly see that the Ahyiyou DIY candle making kit is the perfect choice for gifting. The tins are designed with 12 zodiac elements to guide you day by day. These tins measure three inches in diameter and four inches tall, perfect for your small stylish candles. 

The kit contains a melting cup, a stirring spoon, a bag of two pounds of beeswax, 12 fashionable candle tins with lids, 20 wicks, 32 wick stickers, four stir bars, and four color dyes. All of these supplies for the price of one, only at Ahyiyou. 

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, the easy-to-operate candle making kit would ensure you enjoy the process of making quality candles. With all its premium candle-making supplies, exceptional ingredients, and sturdy tools, you are producing well-burning candles and giving someone a new hobby when you gift them this kit.

Excellent customer service is what you’ll experience with Ahyiyou. If you are not satisfied with their product, they would be more than willing to assist you and solve any problems regarding your purchase. 

Best for No Experience Candle Maker: Beeketal Scented Candle Making Kit

Beeketal beeswax candle making kit provides you with everything you need in creating your homemade candles. Each kit includes approximately two pounds of beeswax, 100 cotton wicks, four fragrances, eight dye blocks, eight candle tins, four wick center devices, a metal pouring pot, a stirring spoon, and ten warning labels. 

This beeswax kit is easy and fun to use. Even if you have no experience in candle making, the step-by-step instruction, simple and clear, provided in the kit, would guide you in producing the perfect scented candles.

With the eight dye blocks and four scents, you can create eight beautiful beeswax candles, which you can place in their elegant tins. Mix and match colors with scents to create customized candles to your liking, letting your imagination out and filling your home with great scents. 

Best Eco Craft Kit: Candleology Candle Making Kit for Kids

The best eco craft kit by Candleology is the best choice for kiddie candle making. The company understands the need of parents to look for safe stuff for kids’ activities without any harmful components in them. That is why they boast their all-natural beeswax sheets, which only positively affect the kid’s mood and interest.

Children would love this arts and craft kit with eight organic beeswax sheets, three beeswax cutters, 78 inches 100% cotton wick, two decorative bees, and four colorful wax pencils. This is a great off-screen bonding activity for parents and their kids while teaching them the value of patience and following directions in their craft.

The kit is also perfect for gifting and some get-together activities like camping, birthdays, summer or winter parties, and school events. These high-quality materials would surely unleash your child’s creativity and develop their interest in candle making. Detailed instruction is provided for kids who want to work independently or adults who love simple candle projects. 

Best Superior Set: AKJGP DIY Candle Making Kit for Beginners

AKJGP DIY candle making kit is a special set of 61 premium pieces for all your candle needs. It consists of a thermometer, a 500 ml melting pot, six beautiful candle tins with lids, four bags of beeswax (seven ounces each), and six refreshing fragrance oils (eucalyptus, peppermint, rose, lavender, ocean, and lemon. 

You’ll also get ten cotton wicks, six dye blocks, ten wick stickers, six warning labels and stirring sticks, two wick clips, a storage bag, and a user manual to guide you in the candle making process.

This luxurious kit could make five scented candles with a detailed user manual and instruction videos for beginners new to candle making. The starter kit is also a great gift box to give to your friends and loved ones. 

If you are looking for other fragrance alternatives that you can add to your beeswax candles, here is an article to guide you on all the best scents you can use.


You’ll surely not run out of options for the best beeswax candle making kit, and these products above are an absolute value for the price. Personally, I’d love to recommend the PEEWF Candle Making Kit. The candle-making kit is perfect for melting wax with its smart melting machine lets you set up exact temperatures for melting and pouring in other ingredients. You would never go wrong in your candle making process with this kit. 

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