Beginner Tips and Tricks on Using Swivel Knife

Cutting incision lines in leather is one of the essential steps in carving leather. For this task, a swivel knife is used to produce clean and smooth cuts needed for delicate designs. You may have heard some leatherworkers say that a swivel knife is a hard tool to master. But with constant practice and some […]

Marble vs. Granite Slabs For Leatherwork

For leatherworkers, having a durable slab where they can do their leather tooling and other leatherworking techniques is an essential. Leatherworkers use a slab for several reasons, mainly for protecting the surface of their work tables and workstations while they are busy honing their craft or working on some leather pieces. Two of the most […]

Types Of Stone Slabs For Leatherworking

Leatherworking requires a lot of tools and materials if someone is really interested in doing it as a hobby or as an occupation. That includes having a good surface where the leather worker can work on several leatherworking projects, such as leather stamping and leather tooling. The striking force from the mallet to the leather […]


A burnishing machine is used to polish and smoothen out crafts. One can purchase this at malls or hardwares yet don’t you think that you can have yours by yourself?  DIY’s are a trend nowadays. After digging through the web, I’ve finally accomplished one! Here’s what I’ve done after thorough search and trials in order […]

Different Types of Animal Leather: Everything You Need to Know

One of the earliest materials in human discoveries is leather. Primitive man has been hunting animals for meat and using their skin to make different items such as clothes, shoes, and even tents for their safety. Nowadays, leather is still being used and considered one of the finest and luxurious materials that humans use. Knowing […]

Leatherworking Tools and Supplies: The Basics

You purchased your leatherworking kit to start leather crafting and later realized that you lack some tools. That is a significant inconvenience. Knowing the tools and supplies you’ll need before starting a project can save you enough time and money on purchasing unimportant materials. Understanding the use of each tool will also help to utilize […]

All About the Leather: Different Leather for Leatherwork

Throughout history, leather materials have been used in different products, from shoes to bags to couches. When creating your leatherworking projects, there are a lot of leather materials that you can choose from. Each one of them has its unique qualities that are great for different projects that you may have in mind.  What are […]