Best Leather Conditioner for Bags: Keep Them In Shape!

As leather bags dry out, it becomes more prone to wear and tear – or in other words, deterioration. Yet, with adequate treatment and care, such as subjecting it to leather conditioning, it may better maintain its suppleness. There are many leather conditioners in the market, and finding the best isn’t that easy. Here’s our list of the best leather conditioners for bags and the reasons making them the best out of the rest: their pros and cons, respective prices, and features to help you out!

Worthwhile conditioners from Apple Brand, Leather Honey, Cadillac Select, and Leather Rescue; All-in-ones – Chemical Guys Sprayable and Trinova Leather Conditioner; Budget-friendly Lexol Leather Conditioner and the Bickmore Bick 4; and All-natural ones – Paul’s Pail Beeswax and Chamberlain’s Formula No. 1 – these are the best leather conditioners.

Best Leather Conditioners for BagsProsCons
Leather Honey Conditioner– A single application lasts up to six months
– Application is easy
– Repels water
– Offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee
– Applicable on a large variety of items – especially bags
– A touch more expensive than the others
– It takes a day or two for it to kick in
– Some concerns concerning the unpleasant fragrance
Chemical Guys Sprayable Conditioner– A leather cleaner and conditioner in one
– A professional-looking sprayable conditioner that’s simple to use
– It only takes a few dabs to take excellent effects
– A leather cleaner spray with a pH balance
– If you spray too much, it can get sticky
– On difficult stains, it might not be particularly effective
Lexol Leather Cleaner and Conditioner– Easy to use at it is sprayable
– Beginner-friendly
– Odorless
– Prolongs leather life
– Long-lasting 6 month supply
– It might make leather sticky if it is not used correctly
– Some have expressed dissatisfaction with the fragrance
– Suede, leather gloves, and napped leather are not compatible
Chamberlain’s Leather Milk Formula No. 1– Smells great
– Able to eliminate stubborn dirt and stains
– An applicator sponge is included upon purchase
– The formula is all-natural, chemical-free, and ph-balanced
– It brings new life to dried leathers
– Not the best option for deep cleaning.
– It can darken light-colored leather
– Application on extra dry leather may not ideal
Cadillac Select Leather Lotion– Cracks are avoided.
– Free of Wax
– The Material Is Softened
– Leather is nourished and moisturized
– Say hello to easy application
– Bit over the odds
– Only available in one bottle size
Apple Brand Leather Conditioner– Prolongs leather life
– Wax-free
– Does not stain clothing or items that come in contact with treated surfaces
– Leaves no oily residue
– Versatile
– Bit pricey than the others
– Some find the smell odd
Paul’s Paul All Natural Beeswax Leather Conditioner– All-natural formula
– No added chemicals, dyes, perfumes, or petroleum
– Long-lasting and water-resistant
– Very easy to use
– Best for almost all leather types
– One cannot use it on in suede
– Not applicable to be used on faux leather
Trinova Leather Conditioner and Restorer– It has a dual-action formula that is quite effective
– An applicator pad is included as a bonus.
– Dries quickly
– Revives worn-out leathers and prevents aging of leather
– Water repellent and non-toxic
– If used on new leather, it may decrease the gloss
– It has a pungent odor
– Not suitable for suede
Bickmore Bick 4 Leather Conditioner– It does not affect the color of your leather
– It’s reasonably priced
– The bottle contains a substantial amount of product
– No odd odor
– Because there is no wax, the leather pores remain open
– Weatherproofing isn’t aided by it.
– Scuffs and scratches aren’t helped much by it
– Not to be used on suede, napped, or treated leather
Leather Rescue Conditioner– It has a mild effect
– Affordably priced
– Non-toxic
– Multiple applications
– Guaranteed safe and effective
– Not fragrance-free

Leather Honey Conditioner: Amazon’s Best Seller

Leather Honey Leather Conditioner, Best Leather Conditioner Since 1968. for use on Leather Apparel, Furniture, Auto Interiors, Shoes, Bags and Accessories. Non-Toxic and Made in The USA!
Image courtesy of Amazon

Thousands of people trust Leather Honey’s leather conditioner to make their leather bags richer, softer and healthier. Leather honey tops the list of best-selling leather care on amazon, with over 34,000 purchases. 

Talking about why thousands of people have kept on trusting this Leather Honey Conditioner since 1968, first, is that a little goes a long way. It deeply penetrates the leather pores to protect new leather and rejuvenate old leather. For just an ample amount of application, your leather will stay supple and have up to 6 months of protection! Just because of its very honey-like texture and consistency, a coin-sized amount will be enough to restore your leather bag. 

Leather Honey conditioner is also all-natural and non-toxic – no silicones, solvents, or animal ingredients. It’s not sticky and has no odor. Also, this leather conditioner is water-repellent, so it gives an extra layer of protection to your leather bag from snow and rain. However, remember that you should only use this conditioner on genuine leather; it does not work on fake leather, suede, or vinyl. Applying the leather conditioner on the leathers, as mentioned earlier, would cause discoloration – a nightmare that a leather bag owner surely avoids.

A conditioner like this is also easy to apply – another thing that leather bag owners love. To apply the conditioner, Leather Honey recommends using a lint-free cloth. The application goes this way: Using the Lint-Free Applicator Cloth, apply a quarter-size drop of Leather Honey Conditioner. Next, spot test in a non-obtrusive location and wait for it to dry. Then, using a thin, consistent coating of conditioner, coat your leather entirely. Warm the product slightly before using it if it is at room temperature.

One more thing, don’t you worry if you are a first-time buyer of leather conditioners. Leather Honey offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if the product doesn’t work for you or the test place isn’t to your liking, you can return it for a complete refund.

In purchasing a Leather Honey Conditioner, there are three sizes that you can choose. The first one is the 8 oz, priced at 19.99 dollars. On the other hand, they also have it in 16 oz, priced at 32.99 dollars. Lastly, for 50.99 dollars, you can purchase the biggest they have, which is 32 oz.

Chemical Guys Sprayable Conditioner: All-In-One Leather Care

Chemical Guys SPI_103_16 Sprayable Leather Cleaner and Conditioner in One, 16 oz, Blue
Image courtesy of Amazon

Chemical Guys Leather Conditioner is a leather cleaner and conditioner in one! Plus, this is far likely the traditional leather conditioner enclosed in a bottle. It is packed uniquely in a spray bottle, making it very easy to use – First, give it a good shake! Then, with a clean microfiber towel, rub away the residue.

The best way to avoid unsightly cracking caused by sun exposure is to keep leather adequately hydrated and soft. This premium leather cleaner and conditioner is infused with vitamin E and aloe, ensuring that leather remains smooth, supple, lustrous, and protected.

Over time, the preservatives and oils used in the tanning process of the leather degrade – which in turn results in scuffing. Yet, with the help of this All-In-One Leather Cleaner and Conditioner from Chemical Guys, rich, lanolin-based cream with naturally derived propolis, say goodbye to severe wear and tears, scuffing, and damages. Propolis has exceptional “suspension release” properties and also acts as a chemical barrier. Propolis is a substance that honeybees collect to waterproof their hives. This natural ingredient repels water more effectively and for a longer period than traditional water repellents. It also protects your leather’s surface from scuffing while allowing it to breathe, for as leather ages, it dries out, cracks, and hardens.

Now, about which leather can this Sprayable Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner and Conditioner are applicable. Anyone can mist it on any leather surface with this spray. Leather, imitation leather, and even vinyl are all restored, protected, and enhanced. 

Chemical Guys All-In-One Conditioner not just revitalizes, protects, cleans, and conditions leather yet, it also restores shine and a fresh, natural scent of leather that will make you smile! It restores and retains the aroma of genuine natural leather. 

You can have this Sprayable Leather Cleaner and Conditioner In One by Chemical Guys in three various sizes: 4 oz, priced at $7.49, 16 oz at $14.99, and the biggest among the three, which is the 1 gallon at $58.99.

Lexol Leather Conditioner: A Go-to, Cheaper Leather Restorer 

Lexol Leather Conditioner, Use on Car Leather, Furniture, Shoes, Bags, and Accessories, Trusted Leather Care Since 1933, 1...
Image courtesy of Amazon

With $10 in your pocket, you can now have an all-around leather conditioner that is powerful and greatly suits your budget! 

Without leaving grease behind, this Lexol Leather Conditioner includes small oil droplets that nourish, restore flexibility, and preserve leather from cracking. This leather conditioner is an all-around conditioner where you can trust all your leather – from your leather bags to everything leather-made yet not recommended for suede or extremely soft leather. 

You shouldn’t worry about your leather bag drying out as this Leather Conditioner from Lexol contains no harmful silicone ingredients! To name what this leather conditioner is made of, it includes sulfated fatty alcohols, sulfated neatsfoot oil, tall fatty acids, water, and preservatives. 

This leather conditioner is usually used after cleaning the leather. Lexol also has their Lexol Leather Deep Cleaner for the best in leather health and luster, which provides the best results when used with their leather conditioner! Not just that, this conditioner is very simple to use: First, shake the conditioner bottle well. Then, apply an ample amount of the conditioner in a clean microfiber cloth and smooth it evenly to your leather. Afterward, allow it to penetrate the leather and dry it out. Lastly, wipe off any excess. 

Three sizes are available if you tend to purchase this leather conditioner from Lexol. You can have 8 oz, which is the smallest. Also, they have it in 16.9 oz. Lastly, maybe for conditioning many leather bags you have, you can have the 1 Liter. You may inquire at their respective website for their prices, or you can check out your online shopping sites!

Chamberlain’s Leather Milk Formula No. 1: All-Natural One

Leather Milk Conditioner and Cleaner for Furniture, Cars, Purses and Handbags. All-Natural, Non-Toxic Conditioner Made in ...
Image courtesy of Amazon

This eco-friendly solution absorbs slowly, replacing natural oils and restoring near-new condition to your high-quality leather! This Leather Care Liniment No. 1 from Chamberlain’s Leather Milk is a natural, water-based combination of essential oils, nutrients, and a few mysterious powers.

This is an environmentally friendly leather conditioner that stands out from the rest for its particular style: a rich, creamy smoothness laced with cherry and almond fragrances. The application of this conditioner is most recommended to be with an applicator pad, which, surprisingly, comes for free with this leather conditioner if you purchase it! The texture created for ease of application and optimum absorption will melt into your leather-like butter on heated bread. 

A hint of sweet aroma enhances one’s conditioning experience. This faint sensation lasts only as long as the conditioner absorbs so that it won’t interfere with your leather’s natural fragrances. Not just that, because what’s more interesting about this leather conditioner is that all the ingredients are cosmetic grade and are FDA approved, which is safe for human skin!

Another, this conditioner’s adaptability is immediately striking, as one can use it to enhance and embellish practically any type of leather, from full-grain and vegetable-tanned to exotic crocodile and deerskin. Yet, note that this is not recommended to be used on suede, nubuck, genuine leather, or napped leather.

As proof of how this Leather Conditioner Liniment No. 1 breathes a new life to the leather, the saddleback company that makes some of the best looking, highest-quality leather goods on the market only trusts this leather care recipe for over ten long years that every Saddleback leather item is conditioned with Leather Milk before being shipped to consumers. Imagine how well your leather can be after conditioning, just like Saddleback’s leather products! 

If you tend to purchase this all-natural and fruity scented leather conditioner, it is available in 6 oz and 12 oz bottles. The 6 oz bottle is priced at $18.64, while the 12 oz is priced at $30.73.

Cadillac Select Leather Lotion: Best Saves Prized Possession

Premium Leather Lotion
Image courtesy of Cadillac Leather

A one-of-a-kind wax-free lotion that enhances and preserves the natural appearance of your leather products.

With this leather lotion from Cadillac Select, your high-end fashion leather product’s life will be longer! This lotion recipe is meant to clean, polish, and protect your premium leather products, leaving them with an exceptional sheen that resists cracking and watermarks, making it an expert’s pick.

Cadillac Select Leather Lotion will not cause your leather goods to become rigid. Its wax-free recipe is ideal for maintaining the optimum condition of leather for a better overall look and feel.

This premium leather lotion is extremely easy to apply. Here’s how to apply this formula to leather properly: To begin, shake the bottle and gently apply with a soft cloth to enhance the natural appearance and feel of your valuable leather products. Cadillac Select Premium Water and Stain Protector and Cadillac Select Cleaner are also recommended. Before applying the product to the entire surface, always test it in an inconspicuous area. Apply evenly while holding the bottle away from the surface. Please don’t overdo it. Always allow time for the product to dry before using it.

For the availability of sizes, this conditioner is only available in 8 oz bottles, priced at $15.99.

Apple Brand Leather Care Conditioner: Safe for All Colors

Apple Leather Care Leather Conditioner 8oz Bottle
Image courtesy of Amazon

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice the color of your leather to keep it in good condition, and Apple Brand Leather Care Conditioner doesn’t require you too! This Leather conditioner does not darken or change the color of leather, making them safe to use on all of your leather goods! It contains no harmful CFCs.

Some of the fashion industry’s most well-known names have repeatedly praised this leather conditioner for its ability to maintain leather’s appearance, softness, and suppleness. This conditioner prevents leather from drying, cracking, scratching, and splitting by replenishing the natural oils inherent in the leather. 

Also, do note that this leather conditioner is wax-free, so you don’t have to worry! It’s free of harsh chemicals and abrasives that can cause the leather to deteriorate, wax build-up, or a sticky residue.

This leather conditioner is formulated to shine, restore and protect finished, exotic and simulated leathers. However, just like other leather conditioners, it is not for use on suede & nubuck leather.  

To achieve the best results, make sure to keep these usage directions in mind: Shake well. Then, have a test on a hidden area. Afterward, pour it on a soft cloth and apply it liberally. Lastly, dry out and buff the excess gently with a dry, soft cloth.

The Apple brand has these leather conditioners available in two sizes. One is the 4 oz, priced at $9.99, and another is 8 oz, priced at $12.99.

Paul’s Pail All Natural Beeswax Leather Conditioner

Image courtesy of Amazon

This leather care product is all-natural beeswax and animal oils blend leather conditioner, handcrafted in the United States from a 150-year-old formula! Also, this product has not introduced chemicals, dyes, perfumes, petroleum, or contaminants, making it non-toxic and safe to use! 

This all-natural beeswax leather conditioner from Paul’s Pail is a one-stop shop for leather care of one’s most treasured leather goods – saddles, jackets, shoes, boots, baseball gloves, bags especially, and more. It’s a leather conditioner, restorer, softener, and protector all rolled into one. Yet, leather goods are made with various leather types. Keep in mind that one should not use this leather conditioner on suede. Usage if this conditioner will darken the leather, which no one ever wants to happen.

Also, avoid using it on polyurethane or faux leather. While these substitute leather products made of plastic will not be damaged, they will not absorb moisture and will not need to be conditioned. 

In addition, a little application of this leather conditioner goes a long way. Then, leather will be resistant to water or snow for up to six months long! 

To apply, have a multi-fiber cloth or applicator pad with you and get an ample amount of the leather conditioner in balm consistency. Afterward, massage it into the leather for further absorption. Lastly, allow it to dry.

For the price, this Paul’s Pail All Natural Beeswax Leather Conditioner is capped at around $27 and is worth purchasing!

Combating Wear With Trinova Leather Conditioner and Restorer

TriNova Leather Conditioner and Cleaner, 18 oz / 540 ml
Image courtesy of Amazon

To keep the leather from drying out, TriNova offers a leather care product with a powerful formula. This Leather Conditioner and Restorer protects and moisturizes leather, as well as prevents leather aging!

This TriNova Leather Conditioner and Restorer uses an increased blend of polymers to enter the surface and hydrate it from the inside out. It also protects the leather from scratches and other wear and tear, keeping it smooth and gleaming.

Leather Conditioner and Restorer from TriNova is designed to fight wear and save your leather material – from bags, automotive, shoes, furniture, and more! It is not, however, advised to be utilized on Suede and Nubuck.

You may be pleased by what it is made of, yet knowing that this is very easy to apply will make you love it even more! First, pour a small amount into the applicator, which is already included upon purchase! Next, massage it onto the leather in a circular motion for better absorbance. Lastly, allow it to dry for about an hour, and it’s all done. Nevertheless, remember always to have your leather cleaned with warm water, mild detergent, or a leather cleaner, of which TriNova also has one. One more thing, always take responsibility and never forget to have an out-of-view patch before treatment. 

This solution costs $15.99 for an 8-ounce or 240-milliliter bottle.

Bickmore Bick 4 Leather Conditioner: Practical and Economical 

Bickmore Bick 4 Leather Conditioner 16 oz - Best Since 1882 - Cleaner & Conditioner - Restore Polish & Protect All Smooth ...
Image courtesy of Amazon

With a price tag of $10.99 for an 8 oz bottle of an agent to leather restoration, Bick 4 has established itself as one of the top low-cost leather conditioners with powerful features to restore a leather good! 

For a wide range of leather products, the Bickmore Bick 4 Leather Conditioner is an excellent choice. It works wonders for conditioning horseback riding gears, work boots, seats on motorcycles, items made of exotic leather, and most especially purses and handbags in various styles and colors.

Bick 4 is a mix of natural emulsifiers, conditioners, and moisturizers developed by Bickmore. Also, Bick 4 is free of silicone and wax. It leaves no residue, allowing the leather to breathe more easily.

Also, one of the best features of this conditioner is how simple it is to use. To apply, use a clean cloth. 

For the application process, here’s how: First, work the conditioner into the leather in small circles. Between coatings, allow roughly an hour. Allow the conditioner to remain for an hour after you’ve applied your final coat. Lastly, using a clean, dry towel, wipe away any excess conditioner. Rep every 6–8 weeks, or more often if necessary.

Leather Rescue Conditioner: Hype For Almost All Leather Type

Leather Rescue Conditioner and Restorer for Jackets, Shoes, Bags, Purses, Car Seats, and Furniture - Non-Toxic and Made in...
Image courtesy of Amazon

All other types of leather, whether treated, untreated, faux, or exotic, can benefit from this conditioner to restore suppleness and luster. Only napped leathers, such as suede and nubuck, should be used with our conditioner because the oils can change the desirable texture of these fabrics.

This conditioner’s potent ingredients include a blend of oils that work to improve the look and feel of your leather. One can enjoy soft, gorgeous leather restored and protected from wear, the elements, and UV radiation. To tell you whether this conditioner is safe to use or not, well, this conditioner is also non-toxic so that you can utilize it around your kids and pets without worry! 

Leather Rescue Conditioner is also a pH-balanced conditioner that deeply conditions while leaving only a faint sheen and a natural leather aroma.

With an 8.5 oz bottle of this leather conditioner from Leather Rescue, which is priced at $19.99, that will surely rescue your leather!

Final Thoughts

Choosing a leather conditioner that’s suited for your unique piece can be difficult if you’re a first-time owner of a leather bag. I am amazed at what Leather Honey Leather Conditioner can offer. Imagine that it’s powerful, it is practical that only a little goes a long way for up to six months. Yet, the decision is still all yours! With the list I’ve given to you above, I am pretty sure that you’ll now have an idea of what best suits your preference and as well your budget!

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