Best Leather Stitching Ponies:Pony Mount and Clamp Mount

A stitching pony is your third hand in the stitching process. It holds the leather in place while we work with needles and threads, ensuring that the leather is positioned correctly. To know the best choice for a stitching pony, one must consider the materials used in producing the pony, the size of the projects you are using the pony for, and the pony’s performance with regards to its price. 

This article discusses the best pony mount and clamp mount stitching ponies for your leatherwork. We will also talk about where they can be found and how much it costs. Lastly, I’ll provide steps on how a leatherworker can make their own stitching pony for a low price. 

Pony Mount Stitching Ponies for Seated Stitching

These stitching ponies are placed under your legs when seated for control when stitching. They are ridden like a pony and have clamps to hold the leather materials to free both hands when working with two needles. Here are some great ponies for your leatherwork.

SIMPZA Leather Stitching Pony: Your Versatile Tool

SIMPZA leather stitching pony is a versatile tool for sewing projects like leather belts, bags, and purses. Its high-quality construction features superior beech and steel materials that make the stitching pony sturdy and well made. All of its edges are beveled with a smooth finish and handcrafted to ensure durability.

This stitching pony is just the right size to put under your legs while sitting. It balances perfectly and is flexible to be adjusted at any angle desired by the leatherworker. Two sides of the clamp are covered with leather to securely hold the project and avoid scraping the leather surface. It is a good choice for sewing projects. 

Upon purchase, the stitching pony comes with a user’s manual to help in assembling it correctly. Most experienced leatherworkers won’t need this manual, for it is very easy to install and disassemble.

Excellent package includes a waxed thread, two needles, and an extra bolt and wing that attaches the clamp to the base. This stitching pony costs $32.99 and can be found at the SIMPZA store on Amazon. 

Tosnail Hand Stitching Pony: Perfect for DIY Leatherworkers

Tosnail stitching pony is perfect as a starter item for new leatherworkers. It is made from high-quality beech wood, which is practical and durable. The body is deform-resistant and has a uniform proportion for good balance. It also has an adjustable steel stretch bar and is suitable for any size of leather projects.

The Tosnail pony features a 360-degree rotation which is flexible at all angles and works well with right or left-handed leatherworkers. The clamp, which is wrapped in leather, is strong enough to hold leather projects without leaving a scratch on them. The spring trigger easily opens and closes to place your project on the clamp.

Tosnail’s fit and finish are excellent, leaving no splinters and cracks on the wood material. DIY leather projects are what it is best for, like belts, bags, wallets, and purses. This stitching pony is the best value for money, costing $20 only.  You can check it out on the Tosnail store at Amazon. 

Stormshopping Stitching Pony: For Your Large Sized Projects

Stormshopping is a large-sized stitching pony that provides enough space on the clamp for long and large projects. Made from premium materials of high-quality wood and metal mechanical clamp, this pony is highly recommended for any leatherworker.

The pony has an adjustable screw for the tightness of the clamp on the base and is easy to install. The well-built tool is sturdy, light, and held up leather very well when stitching. You can find this at the Stormshopping shop at Amazon for $19.99. 

Yesurprise Leather Stitching Pony: For Any Clamping Needs

The leather pony that suits any size of clamping needs is the Yesurprise Leather Pony. It does its job as a third hand by clamping firmly to the leather making the stitching process simple and less tiring. 

Yesurprise stitching pony features a 360-degree clamp rotation which is adjustable at all angles. No need to change places to stitch leather parts; just rotate the clamp for comfortable use. Made from high-quality craftsmanship, the pony is from durable crude wood, which is deformation-resistant. The body has a uniform proportion and an adjustable clamp.

If you do not want to place the pony legs in between your legs, a vise section can be positioned so you can sit on the long base but still maintain control over the stitching pony while in use. It is highly recommended for hand stitching heavyweight materials as the clamp opens and closes easily, having a solid leather grip. 

It is advisable to add leather covering to the clamp to avoid leaving marks on the project. Leather on the clamp also helps improve its grip, preventing your project from slipping to the stitching pony. You can find one at Yesurprise store at Amazon for $25.99.

Clamp Mount Stitching Ponies for a Table Anchored Stitching

This type of stitching pony is placed and clamped on a table edge. The pony is used when the leatherworker is stitching in a standing position and sitting on a high chair. The table provides firm anchorage to hold the pony and the leather while stitching. 

PH PandaHall Stitching Pony: For Thick Leather Lacing and Sewing

PH PandaHall stitching pony is a versatile tool that satisfies clamping needs such as lacing, sewing, or stitching. It holds up to 9-ounce leather for stitching, so working with thick leather is easy with this pony. It is best used for small and long projects like belts, straps, and keychains.

Quality materials make this a sturdy pony. The body is made from natural wood, which is very durable, and the clamp is made from metal that does not rust easily. The pony is also well packaged upon delivery so you would be assured of a brand new product without damaged parts. 

Screws are tightened smoothly, and the installation process requires a short time, making it an easy to use stitching pony. The heavyweight pony sits perfectly on your working table, resulting in well-balanced stitching. It makes stitching efficient and faster, thus saving you time to work on other projects. Avail one now at PH PandaHall Store for $23.39.

Popo-abita Leather Stitching Pony: Uniquely Styled Pony

The stitching pony by Popo-abita is a uniquely styled pony with an adjustable clamp that works at any angle desired. You can work with different positions of the clamp while it is mounted firmly on your working table. Working with two needles is not a problem with this pony. 

Both left and right handed leatherworkers can use this pony as it tilts forward, back, left, and right to adjust to the worker’s preference. 

To install, just fix the pony to a stable workbench, then find the angle that works best for you. Use the upper angle adjustment parts to change angles and finally put your project into the clamp by moving the red lever to open and close it. Visit the Popo-abita store at Amazon and purchase this pony for $12.06.

DIY Stitching Pony For Less than $20

For experienced leatherworkers, you may be able to create your stitching pony instead of buying them from your local stores. This way, you can customize your tool according to your preference. Here is a guide in producing a quality pony for your projects with a budget of less than $20. 

Materials Needed


  • Drill and impact driver set
  • Tape measure
  • Square rule
  • Clamp


To start, cut the wood with the length specified in the plan. Remember to take safety precautions in cutting. Sand the wood pieces to create a good finish, then proceed to drill holes to the wood legs. This is where the adjustment for the clamp will be placed. 

Attach the clamp to the vertical leg using wood glue to hold it in place. Then, drill holes and screw the clamp permanently. Next is to attach the two vertical legs with each other. This is where you will place the leather when stitching. 

Assemble the stitching pony by attaching the legs to the base wood by drilling holes at the center of the base leg. Screw the two legs to it.  

Wrap the clamp jaw with leather to avoid it from leaving marks on the leather you are stitching. And lastly, screw the hinge in place to have a rotating knob that adjusts to put a firm grip on the leather. 


The stitching process in leatherwork is made easy when using a stitching pony. Clamp mount or pony mount, the choice still depends on the leatherworker’s preference and the ease of use that each pony needs to make stitching more efficient. With the steps and best buys I provided, you have a choice as to buy or create your stitching pony using affordable materials. Now find your best fit stitching pony to start producing your perfect seams. 

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