Best Of The Best: The Top 7 Diamond Stitching Chisels

One of the essential tools to consider in your leather crafting war chest is the diamond stitching chisel. It is a piece of the standard equipment used to punch diamond-shaped holes through the leather to prepare it for stitching. Looking at the different brands and kinds could be a tad bit overwhelming. That’s why I am here to give you seven of the best diamond stitching chisels in the market today. Some come in sets, others individually, but all are great tools and help you create awesome-looking leather projects for yourself or your clients.

This article will tackle the seven best diamond chisels for stitching leather that are available in the market today and the advantages and benefits of owning a good set of diamond stitching chisels. All items are available in leather crafting stores, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I suggest you procure yours online. Some could be a bit tough to search for, though, because of the demand. Make sure to check if the items are in stock.

Seven Best Diamond Stitching Chisels In The Market

Before even attempting to go for the best equipment, be sure that you have enough essential skills to maximize these top tools in the market. That being said, here are seven diamond stitching chisel sets that are worth your money. Each has its unique selling point and is best for some conditions and needs, so read the whole post to know what truly suits your leather crafting requirements. 

Aiskaer Diamond Lacing Stitching Set

First up is a tool that is considered the best all-around chisel in the market today. It’s made by Aiskaer Technology, one of the most trusted manufacturers of chisels.

One of this diamond-chisel set’s best traits is effectively producing evenly-spaced and properly shaped piercings in leather. It is also made of 100% white steel, which highlights its durability. One of the advantages of such material is that the prongs don’t get deformed easily. Yeah, it would be a total bummer if your prongs got smashed out of line after only a few whacks, so this is good. These features result in the set’s consistent performance in projects.

The chisels are coated with rust-preventive oil before being shipped to you so you can be assured of their quality. You may have to wipe them down before you break them in for that card wallet you’ve wanted to make for a while now.

One thing you have to watch out for is the fact that the handle is not ergonomic, so you might find your grip getting weary after a while. Make sure to give your digits a rest after a few projects. 

The price is $10.99.

Yang Yao Prong Leather Craft Tool

Next on the list is one of the sharpest chisels you can get your leatherworking hands on. The Yang Yao Prong Leather Craft Tool has excellent efficiency when it comes to working leather.

The prongs are sharp enough that they are so easy to pull out after punching a hole through your leather. Its elegant design also gives it a stylish look that’s perfect for the discerning leather crafter. You could say it’s Instagram-friendly if you’re looking to show off your wares on social media.

The coating goes through electroplating or the practice of coating the metallic base material with another kind of metal. This process makes sure that the chisels will not rust. That would mean, though, that the added weight could be a concern, and the set may be on the heavy side. Still, it’s an excellent trade-off for a magnificent diamond chisel set.

The price is $22.48.

Tandy Leather Diamond Hole Chisel Set 3009-00

Next on our list is a high-quality diamond chisel set from one of the most trusted leatherworking brands. The Tandy Leather 3009-00 set is finished with a black coating to make it resistant to rust.

The set has a curiously unique design. It consists of one non-textured grip and around ten interchangeable chisel prong heads. They come in one, two,four, and six-prong variants. That could mean that you will be taking more time in changing heads when the project calls for it, but this tool gives excellent variety and efficiency, not to mention convenience.

You just have to lug one handle around and keep the prongs in a tool case. That saves a ton of space.

The price for this handy set is $49.99.

WellieSTR 3 Diamond Stitching Chisel Set

The WellieSTR 3 has a rugged-style design but is a very capable chisel that produces perfectly-shaped diamond piercings. It’s so strong, and it punctures leather properly with just a little effort.

It’s heralded as the best diamond stitching chisel for tough leather, perfect for projects needing more rigid material like kangaroo leather. It looks heavy-duty, too.

The set is made of stainless steel, so you know it’s incredibly durable. The thing is, it only has three chisels in the group– a two, four, and a six. You may need to get more resourceful if your project calls for a one-prong punch, Valhalla-forbid you have to use an awl if your hands are not steady. Still, if it’s toughness you need, this chisel set looks and acts the part.

The price for the WellieSTR 3 Diamond Stitching Chisel Set is at $34.50. 

Citian Diamond Stitching Chisel

Since we’re talking about tough chisels now, let’s discuss this chisel set made of high-quality alloy stainless steel. It’s a sharp chisel for the hardworking leather crafter. 

The polished, anti-slip handles give the tool a firm grasp and assure comfortability for leather crafters who spend a significant amount of time working on their projects. If you’re the no-frills kind of leatherworker, you will enjoy its simple design. Beginners will also be glad to know that it could be well within their price range. It’s one of the best tools for sewing leather with its precise piercings.

The price is $12.99.

Tandy Leather 6 Prong Diamond Stitching Chisel

It’s worth noting that this diamond stitching chisel is the only one in this list that does not come in a set.

Tandy Leather makes an encore appearance with this fantastic tool for leather crafters who are either beginning their career in leather crafting and can only afford to buy individual chisels or in need of a replacement for a lost or broken chisel in their tool kit.

The downside is when your project requires fewer prongs, you may find it difficult because you only have one diamond chisel. The material is made from ridiculously durable steel, though, so you can count its build quality not letting you down when the going gets rough.

The price for this stand-alone diamond stitching chisel is $9.99.

Vketch Stainless Steel Flat Chisel Leather Craft Kit

This next tool in our list comes from a manufacturer that encourages you to choose original, choose genuinely. It’s considered the best stainless steel diamond chisel available in the market.

Made with incredibly resistant and durable material, punching sewing holes through thick, rich, and stern leather will be a piece of cake with this chisel. Its ergonomic design prevents errors brought about by weary hands, working all day to finish projects and meet deadlines.

If you have big hands, though, you may have a challenging time because of its short handle. Still, it’s a great set to have in your leather crafting arsenal.

The price is $16.99.

Why Using A Diamond Chisel Can Benefit You

You may select other tools for piercing your leather for stitching, but the diamond chisel can help you achieve the proper holes to sew your projects together. It’s an important tool that has its benefits. A few of them are listed here. 

Precision Of Stitching Holes

Using tools, such as a six-prong diamond stitching chisel, will yield consistent spaces. The last thing you want is for your project to look like it was rushed and done in a lousy kind of way. Inconsistent spacing can give your creation that look. Make sure you use the right tool for the job.

A lot of the clean, smooth look your project can showcase also comes from how standard the holes’ shape is. Your thread will have an easier time sliding in and out of sewing holes and hold your project better if they are the correct size.

It also saves you time spent creating your projects, especially if you are selling custom leather works where time is of the essence.

Friendly For Beginning Leather Crafters

Having a diamond chisel simplifies the stitching process for those starting their craft, marking and punching holes in just one step. That means having a consistent stitching line, which teaches beginners how important precision is in leather crafting.

It’s also not overwhelming or intimidating to use, unlike some of the other leatherworking tools and equipment made for advanced crafters.


These seven diamond stitching chisels are some of the best that you can buy in craft stores and hobby shops around the country today. They are also available online, which is great because you can find the right tool for your projects and not risk getting infected with COVID-19 by going out of your house. There are valuable advantages of having these excellent tools, and you stand to benefit a great deal by using them correctly.

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