Best Paints You Can Trust For Your Leather

Leather paints are acrylic-based paints designed to be used on leather and imitation leather. Leather paints are not more costly than traditional acrylic paints from a craft store and are designed to stick to these types of materials without chipping off over time. You can paint leather for many reasons; it could be for the repair, for art, or primarily for aesthetic purposes. With these, you must choose the best paint for your leather project among the vast array of choices. 

Leather is almost everywhere, be it genuine or faux leather, and sometimes the traditional leather color appears unexciting. If you want to try out a more varied feel to leather, then painting can be one solution. Like me, I fell in love with leather painting as it can be a platform where you can show your character aside from fashion. In this article, I listed the best paints you can check in the market and why it is the best for this job. 

Jacquard Lumiere Exciter Pack For A Metallic Touch

Suppose you are looking for a paint that comes in many pretty colors with a glossy finish. This leather paint is the best choice for you. It is also budget-friendly for a starter.

About The Product

The set includes nine bottles of metallic paint, allowing you to make a variety of color mixtures. These are namely Halo Blue, Halo Pink, Halo Violet, and Sunset are the gold colors. Pewter, Russet, Pearlescent Green, and Turquoise are also included in the package. The liquid in each bottle is 0.5 ounces. To prevent harm, the bottles’ lids effectively seal in the liquid.

It is also easily applied onto leather since it works with paint tools and applicators such as rubbing sponge, dauber airbrush, etc., because of its smooth consistency. You can also add this with other paints to create unique shades. What is good about this paint is it conforms with ASTM D-4236 protection standard, ensuring that all of the art product’s potentially dangerous components have been clearly labeled on the packaging, making it safe for use.

The Unique Touch It Adds

Jacquard Lumiere’s color scheme of the paint is also very impressive. Since this is leather paint, you can mix it with other colors to make various looks. It is also highly pigmented, which gives a satisfying output to your leather project. This paint product uses a clear coating of Acrylic Polyurethane to deliver gloss and protection.

Acrylic polyurethane is a chemical compound used in manufacturing and construction applications as a coating. It is robust and versatile due to its chemical composition, and it is used to produce a durable finish on a variety of items, including leather. It has a pearly metallic finish that appears aesthetically pleasing in the eyes. It also has a good amount of luminescence on it. 

How Much and Where to Get It

Since it is a top leather pain product globally, it is readily available from online stores and physical shops. You can get a set containing nine paints for a price of $18 to $20, which gives an estimated worth of $2 per paint, which is a reasonable price. You might get this at a lower price even more if you look for this from your local stores since you do not have to pay for the delivery fee. 

Angelus Leather Paints: A Paint Sent From Above

This brand has been around for quite some time, and it is trendy in leather painting. Many Angelus Leather paints are among the best among the rest of the leather paints in the market.

First Option: Angelus Leather Paint Set of 12

With this collection, Angelus gives you a robust palette of colors to let your imagination run wild. The kit includes everything you’ll need to make your personalized shades, plus a few extras. It has 12 jars of paint with a volume of 1 oz each. It is considered to be standard leather paint made in the US. Each jar is tightly sealed to avoid leaking and is clearly labeled, which is essential to avoid confusion.

It includes primary colors like Blue, Red, and Yellow. Then comes the secondary colors like Green, purple, and Orange. You also get Black, White, Lilac, Turquoise, Pink, and Purple. The wide array of colors included in this package allows you to mix and match them depending on what color you like to achieve. A great feature of this paint is it’s water-based, which makes it easy to apply, clean, and reapply.  It is one of the best paint which will surely last you longer.

You can get this Angelus set of 12 with a starting price of $30. You can also get other sets like two-pack, three-pack, or four-pack which prices range from $150 to $320. This price is from online shops, which includes the delivery fee. It might be a good idea to check at your nearest store to save a few bucks.

Not Just Another Black Paint: Angelus, Leather Paint Black

Angelus never fails when it comes to black paint. The dominance of black in leather is evident in many leather products. This paint comes in a four-inch jar containing 118-mL of liquid which will minimize your worry of not having enough paint on one project. This amount can already color one jacket or bag. 

It produces a semi-gloss finish, minimizing, and you can mix the product with other dark colors, such as dark brown or grey, to create unique shades. It is applied better if you do multiple thin layers of paint stroking than a few thick ones. It will also somehow waterproof the leather if allowed to dry entirely, especially that it takes two days to completely dry. If applied properly, it prevents cracking of leather over time.

You can get this leather paint for $8 from online shops, excluding the delivery fee. There is also a standard pack with two paint bottles at $18. Like other Angelus paint, it is also non-toxic, so no need to worry much if you have this on your hand. But it is still ideal for wearing gloves.

 A Bold Option: Angelus Acrylic Leather Paint Autumn Red

This item will revitalize all of your favorite red leather accessories. If it’s a high-end heel or a stunning top, you can use the paint to repaint or repair it to your taste. It is a water-based formula that offers easy clean-up and is mixable for custom colors.

After the paint dries completely, the paint will be completely waterproof and will not crack or peel when prepped and applied correctly. One bottle of this paint comes with 29.5 mL or one fl oz that is tightly sealed. Each bottle will cost you around $7, including a shipping fee if buying from an online store.

U.S. Art Supply Acrylic Leather Paint For High Pigmentation

This paint is an overall point. You can use this in any canvas or fabric that you like, especially leather. Buying this product is economical because it has many paint colors and is an airbrush type perfect for leather crafters who prefer this than the typical paint application. 

About the Product

It contains a 54-Color Deluxe Set produced by US Art Supply. It is packed in a bottle and an airbrush paint type. The kit includes the following: 1 oz. bottles of 12 primary opaque colors, 12 secondary opaque colors, 12 pearlized colors, 12 transparent colors, six fluorescent neon colors, three bottles of airbrush cleaner, three bottles of airbrush reducer and extender base plus 50 mixing cups, 50 mixing sticks, and a color mixing wheel. 

All of the colors are produced with light-fast pigments of the highest quality (except for fluorescent). 

The colors are non-toxic and comply with ASTM D-4236. It creates stunning effects on a variety of surfaces, including paper, canvas, wool, silk, leather, plastics, metals, ceramics, and more. Vivid acrylic airbrush colors are made to last on a wide range of mixed-media and textile surfaces. The United States of America Art Supply Airbrush Colors are water-based acrylic airbrush colors ready to use. Each item of this paint volumes up to one fluid ounce (fl oz.)

How Much and Where to Get It

This item can be bought from online shops with a price starting from $128.67. It can also buy from the trusted sellers, but it is more convenient to buy online because of the global pandemic. It is a little bit expensive, but it is worth the price.

Fiebing’s Acrylic Leather Paint For The Budget-Wise

This paint is one of the best sellers when it comes to leather paint. It does not only do its job of coloring the full leather but also used for repairing flakes of color in your leather.

About the Product

This product is a water-based acrylic paint that produces a water-resistant surface—a flexible product but a top choice for leatherwork. The good thing about this paint is that it won’t crack or peel over time as long as applied properly. A bottle has a liquid of 2 oz or 25 mL appropriately sealed.

This is acrylic leather paint ideal for painting leather surfaces because it dries quickly and can last for years without peeling or cracking. When dry, it provides smooth leather surfaces that are water-resistant. To thin the colors before adding them to your leather board, dissolve them in water. This leather paint is not just for new leather obs but also perfect for covering up faded areas on the leather.

How Much and Where to Get It

Nowadays, buying is very convenient because of the online platform. Like other leather paints available online, you can also get one from a trusted seller site. Its price starts at $7 for one bottle. Make sure to include in your budget the delivery fee if buying one online. 

Mont Marte Acrylic Paint Set 24 Colours For Art Techniques

If looking for an ideal set for coloring a wide shade of color, you can buy this leather paint. It includes 24 colors that will provide you with a glossy finish.

About the Product

The Mont Marte acrylic paint set contains 24 bright colors, including 24 vibrant colors, in a convenient 36ml tube, suitable for most art and art techniques. The tubes are made of a high-gloss, durable material. They have lids that are simple to open and close. Each tube contains 36 mL of acrylic paint, allowing you to blend your favorite colors with an even proportion of liquid. It is excellent since it has a semi-matte finish.

These acrylics glide effortlessly onto canvas, paper, wood, ceramic, and other surfaces and dry quickly to a semi-matte finish. It has high-quality pigments where the creamy consistency and high pigment content provide excellent coverage for large and small areas. This paint also has excellent color mixability.

The clarity and brilliance allow for excellent color mixing, resulting in a more extensive color palette of shades and tones. It’s suitable for most painting surfaces, including canvas, paper, wood, fabric, and of course, leather.

How Much and Where To Get It

When buying this paint, it gives you an option of 18, 24, 36, and 48 paint tubes in one pack. You can get it from online stores and choose the variation you want. For 18 tubes you will pay around $14. For other sets, the price ranges from $19 for 24 tubes to $37 for 48 tubes. This price is pretty good for the goodness you can get from this leather paint.

Paint Up Your Leatherworking: Reminders on Leather Painting

Leather paint is a good leather decorative technique because it adds color to your project. Aside from that, it is also a way to express one style and character. Here are some reminders in doing a leather painting though. 

Do A Test Run Before The Final Piece

Like leather dyeing, which involves color alteration, you also need to test if the shade and type of paint suit your leather and preference. Get a sacrificial piece of leather and apply a small amount of leather paint using the applicator of choice. If you are satisfied with the mixture of color (if you mix them) and the ease of application, then it’s time to move on to the leather. 

This will also allow you to develop and practice your skills before the actual painting on the final piece. 

Clean the Surface Before Paint Application

Ensure that all dirt or debris is removed from the leather before painting. This will secure that the paint will adhere to the leather. You will need alcohol in the cleaning process but do not pour it directly into the leather. Pour enough amount in a cloth and rub it on the leather lightly. Let it dry completely, and apply a deglazer to remove any coating on the leather.

Paint in Thin Layers than Thick Layers at Once

Make sure to paint the leather patiently. Apply thin layers of paint and let it dry before applying another layer. It may be tedious, but it will give you time to check how the color and leather react.

Remember to wait for the first layer to dry before adding another layer. Work your way out, and after two or three layers, you will achieve the color you want. 

Seal Your Leather

Sealing your leather project is optional, but if you want to make sure it sticks to your craft, you can apply a waterproofing spray. Just spray it or dab using a rag or sponge, and you will achieve an embellished final look. Your leather is not just appealing but also durable.

Be Creative in Painting; The Sky is Your Limit

Of course, the leather painting will need a part of your creative juices, especially if painting your design. Do not be afraid to explore many possible designs you can make with leather paint. You do not need to be an experienced leather crafter to show your creative side. 


When the moment comes that you find your regular leather boring with the traditional black or brown color, leather painting is something you can try. The leather paint will indeed be a breath of fresh air to your leather and add an even more unique accent to it. You have many options out there for leather paint, and knowing what product will be worthy of your penny is a good thing. Choose wisely, and you will never regret your interest in leather painting.

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