How to Properly Store Candles: Don’t Ruin Them Now!

You must know how to properly store candles because proper storage can make your candles last much longer. Making candles is not an easy task, so knowing how to store your candles properly would help ensure that your candles will last longer and more people will get to enjoy them.

Keep Them Away From the Sun

One of the most common mistakes that homeowners make when storing candles is keeping them in places where there is direct sunlight. Sunlight contains ultraviolet rays, speeding up the burning process and shortening a candle’s life span. It would be best to keep your candles in a cool place with no windows at all because heat will melt the wax.

In addition, you must also refrain from putting candles in areas near sources of heat because this will melt the wax even faster. Keeping your candles away from direct sunlight and other heat sources can help you get to enjoy them for a much longer period because they will maintain their intended shape and color.

Remember Where You Store Your Candles to Properly Store Candles

The next important thing that you must do to ensure that your candles are properly stored is to remember where you put them. This way, whenever you need to use them, they will not be hard to find. For example, if you decide to place all of your lights within one area, designate an empty drawer specifically for these items to be easier for you whenever necessary.

You can use markers to write on your candles to make them easily recognizable. For decorative candles, use different colored markers for each holder or vase. Label the candle’s container with its scent and thickness so that whenever you need to take it out, you won’t be struggling to distinguish which one is which.

Do Not Toss Your Old Candle Sticks

Old candlesticks are not useless because they can serve as cute votive holders if they still have wax inside them. As long as their wicks are still intact, you can reuse old candlesticks by putting small tea lights inside them or even use them as pretty decorations for your home or garden. If you do not want to reuse them, recycle them by melting the used wax into new candles.

Avoid submerging your candles in water because this can ruin their form. Instead, use a wet cloth to wipe off any excess dirt you see on the outside of the candle containers. This way, regardless of how dirty they are, you will not have to worry about getting your hands dirty whenever necessary because they will still look clean when you are done with them.

You also have to remember not to store all your candles together in one area because this might cause some wax from certain scents to mix with others and ruin their smell. To avoid this, even if it is just temporary, separate your candles into different areas so that you will preserve each scent until they are used again.

Do Not Leave Candles Exposed to the Air

One common mistake people make when storing their candles is leaving them exposed to the air for too long. Although some types of candles need to be left exposed so they can dry up, you must never leave your candles exposed for more than three days because this may cause them to leak or even ruin their intended appearance. To avoid these things from happening, it would be best to put your wet candles inside the freezer first before keeping them outside for drying.

When placing wet candles in an area with no humidity, make sure to cover them with plastic bags first so that mold will not develop on them. If these small creatures develop on your candle containers, they will surely ruin their shape and color.

If you need to store your candles for a long period properly, it would be best to put them inside the refrigerator because this will keep them from drying out even further. Remember that keeping your candles in a cool or cold area is not enough because this might make them crack instead.

Leave Small Wicks Exposed

When storing your candles, you must always remember to leave small wicks exposed, no matter what container you use. Wicking it may cause the candle wax to bubble up and expand, ruining its form and shape. Instead, always trim the wick’s spare parts whenever necessary to look too big for the candle containers. 

Trimming down the wick will also ensure that the candle will have a steady burn throughout its entire life. Remember that being exposed to moisture can also cause your candles to have a poor wick, so it is best to flame them first before putting them inside their containers.

Do Not Store Your Candles in Inclement Weather Conditions

No matter how much you are fond of keeping your candles outdoors, make sure to always bring them indoors whenever there’s inclement weather because humidity and heat may ruin their form or color.

If you need to put your candles outside but cannot place them under the shade, it would be best to wrap them carefully with plastic bags beforehand. This way, they will still maintain their shape no matter what environment they are placed in.

When storing your candles, you also have to remember that heat can also ruin their shape, especially if they are stored in very sunny areas. To avoid this from happening, make sure to place them under the shade or even use a parasol to protect them from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.

You can also put rocks or stones on top of your candle containers so that they will get less exposure from the sun whenever it is placed outside for drying purposes.

Do Not Store Your Candles Inside Your Car

Although some people keep their candles inside their car because they need them whenever they go somewhere, you should never do this because high temperatures can completely melt away its wax and cause strange inside its container. It is best if you keep them inside your house or somewhere away from the harsh rays of the sun.

If you like to keep your candles outdoors, it is best to store them under the shade where they will be protected from getting too dry or burned by direct sunlight.

Do Not Wrap Your Candles Too Tightly

One of the most frequent blunders people make when storing their candles is wrapping them too tightly in plastic bags before placing them in their containers. This causes mold and bacteria to develop on them because there’s no way for air to get at their wicks.

To avoid this, always leave enough space between each candle so that there’s room for airflow inside its container. You can also use wooden dividers to fully separate your candles, just like how you separate different types of food when storing them inside the fridge. Dividers will ensure that your candles do not touch each other and get damaged or melt because of contact with another candle.

Place Small Candles Inside Large Containers to Properly Store Candles

Another mistake buyers make is cramming small candles inside big containers because they think it is very efficient and cost-saving to do this, which is a huge blunder.

They often use large candle containers made out of glass to store their smaller ones. Still, you should never mix both elements because even though these types of containers look nice, the shape and color of the smaller waxes can stain or ruin the appearance of larger ones if they’re stored in such an enclosed area.

Always choose smaller candle containers whenever you buy them, and make sure that they perfectly fit into the space where you plan to place them. That way, you can be certain that all your candles will look neat and organized once they’re inside their respective containers.

Do Not Store Flimsy Candles Inside Small Containers

If there is one thing to remember when storing candles, it would be never to put fragile or flimsy ones inside small containers because these materials are very susceptible to heat, so even if the container is not exposed directly to sunlight, it can still damage them.

Storing sturdy candles in small containers may also cause breakage and messier spills, so always store such kinds of waxes inside bigger, sturdier ones.

Do Not Assume That Your Candles Will Last Forever

People often make a common mistake assuming that their candles will last forever once they are all stored inside their containers. Even though it may look neat and organized, the wax can still dry up or melt because of extreme heat, so if you want to avoid this from happening, then consider taking out your candles now and then, keeping them in areas where there is no direct sunlight. I have written an article about candles and expiration, which you can read here.

Do Not Shake or Hit Your Candles

One of the biggest mistakes people make when storing their candles is hitting or shaking them a lot to get rid of the hardened wax inside. This will only break your candle and cause a mess, so always remember to take out its wick instead gently.

If the wax has completely dried up, then you should never try to shake or hit your candles because they can easily break and fall, causing damage to its container as well as other candles stored near it.

Place Them in a Dry Location to Properly Store Candles

Another reason why your candles will not last long is that they are exposed to water. For instance, if you accidentally drop them into the sink or any standing water, which causes moisture to get into it, then that would be bad news for your beloved scented candles. You must place your candles in a dry location to avoid ruining them.

Wrap Them Well to Properly Store Candles

properly store candles

If your candles are individually wrapped, they will last longer because the wrapping is essentially designed to repel dust away from its surface. If there is no wrapper, then it would be better to keep your candles in an enclosed box or any container that would protect them from impurities and dust.

Keep Them Away from Heat & Flame

properly store candles

Another mistake that people often make when storing candles is placing them near heat sources such as stoves and fireplaces because heat can melt the wax. At the same time, direct exposure to flame will extinguish the wick, thus rendering the candle useless. It would be best to keep your scented candles out of both of these elements to preserve them.

Store in a Cool, Closed Space to Properly Store Candles

properly store candles

To keep your candles looking in tip-top shape, make sure to store them in a cool room away from the sunlight. This will ensure that they won’t melt or dry up easily, which would please you when it comes time for using them again.

Remember that people would be tempted to extend the life of their scented candles by keeping them inside containers. Still, if you want your collection to last, you must follow these tips because there’s nothing worse than seeing lackluster and unattractive displays of once beautiful wax structures.

Do not forget to take out your candles now and then so they have a chance at breathing, don’t shake or hit them too hard, always keep them stored in a dry location, don’t put them near heat sources, and store them inside a cool, closed space away from sunlight.

Keep Out of Reach of Children and Pets

It’s also important that nobody (especially children and pets) can get hold of your scented candles because they are prone to spilling. If there were a spill, it would cause not only permanent damage to the surrounding surface but also burns. Please keep your collection somewhere where even children or pets cannot reach, like on the topmost shelf of your closets or cabinets.

Even though your candles are made of safe materials such as soy wax or beeswax, you mustn’t take any chances when it comes to children or pets whose sense of curiosity would lead them to something they shouldn’t touch. It’s also best that your scented candles are out of reach so you can avoid breakage and spillage in the long run.

Do Not Let Your Candles Burn for More than Three Hours

properly store candles

It would be best always to remember not to burn your scented candles for more than three hours because this will cause the wax to overheat and lose its scent quickly. The good thing is that most high-quality, scented candles only require one hour of burn time but if yours exceed, then make sure you keep an eye on them (or at least check on them once every 30 minutes), so they won’t overcook.

Likewise, it would be best if you always prepared a candle holder that’s wide enough to keep the wax from toppling over and burning your surface so you won’t have to experience these problems.

The power of scented candles lies in their ability to fill up an area with delicious smells while also creating a relaxing mood. If anyone tries to extinguish them prematurely, they will not get their money’s worth.

Avoid Flammable Storage Spaces

properly store candles

Scented candles are not a fire hazard, but they contain a wick that emits heat once it has been lit. If you want to keep these kinds of things away from flammable objects, then make sure to avoid cabinets, drawers, and shelves where your collection is stored because you might start a fire accidentally.

Not only would this ruin your prized scented candles, but it would also put you and anyone else in the house at risk, so always consider safety when storing or displaying them. Other non-flame hazards found in homes include small children who may mistake a lit candle for a toy and pets who might knock them over by accident.

With a little bit of care and attention on your part, then you can keep your scented candle collection in tip-top condition and looking great for many years to come.

Properly Store Candles to Last Longer

It is important to store candles properly to keep them from melting or drying up. Not only will this preserve their appearance, but it will also prevent accidents from happening. Follow these tips to make sure your candles last longer and more people can enjoy your creations.

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