Luxury Candle Making Kit: Perfect for Advanced Candle Maker

Candle-making is such a relaxing hobby that lets you connect with your soul through concentration and creativity. As you progress in your candle-making skills, you might want something that screams elegance, luxury, and sophistication in making your candles like the ones sold at luxury candle shops downtown. However, this lets us feel luxurious without spending a lot of money just to be like those influencers on social media. You do not have to worry anymore because there are a lot of luxury candle-making kits available in the market, waiting for you to try them on.

Luxury Candle Making KitPriceProsCons
Scandinavian Candle Co. Luxury Soy Wax Candle Making Kit$59.99 on AmazonComes with many materials for easy candle-makingPerfect for beginners because of soy candle waxExpensive-looking packaging and designer labels includedScents reminiscent of high-end luxury perfumesScent comes off a bit too weak when put on the candlesCandle recipe was not perfect
Minimale Collective Premium Candle Making Kit$64.99 on AmazonFully-equipped with materials and tools for easy candle makingPerfect for beginnersIncludes items such as candle snuffer and velvet storage bagHigh-quality fragrance from the UKLonger burn time from the soy waxSome candles burn themselves outWooden wicks too small at times
Willow and Finn Luxe Candle Making Set$67.21 on other sellersWell-known in the UK as one of the best luxury candle making kitsEssential oils specially crafted in houseEnough soy wax for candles and leftover projectsNot available on Amazon as of the moment
Olivetreehome Luxury Candle Making Kit$78.21 on other sellersGives you artisanal feels on the packagingNot easily available, adds to the exclusivityCan make long-lasting candlesWide variety of luxury scentsNot available on AmazonNot easily available
Lunar Oceans Scented Candle Kit$62.21 on other sellersReusable gold cans and storage can adds luxury to the candle making kitNatural soy wax for longer burnGreat as giftsCan make up to six candlesGorgeous scent selectionsVegan-friendly and cruelty-freeNot available through AmazonShipped through the UK
Luxury Candle Making Starter Kit by London Luxury$49.21 on other sellersGreat for gift givingCan make up to four 200ml candlesNatural soy wax for cleaner and longer burnMost affordable choice in the listScent variation unspecifiedShipped through the UKNot yet available on Amazon

Scandinavian Candle Co. Luxury Soy Wax Candle Making Kit

This particular luxury candle-making kit has always been present in every recommendation post from candle-making experts and candle enthusiasts regarding the best luxury candle-making kits. This luxury candle-making kit has everything you need in a luxury candle-making kit — sustainable ingredients, luxury fragrance oils, high-quality finished product, and overall elegance from the packaging down to the end product.

This luxury candle making kit comes with everything you need, such as:

  • 2 lbs. wax melting pitcher
  • 6 gold-coated candle tins
  • Natural soy candle wax flakes
  • 2 candle fragrance oils (wood sage and sea salt and lime basil and mandarin)
  • Thermometer you can use for candle making
  • 6 cotton candle wicks
  • 6 centering devices
  • 6 glue dots
  • 6 stirring sticks
  • 2 gift bags
  • 12 designer labels
  • 6 warning labels
  • Instructional guidelines

It is important to note that the fragrance oils included in this luxury candle kit are the same exact fragrances that Jo Malone has for their perfumes and candles. Wood sage and sea salt is Jo Malone’s best-seller, and it is also the perfume of choice of many celebrities around the world. So, to have this scent in the luxury candle-making kit is a plus point for me.

This luxury candle-making kit has soy candle wax, which is already a plus for beginners because it is the easiest wax to use when starting up in candle-making. It is highly recommended that beginners use candle wax made from soy to find it easier to manage compared to paraffin wax and other types of candle wax flakes available at the market nowadays.

Also, the designer labels included in the luxury candle-making kit are all very much sophisticated-looking, and your recipients will no doubt that these are dupes or whatnot because they look expensive from the get-go. Experience pouring candle wax with a creamy soy finish and an expensive-looking candle designed straight from a luxury artisanal candle-making shop.

This luxury candle-making kit is priced at $59.99 on Amazon. It is indeed an affordable option coming from a luxury candle-making brand such as Scandinavian Candle Co. They are very much well-known around the candle-making community as one of the best in providing luxury candle-making kits for those who want to try it for several reasons.

However, some people do not feel good using this luxury candle-making kit. For one, the fragrance oils indeed smelled great, but when they were added into the candle mix, they did not smell at all, or the smell came out weak. Some people have also complained of having weird smells coming out of the finished product. Still, they are a small number compared to those who love this luxury candle-making kit.

You can just use other fragrance oils if you feel like the scent can be weak when you pour them on the candles. That is why candle-making is fun — you can adapt to whatever you have without having to compromise the overall quality of the candles you have created using your candle-making kits.

Minimale Collective Premium Candle Making Kit

This luxury candle-making kit is also very popular among candle-making beginners. They are actually marketed towards those who want to start making candles either as a hobby or business. Many people have vouched for the satisfaction it brought them when they first used this as their start in candle making, as attested by many reviews posted on Amazon and other sites.

This luxury candle-making kit has everything you need to get a headstart in the world of candle-making in a luxurious manner. The kit includes the following materials and tools:

  • Thermometer for candle making
  • Soy wax
  • Glass jars
  • Stirring spoon
  • Aluminum melting pitcher
  • Wick stickers
  • Decorative and warning labels
  • Wick bars
  • Cotton and wooden wicks
  • Premium fragrance oils

In addition, this luxury candle-making kit also has a four-piece accessory set, composed of a candle snuffer, wick dipper, wick trimmer, and a velvet storage pouch, which will make this luxury candle making experience truly luxurious! I think the velvet storage pouch and the candle snuffer have given this one more brownie points because of velvet.

This is also a recommended gift for your friends and family members who want to try their hand at candle making without having to buy materials and tools in bulk because they might end up not liking it at all.

Alternatively, you can also give the candles you can make out of this luxury candle-making set as gifts to your friends and family, as they are already equipped with designer labels and gift cards that you can attach to each of the candle jars. Thus, it means that many people have been giving these candle-making kits and the candles made out of these kits as timely gifts for friends and family.

Priced at $64.99 on Amazon, many people are happy with their purchases because it helped them cultivate the love they had for candle making. It makes for a great first-time experience creating luxury candles of high quality with a touch of personality and individuality as a person.

You can easily make three candles, each at 8oz, with approximately 60 hours of burn time per candle. That is sure to last a long time, especially if they use it for a couple of hours each day. The scents included are sparkling limoncello, vanilla bean, and grapefruit and clementine, made from a famous international fragrance house headquartered in the United Kingdom.

Lastly, buying this luxury candle-making kit can help you feel good about your purchase, as they donate a portion of the sales of each candle-making kit to Reach Out Feed Philippines. This organization has a project providing packed lunches and different snacks to the less fortunate children from the Philippines.

Some have complained that the candles created from this luxury candle-making kit are of poor quality since they burn themselves out too quickly. Still, I guess that boils down to the skills they have. This is still a great find if you want a luxury candle-making kit that can help you learn more about candle-making without having to spend too much.

Willow & Finn Luxe Candle Making Set

If you’ve ever found yourself stocking up on relaxing candles while on lockdown, this is the kit for you. It earns our recommendation since it delivers a candle that has a calming influence on the user’s emotions.

With both novices and experienced candle makers in mind, this kit contains everything you need to get started, including three bottles of pure essential oil smells that will lift your spirits and enough soy wax to fill all three containers. There are even some leftovers for you to use in your own creations.

Everything is sent in a grey recyclable box with a magnetic top that can be used to store all of your equipment. A digital thermometer, whisk, melting pot, wicks, and wick holders are all included, and a digital thermometer and whisk.

A guidebook with professional steps is included in the box, operated by the company’s creator, Nicola, who also conducts candle workshops. As well as this, there are instructions on how to mix the essential oils to create your own signature aroma, as well as a list of vendors from whom you may get additional wax for future sessions.

This is a great course for anyone who wants to get serious about candle-making in the long run since we found it to be both instructional and entertaining at the same time. You can also choose to upgrade your kit to a luxurious gift box that includes a beautiful ribbon. However, we think the original version is just as lovely.

They are not yet available on Amazon, but you can find other online stores that sell this exquisite-looking luxury candle-making kit. Many people have hyped this particular candle-making kit for ages. It has accolades that make it worthy of all the hype and respect among candle-making enthusiasts and connoisseurs. It has been included in the Indy’s Best Six Candle Making Kits of 2020 from The Independent, which has boosted the sales of this luxury candle-making kit.

The luxury candle making kit comprises the following tools and materials:

  • Soy wax
  • 3 wicks that are sized for the jars
  • Full instructions and scent advice guide
  • 2 small amber jars with a lid
  • 1 large amber jar with lid
  • 3 wick glue stickers
  • Thermometer for the candle making
  • Metal whisk
  • Metal Bain-marie
  • Wooden wick holders
  • 2 mood-boosting pure essential oil blends

The packaging of this luxury candle-making kit is indeed expensive-looking simply and subtly. The packaging fits any design aesthetic you have, and the candles also fit those who want to take their candle-making to the next level.

Olivetreehome Luxury Candle Making Kit

This luxury candle-making kit has an artisanal feel but a “small business feel” side. Olivetreehome is a small luxury candle brand from across the pond, which helps you if you want to get a luxury candle-making kit from a brand that is not that popular compared to the ones mentioned above but still of the highest quality.

The packaging is very much aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. It incorporates earthy colors and neutrals of white and black. Unlike the other luxury candle-making kits mentioned above, you might need to provide some tools yourself, such as a mixing bowl, a pan, and weighing scales for your materials.

The luxury candle making kit includes the following:

  • 330g pure soy wax flakes
  • One small cut glass candle jar with a ribbon tied gift box
  • One large cut glass candle jar with a reusable drawstring cotton bag
  • Two large candle wicks (both lead-free)
  • Two small candle wicks (both lead-free)
  • Four wick stickers
  • Two wick holders
  • Thermometer for the candle making
  • One large jug
  • One small jug
  • One wooden spoon
  • One cardboard mat
  • Two CLP labels for the base of each jar
  • Two scent tags that you can attach to the lid, with ribbons included
  • One scent bottle for your essential oil

The essential oils are available in eight different scents:

  • Egyptian amber
  • Peony and suede blush
  • Seville orange
  • Black rose and AUD
  • Wild lemongrass
  • Wild mint
  • Honey and tobacco
  • Black amber and lavender

This luxury candle-making kit is enough for you to create two candles, one large-sized and one small, with the small candle having a burn time of approximately 20 hours and the large one having 45 hours burn time. This is already perfect for gifts because each jar has a corresponding bag or box ready to be given to your friends and family.

Suppose you want a luxury candle-making kit that not everyone has but is still luxurious. In that case, this candle-making kit is the one for you. It is so elusive to mainstream consciousness that you can only read about this luxury candle-making kit here. It is also available in some online stores, which adds to the exclusivity that owning this one offers you.

Lunar Oceans Scented Candle Making Kit

This luxury candle-making kit is also recommended by The Independent’s Indy Best List for scented candle-making kits for 2021. This means that many people in the candle-making circles recognize how sleek, chic, and deluxe this scented candle-making kit has without expressly saying it on their brand name.

Using the old school thermometer brings back fond memories of your Chemistry classes from years ago. Still, this candle-making kit is far more thrilling than that. The kit includes everything you need to create six luxurious candles, and the process of creating your own candles is just as enjoyable as the fragrance.

It has premium natural soy wax, which guarantees a cleaner burn that will last much longer. It also has two unique luxury fragrance oils fitted for the six candles in this single kit alone. Thanks to the easy-to-follow instructions, beginners can find this one very easy to use, and professional candle makers can also enjoy making luxury candles for their friends and family.

This luxury candle-making kit is also ready to be gifted to your loved ones, with its presentation cans and reusable gold cans where you can put the candles. They have reusable cans as containers add some more points to me because nothing speaks elegance more than gold and metallic colors.

In addition, this luxury candle-making kit is also vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, and sourced from the United Kingdom. They also have a small selection of scents, but these are all high-quality options. These include ylang-ylang and gardenia, pomegranate and hibiscus and lavender, and lavender and geranium and amber. These scents scream luxury from the get-go, so you know you are choosing the right thing.

Each kit includes the following tools and materials:

  • Two bags of natural soy wax, enough for six candles
  • Two bottles of fragrance oils of your choice
  • Six golden candle cans
  • Six wicks
  • Six wick stickers
  • One wax melting jug
  • One glass thermometer
  • One luxury storage can
  • One instruction manual

This luxury candle-making kit gives you the understated elegance you need without even trying. What’s more amazing is that you can make more candles with this candle-making kit, meaning you will have more chances to give more gifts to your loved ones. Also, those golden candle cans are totally fashionable and opulent-looking. You will never go wrong with this stunning luxury candle-making kit.

Luxury Candle Making Starter Kit by London Luxury

This last luxury candle-making kit on our list is undeniably smaller than the others. However, it has been gaining a lot of loyal fans because it is affordable, easy to use while still retaining the luxury side of things. This is also perfect for starters who want to start on candle-making while still keeping it boujee for the most part.

The Luxury Starter Kit includes the following:

  • One All Seasons Wax Company Soy Based Wax, 1kg (options include S16, A05, or S100)
  • One pouring jug
  • Four small vogue jars, 200ml each
  • Four cotton wicks
  • Four pieces of 10 x 150mm wood wicks
  • One bottle of Premium fragrance oil
  • Eight Wick Stickums
  • Two wick centering tools, single wick
  • One candle care card
  • Four candle warning labels
  • Four testing note labels

One of the things that set it apart from the other luxury candle-making kits on this list is that they have wood wicks compared to the others. While some luxury candle-making kits have cotton and wood wicks included in the package, this particular kit only has wood wicks. For those who prefer wood wicks compared to cotton ones, you might like this one.

The luxury candle-making kit can produce four candles, each with 200ml of candle wax made from soy, which is a great choice. It has cleaner burns and longer-lasting shelf life compared to the others. However, one downside is that it is unavailable on Amazon, but several online stores sell it for different price tags. Also, the scent included in the kit is unspecified, so if you do not have other essential oils out there, it can be a problem.

That being said, this luxury candle-making kit is the most affordable option out of the others on the list, so if you want to be luxurious on a budget, this one might be the right one for you.

Live a Life of Luxury With These Candle Making Kits

Luxury candle-making kits are, of course, not different from many other candle-making kits available there. The only differences they have are the word “luxury,” The materials included in these candle-making kits are made from the finest quality of ingredients and other sources. Personally, I love Scandinavian Candle Co.’s luxury candle-making kit as it is very popular among candle-making enthusiasts. The candles are of decent quality, but for those who have no idea how expensive candles can be, these can already pass as gold-standard ones. It all boils down to your expertise, so if you can make high-quality candles with these luxury candle-making kits, it will be a plus point for you in terms of skills.

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