Best Professional Candle Making Equipment You Need

It’s time to bring light into the darkness with your own candles. If you have been in the game for a while now, you may be looking into selling your candles, and you would need professional candle-making equipment to get the job done right. With the right candle-making equipment, you can rest assured that you will be pumping out the best quality candles possible for your customers.

Scandinavian Candle Co.’s Luxury Candle Making Kit: Best Overall Kit

As we all know, Scandinavians have a great sense of style, and it has never been a secret. When it comes to this candle-making kit, it will help you provide the best candle possible. The Scandinavian Candle Co.’s Luxury Candle Making Kit has soy wax, a beautiful collection of gold-coated candle tins, as well as a Scandinavian Designed aluminum pitcher with a wooden handle to pour the wax with.

The pitcher that comes with this candle-making kit is reusable, and not to mention a feast for the eye. It can also take up to two pounds of wax. That’s not all; if you want to make your family and friends an extra stylish gift, the kit contains two cotton gift bags to place the candle in.

The candles can also be scented by adding one of the two soft-smelling candle fragrance oils that are included in the kit. The fragrance oil comes in different scents, which are lime, basil, mandarin and wood, sage, and sea salt.

The Scandinavian Candle Co.’s Luxury Candle Making Kit is perfect for beginners and pros alike. It comes with an instruction manual that a candle maker can follow to create the best candle possible. You can make about six candles out of this kit with natural soy wax.

The downside to this kit is the candles might need more than the suggested amount of fragrance oil for you to smell fragrant while burning. Also, it comes with multi-fragrant oils instead of individual scents.

You can purchase the Scandinavian Candle Co.’s Luxury Candle Making Kit on Amazon for $59.99.

Etienne Alair: Best Kit for Creating Colorful Soy Candles

The Etienne Alair candle-making kit comes with a wide range of colors that you can mix and match to achieve the perfect as well as unique colors for your candles. It is full of everything that you need to make beautiful soy candles. The kit comes with a ton of colors that you can use for your candles, and plenty of the items can be viewed to be on the affordable side.

The kit comes with 16 color dye blocks, four-eight ounces bags of soy wax, four fragrance oils with clean cotton, coconut lime, cinnamon, and lavender. It also comes with two square candle tins with lids, two round candles tins with lids, four cotton wicks, four glue dots, and four stirring sticks.

It doesn’t stop there, and it also comes with four warning labels, four wooden wick holders, one bow tie clip, a melting pot, a thermometer, three silicone finger protections, and an instruction manual.

Making candles is easier than ever with the easy-to-read manual that is included with the kit. This kit is perfect for the beginner and the pro, and the guide will help you create your own candles that will bring light and rich scents to your home or your customers.

The 16 color dye blocks can add rich and beautiful colors to your candles. There are plenty of options, so you are sure to find the color that you love. The kit also comes with silicone finger protection that will keep your fingers protected and clean throughout the entire candle-making process.

Now, when you plan on purchasing this item, it is best to invest in some better quality oils instead of the one that is included in this kit.

The Etienne Alair Kit is available on Amazon for $45.66.

Hearts and Crafts Soy Wax and DIY Candle Making Supplies: Most Affordable Candle Kit

If you are looking to create new candles and don’t want to spend too much, the Hearts and Crafts Soy Wax and DIY Candle Making Supplies are the best choices for you. It doesn’t only provide the best price and the completeness you need for making candles, it also offers big advantages, and it comes with natural soy wax.

Also, the candle wicks and centering devices are included in the kit to make your candle-making process as easy as possible. Now, there is no fragrance oil included in this kit. However, it is not disturbing at all as the soy wax has its own delicate smell to it.

The soy wax that’s included in the kit is all-natural and plant-based. It is also irritant and stain-free, where the candle wicks also come as pre-waxed. It is great for both beginners and pro candle makers. The wax melts nicely and absorbs the color evenly, and there is a large amount of wax included in the kit.

There is a couple of downside to this candle-making kit, though. First, the candle wicks are quite thin, and it is not easy to straighten. Also, when you manually add the fragrance or essential oils, the scent of the soy wax may overpower it. Lastly, as I’ve mentioned above, there is no fragrance oil included in the kit.

The Hearts and Crafts Soy Wax and DIY Candle Making Supplies are available on Amazon for $27.43.

Della Bella Candle Making Kit: Offers The Best Reusable Molds

When it comes to making scented candles, the Dellabella Candle Making Kit is the best kit that you can get on the market. There are plenty of candle-making kits that include fragrance oil to give spice to your candles, but this set beats them without a doubt.

The set includes different oils for you to choose from, such as lavender, eucalyptus, cherry blossom, and sweet orange. The soy wax included in the kit is pure, soft, and smooth, as well as vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. The soy wax burns cleaner with little soot released as your candles burn. It also doesn’t contain any additional harmful elements.

Rest assured that the soy wax included in the kit can last longer than other candles of the same size. It includes six different colors as well, providing you a chance to experiment with mixing the colors together. The colors that come with the kit are green, brown, pink, orange, blue, and light blue to make your candles look attractive.

It also comes with high-quality reusable candle molds so that the candles will slip right out. The molds can be used for years, which will give you lasting value. It also comes with a carving tool to customize your candles and can provide you with a great hint of inspiration.

Now, customers have reported that the scented oils have a light scent and are not enough while the candles burn. Also, there was a previous issue with the thermometer not having batteries, but it eventually has been resolved.

The Dellabella Candle Making Kit is available on Amazon for $35.98.

Kiss of Death DIY Candle Making Kit: Best Beeswax Candle-Making Kit

If you are looking for a beeswax candle-making kit with the Kiss of Death DIY Candle Making Kit, you can never go wrong. It is packed with supplies and provides a very reasonable price. This set is packed with care and includes everything you need to make the candles that you need and want.

Whether you are a pro or a beginner or just want to spend time with the kits to make candles, this set is the perfect fit for you. It makes it easy for boys and girls to enjoy homemade candles with a lot of fun included throughout the candle-making process.

Unlike other candle-making kits on the market, this kit contains enough tools to create six unique candles in different colors as well as scents. You can light a different one each day to match your mood.

The Kiss of Death DIY Candle Making Kit provides premium quality products. When you want your candles to smell and light like those expensive high-end shop candles, this would be the best kit for you.

The downside to this candle-making kit is that the instruction is fairly vague, and the centering devices are wooden sticks. It is best to use bow tie clips instead.

The Kiss of Death DIY Candle Making Kit is available on Amazon for $39.99.

YRYM HT’s Candle Making Kit: Best Kit for Colored Candles

Scented candles are just the tip of the iceberg, and you can level up your candles by adding colors to them. The YRYM HT’s Candle Making Kit is the best option for your to create wonderful colored candles. The kit offers it all, and it includes dye blocks and four different fragrance oils.

The fragrance oils include lavender, sweet orange, sage, and sandalwood. The kit also includes candle tins and warning labels that will help you with your candle-making projects. The wax is also vegan-friendly and has not been tested on animals.

The scents that are included on the kit spread evenly when the candles are burning. It also maintains indoor air quality and comes with a user manual which is perfect for beginner and pro candle makers. The kit contains more than enough wicks and wax to make every candle that you want.

The downside to this kit is the dye blocks may stain a bit on the skin, and the directions on the manual are not completely clear. The instructions may need a bit of revision so that candle makers can follow them efficiently.

The YRYM HT’s Candle Making Kit is available on Amazon for $25.97.

Scented Candle Making Supplies DIY Kit by Yinuo Candle: Another Beeswax Candle Making Kit

Another beeswax candle-making kit that you can purchase is the Scented Candle Making Supplies DIY Kit By Yinuo Candle. When it comes to soy wax and beeswax, they are considered to be both healthy alternatives to the more harmful type of candles such as paraffin wax.

Beeswax is a great choice for people who are sensitive to allergies, for example. Also, they burn longer than any other type of wax in the market. With beeswax, you will be able to create the most beautiful candle product with this candle-making kit.

The kit comes with six different fragrance oils, which are lemon, spearmint, lavender, rose, eucalyptus, and ocean. However, if you are not a big fan of artificial scents, beeswax candles seem to have a slight honey aroma to them, so you don’t need to add fragrance if you don’t want to.

The kit also comes with six different color dyes, which are yellow, orange, purple, pink, green, and blue. It also comes with two center devices, ten candle wicks, six candle tins with lids, a thermometer, droppers, a melting pot, and mixing spoons.

The downside to this set is that some buyers report that oils aren’t fastened tight enough and spilled when they are delivered. Also, the wooden wick stabilizers are not always as convenient to use.

The Scented Candle Making Supplies DIY Kit by Yinuo Candle is available on Amazon for $39.99.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Candle Making Kit

Now, before heading out and buying your candle-making kit, you should know the different factors that you should consider to get the best kit possible on the market. Different fragrance oils are useful to achieve specific objects such as enhancing meditation, filling the room with fresh and clean aroma, or deepening a relaxed state.

The candle’s design, color, and size are all essential considerations when buying a candle-making kit. Also, some consumers may want to note that particular types of candles may be more environmentally safe than other types. The following will talk about the different factors you need to know before buying your own candle-making kit.

Soy Vs. Beeswax Candles: What You Should Know

Most commercial candles contain paraffin unless labeled otherwise. Paraffin is a petroleum byproduct of the fossil fuel industry that tends to drip and run while it burns. This would result in leaving candle wax drippings all over the place and can be tricky to remove.

Soy wax candles are a biodegradable product that is derived from soybeans. The flame that is emitted by a soy candle tends to be cool and white in color, and it blends well with wax dyes as well as scents. Soy candles also have a lower melting point and tend to burn down more quickly than beeswax. However, soy candle wax is still a desirable option for home candle crafters.

On the other hand, beeswax is considered by plenty of candle makers because this type of wax material has been used for thousands of years by different candle makers. Beeswax candles tend to produce a warm golden flame, and they burn slowly rather than soy candles.

Candle Making Should Include Tins and Labels

Plenty of candle-making kits usually comes with either glass or metal containers, and candle makers should choose a container that will enhance their candle’s look and feel. A good example is it should be paired with pure white soy wax, clear glass containers that create a sense of brilliance and clarity.

You can achieve this by choosing tins and labels with colors such as silver, white, and gray. When you have brushed aluminum, tins can be dressed up with raffia cord or gingham fabric so that it will create a rustic feel. There are also kits that come with labels for printing a phrase, message or for listing candle ingredients.

Choosing Candle Making with Scents and Colors

When it comes to candle-making kits, they usually come with colored dye blocks and fragrance or essential oils so that you can create candles for different occasions. You can create a candle with green dye and pine scent for the Christmas holidays or red dye with strawberry scent for Valentine’s candles.

There are other scents such as citronella, which is prized for its ability to repel insects that will help create candles for particular purposes. Plenty of kits offer multiple colors and scent varieties, and crafters also use additional scented oils or dyes to enhance the candle’s look as well as smell.

Consider the Accessories Included in the Candle Making Kit

Candle-making kits come with different accessories and convenient extras. When you want more than the basic kit, it is best to consider other supplies. The first accessory that you can have in your kit is a pot to melt the wax.

It is nearly impossible to use the pot for different purposes, as wax residue can be challenging to remove. Also, some candle-making kits come with dedicated melting pots that can be used multiple times for melting wax.

Some kits also come with a thermometer so that you are aware of when the wax reaches the optimal temperature to stir in dyes and scents. Most candle-making kits come with candle wicks for positioning in the tin or jar before you are able to pour in the hot wax.

Reusable silicone molds are also sometimes included in the kit where it will allow the candle maker to create freestanding candles. There are also wax-carving tools that are sometimes included for engraving or trimming away any uneven parts of the candle.

Lastly, consider a kit that has a dedicated mixing spoon that will let you stir the ingredients and a container for storing candle-making supplies to keep them organized.


When you have the right candle-making kit, you can never go wrong with your candle projects. You can also venture out into selling your candle products to different consumers. However, it is important that you know what you need to do before you start your own candle-making business, which I covered in this article. Knowing the right factors to consider as well is important in buying your professional candle-making kit. Happy shopping candle makers!

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