Best Scents For Beeswax: Keep Candles Smelling Great

Beeswax will always be one of the highest valued wax for making candles. However, beeswax is also more expensive, and its inherently sweet scent may make it more challenging to blend with fragrance oils. 

In a market where having the best scent options is of the essence, finding fragrances that work well with beeswax should be a priority for any candlemaker who wishes to use it. Sweet-smelling fragrances like honey and coconut, oils with strong scents like peppermint and lavender, and earthy notes like cedarwood can complement beeswax’s natural scent. 

This article lists some of the best scents that work with beeswax and details additional factors you need to consider when making scented beeswax candles. Read on to learn more.

Crazy Candles Honey Almond Premium Grade Fragrance Oil

If you are only beginning to experiment with scents that will go well with beeswax, it’s safe to start with a fragrance that builds on the wax’s natural scent. The Crazy Candles Honey Almond Fragrance Oil is a perfect choice for beginners because its honey-like scent naturally goes well with the organic smell of beeswax.

But it does not stop there. This fragrance oil also has bittersweet and nutty scent notes because of its almond components, which balance the sweetness of honey and make it less overpowering. This scent complements the look of golden honeycomb candles and is perfect for cozy nights.

When adding scents to beeswax, it is advisable to rely on percentages to make it easier for you to adjust your measurements. Ergo, the amount of fragrance oil depends on the amount of beeswax and the size of the container that you will use. For this product, you can allot 5% fragrance oil to a candle container with a diameter of at most three inches. Tweak the measurements as necessary and as you prefer.

The Crazy Candles Honey Almond Fragrance Oil comes in a set of three bottles (15 ml each) or an eight-ounce or 237 ml bottle. You can also buy it in other Crazy Candles sets featuring other fragrance oils. If you are still experimenting, start with a small bottle. A few drops can go a long way. The shelf life of these oils can also last up to a year when stored correctly.

The Crazy Candles Honey Almond Fragrance Oil is available on Amazon for $13.99.

Lagunamoon Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is a classic and versatile scent that goes well with many other fragrances, including the sweet smell of beeswax. And when it comes to lavender fragrances, Lagunamoon’s Lavender Essential Oil is one of my favorites.

Atop its fresh floral scent, this particular essential oil has rich and musky notes that add an exciting layer to the subtle sweetness of beeswax. If you feel adventurous, you can even blend it with citrusy scents like lemongrass and orange for a more herbal variation.

Lagunamoon’s Lavender Essential Oil boasts of being a vegan, cruelty-free and organic product. Because the oil comes from naturally-grown lavender, it is safe for your health and the environment. The product is available in 150 ml (5 oz) bottles. When stored at room temperature, it can last up to months.

For optimum scent throw results, be sure to add fragrance to your beeswax at the right temperature. Beeswax has a higher melting point than other candle waxes. Therefore, wait until your wax reaches 160 to 170 degrees Fahrenheit before adding the essential oil. Any more than this may make the oil evaporate and diminish the scent of the finished product.

Lagunamoon’s Lavender Essential Oil is available on Amazon for $14.99.

P&J Cedar Fragrance Oil

Another fragrance that can go well with beeswax is cedarwood, which has earthy and woody base notes that can elevate beeswax’s natural scent. The P&J Cedar Fragrance Oil, in particular, offers a subdued but long-lasting cedarwood aroma that you can add to your beeswax candle.

Although many people usually burn beeswax candles during the holidays, you can also make some for autumn. Cedar-scented candles are perfect for creating a warm and homey atmosphere that goes well with the season. Blend it with fir or bergamot to make the scent even woodier.

The P&J Cedar Fragrance Oil comes in 10 ml, 30 ml, and 100 ml bottles. Its manufacturing process is cruelty-free, and the product is vegan and gluten-free. To ensure that each drop of this fragrance oil does not go to waste, stir it in your candle wax formula for at least two minutes. Doing this guarantees that the mixture infuses the scent thoroughly.

A 100 ml bottle of the P&J Cedar Fragrance Oil costs $17.95 on Amazon.

Eternal Essence Coconut Cream Premium Grade Fragrance Oil

Some beeswax chandlers add coconut oil to their beeswax formula to help the finished candles retain the scent of essential or fragrance oils. So, the way coconut scents work well with beeswax is only to be expected. 

For example, the Eternal Essence Coconut Cream fragrance oil has a creamy and sweet smell with cinnamon and vanilla middle notes. This scent can boost beeswax’s lowkey and natural honeyed aroma. It also takes people back to summer with its tropical and refreshing fragrance, making it an ideal addition to your beeswax for summer-themed candles.

The Eternal Essence Coconut Cream Fragrance Oil is available in 30 ml bottles. Experiment with your formula and additive proportions to develop a decent scent throw. This oil also works well with soy wax.

The Eternal Essence Coconut Cream Fragrance Oil is available on Amazon for $6.95.

Plant Therapy Peppermint Essential Oil

Plant Therapy’s Peppermint Essential Oil’s unique yet not overpowering scent makes it an ideal complement to the natural mellow smell of beeswax. This fragrance has a refreshing and minty aroma that instantly soothes our senses and transports us to nostalgic winter nights.

Aside from smelling great, the rich notes of this fragrance oil work well with beeswax, primarily because beeswax does not always retain softer and subtler scents. So you can use an ounce of peppermint fragrance oil to scent a pound of beeswax. You can even add coconut oil to ensure that the smell lasts longer.

Some people also use Plant Therapy’s Peppermint Essential Oil for aromatherapy and healing, like alleviating headaches, muscle pains, and cold symptoms. The oil claims to be steam-distilled, with no other additives.

Plant Therapy Peppermint Essential Oil is available on Amazon in 30 ml bottles for $12.95.

Things to consider before choosing a scent for your beeswax candle

There are a few reasons why scented beeswax candles are not as common as other types of scented candles. In addition to beeswax being relatively more expensive than other candle wax, some candle makers also believe that the wax’s natural scent is already good on its own.

Beeswax also does not retain the scent of fragrance oils as good as paraffin or soy wax. Since beeswax is a natural byproduct, its quality may change depending on its sources and storage. These characteristics make finding scents that work well with beeswax more challenging.

Some candle makers have found a way to work around this. For instance, adding at least 30% coconut oil to your formula may improve your finished product’s scent throw. 

Adding your fragrance oils at the right temperature will also help, as this will reduce unnecessary evaporation. You can do so at 160 to 170 degrees Fahrenheit. Please do not forget to stir for at least two minutes to thoroughly incorporate the scent into the wax. It is also advisable to refer to your manufacturer directly for safety purposes.

Beeswax not only melts at a higher temperature; it burns at a higher temperature too. It is also stickier than paraffin or soy. As such, it is imperative to find a wick and a container that would allow your beeswax candle to have the maximum burn time and scent throw. Using large flat-braided wicks and at least three-inch diameter containers will help.

Final thoughts

Classic beeswax candles are beloved because of their dazzling golden flame and soft honeyed scent. Still, it is natural for any candle maker to look for ways to add variety and express their creativity by experimenting with candle scents. 

So if you want to try different scents, go for it. Keep in mind the fragrances that work well with beeswax’s natural scent, and build your candle formula from there. 

Candle making is a continuous process of trial and error. You can always try another fragrance, wax, wick, or procedure if it does not work. The success of your scented beeswax candle is in your hands.

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