Fireplace Candle Ideas You’ve Never Heard Of

Most houses in colder areas have fireplaces, and it gives us warmth and comfort during the cold season. Some fireplaces may look boring, and perhaps you would like to spice it up a bit. One way to do it is to add fireplace candles that will certainly give your fireplace a new look. Here we will discuss unique fireplace candle ideas you might not have heard of that could be your project the next time the cold bothers you.

Play With Pillar Candle Heights For A Geometrical Design in The Fireplace

Candles are simple elements in the house that can change your mood. Scented ones give aromatherapy, and different candle designs give food to the eyes that you can take advantage of when designing your fireplace. 

You can use these candles to be a height of the mental display. You can match your candlesticks in any color or any art objects you use for your mental display or mental design. 

The ideal candles you can use in this mental display are pillar candles. Pillar candles are, in fact, the most common mold and a DIY project that anyone can do.

What you need here is just like other candlemaking essentials. You have to make sure that you have a pillar mold with you. 

This pillar mold can be made of metal or glass. You can start by melting the wax you like to use and pouring in the additives, including fragrance and oils. Then while waiting for it to melt, you can secure the wick on the mold, tie it on a wick rod to stabilize the wick’s position. 

In making pillar candles, there will be two pours that you will do, namely the initial and the second pour. For the initial pour, you must place the melted wax in the mold at around 175 to 178 degrees Fahrenheit. 

In doing this first pour, you have to make sure that you only add around 50% or halfway the mold. Set aside the remaining wax and let the candle cool until it surfaces. You are now ready to poke a hole in the hardened candle surface if it does. 

The pokes depth should be around one inch around the wick, and it does not matter how many as long as you make punctures. You can do this by using a toothpick and poking it through.

You might wonder what this is for; well, it is the trick in making pillar candles to avoid cavities within the candle. 

This technique works by providing a vent to the candle to allow the wax to suck air and accommodate the shrinkage in your wax when the second pour is done.

Let it cool, which may take an average of 24 hours to ensure that it completely cools off before the second pouring. 

When you are certain that the initial pour, including the pokes you made, has hardened, it is time to add in the second batch of wax. The wax should be five degrees hotter than the actual temperature of the first pour to allow a seamless adherence of the two layers. 

In filling the candle, ensure that you only fill a little below the first pour to have a pleasant candle body after it hardens.

Again, let it cool and remove it from the mold once totally cooled. You now have a pillar candle you can display in your fireplace. 

Downplay the pillar candles or display the effect of the candles by selecting the shorter pillared candles, allowing the candlesticks to take command for your overall arrangement, or you can also add plain pillar candles to various art objects. 

Be sure to vary your selection accordingly by candle heights to give a pleasing effect to your sight. If you do not have the time to make pillar candles, you can always check in your nearest store or Amazon for those that cost around 24 dollars in one size. 

Tapered Candles For A Modern Design in Your Fireplace

Tapered candles are uncommon in the fireplace because they are expensive and usually added as a design rather than light. These appear thin and can be twisted on top, with different colors to set the mood in events. 

You can now use these candles to create a unique and modern design for your fireplace if you have the penny for it. Choose a design to match your fireplace and bring in the tapered candles. 

You can make your tapered candles; that will be tricky at first, but you can do this with determination. Begin melting the wax and boiling, adding additives like fragrance and color. 

In making tapered candles, you will not need much mold, and you need a bucket or a glass jar that you can work on and many wicks. Trim the wick to the desired length and make sure to leave extra space on top that you can hold. 

What makes tapered candles different is the process from other candles; here is how it goes. After the wax is melted and the wick is trimmed, hold the wick on top and submerge or dip it in the melted wax. 

Wait for the formation of air bubbles, and once it stops, you can remove the wick. Check if the wick is covered with wax. The next step is to pour the wax into another container letting it cool for two minutes. 

Cooling lower than the actual temperature would be best to allow the melted candle to stick to the wick. Once done, get a coated wick and dip it again on the slightly cooled wax several times, ensuring the length is coated well. 

After two dippings, the candle will not be as thick as you want it to be; that is why you should repeat the dipping steps to get the desired thickness. Ensure that you give enough cooling time between dips to let the wax build up on the wick. 

Once you have achieved the desired thickness, you can hang them in a drying rack free from obstructions and smudge. Allow to completely dry, and then you can trim off excess wick and straighten out the bottom. 

These tapered candles will turn out stunning and inexpensive since you made them yourself. Use them in your fireplace, incorporating them with candleholders if you desire a modern fireplace feel. 

Scented Candles For A Simple Yet Relaxing Fireplace

Aromatherapy is a specialty of scented candles. These are candles with added scent or fragrance that makes them pleasing to the nose. Most scented candles are housed in tin cans or glass jars that burn slowly to allow the scent to dissipate. 

You can design your fireplace studded with fresh flowers or dried ones, then incorporate scented candles to add to the fragrance in the room. Despite the cold nights, you can still enjoy the smell of flowers and forest through your scented candles. 

You can place a log, dried leaves, or flowers on your fireplace and top it with scented candles. Position them the way you want them to be and sit down to enjoy a cup of tea. 

The major difference you should know here is how the type of wax affects the scent of a candle. Scented candles are easy to make, the oils and fragrances are added during the wax melting procedure.

Soy wax is commonly used in scented candles because it burns slowly with no soot. 

Beeswax is also ideal because of the natural honey scent it has. It also burns slower than soywax. However, this is an expensive option in the market.

If you want to know what scents you can play with, you can read this article.

Layered Candles For A Fun Fireplace

Layered candles have been a thing for quite some time now. These candles have two or more candle colors and have more than one scent in one candle. Layered candles are more laborious than mono-colored candles since you have to work on multiple colors and scents.

You can start by melting the wax and adding the additive you like, such as fragrance and color. In another wax, melt another batch of wax with different colors and do the same for the number of colors you like. 

Prepare the container and wick, pour in the melted wax, and let it cool for several hours or overnight until it hardens. Once you achieve this, you can now add the second layer and repeat for the succeeding layers. 

Ensure that the candle cools off completely before adding the next layer. If you already have the number of layers you want, you can stop and let it sit. Store it or use it if you like. 

You can use these scented candles in clear glass jars in your fireplace to add more color to them. If your fireplace lacks color, then layered candles can be your solution. 

It will be ideal to use them if you want to put a lot of colors but wants only a few candles in your fireplace. This will be the best technique. 

Decorative Candles For A Clean and Minimalist Motif

Minimalism has been a new way of living today in modern times, and the sure thing is that many people are starting to appreciate this way. Decorative candles are a good choice if you want to achieve this style. 

Decorative candles are the best to keep your things in the fireplace at a minimum because they are both decorations and candles. Lesser space is needed, and lesser items in your fireplace give off that neat, minimalistic vibe. 

These candles can have dried flowers, leaves, fun colors, and any surprise they have to offer.

You can also use only one decorative candle to be your centerpiece in the fireplace. You can buy decorative candles that start at $40.

It might be pricey than other candles for your fireplace, but you can certainly put your bet on it for that new factor in the fireplace. 

If planning to make one, you can buy pre-made candles and decorate them, but I recommend making your own to make it more special.

Begin by melting the wax and carefully choose a mold you like it to have. 

Now, to make things clear, any candles can be decorative, but candles will be made for them. In adding decorations, you can use wax paper, cut out shapes, and carve the shape on the candle. 

Painting is also an option for your candles. If wanting to embellish it with fruits or flowers, you can certainly do it. You can also use stencil or paper transfer to add designs to the candle.

Using non-toxic craft glue, place and arrange the fruits or flowers on the candle, then dip them in a clear wax to secure them in place. 

Try Combining Different Colors, Textures, and Candle Types Altogether 

Candles are a great way to show your scheme and depth as a person in the way you choose your color combination. You can change the one color to repeat the prominent accent or color used in your décor. This will draw the eye into the room and highlight the room’s focal point, your fireplace.

You can also use contrasting colors, a very solid black candlestick would also be a great design for your mantel and fireplace. Take the design further by adding a short white candle with your solid black candle. You can add two or more, or you can choose to fill your mantel with various candle shapes and sizes.

To add texture to your fireplace, add a molted candle and embed it with flowers and seashells. Especially when you’re using repeat decors and colors, it is a very interesting candle design you might want to try. 

Explore and Use Other Art Pieces For Your Fireplace

Art is everywhere, and certainly, and you can do this in your fireplace. Take, for example, a candle that affords you to at least have the opportunity to find the ideal candle holder for you that can add a polished look to your fireplace. 

You can choose different patterns for your candle holders but be sure to select the ones that can accommodate your candle sizes and complement each fireplace color.

To know more about the different types of candle holders you can use in your fireplace, you can check this article.

Candleholders will be another way to show your creativity and craft, and you can make one or buy one at a starting price of nine dollars for plate candle holder types.

The prices may vary as the design gets more sophisticated.

If fond of books, you can add them as a unique design on a cold night and for a more ambiance and stylish look to your fireplace. 

Dust the books on your shelf and put them on top of your fireplace on candlesticks. You can use any candles of your choice here, from the pillar, votive, and decorative candles.

You can also wrap the candles with fabric and twines and complement your fireplace with colors. The designs are limitless here, be in your element and let the creative juices flow. 

Crystals and Candles For A Glamourous Fireplace

Crystals and diamonds are associated with glamour, and nothing beats this if you incorporate them in your fireplace. You can also use candelabra with your crystal prisms if you have one. 

Place your candelabra with tapers with your mantel to match your decors. You may decide which candelabra is at the center and a pair of glass tapers with matching candlesticks on either side of the candelabra. 

Set an apothecary jar on your mantel, and then add a hurricane candle holder and a pillar candle on the other end. 

Don’t settle and stop decorating your fireplace. Try playing around with your candles and arrange them in groups of three; that will be a lot more helpful. You can also add a mirror for a final touch for a truly awe-inspiring effect.

Designs Based On Special Occasions

Creating a simple and attractive design in your fireplace can be daunting, but you can always redesign them based on the year’s special occasions.

Spookify Your Fireplace: Halloween is one occasion in the year to dress up with your scary costumes, and you can also do your craft during this time. You can add black and white pillar candles to your fireplace with a touch of skulls and spider webs. 

You can mix orange and black candles and add more elements to make your fireplace petrifying. Make your fireplace a highlight in your homes during Halloween.

Romantic As Valentines: Try dressing your fireplace for a romantic time with small or large hurricane lanterns set inside a firebox with a long hearth. Choose the right color combination and gold, red ribbons, and then get your champagne and put on classical music to complete the vibe.

. Place mirror and candles for effects, adding red and white fabric with an emblem and gold accent. Any of your golden accents will do. Just make them match together.

Feel The Christmas Spirit: It doesn’t have to be Christmas for you to decorate your fireplace, so you have to be creative and artistic in doing your craft; you can leave your candles all year round. Just add a few ribbons, flowers, prisms, and other materials. 

As Vibrant as Spring: You can always play with your fireplace when springtime comes. You can add flowers to it and use decorated candles with flower designs. It will certainly match the springtime vibe, surely making the mood.

As Cool as Summer: Summer is always waiting in the corner, and when it does, take the time to put a hint of the beach in your fireplace. You can use any candles you like and add seashells and sand to accentuate the ocean vibes in your homes.

Final Thoughts

Candles give us light and a sense of hope and encouragement. Candles are not just objects that give warmth to our fireplace but may play a significant adornment, adding a refreshing new vibe to our homes. These ideas are just some of what you can do; you can still explore many designs that you will be proud to flaunt in any season and occasion. You will certainly have a very wonderful experience decorating your fireplace like no other. I hope you learned a lot and soon applied it to your homes.

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