How to Sell Leather on Etsy: Know How to Earn Money

How to sell leather on Etsy? For most people, Etsy is the best place to sell your leather crafts. With competitive pricing points and will not leave your bank accounts dry, many leather craftsmen and women have found Etsy to be a great place to sell their works. This article will tell you more about […]

How to Price Your Leather Goods: The 101

Pricing your product is one of the most confusing things to do. Many leather workers and crafters said that pricing is one of the toughest decisions they have to make. Harder than choosing a course to take in college. And this is where they get lost sometimes.  Some of the things you will need to […]

Where To Sell Handmade Leather Goods: Making Money

When you’ve done enough crafts in your leatherworking journey, and people are noticing how beautiful they are, that is the sign that you should start making money out of those handmade leather goods! But for starters, you might wonder where you should sell them. The good thing is I listed down websites where you can […]

Know Your Insurance for Your Future Leather Business

Regardless of the industry, all businesses should be covered by insurance. Protecting the business that you have worked so hard for is essential. You should know the different risks and how to avoid them is crucial before you open your leather business. Always remember that building a company is hard work and comes with plenty […]

Corporate Leather Gift Ideas

Gifts appeal to people not only for their price but also for the feeling that you think of them and want to give them something. ‘It’s the thought that counts,’ as they say. It is lovely to give your colleagues practical gifts, produced with high quality and last a long time as leathers do.  What […]