Corporate Leather Gift Ideas

Gifts appeal to people not only for their price but also for the feeling that you think of them and want to give them something. ‘It’s the thought that counts,’ as they say. It is lovely to give your colleagues practical gifts, produced with high quality and last a long time as leathers do. 

What are the best leather business gift ideas? Business gift ideas made from leather are business card case, padfolio, mousepad, and laptop bag. Great gifts which come with a leather case are AirPods, flash drives, and eyeglass cases. These are practical gift ideas for your bosses, business partners, and employees. 

This article will talk about the best leather gift ideas you may find on the market. It will also discuss why these gifts are the recommended ones and whether it is more convenient to make them or just buy them from your leather stores. 

Self-made vs. Store-bought Leather Business Gifts

Choosing gifts for your colleagues may seem too hard. You may also want to consider making them if you are on a budget. Or choose to buy them from your trusted leather stores. Let us answer the question as to when you’ll need to purchase or create your leather gifts and what cost is cheaper among the two. 

Self-Made Leather Gifts for Experienced Leather Workers

If you want to add a personal touch to your gifts and an experienced leatherworker, you may resort to self-made leather gifts. Skilled leather workers who have plenty of time but on a budget know the right tools and materials to use and produce their desired leather gifts. They can reduce the expenses to make the leather product without sacrificing its good quality. 

Store-Bought Gifts for Starting Leather Workers with a Budget

For non-experienced or starting leatherworkers with no time to make their gifts but with a budget to buy, store-bought gifts are recommended for you. Leather products purchased from your trusted stores are guaranteed to be of high quality. But they may be more expensive than self-made leather products. 

Leather Gift for Boss

To show appreciation to our bosses and mentors at work, giving them something valuable and useful is just the right thing to do. It just needs to be something they can benefit from, like these gift ideas I listed below. 

Leather Padfolio for All your Office Supplies

A leather padfolio keeps all essential office supplies in one place. It has a document pocket where you can place your notepads, a phone holder pocket, USB and pen loops, and a space for your calculator and IDs. A Tech Folio is a type of padfolio with additional space for your IPad or tablet. The leather padfolio helps you stay organized without leaving an important office supply behind. It also makes you look more professional and can be printed with the business/ company logo or the owner’s name. 

Versatile Leather Serving Tray for Many Uses

A serving tray made out of leather can be used to serve your bosses who love drinking coffee and for various purposes at the office and home. Leather’s breathable trait can tolerate heat from hot coffee or snack plates without incurring any damage. This unique and practical gift is very useful as a complementary decor to a coffee table, nightstand, or kitchen counter. It is also a serving tray for the kitchen and dining room and a decorative tray for bath essentials. You can also organize office materials in this tray, such as keys, pens, flash drives, and cards with this versatile gift idea.

Office Chair for Comfortable Working

A team or group gift for your mentor or boss is a leather office chair. For someone who spends most of their working time on papers and computers, this gift will help them feel comfortable working. Leather is soft, gentle, and a perfect material for office furniture. It can also absorb body heat and feels cold to the touch. A leather office chair is hypoallergenic, which makes it safe for any person to sit on. 

Leather Gift for your Employees

As much as the higher-ups would love some gifts, the employees deserve to receive too. They are the business workforce and are valuable assets to the company’s success, so it won’t hurt to give them something as a way of reward and appreciation. 

Organize your Notes with a Leather Notebook or Journal

Notebooks are indispensable items for every business person. Some people still prefer to write down important notes rather than typing them on their cellphones or laptops. Writing in a notebook can organize ideas and notes very well. With leather notebooks, you will have a copy of all your notes kept in safety for a long time. Leather’s long-lasting coverage and protection will make your notebooks look good as new. 

Leather Mouse Pad for Tech People

The tech team of your company, who are the main people in your digital systems and management, deserve a leather mouse pad that they can use at work at all times. 

The leather’s smooth surface is ideal for moving the mouse in different directions

The durable and long-lasting trait of leather makes a good material for a mousepad which 

ages beautifully over a long time of use. Vegetable-tanned leather is a good material for mouse pads because it is thick and rigid and is water and sunlight-resistant. 

Airpods with Leather Case: Meet with the Team Online

A multi-purpose and frequently used item by employees these days is AirPods. It is used when attending online meetings and webinars. It is also for leisure times like listening to music or binge-watching your favorite series. Either way, this gift is very beneficial to the receiver. Having leather as an AirPods case protects individual earbuds from scratches, sunlight, heat, and humidity, which are the leading cause of device breakdown. 

Secure Files with a Leather Flash Drive

For employees working in management and office, using the computer is accompanied by the responsibility of keeping files in a safe place. A flash drive would be a valuable gift to transfer and store important files. The leather case creates durable and classic protection, preventing dirt from entering the device and destroying files. It can also be customized with a key ring or lanyard so employees won’t lose this small important device.

Leather Gift for Business Partners

Business partnerships are not only for formalities. They run as deep as friendships in building trust with your partners. So it is most desirable for them to receive a gift or two for the trust and hard work they put into the business.

Work Anywhere with a Leather IPad / Laptop Bag

For business people, a laptop or iPad contains all that is important in their business. Having a bag specialized for laptops and iPads is ideal as these gadgets are often brought to meetings and anywhere a businessman wants to work. Leather material is thick enough to protect your IPad or laptop from dust and dirt, and impact from an accidental drop. Leather is also water-resistant, which protects your things from water or drink spillage.

Another good thing about a leather bag is it complements any business attire with its classic color. Its sturdy yet not too stiff characteristic holds its shape well to fit a laptop or IPad. You can never go out of style with this leather bag. 

Business Pen Leather Case: Protect your Expensive Pens

Business pens are an excellent detail for corporate people. Adding leather’s elegant appearance will make your pen look more classy. A more significant reason for choosing a leather case is its ability to protect your most precious things like these business pens. Leather is known for its long-lasting protection. It can also provide identity to the business and the person using it. The case can be engraved with the business or company’s logo and embossed with the owner’s name or initials. 

Handy Eyeglass Leather Case

Most people in the industry wear eyeglasses. A handy case is what you’ll need to avoid placing your glasses on your suit’s collar, which may appear unprofessional. And the best place to store your eyeglasses is a leather case. This brilliant gift idea protects glasses lenses from being damaged. It is easy to hold and can be brought anywhere.

Have a Toast: Wine and a Leather Wine Holder

A great gift choice for business partners is a wine with a durable and stylish leather wine holder. For business people, establishing friendship and camaraderie over a drink is what makes their partnership last long. A leather wine holder keeps wine cool even when traveling a long distance. It also secures the bottle inside with its folding separator. The separator allows for storing more than a bottle and prevents clinking of bottles when carried. 


Giving gifts is not only for recognition but to give something that can be useful to the receiver. Durable products, which last a long time and never go out of style, are leather’s desirable gift characteristics. In choosing leather gifts, you are assured of the vast choices of ideas that are guaranteed high quality, whether store-bought or self-made. Expensive or not, leather products are just the right gifts for people in the corporate world.

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