Smooth Your Candles: Best Heat Guns for Candle Making

A heat gun is something that you may not have heard of when you are entering the world of candle-making. Whether you are a beginner or an expert candle maker, the importance of a heat gun is something you are probably already familiar with. It is the best tool to have when it comes to making candles.

The best heat gun to use should help you control the temperature of your wax with multiple temperature settings. It should have a moderate fan speed for surface area coverage and a safety feature.

Black & Decker Heat Gun: The Best Heat Gun Out There

The Black Decker Heat Gun is a 1300 powerful yet lightweight tool with a compact design that is perfect to handle multiple household tasks and, of course, candle-making. It is a powerful tool that can easily handle small to medium types of work.

This heat gun delivers heat in two temperature settings. The lowest end temperature that you can get is 750, and 1000 degrees Fahrenheit will be the maximum. The highest setting will be hot enough to melt aluminum quickly.

Since it is a small tool, you can fit it cozily into most compartments easily and still offer a portion of adaptability of its other rivals in the market. The Black Decker Heat Gun also comes with a built-in stand for easy cool down once you have used it.

The stand isn’t just for cool down, but this stand offers you hands-free use, and the ergonomic handle guarantees a protected grasp while doing long projects. There is also an easy-to-work rocker switch that even a newbie can handle with confidence.

It also has a six-foot cable that will give you the freedom to move around and remove the possibility of electrical plug tying. Also, Black & Decker is a very well-known manufacturer that provides long-term tools that you can rely on and trust.

When it comes to the best heat gun for candle-making, this is the heat gun to buy. It has a bold orange design that is easy to spot with your pool of candle-making tools. You can get the Black & Decker Heat Gun on Amazon for $30.

Chandler Heat Gun: Best Seller on Amazon

If you want the heat gun that every candle maker has, Chandler Heat Gun is the best tool to buy. The size is handy, which means that you can easily store this, and handling it will be very stress-free. It is the only heat gun that combines a low speed or heat setting for delicate or detailed work.

On the other hand, the high speed or heat setting for heavy-duty or high-volume work. It is just like having a mini-heat gun and a full-size heavy-duty heat gun all in one. The Chandler Heat Gun is also versatile, which is perfect for different crafts such as making candles.

It is also a UL-certified heat gun which means you will be using a safe heat gun. The design of this tool means it is easy to use and very lightweight. Chandler heat gun also doesn’t make a lot of noise when being used. It is also the most trusted heat gun on the market, so you can ensure that you won’t be disappointed.

It can get too hot to hold with cheap mini heat guns, while the traditional heavy guns get too heavy and hard to handle for long periods of time. Chandler Heat Gun is none of these things as it is a compact-sized heat gun; it is lightweight and low-noise to minimize fatigue on the longest job.

The Chandler Heat Gun is available in two colors which are pink and blue. It can also heat up within minutes, and it is always ready for you to tackle your candle-making projects. There are two settings to this heat gun: the lowest setting is 392°F, and the highest is 572°F.

You can get the Chandler Heat Gun on Amazon for $22.93.

Wagner Sprytech HT1000 Heat Gun: Affordable But Durable

The Wagner Sprytech HT1000 Heat Gun has a great reputation for durability and longevity. It is also budget-friendly with the features that it offer. This heat gun has an output range of 750 or 10000 degrees Fahrenheit, which is great for candle-making and other crafts.

It has two fan speeds and a hands-free desktop stand, which makes it better while you are making candles. The Wagner Sprytech HT1000 Heat Gun also has two fan speeds that will provide additional control so that you can customize it while doing your projects.

This heat gun features a corrosion-resistant nozzle so that you can use it for long periods of time and an integrated hanging hook so that you can store it on a peg wall or your workbench. There’s also a temperature switch that is built into the handle to make it easy for you to switch to different temperatures.

Now, the only downside to this heat gun is it has limited heat range compared to other pricier models. Also, after you shut off the tool, it tends to be noisy. Other than that, this heat gun is great for your candle-making projects.

The Wagner Sprytech HT1000 Heat Gun is available on Amazon for $24.99.

Homidic Mini Heat Gun: Compact But Powerful

When you are looking for a compact and powerful heat gun, the Homidic Mini Heat Gun is the best choice for you. It is powerful enough to deal with candle wax melting, which is the best option out there for you. This tool can easily heat up to 662 degrees Fahrenheit in just a few seconds.

With that, this heat gun has an overheating potentiation feature that automatically cuts the power supply when it gets too hot. Inside the tool, there’s a nickel-chromium heating wire structure and mica bracket that speeds up heat dissipation which extends the heat gun’s life span.

The Homidic Mini Heat Gun weighs up to half a pound and is very handy. You can hold this thing for hours without getting tired, and its pencil-shaped design makes it easy to use. With this, you can even use it single-handed.

The 6.56 feet long cable will increase your workspace, and you will have the freedom to move around your workplace. It will also allow you to work on bigger candle-making projects. You can use this tool for more than 250 hours without needing to switch it off, or once it meets its long endurance, it will guarantee a successful project.

The Homidic Heat Gun is perfect for making candles and so much more projects that you may have in mind. It also features a dual working temperature with the lowest temperature of 200 degrees Fahrenheit and the highest of 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

There are also heat vents on the left and right sides of the heat gun, so it will decrease the internal temperature, which can extend its lifetime. Make sure that you keep a five to six-centimeter distance from work and about a 45-degree angle to heat until your project is completed.

Also, make sure not to use the heat gun for more than five minutes. You can turn it off then turn it on again to continue working on your candle making. Don’t let the tool touch with water, and don’t touch the hot nozzle. Lastly, don’t use the heat gun outdoors and keep the distance between the heat tool and item, five to six centimeters.

The only downside to this heat Homidic Heat Gun is the lack of temperature setting it offers. You can purchase the Homidic Heat Gun on Amazon for $10.44.

Porter-Cable Heat Gun: Known to be Best for Electronics

The Porter-Cable Heat Gun has a higher maximum temperature than other leading budget heat guns on the market. It is the better choice when it comes to candle-making projects. Now, it doesn’t come with as many nozzle accessories as the other models in the market, but it does have a higher output and is backed by a solid one-year warranty.

There’s a rotary dial that will let you control the temperature more precisely. The 1500 watts heat gun delivers high heat and multiple fan settings. The different temperature dial allows for easy adjustment of temperatures. The integrated support stand will allow the gun to sit upright for hands-free use.

The Porter-Cable Heat Gun also has six feet high-grade cord, which will improve your flexibility during cold use. It is lightweight and weighs two pounds to offer less fatigue while holding it during your candle-making project.

Now, some may find the airspeed control on this heat gun is less convenient to use because the switch can slide easily past your desired setting. However, it does give you better control over airflow, which features a dual fan speed selector that alternates between low and high speeds.

It has two fan settings that you can choose, one with an airflow of 10 to 11 CFM and the lowest temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit with the highest temperature of 900 degrees Fahrenheit. The second fan setting has an airflow of 16 to 19 CFM with the lowest temperature of 130 degrees Fahrenheit and 1150 degrees Fahrenheit for the highest temperature setting.

There are two downsides to the Porter Cable Heat Gun is; there are some complaints about the airspeed control’s ergonomics. Also, it’s more on the expensive side of heat gun products.

The Porter-Cable Heat Gun is available on Amazon for $40.

Prudle N2030 Heat Gun: Simplest Heat Gun You Can Use

If you are looking for a heat gun that is clear, simple, and straightforward, the Prudle N2030 Heat Gun is the best way to go. The controls on this heat gun are not difficult to interpret, which is a huge plus. With this said, this is the best heat gun for your candle-making projects.

When the heat is applied with the appended scrubber, the was that has four layers on top of the candle can melt quickly. The Prudle N2030 Heat Gun is a heat gun that is speedy and proficient.

It has a 15000 watts robust heat tool that has a working time of over 600 hours on the maximum temperature without switching it off for once. Unlike the heat guns on this list, it has an LCD on the backside of the heat gun that shows the real-time temperature for easy use.

It also has variable temperature control to meet the different temperatures you need for your candle-making projects. Not only that, this heat gun comes with a complete quick refund if you don’t like that tool and new replacement service within two years.

The Prudle N2030 Heat Gun has two modes: 120 degrees Fahrenheit and 120 to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. The best thing about this heat gun is there are four nozzles included when you buy it on Amazon. Different nozzles are perfect for different use and different crafts.

Now, the only downside to this tool is that it can be a bit expensive, but it’s worth every penny. The Porter-Cable Heat Gun is available on Amazon for $38.89.

Factors to Look For When Buying a Heat Gun for Candle Making

A heat gun consists of a heating component, engine, as well as fan. It basically draws hot air from the heating component and guides it through the spout. You should look out for different features before going out and buying your own heat gun.

Whether you are getting an industrial heat gun or a regular electric heat gun, you need to make sure that it meets the following factors so that you can use it efficiently for making candles.

Make Sure to Check the Temperature Range

When buying a heat gun, you should always look for a tool that has more than one temperature setting. The different ranges of temperature will come in handy for different work that you might do as well as your candle-making projects.

Whenever a heat gun has more temperature range, this means that you can easily use it for multiple projects. A heat gun with the greatest temperature, around 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit, can be used to handle challenging tasks. With a base temperature of 120 degrees, Fahrenheit is great for expanded adaptability.

Most candle makers expect to finish projects with a smaller temperature range, somewhere close to 392 degrees and 752 degrees Fahrenheit.

Temperature Control is the Key to Perfect Candles

Heat guns work at a single temperature, and it usually heats up to the maximum temperature. The best way to change the heat gun’s heat level is to place the gun nearer to or away from your candles. Other developed heat guns have a few distinctive temperature settings that will let you choose between high, medium, and low heat.

However, this would depend on your necessities. In each heat gun, there are different temperature variable that has a dial for choosing a temperature between the base and the highest temperature. Most of the current models have electronic presentations which let you set the specific temperature you need.

Choose a heat gun with great temperature and fan controls if you need the most exact heat setting.

Check the Fan Speed of the Heat Gun

Now, the fan speed would decide on how much the surface the heat gun will affect. With lower fan speeds, it can eliminate marks on your candles, while the higher fan speed can melt the candle into wax when you need to.

A great fan allows the surface region to increment without a huge drop in temperature, giving it a more prominent region to be heated at a time.

Safety and Automatic Cut for Safe Usage

When looking for a heat gun, you should look for something that is easy enough to work with. There are plenty of tools in the market that is powerful but not safe. Safety is an important factor when it comes to purchasing your heat gun.

You should purchase a heat gun that has an automatic cut feature on it. You don’t want to overheat up and damage your workspace or even the candles that you are making. Overheating can be much more harmful, and it can cause bigger damage like burning your hand and even dangerous fire.

It would be best if you always look for a heat gun that has an automatic turn-off or comes with an overheating protection feature for your safety.

Extending the Life of Your Heat Gun

There are different things that you can do so you can extend the life of your heat gun. The first thing is to do some visual inspection, which should be done before and after use. You need to make sure to check the power cord to make sure the insulation is in good condition.

Check if there are any breaks or tears on the surface of the cord. When there’s a severely kinked electrical line, it can be a sign of trouble, so make sure when storing your heat gun, it should be wrapped up carefully. You also need to make sure the housing around the gun is not cracked or broken since it can cause heat to escape from the element.

Next, make sure you are using your heat gun properly. Don’t run your heat gun too close to the candle project that you are doing, as it can cause the heating element to burn out prematurely. Whenever you are setting your heat gun down after use, always use the proper stand to prevent any damages to the gun, burns, or other hazards.

The brushes within the gun should be periodically checked for wear. When you see any worn parts of your heat gun, a replacement is necessary. If you are using the heat gun in a dusty area, you need to clean the gun periodically during use and after the work is completed with compressed air.

Once you’re done using the heat gun, switch it to the cool setting to aid the gun in cooling off before putting it away. Don’t let your heat gun come in contact with the heating element, and only use gentle household detergents as well as water to clean the gun’s casing.

Lastly, it would be best if you made sure that you properly stored your heat gun. Once you are done using your gun, you need to ensure that it cools in a dry place to prevent corrosion. Ensure that your heat gun is stored in a place where it will not drop or be bumped.

Dropping or bumping your heat gun can cause damage to the heating elements. When your heat gun is not heating up at a proper temperature, it is best to replace it instead. Once you have reached approximately 400 hours of use, your heat gun may need servicing to make sure it is working up to the highest standards.

Cleaning is not enough to maintain your heat gun in its best shape. You need to make sure that it’s stored properly, inspect it every time you use your heat gun, and also you need to use the heat gun properly. By following the advice I’ve provided above, you can rest assured that your heat gun’s life will last for years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use a hairdryer as a heat gun alternative? There are plenty of reasons why a hairdryer is not the best option for candle-making. The volume of the air in a hairdryer is too high and won’t reach the temperature that is required to melt the candle or fix any imperfections.

Also, hair dryers are not designed to be switched on and off for short bursts repeatedly.

How can I be safe when using a heat gun? Now, heat guns have a chance to overheat when they are excessively used. It might cause unnecessary burns and dangerous explosions when you are not careful.

However, if you are wearing the proper PPE and following the recommended usage time, you should be safe from any hazards while you are making your candle.

What are the other uses of heat guns? There are plenty of things that you can do with heat guns since they are very versatile. They are not only limited to candle-making, but you can also use them for stripping paints, bending plastics, and PVCs.

You can also use them to repair phone screens, game consoles, mold hockey skates, remove crayons on the walls, and so much more. Make sure to take the proper precautions when using heat guns on sensitive items.

Are heat guns expensive to buy? There are plenty of heat guns on the market, and you can get them for $25 to $30. As candle-making tools go, heat guns are very affordable to buy.


A heat gun is one of the most important tools that you should have when it comes to making your candles. It can melt your wax and remove any imperfections that your candles may have. Before buying your heat gun, make sure that you choose the best that’s in the market. Ensure that the heat gun has multiple temperature settings so that you can adjust it along the way. With the right heat gun, you can get beautiful outcomes for your candles.

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