The Best Leatherworking Starter Kits for the Leatherworker

The COVID-19 pandemic has made most of the people home-bodied looking for a hobby to do. Leatherworking is the best way to reduce the stress and boredom that you may feel when you are at home. This is the best hobby that benefits not only you but also other people. With the best tools, you can accomplish any DIY project that you may have in mind. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, having a good kit is the key to a flawless project.

Having a good leatherworking starter kit will provide versatility to allow you to express yourself in many ways fully. In this article, I will talk about the ten best leatherworking kits that you can get in the market, which will include the description of each kit and how much it will cost. I will also talk about the different factors that you need to consider when buying your own leatherworking kit.

Bagerla: The Overall Best Kit

The Bagerla is the best overall leatherworking kit that you can find in the market. It has 273 pieces of tools which is great for beginners to advanced leatherworkers. The kit has a huge assortment of tools that comes with a case to keep them organized while you work. So, you don’t need to worry about losing anything, and everything you need will be on the leather toolbox.

It offers an excellent selection of leather stamps, needles, and hole punch that has nine-size options. Aside from that, there are different types of fixing tools that you can use so that repairs are easier to do. It comes with rivets sets that are suitable for any DIY leather projects that you may have.

The kit also has 20 tape leather stamping tools that are perfect for beginners. Stamping tools include flower, butterfly, and other background filling shapes that are great for any designs that you may have in your mind. It also has a letter and number stamping that is great for making your project more personalized. 

Lastly, the Bagerla leatherworking kit also has a leather punch and stitching groover for any projects that you have in mind. The leather edge stitching tool is easy to adjust, which can be used to groove the edges of your leather. On the other hand, the stitching hole punch has a sharp french tooth which is great for punching holes in leather—no need to add effort on pounding and make unnecessary noises during the project.

Now, there are some customer reports that the tools break with typical use. However, it is well-stocked and has everything that you need for your leatherworking projects. The Bagerla cost $75.61.

Dorhui: The Best For Beginners

The Dorhui is the best leatherworking starter kit and is great for the beginner leatherworker. It is great for any decorative work, bevelling, and edging work that you need to get done. It comes with 356 pieces, giving the beginners a lot of options for experimentations on their leather projects.

The kit comes with a leather tool manual which is why this is considered excellent for beginners. It also includes stamping punch tools for any decorative work that you may have. You can also find a 240 pcs snaps and rivets kit, cutting mat, nylon hammer, prong punch, adjustable edge creaser, and leather repair kit to meet your basic leather needs.

The tools in this kit are made with high-quality materials and will last for years. For any design and pattern needs that you may have, this kit has got it. It has 20 pieces of the most popular saddle-making tools, a one-piece carving knife, and five tracking pens. With these tools, you can create your own patterns for your DIY leather projects.

The Dorhui is suitable for beginners to advanced leather workers. There may be many punch patterns, but there are no letters or number stamps included in the kit. The cost of the Dorhui leatherworking kit is $134.49. It may be pricey, but it is definitely worth the price.

Ampseven: The Best Budget-Friendly Kit

The Ampseven is the best budget-friendly kit that you can buy in the market. It is excellent for beginners who are on a tight budget and want to start with leatherworking. The Ampseven has nicely made basic tools and is the smallest kit listed in this article.

The basic tools included in this kit are an excellent swivel knife, tools for carving, and DIY leather craft stamps. Aside from the beginner, this kit is also great for someone who already started leatherworking. This kit has 20 pieces that will be perfect for any leatherworking projects you may have in mind.

The tools for leather carving are great for someone who wants to create their design, such as a logo or any artwork. Tools for carving are straightforward to use and a perfect fit for beginners. The carving tools will provide intricate patterns for your leather projects. 

The Ampseven kit includes 20 saddle-making tools, one hammer, one carving knife, three leathercraft modeling pens, and five tracing pens. Now, the stamp can be made with higher quality, but it is perfect for the beginner leatherworker. The Ampseven kit costs $31.59.

Honorable Mention Leatherworking Starter Kits

Aside from the top three leatherworking kits in the market, there are some honorable mention kits that the leatherworker can use.

Electop: The 31-Piece Kit

The Electop includes a 31-piece leather working tool kit. It consists of the following tools: two pressure cloth tooth tool, four awls, five wax thread, one adjustable groover, seven needles, one thimble ring, one scissor, two-finger cots, one frosted strip, three wool daubers, one short V-shaped groover, and so much more to meet your basic needs for leather crafting.

This kit is practical and abundant when it comes to DIY tool kits and also has a great repair kit. The tools are durable, and they can last for years. The tools are made from steel and wood, which is not easy to break.

It also includes five rolls of waxed thread available in black, dark brown, dark gray, coffee, and light khaki. Each thread is measuring 1mm in width and 50m in length. The Electop leatherworking kit costs $19.98.

Simpzia: The 52-Piece Kit

The Simpzia 52-piece leatherworking kit includes a knife, groover, stitching wheels, needles, and chisels. It comes with 20 stamp sets that feature different shapes and sewing threads, which is great for embellishing your leatherworking projects. Now, the Simpzia may be a bit cheap, but you may find a few supplies missing.

This kit doesn’t include rivets, so you may not be able to create accessories like belts or leather bracelets. If you want to do these types of projects, you would have to buy them separately. It also doesn’t include any alphabet or number stamps.

Now, this kit is great to buy if you want to test out leatherworking as a hobby. Some tips for the beginner leatherworker, make sure to use veg tanned leather for carving projects. If you’re going to wet the leather, beat the stamping tool with a leather hammer until it’s time to mold.

The Simpzia also includes a stainless steel swivel knife which is great for deep and dynamic carving. It can handle different length adjustments to fit your finger. Aside from that, the kit includes a metal handle sewing awl and seven in one groover—the copper taper shank awl with three needles for sewing or even for repairing.

The cost of the Simpzia kit is $34.99.

Caydo: The 59-Piece Kit

With the Caydo 59-piece kit, it is ideal for the beginner leatherworker to use since it includes instructions on different tasks that you can do. When you use the kit, you can create unique designs and patterns with the 20 stamping punch tools that are included. It also consists of four pieces of prong punch made with white stainless steel, making it durable and can last for years.

With the prong punch, it can punch neat holes in leather straightly. Just like the Simpzia, the Caydo also includes a seven-in-one adjustable stitching groover. This kit is suitable for advanced leather workers and not a beginner. The Caydo leatherworking kit costs $42.99.

Miusie: The 34-Piece Kit

The Miusie 34-piece leatherworking kit is great for repair work. It is a simple leatherworking kit that is created to help make repairs and small leatherworking projects. This kit comes with two stitching wheels tools, one groover, three sewing awls, three sewing awls, two-finger cots, one thimble ring, and three nail files. Aside from that, it also includes one A5 cutting mat that measures 5.82 by 8.26 inches.

In addition to the tools that are said above, they also include four 55 yards of wax thread which comes in red, natural, dark, khaki, and black. You will be getting other tools in this kit: one beeswax, three wool daubers, one needle kit, one scissors, one glue stick, and one ruler. With all these tools, it will be easy to meet your leather-making needs.

The Miusie is a practical toolset that includes three pieces of leather for engraving, which is great for improving your leather-making skills. If you want to be unique with your leather projects, this is the kit that will fit you perfectly. 

Now, the only tools that it doesn’t include are stamps for decorative work. The Miusie 34-piece kit leatherworking kit costs $17.99.

Lamptop: The 33-Piece Kit

The Lamptop 33-piece kit is a great kit to have in handy. It has a clamp included in the kit, which makes leather sewing projects clean. It comes with a cutting mat, and short V-shaped groover, and a frosted strip. It also comes with four colors of rope that can be used for leather, denim, or even tarp. It also comes with three pieces of wood daubers that are ideal for leather edge skiving tools and burnishing leather.

This kit is a great hobby kit that includes tools to fill in other kits. With the Lamptop leatherworking kit, you can sew different types of leather. Unlike the other leatherworking kits mentioned above, the Lamptop comes with a leather pony that measures 43×36.5cm. The tool used a log that has no smell and is non-toxic. It is also environmentally friendly and safe for your health.

It has an excellent basic stamping set making this kit great for the beginner and advanced leatherworker. Now, if you want to do some decorative work, you may have to purchase extra tools for cutting and stamping. The Lamptop leather working tool kit is a good set to have in order to aid with your sewing needs. This leatherworking kit costs $52.97.

Lokunn: The 128-Piece Kit

The Lokunn 128-piece kit contains tools you need to use in leatherworking. It includes tools such as stamping tools, scratch wire wheels, leather groover, leather rivets kit, stitching prong, leather sewing needles, and so much more. It also includes seven in one groover for leather grooving, beveling, and creasing leather.

It also includes 20 stamping tools which are great for making different designs. You can print different patterns on the surface of the leather, which is great for decorative work. The Lokunn is made with good quality products and high-quality steel with high hardness. It is wear-resistant and durable, which can last for years.

The Lokunn is perfect for the beginner leatherworker and easy to use for novices. It has a manual on how to use the tools that are included in the kit making your leather journey easy. With this kit, you can gain the experience you need to get ahead in leatherworking. The Lokunn cost $49.99.

Joypea: The 195-Piece Kit

The Joypea 195-piece kit is a practical and abundant leatherworking tool that you can purchase. The kit includes stamping tools, cutting mat snaps, rivets, stitching groover, prong punch, and leatherworking saddle. These tools will make your leatherworking projects easier.

This kit is easy to use and includes a self-healing mat that you can use on your projects. The Joypea kit is perfect for beginner leatherworkers, making it easy for them to start their leatherworking journey.

With the Joypea kit, you can create unique designs and patterns since it has 20 of the most popular patterns. It is excellent for leather carving, printing patterns on leather for different DIY projects that you may have in mind.

If you plan to make a lambskin blanket, this is the perfect kit for you to use. It also includes a repair tool pouch, printing patterns, letters, and numbers. The Joypea leatherworking kit costs $45.99.

UOOU: The 21-Piece Kit

The UOOU 21-piece kit is your basic leather repair kit. It contains five leather waxed threads, four leather stitching punch (1, 2, 4, 6), seven sewing needles, one cutting knife, one leather groover tool, one leather edger creaser skiving tool, and one awl. It also includes a 54-year leather waxed thread available in five colors: black, brown, khaki, natural, white, and light gray.

The wax thread is anti-ultraviolet and non-fading as well as wear-resistant, smooth, and long service life. It also includes a DIY diamond lacing stitching chisel is available in 1, 2, 4, and a six leather hole punch which is both comfortable to hold. It also has a sharp prong that is convenient for punching effortlessly. 

There are also extra stitching needles that are made out of strong material. It is sturdy enough for leatherworking and for repairing thick clothes or shoe repairs. The UOOU leatherworking kit is easy to use and great for processing leather. It is a professional leather tools that can be used by beginners, professionals, and handmade DIY leather lovers. The cost of the UOOU is $24.99.

What to Know Before Buying a Leatherworking Starter Kit

Now, before you go out and buy your leatherworking starting kit, it is best to know what you need and what it should include. The kit should have basic tools such as skiver, stitching groover, mallet, leather needles, overstitch wheel, and thread.

The basic tools would depend on what you consider to be basic. Some kits will have just the tools I’ve mentioned above, while others will have a lot more tools. Of course, the tools would depend on what type of project you plan on doing.

Choosing the Right Leatherworking Starter Kit for You

When choosing a suitable leatherworking starter kit, you have to consider three factors which are color, application, and accessories. Color is one of the most obvious ones to look out for when buying a leatherworking starter kit. You will need to match the color you need for any project that you may do in the future.

Now, different leather kits are available to remedy all mishaps that may happen in the future. These kits can be used for various damages that you may have on leather, from cutting, ripping and burning, to discoloration and stains.

Lastly, you have to check the accessories that are included in the leatherworking starter kit. Each leatherworking starter kit has a variety of accessories where there are multiple bits of the same material for significant repair or a variety of items for different types of repairs. The kit usually includes 10 to 25 parts of the said repair tools.


Making sure that you have the right starter kit for your leatherworking needs is essential. Rather than buying your tools one by one, it is best to get them in a kit. It will not only save you money, but you can also ensure that your kit is complete with the tools that you need to get your leatherworking projects done. Also, before heading out and buying your kit, you need to make sure you know what you are looking for in a leatherworking kit. Happy leather crafting!

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