When to Use Three Wick Candles: The Answer is Here

In candle making, many people think three-wick candles are better than the usual method for many reasons. Three wick candles are said to be much better because they improve the quality and shelf life in general. However, not many people know when to use this method effectively and the benefits of using three-wick candles in candle making.

Three wick candles are better because it lets your candle burn much longer, allowing you to enjoy your candles for a long time. It also gives your candle a brighter light and better scent diffusion. You can profit a lot from them when you sell them.

In this article, you will learn about the purposes of three-wick candles and the benefits that candle makers can get in using three-wick candles. Lastly, you will also learn the similarities and differences between three-wick candles and one wick candle to help you decide in the end.

Purpose of Three-Wick Candles for Candle-Making

Three-wick candles are used to improve a candle’s quality and increase its burn time. It does so by adding another wick to increase the fire. Many people think that three-wick candles are better than the standard one-wick candles because three wicks stand for strength compared to just one wick.

In general, three-wick candles have a longer life span, but it is not always true. Some can actually last even shorter than a single-wick candle if they’re poorly made – depending on the size, of course.

In addition, three-wick candles do not just add another wick to improve their quality and shelf life. It also provides the candle maker a choice in wax, scent, and color. Thus, it helps your creativity to take effect and can result in very artistic-looking candles with a good smell and longer-lasting qualities.

However, three-wick candles are not always better than one-wick candles because if you do it without any experience, you will only get a mess and, even worse, wasted oils that cannot be reused again for making new candles. If you want to make high-quality three-wick candles or maybe more than three-wick, then you need knowledge about how to do it properly, like knowing the size of the jar (or container) that will be used for making such candles.

Adding two extra wicks to your candle can be beneficial, but it will also need extra time because you have to do more things. If you have enough time to do that, feel free to do so. It can help you make better candles and produce more of them.

Remember that the purpose of adding two extra wicks to your candle is for it to improve its quality and shelf life. It can be useful to have a longer-lasting candle, but they are not always good enough.

A three-wick candle can last long, but it will melt faster than single-wick candles that don’t have any extra wick. Some would just give out an unpleasant smell after burning, so it is still best to consider whether or not you really need this type of candle before proceeding with the making process.

Benefits of Three-Wick Candles in Making Candles

Many candle makers prefer three-wick candles compared to the traditional one-wick candles. In fact, they are considered to be the best candles made by candle makers. In most countries, three-wick candles are preferred because of their strong scent, which can better cover up the container stored.

If you want to sell scented candles, try using three-wick candles so your customers will appreciate your products better. This kind of benefit alone should already let you know why many professionals still use three-wick candles in making different kinds of scented or unscented candles.

Three-wick candles also have benefits in durability and burn time since it has more wax than any other type of candle. It uses triple the usual wax that one wick candle uses, so it only means that it can produce three times the amount of light if it is burned for a longer time.

In addition, three-wick candles can produce a consistent scent because it has three wicks that can evenly distribute the melted wax. This feature helps ensure that the candle will still give out its strong and consistent scent even after burning for a long time.

When you use three-wick candles, you don’t need to extinguish them as often as those who just burn single-wick candles, especially when you have guests at home since your house will smell better with only one candle lit up.

If you want to make your scented or unscented candles last longer, using three wicks in your candle will help you since it can gather and contain more wax than just having one wick.

With three wicks, adding more coats of melted wax is possible so you can enjoy your long-lasting three-wick candles without worrying about the smell of melting wax every time you burn them for longer hours.

Three-wick candles are considered better quality candles because they have triple the number of wicks compared with regular one-wick candles. The extra wicks can help you enjoy a better wafting scent since they are positioned in an ideal way to give out the right amount of scent that your three-wick candles need.

Aside from this, having more wicks also means that your candles will burn longer than traditional single wick candles. It doesn’t always mean, though, that having more wicks will make it last longer, so be careful when choosing which type of candles you want to have for daily use at home.

It is easy to manage the size of the jar or container that you will be using if you want to create three-wick candles because all you have to do is just evenly space them up on the jar and attach them with their own individual wicks. It is easier to manage the wicks when making three-wick candles because it has triple the number of wicks that are also smaller in size than one-wick candles.

It takes a long time for three-wick candles to completely melt away because more wax is being used for this type of candle, but it gives out a more enduring scent than regular one-wick candles, so you won’t have to worry about its slow melting process.

Candles made from traditional methods require someone to constantly check on them, so the quality is not compromised even if they are burned for longer hours. Still, there are no problems with doing so since three-wick candles can produce a strong and consistent scent that will last long enough until it melts.

Even though it is a more time-consuming effort, three-wick candles can bring out the best in your candles and allow you to enjoy them much longer.

One-Wick Candles vs. Three-Wick Candles: The Real Deal

In candle making, the only difference between a one-wick candle and a three-wick candle is that a three-wick has two extra wicks placed in between the middle of the wick. They have basically the same amount of wax, same length oil, just an additional wick added to it.

There’s no real magic for making these 3 wick candles other than knowing how long they should be made for depending on what you want from them. If you want it to burn longer, then make it longer. If you want more fragrance or scent, add more scented oils or waxes to it. In any way, both candles should be made to the same length.

Three-wick candles also allow your candle to last longer compared to one-wick candles. The more wicks there are, the more coats of wax can be applied on top of each other, making it harder for your candle to melt.

People make mistakes when making these candles because they unintentionally increase the amount of oil or wax added to them (especially if you don’t know that you cannot do this). Gently tap on your candle after it has completely cooled down to check whether any liquid has settled on the bottom. If your candle is waxy even after weeks of burning, then you might want to consider adding more oil to it (if you plan on using it as a votive or taper).

The three-wick candles have a more intense smell and a fuller lighter flicker compared with traditional one-wick candles. When you put these candles together, it looks like they are one candle, but when you look closely at the jar or container that holds them, you will notice three different flames from each of the three-wick candles.

These folks think that this type of candle is more attractive than the ones made from regular paraffin waxes because it has 3 wicks that make up for a charming sophistication while giving out an amazing scent in your room.

Three-wick candles tend to be more expensive than one-wick candles, which is a good thing if you sell your candles to other people. They are also considered more labor-intensive because you have to make shorter candles so the wicks can fit. However, you can market them as longer-lasting, which means your buyers will get what they paid for – and much more.

Things to Remember in Making Three-Wick Candles

Making three-wick candles is not an easy feat. You have to make sure that all three wicks are the same length at the beginning of your candle-making process. However, if you decide to trim them later, make sure that you cut off the middle wick first before cutting each of the two remaining wicks in half.

Fluid is also an important part of making these candles because it acts as a lubricant when you pour it into the containers or molds where they will be made — just keep in mind that more fluid means longer burning time, and less fluid means shorter burning time.

Make sure that when pouring your wax mixture into your candle molds, it should be done very carefully so there won’t be air bubbles that can prevent your candles from burning properly. If you want to make these candles as votives, you should pay attention to the paper core wicks because they can sometimes cause hot wax or burn marks on your candle holder (if not taken care of properly).

Beginners might find making three-wick candles a hard task, but with patience and some practice, you can make them on your own. Remember the things to remember when making these candles to come out great.

Use quality waxes (so it will produce good-smelling scents), make sure that the wicks are all the same length before starting your candle-making process, pour slowly (and not too much) into each of the molds but be careful about air bubbles, and trim down anything that doesn’t look right after it has cooled off.

Selling Three-Wick Candles: The Real Deal

Making three-wick candles is one thing, but selling them is another. The good thing is that people will be paying more for these types of candles than the traditional one-wick ones, so you can just put up a sign in front of your house and wait for buyers to drop by.

Just remember that when selling them at a higher cost, it is also important that they last longer or even smell better than the regular ones so you would get what you deserve when selling them.

Another thing to keep in mind about three-wick candles is that there are lots of imitations out there, so if you think they look too perfect to be homemade, then you might want to think twice before buying them because chances are they were not made from scratch. When making money out of this endeavor, always make sure that you are selling the real thing.

Selling these candles can be a good source of income if you make them perfectly and market them well. Still, there is one thing I would not recommend — selling to candle retailers because they already have their own stock of materials, so, likely, they won’t need your services.

You might find yourself spending more money on buying wicks since you are using more wicks than usual for your candles, but in the end, it will all be worth it because you can make a profit even with these additional costs.

In making three-wick candles, always remember that they are just more expensive and labor-intensive than the traditional one-wick candle — but if you market them right, then they can really become a profitable venture for you. Just don’t sell to retailers or big companies who have their own stock of materials since chances are they won’t need your services anyway.

Remember these things when selling three-wick candles so you would get the profits you deserve from your hard work! If possible, sell them at a higher cost and consider buying more wicks, so there won’t be any issues with your candle batches. If you also put the right scents and use the good quality of the wax, there is no reason you will not succeed.

Making money out of this project requires patience, expertise, time management skills, and even some luck. The good news is that if done right, three-wick candles could be considered as your side business or even main business if you are really good at it. All in all, making money through this venture might take a little more effort compared to other methods, but the results pay off very well.

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