Candle Making Online Workshop: Great for Practicing at Home

The pandemic has prohibited learners from going to school and having in-person classes. The same goes for candle making workshops that we usually attend. Distance learning through virtual classes is a thing nowadays, and we can easily access them to learn more about candle making. These virtual classes will help us build our skills and knowledge in candle making in the comfort of our homes, away from the danger of going outside. Here are 14 noteworthy candle making online workshops for you. 

1. Makers Mess Introduction to Candle Making

Makers Mess is a creative art studio based in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, and has the best classes for beginners. Their courses cover home crafts tutorials such as candle making, art classes, and crafting classes for kids and adults. In-person and online workshops are both offered by Makers Mess. 

The Intro to Candle Making class covers lessons such as making poured candles, creating clean burning candles, using cotton wicks, and incorporating natural fragrances in candles. 

The pre-recorded workshop for beginners costs $20, and you can complete the class at your own pace. Upon purchase, you will be sent a link to the video course and instructional information such as tips, tricks, and ideas for your next projects.

You’ll get a Makers Mess Craft Kit and live virtual instruction from skilled instructors for the price you paid. And if you want, you can purchase additional candle making supplies at their shop by placing an order online.

Makers Mess also offers to set the class as a virtual private event. You can invite a minimum of eight participants per event and learn candle making in a live Zoom workshop. The virtual event is perfect for team buildings, bonding with friends, or activities for kids.

If you choose the virtual event, you’ll be charged $35 per person and an additional price for the candle making kit (if you want to purchase). They also offer discounts for classes of over 50 people or if you book multiple workshops at once.

2. Skillshare: For All Your Hands-on Projects

Skillshare offers all sorts of informative virtual classes ranging from animation and creative writing to arts and crafts, where candle making is included. The platform aims for students to create hands-on projects with their community of creators ready to share their knowledge about candle making.

The course further helps you create easy but quality home candles that you can customize, producing inexpensive ones compared to store-bought ones. 

Teacher John Norman, the founder of Classy Smashed Co. candles, introduces Candle Making: Scent Your Way to Paradise. It features a detailed lesson about making scented candles, complete with its step-by-step guided procedure for beginners.

The course is divided into seven informative parts: the Welcome part, Dream Candle Project, Materials Needed, Getting the Most Scent, Picking Your Wick, Putting it All Together, and the Final Thoughts. As of this writing, Skillshare had 6,392 satisfied students who completed ten projects under this course.

Other topics they cover are types of wax to use in candles, best wicks for each type of candle container, and getting the most scent out of your candles.

3. The Wooden Wick Co.: Mindful Makers of Today

The Wooden Wick Co. describes itself as a community and an online marketplace. Their classes are designed for the Mindful Maker of Today. They also have a Youtube channel with tons of DIY tutorials about crafts, including candle making. 

You should tune in for their Candle Making playlist, which has all the tutorials you’ll need to learn everything about candle making. Aside from that, they also offer high-quality crafts supplies.

You can enroll in their how-tos classes, which cover basic candle-making techniques for beginners. If you are an experienced candle maker, it is recommended that you enroll in a crash course with an in-depth study about perfecting your candles. The course further covers topics like creating paraffin, beeswax, or mica candles, using the right wick size for your candles, and getting rid of sinkholes in your candles.

The Wooden Wick Co. features a five-part series on their Youtube Channel about building your candle making business. The series is a big advantage for those serious about candle making to know how a hobby can turn into a profit.

In the series, you will gain the knowledge and skills needed to be a successful candle maker and many smart tips to grow your candle making business. 

4. Shaw Academy: Offers Globally Recognised Certificates

Shaw Academy offers an artisanal candle making and design course with globally recognized certificates. It equips students with theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in different forms of candle production.

The course has four modules starting from the basics of identifying and creating beginner candles to in-depth skills that both entrepreneurs and hobbyists can use. Currently, Shaw Academy’s candle making course has 7,201 graduates. 

For candle making, Shaw Academy offers two online modules of eight weeks duration and 16 lessons plus a variety of assessments. Upon completing the course, you’ll be awarded a globally recognized certificate that can add to your credentials.

The course content covers candle production, basic to advanced candle making, candle customization, and market candle making business. 

The University certified courses are a great platform to test your knowledge with informative lessons, including exams as an assessment of knowledge. Depending on your learning capability, you learn at your own pace as you can pause lessons and skip or allot less or more time for each lesson.

Plus, you can try it for free! Shaw Academy gives several days of free trial on its courses before taking the full course and paying the fee. 

5. Paddywax Candle Bar Candle Making at Home

Paddywax Candle Bar has the best class for group candle making. It is located in several places like Nashville, Charlotte, Birmingham, Reston, and Philadelphia. They now turned their in-person workshops into virtual ones to have a safe session with friends and family.

The platform offers courses great for hosting candle making events at work or just family and friends bonding. You can also choose a 30-minute live virtual question and answer session hosted by Paddywax’s professional candle maker.

You can avail a Paddywax candle making kit, complete with the ingredients and tools you’ll need like custom candle vessels and various scents from the company’s signature fragrances.

For a candle making session with tools, the price ranges from $38-$45 and $23-$30 for a session without provided tools. Prices also vary depending on the number of participants per session.

Choose your kit’s content with ceramic or metal vessels in different designs and scents such as spice, woody, sweet, fresh, seasonal, amber and smoke, fresh Meyer lemon, wild fig and cedar, pumpkin latte, and many more.

6. Course Hero: From Zero to Hero Candle Maker

Be a zero-to-zero candle maker with Course Hero’s candle making courses. It offers natural scented candle making online classes for $65 for all levels of candle maker. They require that participants be 18 years old and above to be safe to handle the delicate process of candle making.

System requirements only require a stable internet connection and a computer or any device to access the virtual classes. Note that you should be at class 5 or 10 minutes before starting.

The class covers building skills in creating healthy, fragrant, and all-natural candles at home. It also teaches candle making theories, the candle making craft, ingredients and recipes, and the dos and don’ts of candle making. Zoom links will be given 30 minutes before the class starts under Teacher Melanie Rousselet.

A demonstration of processes in candle making is also part of the course. You’ll have a live virtual lesson on the proper use of tools and equipment, melting and pouring the wax and fragrances, and setting up wicks and labels.

You can purchase the candle making kit in their recommended shop, which offers free shipping. 

Students may cancel within 24 hours of booking the class to get a full refund. After 24 hours upon booking, they will give no refunds but credit to reschedule the class more than 24 hours from the start of the class.

7. Torera George: Best for Scented Candles

Torerra George is home to the best candle making class for scented candles. Her youtube channel features free DIY candle making tutorials, self-care tips while creating candles, and an in-depth tutorial on making candles that smells good.

She emphasizes producing perfectly scented candles with great hot throw (smell of the candle when lit) and cold throw (smell of candle when stored).

There is already a prepared list of ingredients for the viewers to follow, like soy wax, wicks, the container for the candle, kitchen scale, candle thermometer, and essential oils for natural fragrances. You can visit the channel to watch and learn the whole candle making process. 

8. CandleScience: For Hobbyists and Small Business Owners

For hobbyists and small business owners, CandleScience offers you affordable candle making supplies for home candle making. Their Youtube Channel is filled with many free informational videos on being the best at producing quality candles.

CandleScience Live: How to Blend Fragrance Oils is their special installment on blending scents, where you can experiment with different fragrances and layer them into your candle. In this series, you’ll also learn how many scents to mix, how much fragrance oils to incorporate, and the perfect scent pairings for your candles.

9. Universal Class: Candle Making 101

Universal Class’ Candle Making 101 consists of 15 lessons, 35 exams and assignments, and 14 hours average time to complete. The course covers the basics of molded and container designs, wonders of ice in candle making, chunks, votives, and floating candles, easy and safe ways to work with wax, choosing the proper wick for your candles, and many more.

They also have lessons that teach how to make a profit out of the candles, like candle making as a business for small entrepreneurs, building a niche in the candle market, building business plans, listings of potential wholesale supplies, and being in contact with the candle making community.

Taking the class is advantageous for you. It is completely online, with printable lessons and six months to complete the course. The self-paced video lessons are in full HD and are PC and Mac compatible and android and iOS friendly. Courses and lessons are 24/7 available.

You can choose a subscription plan for one course costing $60 for six months with no certificate included. A course with a certificate and CEUs is $85 for six months. 

10. Udemy: Candle Making for Beginners

Candle Making for Beginners is a best seller course in Udemy. It teaches candle making in detail, intending to make beginners experts in no time. The course was created by professional crafter Shona O’Connor covering various depths in candle making.

It features many candle making techniques and making candles with the standard kitchen equipment you’ll find at home. The lessons involve lectures, demonstrations, and practical activities such as assignments and projects.

The course also focuses on working with fragrances and color dyes, knowing when to incorporate them, and how much each candle will need. It further explains the proper way of choosing the right wax and wick combination and the safe handling of wax and scents at home. 

The first part of the course shows a series of animated video lectures about the essential concepts of candle making. This includes how candles work, candle safety at home, the best way to melt the wax, equipment used in candle making, and choosing your candle mold.

The first part of the course includes lessons in different containers for candles, kinds of candle wax, using dyes for colored candles, how candle wicks work, and the two main types of candle making scent.

For the second part, it focuses on the demonstration of making nine different candles such as basic pillar candle, teacup container candle, two-color pillar candle, pillar candle using wax chunks, pillar candle using coffee beans, candle made out of flower pot, candle made in a tin, glass container candle, and glass candle with a transparent base that contains coffee beans. 

11. CandleMakingCourses: Your Lesson Series

CandleMakingCourses feature a different approach from other online candle making courses. Their course bundle is made from individual courses gathered together to create a solid lineup of lessons. It has all the things you need to know about candle making.

The course series was created by Gary Simons, a veteran in the exotic candle making business. They recently introduced their HDVideoCourses which offers a dynamic online learning experience, with full HD videos about candle making and detailed formulas with new marketable techniques.

At the end of each interactive course, the students are expected to submit photos of their outputs, complete the written test, and have a one-on-one talk with the course maker before moving on to the next courses.

They also offer a business setup course designed for candle makers who want to start their candle making business and turn their creativity into a profitable business. The course includes HD video instructions, PDF formulas, and ten courses in a business setup. This is the most extensive course for starting a candle business and must be taken in order.

A course for the existing candle makers would teach you more techniques about perfecting your candles in many creative approaches. Each course is priced separately, and you get to pay for the technique you want to learn. It is recommended to take the courses in order for beginning candle makers. 

12. Courses For Success: Candle Business Bundle

Course for Success offers the Ultimate Candle Making Business Online Bundle. It is a total package for every candle making enthusiast, fully loaded with knowledge and skills you need to learn in the art of producing candles.

Their course comes in three modules and contains 18 parts of well-detailed topics about candle making. It is a massive course that breaks down everything about candle making for business and helps even newbies to grow their business and level up their craftsman status.

The course covers advanced techniques in candle making, safety and precaution, shaping, designing, and decorating, including dipped candles. Further, into the lesson, you’ll learn details of the steps in setting up your candle business. This course is deemed value for money as shown in the number of their satisfied students. 

Learning materials are well sectioned for students’ easy comprehension. They have a well-detailed outline of topics, a self-paced learning mode, and a certificate of completion after the course. 

13. Candle Academy: For Your Professional-Looking Candles

Candle Academy is an online platform for training candle makers. It is the leading destination for candle makers introducing instructors with years of experience in the candle making industry and full dedication to helping students master the craft of candle making. They have courses for beginners to experts.

Sarah and Jenny head the online platform to teach people how to make professional-looking candles that have an amazing smell and are of high quality, all in the comfort of our homes. 

With over 30 years of experience in the candle making industry, Candle Academy has already surpassed 2000 happy clients, served 100 countries, and held more than 200 trainings. 

The course covers health and safety topics, proper wick sizing, choosing the correct wax, proper temperature control, container exploration, and choosing the colorants, oils, and fragrances for your candles.

Numerous courses are available in Candle Academy, including free materials for beginners and easy access to instructors if you need guidance while taking the course.

14. Avvaexperience: Relaxing Candle Making Workshop

Avvaexperience is your relaxing virtual candle making workshop, which features a hands-on DIY workshop in creating two unique candles with the assistance of experts. The workshop covers the step-by-step process of creating candles, such as melting, blending, and pouring.

You’ll also gain an understanding of the benefits of creating your candle, all the ingredients needed, scents and oils to use for your candles, appropriate timing and temperature in perfecting your candles, and overall candle care.

The course charges $85, including shipping of candle making kits and an additional $133.50 surcharge for groups smaller than ten persons.

In the candle making kit, you’ll find pre-measured soy wax chips, pre-measured selected fragrance oils, selected candle vessel, wick and wick adhesive, wick holder, warning label, stir stick, pouring pot, and a thermometer. 

Now that you are ready for your candle projects, here is an article you can read to guide you on the exact measurements of each ingredient, so you won’t waste your time and money creating faulty candles.


With all these online platforms offering quality courses in candle making, you won’t be lost while perfecting your candles as you can learn and build your skills in the comfort of your home. You can also enjoy these classes with the company of friends and family. Book an appointment now and be one of the satisfied candle making students of these awesome workshops. 

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