Best Candle Making Pot: Perfect for Melting Your Wax

Melting is a major candle-making process. You should always want to use a durable pot for your candle-making projects to avoid unnecessary expenses just in case your pot does not last long or could not withstand the heat. If you are looking for the perfect melting pot for your wax that suits your budget and needs, this article is for you. I have listed the melting pots I highly recommend, from the cheapest to the expensive ones. 

BrandPriceSize and CapacityProsCons
Eric Xlight 2lb$10.950.9L-affordable
-Can fit in a standard pot
-Thin aluminum material
-Not spill-proof
CozYours 2lb$11.990.9L-Affordable, ideal for beginners
-Removable handle
-Easily dents and discolors
AGLARY$19.991.3 L and 3 L
-Lightweight with a dripless pouring spout.
-Heat-resistant handle
-Discoloration of the pot may occur after a few uses
-Handle length may be too short
Gonioa$20.671.2 L-angled and non-slip handle for easy pouring-The screw-on handles easily get loose
-Handle can get warm
TOKSEO $20.991.8L-User-friendly design
-Has a tightening screw
-May spill when pouring
-Handle always need retightening
BBAXI$20.991.5L-Made of stainless steel making it durable and sturdy
-Can be easily cleaned with alcohol and kitchen wipes

-Only comes in one size
EricX Light 4lb$21.951.8L-Cools quickly
-High heat holding capacity burning the wax evenly
-Easily discolor
-Can be heavy when pouring
Hearts & Crafts$21.991.1 and 1.8L-Stylish appearance
-Comes in different colors (copper and teal)
-Has a scaling inside the pot useful for measuring wax
-Thin aluminum material
-Spout design needs improvement
CozYours 4lb$24.991.8L-Large pot ideal for large candle batches
-Comes with a non-slip thermometer
-Non-slip handle
-Bought together with a thermometer, cannot be bought separately
JBEIY$25.991.8L-Anti-scalding handle
-Easily cleaned with soap and water
-Ideal for a large batch of candles
-The bottom easily turns black after a few uses, which can affect its appearance
BEEXTM$29.991.5L-Durable to high heat
-An integral double burner eliminates the double boiling method
-Comfortable handle
-Comes with a lid that prevents debris from falling into melted wax
No water level indicator making it hard to know the water in the internal water system

Most Budget-Friendly Choice: EricX Light 2lb Candle Making Pouring Pot

The 0.9L capacity melting pot of EricX light brands is the most budget-friendly option. It is made of aluminum that you can get for only $10.95 on Amazon. It is a good choice for candle makers that have a tight budget.

It has excellent heat capacity and a heat-resistant plastic handle. It is sturdy for its size and easy to clean. It can fit any large pot, saving you trouble finding a fit pot size when double-boiling.

Since this is an affordable choice, you can expect that the aluminum is thin and that spilling may happen in the spout. Also, because it’s lightweight, it can float when placed in water, so you need to secure it. 

An Affordable Option: CozYours 2lb Candle Making Pouring Pot

The Cozyours candle melting pot is another inexpensive choice on the market. It is priced only at $11.99 for a 2lb pot and one-piece trivet mat on Amazon

It is a good buy for hobby candle makers that only need a small melting pot for their DIY candle projects. You can use this for melting all types of waxes at home. 

Since it is small, it can fit into almost any large pot or double boiler. Its handle is heat-resistant, allowing you to hold it directly for pouring.

It is made of aluminum, which makes it even more lightweight, and you can remove the handle for easy storage. A bonus when buying this pot is a silicone trivet mat that can protect your countertop.

When handling this pot, you might want to be extra careful because it easily dents and easily discolors. Suppose you want more candle wax to melt; you may consider upgrading.

If you are a beginner and want a melting pot that is perfect for you and pocket-friendly, you can certainly check this pot.

Budget-Perfect Choice: AGLARY Candle Making Pouring Pot

Being a beginner candle maker will help you get inexpensive melting pots that serve their purpose. The Aglary 3L melting pot, priced at $19.99 on Amazon, is an affordable option for novice candle makers. You can also buy a 1.2 L volume for $15, whatever suits your needs. 

It can hold four pounds of melted wax with a height of 8.1 inches and a diameter of 5.1 inches. It is made of aluminum and lightweight with a dripless pouring spout. The heat-resistant handle makes it safer during the heating process. 

This pot can be a good choice if you are also looking for a multi-purpose product since you can also use this to melt chocolate, beeswax, and soap without the difficulty of cleaning the pot. 

However, the handle may be too short for some with larger hands. Also, if you are using water to melt the wax, discoloration may occur outside the metal, affecting its appearance.

Another Best Choice: Gonioa Candle Making Pouring Pot

The Gonioa melting pot is the perfect size for small batches of candles. It can hold up to 1.2 L of molten wax and is durable with its aluminum body. You can also use it directly on the stove or boil it in a pot of water.

It is convenient to use with its dripless spout design that can make pouring super easy. The angled and non-slip handle makes it easier to grip and pour with one hand on candle containers. It’s also lightweight and can be easily cleaned. 

The downside of this pot is that the handle can easily get warm, requiring you to use mittens when pouring. You also have to secure and tighten the screw regularly, and there might be wax running on the side of the pot when pouring. 
If you plan to work on small batches of candles at a time, this pot is for you. You can check it out on Amazon, priced at $20.67. 

A Decent Choice: TOKSEO Candle Making Pouring Pot

The Tokseo candle pouring pot has a dimension of 8-inches in height and a 5.5-inch diameter that is ideal for beginner DIY candle makers. This pot is made up of aluminum, making it lightweight. 

This pot can hold up to four pounds or 1.8 liters of melted wax, enough for small batches of candle projects. It has a user-friendly design with its dripless spout and a heat-resistant plastic handle that will make pouring easier.

It also has a screw in the handle that you can adjust for a tight fit. Since it is made of aluminum and lighter than a stainless steel melting pot, the downside of using this pot is the hassle of retightening the handle screws every time you use it.

You may also have difficulty cleaning the melted wax inside the pot and may encounter occasional spills when pouring. Overall, this pot can be a decent choice for its price. 

You can check it here on Amazon, which comes for $20.99 for the pot and a trivet mat.

A Handy Choice: BBAXI Candle Making Pouring Pot

The BBaxi melting pot looks like any other pot but differs from other affordable choices with its 304 stainless steel body that can hold up to 1.5L of molten wax. 

The heat, rust, and corrosion-resistant BBAXi pot melt wax nicely and evenly than in aluminum pots. It has an ergonomic handle that is comfortable when pouring and a sleek spout design that prevents leaking. 

Another great feature of this product is the measurement lines in the interior that are certainly helpful in measuring melted wax. You can also easily clean it by using alcohol and kitchen wipes.

Also, this pot will never discolor since it’s made of stainless steel rather than aluminum.

The cons this melting pot may have is the small volume of molten wax it can hold compared to other pots in its price range. 

This 1.5L pot size is also the largest available pot in this brand you can buy. Also, if working on scented wax, the smell may linger at the bottom for a while, even after washing.

You can get this on Amazon for $20.99.

A Great Choice: EricX Light Candle Making Pouring Pot

The EricX Light melting pot is made of aluminum, allowing the wax to cool quickly. It is one of the top choices for candle makers since it easily heats up on the stove and uses the double boiling method. 

The handle does not heat up easily, making it safer. It also holds heat inside, melting the wax evenly, and you can easily clean it once done. You can wipe it with a wet cloth, and the wax clings to the aluminum will come off. 

This pot, though, may exhibit some discoloration when heated in water that may bother you. The handle screws may also loosen after only a few uses. 

At the same time, since the pot is larger, holding 1.8L of molten wax, it is best to use two hands when pouring it into containers.  

The EricX Light melting pot is a great choice for budget candle makers looking for a large pot at a reasonable price. You can get it for $21.95 on Amazon.

A Stylish Choice: Hearts & Crafts Candle Pots

The Hearts & Crafts Candle Making pot is unique among other brands because of its stylish appearance. It is a warm-colored pot that comes in copper and teal that combines sass and functionality. 

It has a capacity of 1.8L or four lbs made of aluminum with a heat-proof handle, and can withstand high-level temperatures from heating. It also has a scaling inside the pot that helps pour the right volume of wax. 

One major con of this melting pot is the spout design that can spill when pouring.

Although it’s designed to be free of spillage, the spout needs improvement. The aluminum material is also thin compared to other aluminum melting pots. 
This brand is definitely for you if you want a stylish and affordable brand. Visit Amazon to purchase this melting pot in 2 lbs and 4lbs volumes for $16 to $21.99.

A Worthy Choice: Cozyours 4lb Candle Making Pouring Pot

Another pot from Cozyours made it to this list. It holds up to 1.8L of wax and is sold with a thermometer. A great feature of Cozyours pots is its easy-grip handle that makes candle pouring easy. 

It also has a distinct spout that works magic, making the candle pouring less messy, and with a sleek aluminum body. Since it is a large pot, you can make many candles at once. 

The non-slip thermometer that comes with it is very useful. Clip it on the side of the melting pot, and you can get your temperature reading. 

When you buy this product, you may want to consider checking the thermometer’s accuracy. At the same time, you can only buy this product in a set (pot and thermometer) which may be unnecessary for some candle makers. 

You can get this for $24.99 on Amazon

A Value Choice: JBEIY Candle Wax Melting Pot

The JBEIY melting pot is one of the large pots you can get for your DIY candle making. It can hold up to 1.8 liters of molten wax, which is ideal for making large batches of candles.

The pot is made with aluminum and has an anti-scalding handle that makes it safer to use, preventing your hands from being burnt. 

It is easily cleaned and can be a go-to for any candle makers who want to make many candles at once and skip the trouble of washing.

The cons of buying this product are that it easily turns black or brown after a few uses and can only be bought on Amazon in a candle kit for $25.99.

A Competitive Choice: BEEXTM Candle Making Pot

This candle-making pot is unique as it is with its lid design. It appears like a kitchen kettle without the spout.

It has a capacity of 1.5L of stainless steel, making it durable to high-heat. On top of it, it has a water injection port that allows it to be used in high temperatures.

The handle is user-friendly with a finger-shaped surface making it easy and comfortable to hold. The lid cover of this pot ensures that no dust and other debris can fall on your melted wax. 

This pot does not have a pouring spout design, but it miraculously pours the wax cleanly and is easy to clean with just soap and water. 

What is more special about this melting pot is it eliminates the double burner method with its internal water jacket. It is an integral double burner that comes in very handy. 

The only challenge you may have in the BEEXTM candle-making pot is the absence of a water gauge or an indicator of low water levels that can be challenging and pose a risk of overheating the wax. 
You can get this on Amazon for $29.99, which comes only in one size (1.5L).

Melt That Wax in the Perfect Melting Pot For You

Melting wax is crucial in candle making, and having the perfect melting partner will be very important, and these pots are brands I have personally used that I can recommend. If you are a beginner or only make candles for a hobby, I suggest you go for CozyYours 2lb melting pot. It will be the best since it is small and ideal for working on small volumes of candles. For large projects, try the TOKSEO melting pot; it is made of stainless steel that is surely durable with a price right for your pocket.

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