Candle Making Utensils: Tools You Need for Candle Making

Candle making is one of the many hobbies you can try out today. So, If you are a fan of candles and are after all the benefits you can get from this simple home accessory, then here are the candle making utensils that you should prioritize buying to start right. 

You will need a durable pouring pot, a thermometer, and a stirring spoon for your heating needs. At the same time, you should also get a weighing scale, wick holders, and containers for measuring your wax and assembling your candles.

Having the right tools and utensils in your candle-making journey will make it easier to work and achieve the candle output you like. This article will enumerate the different candle making utensils you should have. Beginners and professional candle makers should have this when working on new candle projects.

Heat It! Your Heating Utensils Is The Key

Candle making certainly involves a lot of heating, so it is obvious to include and spend more on heating utensils. It will be wise to spend generously on this group of tools since you will be using them for a longer time. 

Durable Aluminum Pot: Ideal Than Steel

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When you melt the wax, you must ensure that it melts evenly and safely. The aluminum pot can serve as your melting container or pouring pitcher simultaneously, but you can also choose to get a separate one. 

Aluminum is an ideal material for these melting containers since it does not rust over time, allowing you to enjoy your pot for a long time.

Aluminum alloy is also a good heat conductor; it gets hot and can distribute heat more effectively than steel because of its innate thermal conductivity. 

At the same time, since it is so thin, it can cool down rapidly by conducting heat away faster, minimizing hot spots in your melting pot.

It would be best to remember that aluminum alloy could melt at fixed temperatures, so you have to ensure that you only use it in a temperature range of 150 to 200 degrees celsius. 

Suppose you will be exceeding this temperature range, then you can buy special types of aluminum at a higher price. 

Thermometer: Your Heat Buddy

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In candle making, a thermometer is certainly a must since there is no other way you can know or measure the temperature of your wax. 

Temperature is an essential factor in many stages of your candle making, such as adding the scents and dyes at the right time to allow them to mix in your wax. 

Also, if you lack a thermometer, you can risk injury by not knowing how hot the temperature is when you are working on the fire. 

There are many thermometers, but it would be best to use digital thermometers because they have a broader temperature range. Reading them will be no problem because of the provided digital display.

Stirring Spoon: Give Your Wax A Good Stir

Since most candle elements like dyes and fragrance oils are added at the optimum temperature inside the melting pot, you will need a stirring spoon. 

Giving your wax and other additives a good stir will ensure that all are blended well before pouring in containers.

Stirring spoons will be the best option since you can buy them at different handle lengths. 

Though buying a stirring spoon may be optional since you can use sticks or other stirring utensils, it would be the best one to go together with your pouring pot.

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Since it is a spoon, you can scoop a little of the wax while in the process to examine its consistency. 

You can get this stirring spoon in any dollar store or as a set with your pouring pot purchase. 

Measuring and Assembly Utensils: Making Your Life Easier

Aside from the heating utensils, you have to prepare, the measuring and assembly accessories will certainly make your life easier and your candle making enjoyable. 

Weighing Scale: A Tool You Can Rely On

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Of course, candle making will deal with a lot of measurements, from the wax down to the color and fragrances, and a weighing scale is certainly a tool you can rely on this.

It is rather important to use a scale in measuring this than using cups for accuracy. 

Your weighing scale need not be expensive. A simple digital kitchen scale measuring up to five kilos is enough. Remember that having this tool will allow you to make your candles correctly. 

There are many digital scales you can choose from, and you can read this article for some of the best I can recommend.

Be sure to choose portable ones so that you can transfer them to any space you like in your work area. 

Wick Holders/Candle Wick Centering Device: Keep The Wick in Position

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One important element of the candle is the wick, and placing them correctly is crucial, and here is where your wick holders will play a part. 

Wick holders can be made of metal or just as simple as a clothespin. The clothespin is an inexpensive option to keep the candle wicks in position. 

If you want to buy a wick holder that is non-wood, then a metal candle wick centering device is for you. It usually comes in a bow-tie shape with holes along the center. The holes give you a choice where you can place your wick.

You can check it out on Amazon, and the packaging usually comes in six to fifteen pieces.

Glass and Aluminum Containers: The Final Space For Your Candles

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The last step in candle making is pouring the wax into containers and allowing them to cool and harden; hence containers will be the primary utensil you will need. 

You can choose whether you like to use glass jars or aluminum tin cans, depending on the mood or the look you want your candles to have. 

Aluminum tin cans produce a rugged look, and glass jars can give your candles a sophisticated vibe. Whatever you choose, make sure to have them always when making your candles. It is a utensil you should always have. 

Do Not Waste Your Time, Get Them Now!

Any project you work on always starts with the essentials you surely need. Do not forget to get these candle making utensils first before starting with your new hobby, and you will certainly have a great candle making experience. 

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