Best Candle Making Hot Plate for Melting Your Candle Wax

One of the crucial things that you have to consider in making candles is how to keep the wax melted before you pour them into their containers or mold. Using a hot plate for your candle-making project is a great way to make sure that your wax won’t be set. Now, there is no specific hot plate that is made for candle-making, but there are some that you can use for your candle projects.

BESTINNKITSGreat for flat-bottom containers
Great for keeping wax melted
FCC and UL certified, waterproof design
 Gets hot easily
Temperature doesn’t work at all times
Elite GourmetAffordable
Easy to clean
Offers multiple settings
Long power cord
Can easily breakdown after a few months of use
Takes time to get hot
DuxtopCompatible with any magnetic cooktop
LCD sensor
Energy efficient
Fast heating cooktop
Noiseless unit
Child lock feature
Only has a single ring
Adjustable temperature setting
Easy to clean
Indicator light
Takes time to boil water

BESTINNKITS: Best Seller Hot Plate for Candle Making

The BESTINNKITS White Smart Coffee Auto Hot Plate is also great for making candles. It is easy to use with a 19-watt warmer great for keeping your wax melted while you prepare your containers for your candles. It also has a built-in gravity induction switch with indicator light. So there is no need to turn it on or off manually.

This hot plate will meet your desired temperature of up to 131 degrees Fahrenheit. The BESTINNKITS White Smart Coffee Auto Hot Plate is great for containers with flat-bottom as it will have the best warmth retaining performance.

The container that it can hold is over 13 ounces to activate the gravity induction switch feature. The plate has a waterproof design that is covered with a layer of thermal conductive glass without the need for security concerns when there are occasional spills. It is also easy to clean.

The BESTINNKITS White Smart Coffee Auto Hot Plate is safe and reliable with FCC, and UL certificates backed with 24-hour customer support. It also has a compact design so that you can store it anywhere with no problem.

The downside to this hot plate is there are times when the temperature doesn’t work, which means you would need to check it often to see if the warmer tends to become too warm. It can easily overheat when you leave the plug on for too long.

The BESTINNKITS White Smart Coffee Auto Hot Plate best thing about this hot plate is the wide range of colors that you can choose from, such as white, black, pink, and red. You can get this hot plate on Amazon for $29.99.

Elite Gourmet Hot Burner: The Hot Plate You Need for Candle Making

The Elite Gourmet Hot Burner is the hot plate that you need for your candle-making projects. It is easy to clean and a great way to stay away from hot plates that have coils in them. There are some hot plates out there that are hard to clean when a pool of wax suddenly drips on them.

With the Elite Gourmet Hot Burner, it features small ridges on the burner that will help stop drips from flowing on its sides. The sides are shallow enough for easy cleanup. The temperature on the hot plate is adjustable with settings such as Off, Warm, Low, Mid, and High.

It has 1000 watts of power for quick cooking and is great for melting waxes for your candle projects. The base is cool to touch and has non-skid rubber feet for stable cooking. The Elite Gourmet Hot Burner also has a power indicator light that will help you determine if the hot plate is on or not.

This hot plate also has 27 inches power cord which will not limit your freedom to move it around your workspace when you need to.

Some people said that it takes time to reach the moderately hot level on the hot plate, which means you would need to wait a bit longer to make sure that it is hot enough to melt your wax. There are also some people who claim that the whole product stops after three months of everyday use.

The Elite Gourmet Hot Burner is available on Amazon for $17.99, and you can choose from two colors: white and black.

Dux Top Portable Induction Cooktop: Great for Big Candle Projects

If you plan to do plenty of candle projects, the Dux Top Portable Induction Cooktop is the best hot plate to use. It is great to use when you are working on different projects all day. The best thing about this hot plate is it doesn’t get too hot, but your pan would definitely reach the heat that you want to melt your waxes.

With this feature, you can rest assured that you will have a safer work area, especially in a crafting setting. It is also portable and uses 110 or 120V with 15 AMP electrical outlets, which is standard in all North American homes. The Dux Top Portable Induction Cooktop is lightweight and compact for easy handling, which results in easy storage.

The Dux Top Portable Induction Cooktop offers 20 preset power levels, from 100 to 1800 watts, and preset temperature level settings of 100 to 460 degrees Fahrenheit. You can have 83 percent energy efficiency, which is more efficient than the other hot plates on the market.

This hot plate features a digital LCD sensor that offers a child safety lock that will keep the cooking and timer settings from being accidentally changed when it has already been set. It also has a keep warm button that can be set from one to 30 minutes at 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Dux Top Portable Induction Cooktop is compatible with any magnetic cookware. The pans that you use for your double boiler to melt your wax should have a magnetic bottom. It also has an auto-pan detection that will shut off the unit automatically after 60 seconds of no cookware or the incorrect cookware is detected.

It is compatible with any cookware that has at least five inches diameter, which will make sure it is large and uniform with the heated area of the unit.

Another great feature of this hot plate is the noiseless process, so you don’t have to worry about annoying sounds while you are working on your candles. Before you clean the unit, make sure that you allow it to hold down first.

The downside to this unit is it only has a single inner ring, despite it heating so quickly. Other than this, it is a great tool for you to have when it comes to making your candle projects.

You can purchase the Dux Top Portable Induction Cooktop on Amazon for $116.96.

Daewoo Single Hot Plate: Compact Solution for Melting Wax

The Daewoo Single Hot Plate is perfect when you are looking for a compact tool to have with your candle-making supplies. When you have limited space in your kitchen or a room where you make your candle projects, this unit is the best solution for you. You can easily melt wax on this hot plate without any trouble.

With the Daewoo Single Hot Plate, you can easily control and adjust the temperature using the control dial for you to achieve the heat that you want for melting wax. The indicator light on the hot plate will let you know when it is ready to use.

Thanks to its durable stainless steel housing, the Daewoo Single Hot Plate is easy to clean when you are done melting your wax. This is perfect when you want to save money and time when you are melting your candle waxes.

It also has a sleek, slimline stainless steel housing design which makes it easy to store anywhere in your home. The Daewoo Single Hot Plate is the perfect hot plate to keep your table or worktop surface free from any clutter.

The Daewoo Single Hot Plate has stable non-slip feet that will make this unit easy and safe to use for your candle-making projects.

Some of the customers reported that it might take some time to boil water, which can be a deal-breaker when you plan to use a double boiler with this hot plate. Aside from this downside, the Daewoo Single Hot Plate is the perfect tool to use for melting candle waxes.

The Daewoo Single Hot Plate is available on Amazon for $36.96.

What to Consider When Choosing Your Hot Plate

Choosing a hot plate is one of the most important parts of using a hot plate to make your candles. When you choose the wrong hot plate, it will only be suitable for making candles with a double boiler. You need to find one that has precise temperature controls, and it can be adjusted as low as 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

It should list the actual temperatures on the unit rather than measurements such as low, medium, or high. This is an important feature to have since plenty of electric burners kick on and off, and even at the lowest setting, the temperature can be as high as 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

When choosing a hot plate, you should look for precise temperature control, portable, less cleanup, and a large heated surface.

If you have a portable hot plate, it will provide you with one of the best benefits when making candles. It will also let you keep a dedicated candle-making station somewhere in your home. You don’t want to just make your candles in your kitchen or other parts of your home since it can get a bit messy.

Using Your Hot Plate to Melt Wax: What You Should Know

You have different options when you melt candle wax with a hot plate. You can choose from using a large pan and melting several pounds of wax at a time, or you can just weigh your wax and melt them directly in the pouring pitcher.

With a double boiler, it is the best method to use in melting wax as it keeps the candle wax far from direct heat and instead heats the melting pot through contact with the boiling water that cannot be hotter than 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is a great practice to use some kind of spacer between the bottom of your melting pot as well as the inside of the pan that you are using for melting your candles. You can find a list of the best double boiler in this article I have written.

When using a melting pot, you would need to have precise temperature controls so that you can skip using a double boiler altogether. Doing this method will save you time and a little bit of a cleanup. You can place your melting pot on the hot plate, and you can adjust the temperature to no more than 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Make sure that you measure your candle wax into your melting pot and place it directly on top of your chosen hot plate. Once you make sure of this, you can continue with the candle-making process as normal. When your hot plate is big enough, you can heat different melting pots at once so you can make different types of candles as quickly as possible.

If you are using a large pot, it is best to make large amounts of candles or multiple kinds of candles at the same time. At most times, melting pots are usually limited to one to four pounds of wax at a time, but with large pots, it can fit much more wax at once.

In order to make large batches of candles with a hot plate, it is best to use one large pot. Place the pouring pot on a silicon pad on top of a digital scale and fill the pouring pot with melted wax using a ladle. Once you have reached your desired measurement, remove the pouring pot and begin filling another one.

You can continue with your candle-making process using multiple pouring pots or wiping out a single pouring pot when you are changing fragrance oils. It is best to wipe out your pouring pot whenever you are changing your fragrance oils to keep it clean and untainted smell.

FAQs You Should Know

Can You Use a Hot Plate For Candle Making? Yes! As long as it has adjustable temperature control, then you are good to go. With this feature, it can prevent you from overheating your candle waxes. However, if you are not able to find a hot plate with adjustable temperature control, it is best to use it with a double boiler.

Is It Possible to Melt a Glass Candle on an Electric Burner? Absolutely! You can place the candle in a pot of water and bring up the temperature until the candle wax melts completely. When the wax has melted, turn off the heat and wait for the water as well as the wax to cool. When that’s done, scoop the wax off of the top and throw it away.

Is a 1000 Watt Hot Plate Enough to Boil Water? If you are using a double boiler, yes, a 1000 watt hot plate is enough to boil water. It is possible to boil three inches of water with a top pan where you can add your wax to melt on it.

Can You Melt Wax in an Induction Cooker? Yes! Now, you have to take note that not all containers will work on an induction stove. They may require pans that have high ferrous metal content at the base. It would include pans such as cast iron, black metal, iron, and sometimes stainless steel. Aluminum pans will not work with an induction cooker.

Final Thoughts

Hot plates are a great way to melt candle waxes for your candle projects. When you plan to buy your own hot plate, it is best to have one with an adjustable temperature control feature that will let you choose exactly what temperature you want. You can also use your hot plate as a tool for a double boiler, which is a great method to use for melting waxes. If you are looking for the best candle-making pots, here is an article for you.

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