Best Places to Sell Your Candles: Get the Profit You Need

If you are planning to sell your candles, you have probably thought about where you would sell them. There are different sales channels out there, and it can be hard to know where you can start. Each channel has its own benefits and challenges as well. Plenty of successful businesses start with one channel and then switch to multi-channel as they grow their profitability.

1. Amazon: The First Choice of Every Candle-Maker

Source: Amazon Seller

When it comes to the marketplace or where you can sell your candles, Amazon makes it at the top of the list. It is known to be the top e-commerce company in the world where Amazon’s fiscal numbers show that it made billions of revenue in the third quarter of 2020.

People have come to trust the website and the products they buy on its marketplace. Amazon is the perfect place to sell your candles as it reaches plenty of people around the world. They can deliver items in as little as one day, in some areas, through Amazon Prime.

Now, the cost to sell your product on Amazon would depend on the plan, fulfillment strategy, product category, and other factors. The minimum amount that you will pay per month is $39.99 per month, and it is called the Professional seller plan. There are also other additional fees that you need to take into consideration if you want to sell through Amazon.

Now, the plan that is mentioned above is perfect for those who want to sell more than 40 units of candles per month. The plan is also great to advertise your products, qualify for top placement on product detail pages, and if you need advanced selling tools such as APIs and reporting.

Overall, Amazon is the perfect place to sell you candles if you want to reach a broad and global audience.

2. Shopify: Easiest and Most Reputable

Source: Shopify Seller

One of the easiest and most reputable places to sell your candles is Shopify. It is an e-commerce platform, which makes it easy to get your store up and running without needing any technical skills or a huge budget. As of today, Shopify has over one million businesses and is known for its affordable prices, useful marketing tools, and professional designs.

There are 100 templates to choose from when it comes to building your Shopify store, and it includes different built-in features. All you need to pay is $29 for a monthly fee, and you will get your website. You will also have your own blog, SSL certifications, abandoned shopping cart recovery, and other beginner-friendly marketing tools.

To create a more personalized shopping experience, you can sell your candles on different websites across different marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay.

Also, there are over 4,000 free Shopify apps that you can use so that you can extend your site’s functionality and successfully sell your candles online. You can take a look at Shopify Store Launch Checklist for you to get set up.

3. eBay: A Very Well-Known Website

Source: eBay Seller Center

There is a pretty big chance that you have come across eBay once or twice in your day. It is the original online selling site and has been online since 1995. It has 1.3 billion listings and 182 million users worldwide, and this is according to eBay statistics.

Different people can sell anything on eBay, from everyday items such as shoes and watches. So, you can definitely sell your candles on this online website. When you plan to sell on eBay, you should take fees into consideration.

eBay charges a non-refundable listing fee for every product and other insertion fees when you list the same items in two different categories. They will also charge you a final value fee, which is usually between 10 to 12 percent and is calculated as a percentage of the total amount of the sale.

These fees would include any shipping and handling charges. Just like Amazon, eBay has a significant audience that you can sell to fast and can make a great additional sales channel when you want to sell your candles online.

4. Etsy: Great for Creative Entrepreneurs

Source: Etsy

Etsy is known for being the top marketplace that creative entrepreneurs go to. You can get your candles in front of lots of people quickly. You can post your candles or other products that you have in mind for a $0.20 listing fee and a 3.5 percent commission.

In Etsy, sellers reach a worldwide market of over 26 million active buyers, sales routinely reach into the billions of dollars every year, and the popular item is candles. The suggested target market is mid-market to high-end customers.

Registration to the website is free, and once you have a confirmed Etsy account, you will be able to add items to your favorites, post in the community, use Etsy’s on-site messaging system, and request help from the Etsy support.

Now, you will receive a confirmation email to complete your account. Once your account has been verified, you can add your profile picture and fill out your bio, which is public information. If you are done with that, select ‘Open a Shop’ at the bottom of the site, and then you are good to go.

5. Social Media: Best Place to Market Your Business

Everyone has social media, and it can help your market your business to different people. You can also use it directly to sell your candles to customers. There are two options on how you can get started on selling your candles on social media:

Facebook. You can add a ‘shop’ section on your business page to display and sell your products either from Etsy or Shopify, or you can experiment with Facebook Marketplace. It is a Craigslist-like mobile interface where people can buy and sell their products locally.

Pinterest. When it comes to this channel, you can integrate your Shopify store with Pinterest to make direct sales through ‘Buyable Pins.’

You can target customers who are in the mid-market to high-end market margin.

6. Craigslist: Earlier Online Selling Site

Source: Craigslist

One of the earlier online selling sites is Craigslist which was started by Craig Newmark in 1995. They began as an email distribution list between friends which features local events in the San Francisco Bay Area. They became a web-based marketplace, and as the years went by, has expanded into 700 cities across 70 different countries.

It is free to list your candles on this site, and it is easy to use as well as pretty basic. It’s technically a big local form with a lot of stuff. Now, when it comes to risks, Craigslist will make it on the list because of the platform’s hands-off approach when it comes to buying and selling.

Scams can happen easily, and when they do, you won’t get any help from the company. Aside from that, Craigslist is the go-to selling site for local buyers and sellers. It is also best for those who prefer to meet in person to close a particular deal.

7. Bonanza: Perfect for Those Located in Seattle, Washington

Source: Bonanza Seller

Bonanza is considered to be a fast-growing online marketplace that is based in Seattle, Washington. It is a newer buy and sells website that is quickly becoming a popular alternative to eBay. You can sell your candles on the website, and you can guarantee that you will get customers.

You can think of Bonanza as the middle ground between Amazon and eBay. You can find different handmade items for sale on this website which is the perfect place to sell candles.

They charge you nothing to list your products on the site, and they will only take a small percentage of your final sale price once you sell it to your customers. Since there are a lot of Bonanza sellers who have their own online stores, integrate Bonanza with different platforms such as Shopify.

Doing this will make managing the candles that you sell manageable.

To get started on selling on the website, you can sign up on the ‘start selling’ page. Then, choose your booth’s name or website, and click the ‘open your booth’ button. Once that’s done, you would need to enter your bank or payment details and your personal information.

You can then choose to advertise or not through Bonanza, which can be changed anytime. You can also select membership at this stage. When you are all done, you can go ahead and sell your candles!

8. Nextdoor: Focused In Community Selling

Source: Nextdoor Seller

You can compare Nextdoor to Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist since it is focused on community selling. It also enables the ‘friendly neighbor’ feel by letting people post about what’s the latest update on their neighborhood, and it can cover traffic delays or products for sale.

It acts as a hub for any given area or neighborhood. There are no listing fees, and you will have to meet the buyers in person. It will feel a little safer too since you need to make an account before anyone can access the platform.

You can complete your seller’s profile in Nextdoor in just five steps. The first is to click the green button labeled ‘Open Your Booth.’ Then, you would need to set your booth title, username, email, and password. You can also log in through Facebook or Google account.

The third step is to connect your Paypal and/or your Amazon Pay accounts to receive payments from your buyers. Then, set your return policy, and enter your personal identification information. Once that’s done, enter your credit card details so that Nextdoor can validate your identity.

Lastly, you will choose your pre-approval and advertising settings and finalize your booth. When everything is done, you are ready to sell your candles!

9. Chairish: Consignement Shop

Source: Chairish

Chairish is a consignment shop where you can find high-quality home decor and furniture. If you make high-end designs for your candles, this is the best place to sell them. It only takes minutes to list an item, and listing them is for free. Depending on your selling plan, you can get between 70 to 80 percent of the selling price.

The best this about Chairish is that it is totally free unless you decide to sign up for an Elite plan. The Elite plan will cost you $149 a month. When you list your candles, Chairish’s curatorial team will review your listings to make sure they meet the marketplace’s standards.

The team will also edit your product photos, and pictures of them live for you. Chairish will also handle the shipping, so you don’t have to worry about logistics when you are selling your items. This website can quickly land your business in front of ideal buyers so that you can make more sales online.

Once you have created your Chairish account, you would need to hover your name and select ‘Sell an Item’ from the drop-down list. You will then enter details and photos of your candles; make sure that you include keyword tags and a description that helps tell what it is selling.

As I’ve mentioned above, the team will review your listing and will be approved in about three to five days. After that, you will price your item and then choose your shipping methods.

There are different shipping methods that Chairish offers: Chairish In-Home Delivery, Chairish Parcel, Local Pickup, Local Delivery, and Seller Managed Delivery. Choose the option that will most suit you. If you want hassle and worry-free packaging as well as shipping, Chairish Drop Off & Go is the best option.

After that, it is time to set up your PayPal account so you can receive payments. Lastly, it’s time to brand your profile and increase your sales!

10. Selling Locally: Great for Those Who Are a People Person

When you are a people person, you can sell through local events, and it has one huge advantage over selling online, which is personal rapport. You can interact with different customers and allow them to touch, smell, and see your candles before making a decision to purchase them.

You can find great options nearby through farmers’ markets, festivals, and craft fairs. Here are some of the places where you can consider selling your candles locally.

Farmers’ Markets. These are a casual way to step into the world of local selling, and there is most likely one near you. You can check out the National Farmers Market Directory or learn more about selling at farmers’ markets through Shopify. You can target customers who are in the mass-market to the lower-mid-market range.

Craft Fairs and Festivals. Just like farmers’ markets, craft fairs and festivals will let you make a direct sale and get valuable feedback. You can search for nearby events through Festival Net, CrafterLister, or your local chamber of commerce’s website. A great resource for local craft fairs is Social Media platforms.

You can learn more about this selling channel through crafts fairs from Etsy. The targeted customers here are from mass-market to mid-market to high-end.

11. Wholesaling: Selling Candles in Bulk

When you want to sell your candles in bulk to retailers for resale at a markup, there are different channels that you can go to. You can diversify your income streams and conveniently sell your candles in volume to one client or reach an existing customer base. You can also get valuable feedback on what will sell best.

Those who are successful in wholesaling are those selling shelf-ready products and professional brands. In order to convince retailers to stock your products, it would help create a buyer’s pack with samples, line sheet or product catalog, marketing displays and materials, and order forms.

It is also the time to get comfortable with large-scale candle production, minimum order amounts (such as selling two dozen candles or more at the same time), and correct wholesale pricing.

Local Shops. This is a good introduction to the world of wholesaling as you will get to know store owners and their product lines. You can also share your brand and products as well as keep in touch with them. Make sure to not limit yourself to local channels since plenty of candle makers successfully target shops in other states.

Here, you can target mid-market to high-end customers.

Boutiques. Another great way to wholesale your candles and a better way for a high-end target market. Here, you would need a professional, luxurious presentation for your candles, and it is a must. The suggested target market here is customers who are in the upper mid-market to high-end.

Etsy Wholesale. Aside from posting your candles individually on Etsy, you can also sell wholesale. If you already have an Etsy shop, you can apply to Etsy Wholesale and reach more than 25,000 stores. For you to qualify, you will need to have a consistent track recorder as a seller, competitive wholesale prices, and professional branding.

If you are ready, check out Etsy’s wholesale guide, glossary, and worksheet. You can even listen to case studies online on how to attract wholesale clients. Your target market here is upper mid-market to high-end.

Handshake. Another wholesale marketplace is designed to connect with suppliers and retailers easily. You will find unique, non-mass-produced products to sell in different categories. Each supplier will be handpicked by the Handshake team.

The online store owners and brick-and-mortar shops both purchase through this channel. If your business sells unique products in bulk, you can apply through the Handshake website. The best part about this platform is you can integrate it with Shopify.

It will allow you to manage inventory, fulfill orders, and track sales all in one place. Compared to the other marketplaces out there, it requires manual upkeep and one too many CSV uploads as well as excel sheets.

Consignment Note. This is another approach that you can do is to sell on consignment. Here a retailer stocks your candles but only pays you when they are sold. It can be a great way to get your products into stores. However, it is best to be aware that you take on more financial risk when your candles don’t sell.

12. A Few Key Reminders in Setting Up Shop

There are a couple of things that you should keep in mind when you are trying to sell your candles. There are different approaches to selling your candle products, such as online, locally, through wholesale, or a combination of the three.

Choosing selling channels that are aligned with your personality and target market is important. When you are selling online, it is best to try marketplaces like Etsy or tools like Shopify so that you can build your own e-commerce store.

Exploring your selling options locally through farmers’ markets, craft fairs, or festivals can widen your audience. So, it is best that you always keep yourself updated if one is happening near you.

Now, wholesaling your candles to shops or boutiques has plenty of advantages, such as cost savings and the convenience of selling in bulk to one client. With this selling channel, you can expect that you will get more profit rather than selling your candles one by one.

Before you tackle the multi-channel approach, it is best to focus on one channel first. You can get used to tracking your sales and inventory. Also, if you are on a small manufacturing scale, it is best to reach a couple of customers first so that you won’t be overwhelmed in producing your candles.

If you want to know more about starting a candle-making business, you can check this article that I have written.

FAQs That You Should Know When Selling Online

I’m an individual seller. What is the best online selling site for me? The best online selling site for you are Handshake, Chairish, and Bonanza. Each of these has a strong community of entrepreneurs and a loyal customer base that will keep coming back for more. So you can ensure that your candles will sell in these channels.

What should I track for my candle business? It is best to keep track of your gross incomes, net incomes, and expenses that you have to maintain your candle business. You can use a manual system for tracking, but it will be much easier to automate the tracking of your finances. Aside from that, you can lessen the chances of making any errors.

What is the best shipping solution for candles? Not all sites or channels offer the same type of shipping services and solutions. It is important for you to research your options and educate yourself as to what is the best option for you. Make sure to compare shipping companies, both federal and private, so that you know the lowest shipping costs that are available to you.

Be sure to research whether shipping materials, packaging, and boxes are cost-effective but also high-quality. You would also include the total cost of shipping in the candle price itself and calculate your profit margins with the cost of the individual candles that you have for sale.

Final Takeaway

Every candle business owner should explore the different online selling sites. Doing this will help your new business get off the ground with a built-in audience of active buyers. You will also get plenty of marketing opportunities. However, make sure to not only rely on online marketplaces, as you also want to build your own online store to build your brand. This way, you can connect with shoppers and retain more profits.

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