Can Leather Be Ironed? Better Be Safe Than Sorry

Just like our skin and clothes, leathers can get wrinkles and creases too as it ages. Although these are all normal, leather owners still get upset when their beloved leathers get these conditions. And the idea that comes up in their mind is to iron their leather just like how they iron their clothes. But does ironing leather help? You will know the answer by reading this article, so stay and enjoy!

Ironing leather is not advisable, for we know that leathers are such sensitive material. However, you can still use the ironing method with extra care. But what’s best to do is steaming your leather, using leather conditioners, storing them properly, and using heavy objects. 

Now that the question on your mind has been answered, I still have a lot to share with you, such as how you would prevent your leather from getting wrinkles and creases. And I promised, after reading this article, you will love your leather even more! Here, we will also tackle what you must do to lessen the damages that your leather has. 

Get Rid Of Leather Creases And Wrinkles

I know many are struggling to get rid of the stubborn creases and wrinkles on their leathers. Since it is not recommended to iron your leather, I have listed down different techniques to know how you will get creases off leather garments and accessories to make them look new again.

Remove Wrinkles On your Leather Jacket

Jackets have been one of the most popular products made out of leather, and it was enjoyed and bought by many people for so many years. But what will you do if your favorite jacket gets creases and wrinkles that make it look like it was bought 50 years ago? 

First on our list is the steaming method. Steaming helps remove wrinkles on your leather but be advised that using clothes steamers might damage leather. You must hang leather in the bathroom and put it where it will not get wet. Next, turn on your shower, set it in a hot setting, and close the bathroom door tightly. Let the steam fill up the bathroom for 10 to 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, gently smooth the leather jacket with your hands and see the difference.

You can do this method in different leather garments, and surely you will be happy with the results.

Iron It Gently

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Though I said that ironing leather garments or accessories is not typically recommended, you can still do this technique if you have no choice. It works, but you need to be extra careful.

For Leather Garments

Start with this method, turn your iron, set it to a low setting, and lay your leather garments. Please do not bring the iron directly to your leather, so find thick coverings such as a brown envelope, a cotton cloth, or a towel and place it on top of the leather. Remember not to use light coverings, for it might not protect your leather fully. Also, you should empty all the water in your iron, and after that,  carefully and slowly iron the leather by pressing it lightly to avoid additional damage. If you are done, hang and store it properly if you are not using it right away.

For Bags, Purses, Shoes and Other Leather Accessories

In this method, we will not be using an iron, but instead, I will teach you how a blow dryer can also help get creases and wrinkles out of your leather products such as your purses, shoes, etc.

This method is also called ironing because of the heat that comes from the blow dryer. Start, get your blow dryer, set it in the lowest settings, and then aim it on the part with creases or wrinkles. Please do not stay in the blower for too long, so you will have to keep it moving to avoid burning that certain part of the leather.

Heavy Objects Can Help Too

Who would have thought that even the simplest thing inside your house can solve your problem? Your encyclopedias, dictionaries, slabs, etc., can be your great companion too. So what you are going to do is lay your jacket, coats, leather skirts on a flat surface and place a heavy object over the wrinkled area. You will have to leave it overnight there, be patient.

Repeat the process if you still see wrinkles and creases or until it is in its original shape again.

Easiest Way To Get Rid Of Wrinkles On Leathers

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If you thought that taking advantage of the heavy things inside your home is the easiest, then you are wrong. The easiest technique would be gently pulling the leather garments to reduce creases and wrinkles appearance. 

To do this, first, get a hanger and hang your leather garment there. Make sure that the hanger won’t cause additional creases. After making sure that the leather garment was put correctly onto the hanger, hang it on a sturdy surface and then grab the top and bottom part of the wrinkled leather to look like the wrinkled area is between the parts you are holding. Then, gently pull the leather garment but do not pull it for too long or no longer than five (5) seconds. Note that this method usually works for small wrinkles and creases only.

Get Wrinkles and Creases Out Of Your Leather Sofas

If you own a leather furniture such as a leather sofa or couches, you probably need this technique to maintain its luxurious beauty. Prepare yourself because this section will be a bit long, for this will have all the things you need to do to protect your leather furniture from having these stubborn wrinkles, creases, and puddling.

The Hair Dryer Method

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Since we sit on our leather couches almost every day while watching our favorite movies and eating our favorite snacks, it is prone to being saggy that can turn into wrinkles. It is also due to improper handling and storage, so you will need to be more protective over your leather. 

The first method that I am going to teach you are using soap and water. You will need to have soap, a hairdryer, water, and a clean cloth for this one. First, clean your sofa with mild soap and water. After that, grab your hairdryer and turn it to its hottest setting and then move the hairdryer back and forth to avoid burning the surface of the leather. Remember that the hair dryer must be eight (8) to ten (10) inches away from the leather. Continue doing this and wait until the wrinkles disappear. Applying a leather conditioner to remoisten the leather surface is optional but can help your leather sofa not to deteriorate easily.

Leather Conditioners

Applying leather conditioners to your leather sofas can help them maintain their beauty. And if you want to save more, do not buy expensive leather conditioners because you can surely make one using the ingredients you can find inside your home. If you want to know those, I already made a list of DIY leather conditioners which you can freely try in your home.

Howdy! Keep Your Leather Shoes’ Beauty

This one is not that complicated, for you will only use a leather conditioner whether you have made it or the one you bought at the store. It doesn’t matter because we are talking about maintaining the beauty of your leather shoes and boots. 

The first thing you will have to do is clean your leather shoes with a towel and water. Next, apply the leather conditioner around your shoes. Do this more often, especially if you are using your leather shoes regularly.

To prevent leather shoes and boots from creasing, use a shoe tree when leather shoes are not in use.

Know More About Ruffled Leather

This kind of leather is typically used in leather sofas, and if you see wrinkles on it, do not panic because it is designed with those. Ruffled leather is a thin piece of leather that you can also typically see in most leather garments such as jackets, skirts, bags, coats, and more.

Know What Leather Puddling Is

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Leather puddling can happen when leather is stretched too much. It creates an area where it has losses that usually can be found in the seat of the leather couches and sofas. Although this is normal, and some people do not seem bothered about it, it is still an unpleasant sight.

To reduce leather puddling, you should increase the airflow and retu8rn the leather to its original shape. You can also try removing the cushions of the leather sofa and put the other side so it will not get overworn. And since not all sofas are designed to remove their cushion, you can hire a professional to upholster that can help you remove the cushions inside and sew it so the leather will be tight again.  

Article Source: Home Decor Bliss

Keep Leathers Crease And Wrinkle Free

In this section, we will be discussing the preventive measures for all types of leather, so if you see wrinkles on your leather, note in mind that leather naturally wrinkles over time, especially when you are using it too often. They can also get creases based on how you use and store them, so don’t be too complacent to treat leather like how you treat normal cloth.

For leather shoes and boots and other leather garments, bad Fitting is usually a thing that adds creases and wrinkles to leathers. If it is too small or tight for you, do not buy it even if you want it because you might get frustrated about it.
Leather’s Quality. Remember that leathers are not the same. Some leathers deteriorate easily, and some are made with wrinkles on them.

Storing Leather Garments

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Regular hangers in your home won’t help you with your leather garments, so start investing with hangers made only for leather coats, jackets, and skirts. Usually, hangers for leather garments are made with wood and have a wide-shoulder line to support the leather’s weight and keep it in shape. 

Have A Storage For Leather Shoes

Keeping the leather shoe’s shiny and smooth texture is essential  and to achieve it, you will have to protect it from the first day you bought it. I suggest you buy a shoe tree to put into your leather boots when it is not in use.But if you want to save more and you have too many papers at home, you can use them as a shoe tree alternative. Crumble them and put them inside your leather shoes to prevent them from folding upon themselves.

Top Leather Conditioners In The Market

Leather Honey Leather Conditioner

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Price: $16.99

Overview: Leather Honey’s leather conditioner has been in the market for over 50 fifty years. It is a family-owned company and is the top-selling leather conditioner used to soften and moisturize your leather belt, seats, jackets, etc. It is a powerful leather conditioner that penetrates your leather’s surface to protect it from wrinkles and creases. It is also a non-sticky formula and odorless. Leather Honey also states that its product RESTORES all types and colors of leather. They also have a leather cleaner that you can purchase alongside their leather conditioner. They offer a full refund of your purchase if you are not satisfied with the result.

Lexol Leather Cleaner 

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Overview: Lexol’s leather conditioner and leather cleaner deeply clean and condition your leather to bring back your leather’s old appearance. They now have a regimen kit that you can buy at $19.97 instead of the $16.00 for the leather cleaner alone. This is a good deal because inside the kit is a 16. 9 oz. bottle of All Leather Deep Cleaner, 16. 9 oz. bottle of All Leather Deep Conditioner, and 2 Premium Applicator Sponges 

This easy-to-use product is perfect for leather furniture, shoes, jackets, any type of gloves and car seats, etc.


Chemical Guys SPI_109_04 Leather Cleaner and Conditioner

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Price: $10.99

Overview: Another good deal kit we found on Amazon and one of the top-selling leather conditioner brands is the chemical guys leather conditioner and leather cleaner. The kit works in all types of leather and washes away all dirt from your leather. It helps moisturize, hydrate the surface of the leather so its shine will last long. It also has a PH Balanced formula that preserves the leather’s beautiful appearance and strength. And if you don’t want those strong odors from other leather conditioners, this leather conditioner is perfect for you. It has a mild scent that contains Vitamin E to nourish the leather and protect it from UV damage. 

Not satisfied with the result? You can tell them your issues and trust that they will immediately solve them just for you.

Fortivo Dark Brown Leather Recoloring Balm

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Price: $26.45

Overview: This works best with worn-out leather to regain your leather’s color and remove ugly scratches. The shot about this one is that it is not only for leather but also for vinyl items. Fortivo’s Leather Kit comes with a Vinyl repair kit that you can use to clean your leather, a dark brown leather dye that will preserve the color of your leather. However, if you don’t feel like buying the kit, you can purchase their leather balm alone for a much lower price.

Flaunt Your Good Looking Leather

That’s it! Now you are ready to show them your beautiful leather garments and accessories. I hope with this article, you have learned that you don’t have to pay a hundred bucks to keep your leather crease and wrinkle-free because you can do it on your own with the things that are already available inside your home. 

Remember to do the methods often so you could prevent it from getting wrinkles even if it ages. 

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