DIY Leather Conditioners To Maintain Your Leather’s Beauty

One of the problems that every leather owner faces is that leathers deteriorate quickly when it doesn’t get the care they need. Just like our skin, leathers need a lotion that can help them stay moisturized. You can buy a leather conditioner in stores, but it costs around $19 – $75 for just a small bottle of a leather conditioner. And this time, buying in stores is not a wise decision. So why not just make your leather conditioner with the ingredients you can easily find inside your home or at a store near you. Surely you will save more of your time and money with these simple recipes!

How to make a leather conditioner? To make a leather conditioner, you will need to melt the Beeswax and mix it with the oil available in your home or a market near you (either castor oil, coconut oil, or almond oil). You can also use natural baby soap and shea butter. 

Owning leather is like having a baby that you should give tender loving care. Leathers need a conditioner that will help leather to last longer without having any cracks. Store-bought leather conditioners sometimes don’t last long like how we expect it. But don’t worry, because I will show you different leather conditioners that you can make to keep your leather’s beauty! 

DIY Leather Conditioners

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The DIY Leather conditioners listed below are some of the simple recipes you must  try in your home. I’ve also included the materials and the cost breakdown for each recipe to help you more. Remember that the cost breakdowns are just the estimated price for each ingredients  since you are not going to use the whole bottle for each product. Enjoy!

Protect It With Castor Oil

For our first DIY leather conditioner, you will need castor oil and Beeswax. Since the castor oil is thick, it is perfect to help keep our leathers moisturized because it goes directly into the skin of our leathers. Also, a fact about castor oils is it has a long shelf life. So you don’t have to worry about storing for a month or so. 

Ingredients and Materials

6oz. cold-pressed castor oil

2oz. Beeswax

Glass Pyrex Measuring Cup

Glass Container



In a glass pyrex measuring cup, measure 2oz. of Beeswax and 6oz. Cold-pressed castor oil and then place the pyrex measuring cup in a saucepan. Melt the castor oil and the Beeswax in medium heat. Don’t forget to stir the mixture constantly. Lastly, let the mixture cool a little, then pour the conditioner into a glass container or anything available in your house. 

To use this leather conditioner, you will have to clean your leather first by wiping off the dirt using a wet cloth. Let it dry completely, get another clean cloth, put some leather conditioner onto the leather and gently massage in a circular motion. Let it dry for 6-12 hrs and reapply if needed. 

Note: Applying this leather conditioner will darken your leather a little bit, but the leather will lighten again as it wears off. 

Costing (Approx.)

For our cost breakdown, a bottle of castor oil cost around $8.99. But since you are not going to use the whole bottle and you only need 6oz. For this recipe, approximately it will only be around $3-$4 or even below. And for the Beeswax, a whole block of Beeswax is about $9.95, and for 2oz of Beeswax, approximately it will only cost a dollar to $2. 

Keep Your Leather Sofas New With DIY Leather Conditioner 

I know you’ve invested great already with your leather sofas, and the only thing you want is to keep it shiny and cracks-free. So I’m going to teach you this leather conditioner recipe that will surely help you achieve the look that you want for your leather sofa. 

Ingredients and Materials

2 tsp Shea Butter 

2 tsp Beeswax

½ cup Coconut oil

Measuring cup

Measuring spoon


The first thing that you have to do is to measure all the ingredients first. Use the measurements above, and then after that, get a glass pyrex measuring cup or a saucepan if you don’t have one. Mix all the ingredients and stir for 4-5 minutes until the beeswax and shea butter melts. Stir constantly to avoid burning the mixture. After that, remove the leather conditioner from heat and let it cool completely. Store it in a glass container, and you’re done! Maintain your leather sofa’s beauty by applying this leather conditioner. 

Applying this is very simple. After successfully making the leather conditioner, You have to get a towel and gently massage it onto the leather in a circular motion so the leather’s skin can easily absorb it. You can reapply the leather conditioner to maintain its clean and shiny texture. 

Costing (Approx.)

1 Bottle of Shea Butter is $6; for a 2 tsp. of shea butter, approximately you’ll only be spending a dollar or below. For the Beeswax and coconut oil, since you won’t be needing the whole block of Beeswax and a bottle of coconut oil, approximately this will only be around a dollar or 2.

2 Ingredient Leather Conditioner

Of all the recipes that I will be teaching, I believe many folks will choose this because this is so simple that you can do it even if your eyes are closed. Kidding aside, let us start making our as easy as 123 leather conditioners.

Ingredients and Materials

½ cup Coconut oil 

2 tbsp. Beeswax


Measuring spoon


To start, measure the ingredients using the measurement above. After measuring them, in a saucepan, combine coconut oil and Beeswax. Heat in medium heat, then wait until the solid Beeswax melts together with the coconut oil. Remove the mixture from heat and stir it until well combined. Continuously stir the mix also to help it cool faster. Finally, store the mixture in a glass container and use it with your leather!

Note that you can add Beeswax if you want a thicker mixture. 

To use this leather conditioner, start by cleaning your leathers with a soft cloth, alcohol-free wipes, or vacuuming them. After cleansing your leather, you can directly massage it onto the leather with another clean cloth. This leather conditioner will help the leather shine on the outside surface, and the good thing is that you can store this even forever. Expect that you will have perfectly conditioned leather after applying it. 

Costing (Approx.)

A bottle of coconut oil costs $13.95, and approximately a 1/2 cup of it will only cost $2-$3. For the Beeswax, a 2 tbsp will be below a dollar. 

Leathers Are Babies Too! 

The title says it all! Leathers should be well taken care of like a baby, so this recipe’s star ingredient is a Natural Baby Soap! 

Ingredients and Materials

1tbsp Natural Baby Soap 



One qt. of warm water 

Three drops of vinegar 


In a bowl, mix a quart of warm water, 1 tbsp. of natural baby soap, three drops of vinegar, and mix them until well combined. As simple as that, mate! And to use this leather conditioner, get a clean cloth and dip it into the mixture. The fabric must be damp, not wet. Gently wipe it onto the leather and allow it to dry.

Costing (Approx.)

Natural Baby Soap (Johnson’s, Aveeno) costs about $13.92; probably, these brands have the most gentle formula, so it is highly recommended. 

Love Your Leather With These Simple Ingredients 

Another simple recipe for all of you is a must-try in DYI-ng leather conditioners.  

Ingredients and Materials

½ cup Solid Beeswax 

2 tbsp Coconut oil or shea butter

1tbsp Sweet almond oil 

2tbsp Castor oil



Get a saucepan and melt the Beeswax. Stir to avoid burning the mixture, and then add the almond oil while stirring. Lastly, add the castor oil and mix it with all the ingredients. Just remember to don’t bring the mixture to a boil. After letting the mixture cool, pour it into a glass container and store it in a warm place. 

To use this, gently massage the leather conditioner onto the leather and let it dry. You can reapply if needed. 

Costing (Approx.)

A Solid Beeswax is around $9.95, and for ½ a cup of Beeswax, let’s say it will be about $4-$5. Coconut oil or shea butter is $14.95, but for 2 tbsp of these ingredients, it will be a dollar or even below. For sweet almond oil, which costs $11.99, and castor oil is $15.95, a tbsp or two won’t even cost a dollar. 

3 Oil Leather Balm 

This leather balm is best to use with leather boots or shoes to waterproof it. You can use this as often as you like and this won’t change the color of your leather boots! 

Ingredients and Materials

10g/1/8 cup Beeswax

10g/1/8 cup cocoa butter

20g/1/4 cup safflower oil


Using a kitchen scale, weigh all the ingredients in a mason jar by following the measurements above. After that, get a saucepan with water, heat it in medium heat, and boil before putting the mason jar inside. Wait and stir until well mixed. Allow cooling until it becomes a bit solid. 

To use, massage this balm onto your dry leather boots with a clean rag. Expect that it will a bit dark after applying but prepare yourself because it will turn out shiny and beautiful once done. 

Costing (Approx.)

For a 1/8 cup of Beeswax, that is $9.95, and a bottle of Cocoa Butter is $15.95, probably it only costs a dollar or below. A Bottle of Safflower Oil $19.99, and since you will only need 1/4 cup of safflower, this will only be around a dollar. 


We all know that leathers are not cheap, and the problem with leathers is that if they are not moisturized well, they tend to dry, have cracks, darken, and even break.  Conditioning your leather requires knowing the best product and ingredients that suit best for the leather’s type. Just remember that olive oil can damage your leather and will not nourish it! That’s the reason why I didn’t include a recipe that used olive oil. The main ingredients of the recipes above provide the best care for your leathers’ beauty, and I assure you, you will love all the benefits that those ingredients can give you so go try them out!

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