Know the Leather Wet Molding Process Here!

Wet molding your leather can be something new for you, especially if you are just starting out in leatherworking. However, wet leather molding is an excellent skill that can help you make your leatherworking projects much more beautiful and well-crafted than ever before. Wet molding is very helpful in creating sheaths, holsters, and pockets that […]

Pyrography: The Art of Burning Leather

I used to be a very big fan of burned art on wood; they are creative and give you that rustic feel. I thought of applying the same technique to leather, but it was not a good result. I ended up wasting money. So I did my assignment and found this helpful information about leather […]

Can Leather Be Ironed? Better Be Safe Than Sorry

Just like our skin and clothes, leathers can get wrinkles and creases too as it ages. Although these are all normal, leather owners still get upset when their beloved leathers get these conditions. And the idea that comes up in their mind is to iron their leather just like how they iron their clothes. But […]

How To Hand Tool Leather

Wearing leather jackets, shoes, or any other clothing article is excellent enough, but having unique designs all over it is a different story. You might think it is hard to do since leather is a sensitive material, but yes, you can carve designs on your leather goods using your hand and several valuable tools. Now […]

How to Make Leather Thinner: Know the Basics

Leather skiving is a process of thinning down leather for specific purposes. You may want to work on thinner leather when making straps, creating details on your project, or fitting two pieces of leather together without having little bumps. The process of leather skiving  uses several tools and equipment to produce a thinner leather. What […]


As a leatherworker, I always make sure my crafts have been stitched tightly and nicely. Good thing, I learned how to saddle stitch! Among any other leather hand stitching styles, this stitch is the most common. It is sewing with needles and thread in a way that creates two rows of stitching in a single […]