Different Types of Candle Holders: When and How to Use Them

Candles are a beauty in itself, but putting them in a stylish candle holder would bring people more delight and greatly add as an improved house decoration. However, not all candle types are suitable in a single candle holder. Let us understand when to use a certain type of candle holder and the best ones available in the market that you can purchase. 

Here are the ten best candle holders perfect for each candle type.

Best for TealightsFORUP 6 Pack Metal Turkey Holders
Best CandelabraSmtyle DIY 9 Mantle Candelabra
Best Hurricane Candle HolderCYS EXCEL Glass Hurricane Candle Holder 
Best for TapersSUJUN Gold Candlestick Holders
Best for VotivesVolens Clear Votive Candle Holder
Best Candle Holder SetNational Tree Centerpiece
Best for OutdoorKate Aspen White Candle Lantern
Best Candle ChandelierGiveU 3 in 1 Lighting Chandelier
Best Wall SconceShelving Solution Wall Sconce Candle Holder
Best for PillarsHB Design Co. Matte Black Pillar Candle Holders

Candle Holder Types and Their Uses

Here are some of the common types of candle holders which are available on the market. These candle holders cater to specific candle types and are not suitable for all types and sizes of candles. 

Candle Lanterns for Outdoors 

Candle lanterns function similarly to oil lanterns, traditional light sources used in the past. It is aesthetically pleasing and works more of a decorative piece than a light source in present times. 

These candle lanterns come in varied designs, sizes, and colors and are comfortably placed anywhere in the house. The candle is placed inside the lantern and is often secured on stands or hooks. It works well outdoors too, lighting up your patio area or garden. The versatile candle holders are perfect for mood lighting during the evening. 

Tealight Candle Holders for Your Small Candles

Tealight candle holders are a staple in houses across North America. They are convenient to use and are designed for housing small candles, specifically tealights candles. They are also great at adding a bit of mood lighting, perfect for a romantic candlelit dinner.

These candle holders are considered one of the most affordable and come in various colors, styles, and charms. Some tealight holders look like mason jars, some are in the form of a bowl, and some you can make as a DIY project.

Small candles are placed inside these holders that help prevent air from blowing out the flame and catches melted wax in the container. 

Tapers Candle Holder for You Tall and Skinny Candles

One of the most common candle holders known by people in modern times is the tapers candle holders. They are designed to hold tall and skinny taper candles, which perfectly fits the tapers candle holder. These holders provide a good balance to tapers without being wobbly.

You can often see these holders used at restaurants or part of the dining set at home. They are available in different colors and designs, and most of them have the same size, about the size of a regular taper candle. 

Candelabras: The Traditional Candle Holders

Candelabras are unique and traditional candle holders made of a large branched candlestick that holds several candles or lamps. The use of candelabras dates back many years ago, during ancient times, but they are still very popular and of high standing today.

The candle holder features an interesting decoration that is showy and a bit extravagant. Incorporating them into certain spaces can be tricky, but they are highly suitable on top of a dining table or the altar. 

Since its function is to hold several candles at once, you may find that these candle holders always come in bigger sizes, are separated in parts when purchased, and need to be assembled. 

Votive Candle Holders: The Inexpensive Choice

Votive candle holders cater to short candles known as votives. These holders are shorter than tapered holders and look very similar to tea lights candle holders of about two inches tall.

Since they come in small sizes, you may find fun collecting these candle holders and placing them together to create decorations on shelves and tables. You can form shapes and figures using these votive holders, so buying in bulk would be highly recommended.

Hurricane Lamps: The Stylish Candle Holder

Hurricane lamps are one of the most stylish candle holders you can purchase. They are tall containers made of glass capable of protecting your candle from the wind and keeping it lit at all times.

Thicker candles are more recommended for these candle holders as their bases are usually wide to cater to fatter candles. Skinny candles may not look bright and are not suitable for these candle holders.

These lamps are practical to be used outdoors like in patios or gardens but are also great for indoor decorations on top of a study table or a bookshelf.

Candle Chandeliers: The Fancy Candle Holders

Modern chandeliers are electrically powered, but old aged ones are hung from the ceiling, where candles find their place in their center to light up a room. 

These fancy candle chandeliers have the same function as candelabras which can hold multiple candles at once. They are considered to be an impractical choice because of the wide use of modern chandeliers today. Furthermore, they can be a fire hazard if not placed well.

Best for Tealights: FORUP 6 Pack Metal Turkey Holders

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FORUP metal turkey holders are your cute tealight candle holders to light up your dinner nights. It comes in a set of six turkey holders made of metal with red copper finish. They are best used as centerpieces for tables. The candles are not included in the package, though. 

In the package, you’ll get three standing turkeys with a width of 3.93 inches and a height of 4.33 inches. There are also three relaxed sitting turkeys of the same width and a height of 2.75 inches. These adorable pieces are perfect for your living room, bedroom, dining room, and an accent to your hallways. 

Each tealight holder has a spot on its back that holds the candle in place, measuring about 1.65 inches which fit most regular-sized tealight candles. The adorable designs of these candle holders are suitable for decoration at tables, chairs and furniture, and lonely corners in your house. 

You can also place them near the fireplace as additional holiday decorations, which creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere. These festive and classy pieces further create an improved accent to the corners of your home and are perfect Thanksgiving gifts for friends and neighbors.

Despite their small size, these candle holders are sturdy and hold up well to candles, making them suitable for outdoor and indoor use. 

Best Candelabra: Smtyle DIY 9 Mantle Candelabra

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This candelabra from Smtyle is a black iron pillar candle holder that holds nine candles of any type, like battery-operated, flameless, or wax candles. It measures 18 inches in length, 13 inches wide, 7-inch depth, and 3.5 inches in diameter per candle holder.

Each of the nine candle holders has different heights of three, four, five, six, and seven inches to create balance and style to your candles. The package also features a simple and quick assembly with all the parts produced to be sturdy and long-lasting.

Smtyle’s candelabra features a design of layers of rows with varying heights, which gives it a  unique style and dimension. The black matte, wrought iron silhouette, and geometric linear composition go well anywhere in the house, like dining tables near the fireplace, in the receiving area, and even outdoor places.

The company also provides replacement if there are problems with the product and gives free candles if they fall off the first time of use, meaning there is a problem with the holder’s grip. 

Best Hurricane Candle Holder: CYS EXCEL Glass Hurricane Candle Holder 

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CYS EXCEL’s candle holder is the number one best-selling hurricane candle holder on Amazon. It is available at the widest variety of candle shades with six different diameters and six varying heights. 

There is always a size that best suits your candle, from the smallest, 2.5 inches wide by 14 inches tall to the largest six inches wide by 14 inches tall. The diameter and size of these candle holders surely fit candles from pillars, tapers, and even votive candles. You can purchase this candle holder for a set of two pieces with no candles included.

The tube-shaped glass candle holder is open on both ends and mounted on a tabletop or decorative base. It does not have a base, but you can put it on another flat-surfaced candle holder.

This hurricane candle holder shields candle flame in a decorative way and is perfect for pillar or taper candles. It is an impressive display at home, easy to place over lit candles, and gives you a mess-free candle lighting experience, with no wax dripping on the sides of the glass holder.

The open flame policy is a regulation on event venues prohibiting unattended and free-standing candles displaying open flames. This is often prohibited from banquet halls, event halls, restaurants, and public venues.

CYS EXCEL’s hurricane candle holder is the perfect solution for places practicing an open flame policy. The straightforward, modern, and simple design not only covers an open flame but also creates an elegant appearance in your candles.

The modern yet simple candle holders are the perfect pair for an awesome candle arrangement with the crystal clear glass candle sleeve and a candle of your choice. These are indeed better alternatives for traditional and somewhat outdated curvy lamp shades. 

Best for Tapers: SUJUN Gold Candlestick Holders

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The best tapers holder from SUJUN is Amazon’s choice for the best candlestick holder. These gold decorative candlestick holders are perfect for weddings, dining, and parties. The centerpieces give an elegant and relaxing vibe to wherever it is put. The glow of candles placed in these holders helps alleviate the mood and gives a special interior ambiance.

SUJUN taper holders are made of gold weighing 0.8 kilograms and produced by skilled artisans from high-quality metal. The golden single head candle holder has a soft black mat under the bottom, a stable metal base, and a distinctive design. It fits ¾ inch thick candles and LED taper candles. 

You will get a set of three candle holders with different heights upon purchase. The varying heights produce a wonderful visual effect of high and low candlesticks, making it perfect for a candlelit dinner.

Here are the sizes of each candle holder.

  • Small – 3.15 inches by 9.45 inches by 0.9 inches
  • Medium – 3.15 inches by 11.42 inches by 0.9 inches
  • Large – 3.15 inches by 11.42 inches by 0.9 inches

The candle hole size is 0.86 inches in diameter, a standard size for candlesticks and tapers, so you would be assured that your tall candles will fit in this holder. Take note that candles are not included in the package. 

Cleaning is not a problem as the candle holder has a matte surface that is easy to clean and maintain with a swipe of soft cloth, harsh abrasives needed. The sturdy and stable material is a multi-occasional metal candle stand which is perfect as ornaments for birthday and candlelit dinners. They are also suitable for dining rooms, living rooms, parlor, study, bar and fit for celebrations.

Some tips are provided on their website for further information. It is stated that the product is not pre-assembled, and there are no accessories included in the package. Also, electronic flameless candles are more recommended for these holders. And lastly, there may be some color differences due to light differences when the product photo was taken.

The company is true to their sincere product warranty of 48-day money-back and 24-month warranty for all their products. Message them anytime as they are responsive 24/7 in their online platforms.

Best for Votives: Volens Clear Votive Candle Holder

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Volens clear votive candle holders are the perfect value for money. The candle holder set of twelve is the number one best-selling bowl candle holder on Amazon, suitable for both votives and tealights candles. 

You may find these candle holders handy in decorating weddings, festivals, and holidays. It adds a wonderful glow and elegant look for dinner parties and other special occasions, table settings, and even home decorations. 

These votive holders are ten inches long, seven inches wide, and two inches tall. The two inches top opening diameter works well with regular-sized tealight and votive candles. You may also use this with small LED flameless candles.

The glass candle holder enhances the natural warm light of candles and gives it a vintage and timeless look. The glass material is safe, long-lasting, and dishwasher safe with its thick glass wall and weighted base prevent the holder from overheating or cracking.

Each glass is carefully packaged to avoid damage when shipping. 

Best Candle Holder Set: National Tree Centerpiece

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You should definitely try Amazon’s number one best-selling centerpiece, the National Tree Centerpiece, which includes three candle holders and synthetic decorations of red berries, pine cones, and a steel base.

The festive candle holder features three steel plates that hold a pillar candle for each plate, measuring three inches in diameter. It is also styled with 58 individually crafted branch tips and a black painted steel base built to last for many holidays.

Durability is guaranteed as the candle holder set is constructed with sturdy and weather-resistant materials with an ideal size of 30 inches long that lasts for years. The attractive centerpiece creates a warm and festive mood during family meals and is perfect for the holiday season. Add to this the customer-friendly staff that will assist you in each step of your purchase. 

Best for Outdoor: Kate Aspen White Candle Lantern

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Kate Aspen’s candle lantern is a vintage-inspired, rustic white metal lantern with distressed vintage glass windows and a metal wire swing handle. It measures 5.4 inches wide, 5.4 inches long, and 11 inches tall. 

This beautiful and unique decoration is perfect for table settings on special events, aisle or runway decoration for special occasions, tablescapes, or just a plain study table. It creates a beautiful ambiance that is also perfect for a back porch or deck and a touch of low light in the living room. 

Aesthetically speaking, Kate Aspen’s candle lantern has one of the best stylish details and unique design that adds accent to wherever it is placed. The versatile candle holder can also be placed on the ground, tabletops, or hung up inside the house. 

It also features ease of access as the candle holder has a removable top, candle spike, and removable lid for easy access to candles when removing or placing them inside. Note that this candle holder can only house one candle at a time.

The candle lanterns come in various styles, sizes, and colors, a perfect complementary home and event decoration. It is easy to use and made of sturdy metal so that you can be assured of its quality. However, the candle is not included in the package. 

Best Candle Chandelier: GiveU 3 in 1 Lighting Chandelier

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GiveU offers you a 3 in 1 lighting chandelier that features a traditional, antique, and classic chandelier style with its black surface made of metal and part plastic. The candle chandelier measures 16.8 x 13.3 x 8.11 inches.

The package includes a candle tray, three inches in diameter with a 55-centimeter chain, four plastic candles, and remote control with ten keys. This remote controls the four flameless timer candles, which can be used separately or with the candle holder, and runs on 2C batteries.

Three in one set means that the candle chandelier can be convertible to a set of two sconces or used as a single piece chandelier or a table centerpiece. Furthermore, this product fits both indoor and outdoor use.

Installation is made easy as the package comes with all the needed components such as two metal wall chandeliers, bolt connector, pin connector, metal support hook, ceiling hook, screws, and eight optional suspended jewels. It is packaged with detailed instructions on the chandelier installation and requires no tools upon installation.

For an antique and delicate European look, you can try this sturdy and stylish metal candle holder, which creates a lasting impression and a romantic atmosphere for your ordinary place. Whether for everyday use in the bedroom or living room or special places like weddings, spas, and meditation places, the chandelier will truly bring out the best in your candles. 

Best Wall Sconce: Shelving Solution Wall Sconce Candle Holder

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Another Amazon choice for wall sconces is from Shelving Solution. The retro candle sconce set of two is an eye-catching candle holder that features an openwork rectangular silhouette with a cylindrical plastic shade. These are perfect for flameless LED light candles. Note that batteries are not included in the package. 

The wall sconce is made of metal and glass, measuring 5.7 x 3.9 x 3.1 inches, with various styles to choose from. This candle holder pair is perfect for room decoration, be it in the living room, bedroom, bathroom, dining room, and even entrance passages.

They are lightweight yet durable and easy to install. Just mount them to your wall from the front securing it using screws. You can also place them in hallways and near the fireplace to give additional brightness and create style into plain walls. 

This candle holder is the right one to choose for anyone who loves classic or modern style decoration. It holds candles measuring 2.5 inches in diameter. They are also best for gifting. 

Note that the uneven paint on the surface of the candle holder is normal as designed as an ancient effect and not a quality defect.

Best for Pillars: HB Design Co. Matte Black Pillar Candle Holders

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This pillar candle holder set of three is classy looking and flexible with a unique modern design, sleek black matte finish, and a subtly shaped design. The metal candle holder is the perfect size for pillar candles and can hold any candle within a diameter of four inches. This means that it also caters to smaller-sized candles.

The large round top tray provides enough room for large candles to sit in and catches any melted wax running down your candle. This helps prevent wax from dripping down your table surfaces. 

HB Design Co.’s pillar candle holders are available in varying heights of six, eight, and ten inches tall and fit LED flameless candles too, if you prefer them for these candle stands. They are used in various ways, from table centerpieces, decorative candle holders and fireplace mantels.

You can match these candle holders with any decoration as the black candle stands contrast beautifully with white candles, making them stand out more. It can also be used anywhere around the house, such as in dining tables, living room, bedroom, and places in the house where you often receive visitors.

Each candle pedestal is made from pure metal and is powder-coated rather than painted to prevent chipping and make them last longer. They are strong enough to hold thick and heavy pillar candles. They also feature an anti-scratch pad at the candle holder’s base that protects tabletops and surfaces from scratches. It further stabilizes the candle holder and prevents them from wobbling or falling. 


You do not need to be confused about what candle holder to purchase as they are categorized depending on the candles you will use them for. But if you are looking for some recommendations, I’d highly advise you to purchase the votives candle holder. These candle holders are versatile and can be purchased in bulk. Plus, who wouldn’t want these cutesy little decorations? I bet there isn’t any!

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