Different Fragrance Oils You Can Use in Candle Making

The best way to change the ambiance of a room is to add fragrance and colors to your candles. With different fragrances on candles, you can make sure that they will do a great job of setting the mood right. When it comes to fragrance oils that you can add while making your candles, there are plenty in the market. However, you need to choose the best ones and I have listed them here in this article.

The Wooden Wick Co. Luxury Fragrance Kit: Wide Range of Scents

The Wooden Wick Co. Luxury Fragrance Kit is the best way to go when it comes to the fragrance kit with a wide range of scents. If you want a great option for luxurious scents that are unique and distinct, this fragrance kit will do the job.

They have fragrances like orange blossom, sweet iris, and dark rose. With these fragrances, you can have beautifully smelling candles that you can’t find anywhere else. The kit comes with ten different scents placed in 10ml bottles with a dropper for easy use.

Each secure top will allow you to pour each drop purposefully so that you won’t overdo the scent that you will be placed in your candles. Measuring how much you will put into the candle is also an easy process with this kit. You can adjust the strength of the scent as you please while the wax burns.

You can choose from three packages such as luxe and chic, sexy and manly, as well as trendy and top sellers. Now, since the bottle is made out of glass, some customers receive their scents broken and leaking. Also, some customers receive their orders incomplete.

Aside from those downsides, I feel like The Wooden Wick Co. Luxury Fragrance Kit is still worth the price. It is available on Amazon for $47.97.

P&J Trading Spice Premium Grade Fragrance Oils: Premium Grade Fragrance

P&J is known to offer premium-grade fragrance oils that have been sourced and manufactured in the US. They offer an extensive collection of fragrances that are highly concentrated with enhanced formulas. The best thing about this fragrance is they are cruelty-free and also free from phthalates.

This fragrance is perfect for your candle-making needs, and you can use them in your projects without any apprehensions. The P&J Trading Spice Premium Grade Fragrance Oils are available in three sizes which are 10ml, 30ml, and 100ml.

The 10ml fragrance bottles are convenient to use since it comes in elegant packaging. Aside from making candles, it will make the perfect gift for wedding showers, holidays, and other special occasions.

The entire set of the P&J Trading Spice Premium Grade Fragrance Oils comprises six premium grade fragrances that include cinnamon, apple cider, coffee cake, harvest spice, pumpkin pie, and gingerbread. The bottles also come with an easy dispensing dropper.

The rich and warm fragrance oils are highly concentrated. The master perfumer of the company also designs them. These fragrances work well with soy waxes, soap bases, and unscented incense cones or sticks. It is also great for hair care and body care formulations.

The P&J company has been in the business for 30 years, so you can ensure that you will get quality fragrance oils when purchasing their items. When you are looking for the perfect grade fragrance oil set for your DIY candle-making projects, you won’t be disappointed with this one.

The only downside to this fragrance oil is it set high quality, but you would have to pay a premium price for the quality they provide.

The P&J Trading Spice Premium Grade Fragrance Oils is available on Amazon for $16.95.

Eternal Essence Oil Coconut Cream Fragrance Oil: Quality Scent

One of the most reputed companies that have offered quality products for years is the Eternal Essence Oil Coconut Cream Fragrance Oil. The company provides thorough research on every product they produce and launch in the market.

The Eternal Essence Oil Coconut Cream Fragrance Oil is made with the finest products and by a team of talented perfumers. The makers of this fragrance oil have ensured that they are meet the regulatory requirements.

When looking for a quality scent that will blend with your soy wax for candle-making, then the Eternal Essence Oil Coconut Cream Fragrance Oil is the best fit for you. It provides a heavenly smell and will let your candle burn flawlessly.

Aside from candle-making, you can also use this fragrance oil with soaps, creams, motions, hair care products, cleaning products, diffusers, and so much. All the fragrance oil of this company are long-lasting, complex, and rich.

The biggest downside to the Eternal Essence Oils Coconut Cream Fragrance Oil is the fragrance usually subside with time. Now, this won’t be an issue if you will be making big candle batches.

The Eternal Essence Oils Coconut Cream Fragrance Oil is available on Amazon for $6.70.

Japanese Cherry Blossom Fragrance Oil: A Versatile Fragrance

When you are looking for a versatile fragrance oil, the Japanese Cherry Blossom Fragrance Oil is the best choice for you. It’s not only restricted to candle-making, but you can also use this in different projects that you may have in mind that needs fragrance oil.

You can use this fragrance oil for soap-making, hair, and skincare formulations. You can even use this in freshening carpets, body massage oil, and cologne. Rest assured that the sweet aroma that it comes with is irresistible.

Now, the fragrance may originate from Japan, but this fragrance oil is made in the US. You can expect nothing short of the best when it comes to the quality of the oil. The manufacturers of this fragrance oil have decades of experience in the business.

The best thing about this fragrance oil is it is certified by the IFRA as compliance, so you can have peace of mind when you use it. Aside from that, the packaging of the Japanese Cherry Blossom Fragrance Oil is beautiful.

It comes in a 60ml glass bottle that’s in an amber color and a dispensing euro dropper for easy to use as well as a safety seal cap to avoid any messes when it gets knocked over. The one thing that you need to note when it comes to this fragrance oil is that the smell that’s produced is sweet.

The young ones may be tempted to give it a taste, so make sure that you need to take caution when children are around the fragrance oil. Also, it doesn’t come with a dropper, so there may be a chance that you may not have control when placing it on your candle wax.

The Japanese Cherry Blossom Fragrance Oil is available on Amazon for $11.49.

Nature’s Oil Cinnamon Roll Fragrance Oil: Best Cinnamon Scent

If you are looking for cinnamon scents, Nature’s Oil Cinnamon Roll Fragrance Oil is the best choice for you. It can be used for multiple purposes such as candle-making, soap-making, lotions, and home diffusers. The scent of this fragrance oil is Cinnamon Roll which will provide you a sweet and spiced scent with a hint of vanilla.

Rest assured that your candle will smell like freshly baked bread with vanilla frosting. The Nature’s Oil Cinnamon Roll Fragrance Oil comes in a 60ml bottle that will be enough to make a few dozen candles. It is concentrated, and you would only need a few drops to complete the entire candle you are making.

You can ensure that the bottle will last you a few candle-making sessions. Nature’s Oil Cinnamon Roll Fragrance Oil is made in the US, so you can ensure it is made with the highest quality. It comes with a dropper bottle top that will allow you to measure each ounce of oil for maximum precision.

Aside from the dropper bottle cap, there’s a safety seal cap that can prevent spills if ever you knock them over during your candle-making session. The manufacturers only use the finest and quality ingredients to provide the smell that you are looking for in a candle.

Their fragrance oils are custom blended by a team of expert perfumers that have years of experience in the business. Nature’s Oil Cinnamon Roll Fragrance Oil has been tested in different types of candle waxes. So you can use this fragrance oil with beeswax, soy wax, and paraffin wax, just to name a few.

The Nature’s Oil Cinnamon Roll Fragrance Oil is available on Amazon for $11.95.

Candlewic Sugar Cookie Candle & Soap Fragrance: Sweet-smelling Option

If you want a sweet-smelling option that will allow you to make candles like fresh baked sugar cookies, the Candlewic Sugar Cookie Candle & Soap Fragrance is the best option for you. With this fragrance oil, you can make candles that smell so good they will make you hungry for dessert.

You can use this oil in many different items and make a scent that provides a light, sweet, and buttery smell. It is available in a four-ounce bottle of two, and it’s highly concentrated so that you can use this in plenty of candle-making sessions.

The Candlewic Sugar Cookie Candle & Soap Fragrances are Phthalate free and the best as well as most popular all-around oils in the market. This fragrance oil is high grade and works well with any candle wax, lotions, soaps, and other body products.

The Candlewic Sugar Cookie & Soap Frangrances are best to use in soy wax but works well as well in other natural candle waxes.

The only two downsides to this fragrance oil are that the smell is not as strong, and the smell is not for everybody. The other is it doesn’t have a euro dropper, so you can’t control the amount of fragrance you will be putting in your candles.

The Candlewic Sugar Cookie Candle & Soap Fragrance is available on Amazon.

Barnhouse Blue SweetPea Premium Fragrance Oil

The Barnhouse Blue SweetPea Premium Fragrance Oil has the smell of Sweet Pea flowers. You can get the smell of fresh, floral scents with this fragrance oil. This fragrance is completed with mild musk and violet, which will give the perfect smell for your candles.

The oil comes in a 30ml amber glass bottle with an evident ring and euro-style dropper for an easy as well as accurate application. You can dispense a small amount of fragrance oil whenever you need it. The manufacturer strives to offer the highest quality of fragrance oil for your candle-making.

Aside from candles, you can use this fragrance oil in a diffuser, hair and skincare formulations, soap-making, and, of course, soy wax candles as well as gel candles. Whatever project that you may have in mind, it would sure smell great with this fragrance oil.

The Barnhouse Blue SweetPea Premium Fragrance Oil is available on Amazon for $6.70.

Factors to Look for When Buying Fragrance Oils

If you are getting ready to purchase new fragrance oil for making candles, you want to ensure that you are getting the best product possible. You don’t want to end up with harsh smelling options as the wax burn. You also don’t want unnecessary ingredients that can cause you or your customers not fully to enjoy your product.

Here are some of the factors that you need to look out for when you are choosing fragrance oils in the market.

Know the Fragrance and Scents

Aside from smelling the fragrance oil, you can easily determine if the set of oils is worth buying from the rating that people give online. Well-made fragrance oil will likely come with some negative reviews, but with a high rating that stays consistent over time is pretty good.

Products that have lots of ratings are all over the board can raise a red flag as well since each buyer has gotten a different level of quality. This is something that you don’t want to see when looking at the product’s ratings, so sticking with sets that has a high percentage of four to five-star reviews is the best option that you can go to.

The Originality of the Fragrance Oils

Everyone loves the classic scents like fresh cut flowers, rain, or lavender. However, finding the best fragrance oil options will take a little more than having the most common options. Fantastic fragrance oil sets usually come with unique scents that you can blend to create a distinct smell for your candles.

Scents like sage, mint, or lemon can be mixed for a light and airy fragrance. I’ve mentioned some of the oils that you can combine to make the perfect smell in this article if you want to read more about it.

Now, these blends are not always possible, so with a set with fewer common scents, you can find experiment more and find the smells that aren’t available in every candle shop. You also don’t want generic scents such as ‘flower,’ which isn’t specific.

Buying fragrance oils from a company that cares about its fragrances is the best way to create a unique candle.

Allergen and Cruelty-free Fragrance Oils

Plenty of people are sensitive to gluten, and there are those who choose not to consume products that contain animal byproducts. The need for products that are allergen and cruelty-free has skyrocketed throughout the years.

Many people are now looking for products that are both sensitive to their allergies and won’t compromise their moral obligations. So, when you are able to choose from products that address both of these issues, it will increase the number of positive reviews and help you make more accurate buying decisions.

Advantages of Using Fragrance Oil In Candles

Using fragrance oils in making candles comes with plenty of benefits, such as making your home smell nice and good. You can rest assured that everyone who enters your home will have smiles painted on their faces because of the scented candles that you have in your home.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of fragrance oils. It is created to help us with our daily lives, and it’s time that we make the most out of them.

Fragrance Oils are Natural and Carry Pure Essential Oil

These oils are considered to be all-natural with no added sugars and harmful ingredients. Most of the oils are created to have preservatives as well as sugars, which can be harmful to our bodies. However, this is not the case when it comes to fragrance oils.

You can rest assured that fragrance oils are 100 percent natural. Also, most fragrance oils in the market are approved and certified by the IFRA. You can use them without any worries about getting any side effects.

The formula and ingredients that are used in fragrance oils are created by experts, and they make sure the right ratios are placed so it will bring out the best result possible. Now, remember these oils are also used in salons and spas, so the manufacturers should be considered.

Fragrance Oils are Multipurpose

Fragrance oils are not just for making candles, and a great example is the Japanese Cherry Blossom Fragrance Oil, where there are 51 different uses. Being multipurpose means that it is economical as well as convenient. Some people use fragrance oils in making sugar scrubs, potpourri, and scented dryer sheets.

They are also manufactured in making hair and skin products, as well as making soaps. Fragrance oils are used in any place that you want to possess a nice smell. You can use the same product for about 101 uses without needing to purchase another.

Fragrance Oils Provides a Sweet Smell

Now, everyone loves a sweet-smelling candle smell in their home, and fragrance oils will do just that. When you are looking to break the boredom in your home’s scent, the best thing to do is add candles with fragrance oils. It will leave everyone who enters your home curious about the products you use, which is a bonus point.

There’s no denying that fragrance oils smell nice, and there are plenty of scents that you can choose from in the market. If you are not a fan of the eucalyptus scent, you can go for vanilla or rose scents.

Different people have different tastes and preferences when it comes to smells and fragrance oils. Also, different scents call for different moods and occasions.

Fragrance Oils are Affordable

The pricing of fragrance oils is something that everyone puts into consideration, especially when you have a candle-making business. You want to get the best prices possible so that you can get the best profit for the candles that you are selling.

Luckily, the prices of fragrance oils are affordable and not exaggerated. Most of them lie between the price range of $10 and $30. There’s no need to break the bank or part with a huge sum of money to get them.

Affordable prices mean that there’s a huge number of people that can afford to buy them. Also, you don’t have to re-fix your budget in order to buy fragrance oils.

Fragrance Oil Vs. Essential Oils: What You Should Know

Now, these two oils may sound the same, but there are actually notable differences between the two. Fragrance oils are usually made using a combination of natural aromatic ingredients, which are mixed together using science.

Some of the specially-made fragrance oils have resins, absolutes, and essential oils that are all-natural ingredients. There are plenty of different fragrance oils, and some are formulated for body products, while others are made for candles, soap bases, perfumes, or cosmetic products.

Fragrance oils contain different concentrations of fragrance molecules to make sure that you are getting the right product for your needs. There are also safety protocols by the IFRA to make sure manufacturers use less synthetic ingredients, making it safe for people to inhale.

Essential oils, on the other hand, are made from natural ingredients but do not work nearly well for candles. Even though when it’s used alone, essential oils may provide a therapeutic effect when they burn with a candle, but they are not nearly as potent.

Essential oils have a great cold throw, which makes them an optimal choice for a diffuser, but it’s not nearly effective for candles that use a hot throw scent. You may need to use double the amount needed as you would with fragrance oil to create the same level of scent.

It would be more expensive to use essential oils than fragrance oil since you would need to use twice as much. Also, essential oils are extracted from plants and completely natural, where people are allergic to them.

FAQs That You Should Know

Can fragrance oils dry out the skin? It is not advisable to use fragrance oils directly on the skin. You would need to mix them with some type of moisturizer, oil, or body butter. Mixing the fragrance oil with a moisturizing agent will make sure your skin doesn’t dry out.

Can I mix fragrance oils with regular essential oils? Definitely! You blend them together for different purposes, even for candle-making. You can mix and use them in a diffuser or in making homemade skincare products. It’s also okay to mix candle fragrance oils with regular essential oils when making soy candles.

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