Best Candle Making Kit for Beginners: Everything You Need

When starting your candle making journey, it is essential to know the right ingredients and tools to produce good burning candles. And if you don’t know what materials you should prepare and where to look for them, I got you covered here. 

You should look for a candle making kit that has all the materials a beginner needs to get started in candle making. These kits also have a booklet of instructions to follow to make your experience less complex and exciting. 

Here are the ten best candle making kits you can choose from and what they are best used for. 

Best Luxury Beginners Set: Scandinavian Candle Co.’s Luxury Candle Making Kit

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If you are looking for a luxury beginner set, this is the one for you. Scandinavian Candle Co.’s set has complete candle making supplies for beginners. This is a perfect starter kit

and the best gift for aspiring candle makers. 

The beginner set is rich with numerous package inclusions starting from a two-pound wax melting and pouring pitcher. Scandinavian designed the aluminum pitcher with a natural wood handle for heat protection. The pitcher can hold up to two pounds of melted wax and be used repeatedly, proven to last a long time.

Six gold-coated candle tins, including sizes of 2×8 ounces, 2×6 ounces, and 2×4 ounces, are waiting to be filled with your candle wax. A total of six beautiful candles can be made with this luxury beginner’s candle making kit. 

Scandinavian uses natural soy candle wax flakes to produce six high-quality candles which are 100% all-natural, have a long burn time, and burn cleanly, producing less soot. You’ll get three bags of eight ounces of wax if you purchase this kit. 

The kit features two candle fragrance oils: lime basil and mandarin and wood sage and sea salt. There is also a provided thermometer to measure the appropriate temperature of wax when melting. Plus a twelve designer labels, decorative and professional sticker labels you put on your candle. 

The rest of the kit includes six of the following: warning labels, cotton candle wicks, centering devices, glue dots, and stirring sticks. If you opt to gift your created candle to someone, you may use the two gift bags included in the kit. Candles are the perfect personalized gift idea for any occasion bringing out your class and elegance with this kit.

Candle making may be a lot to handle for beginners. That is why instructional guidelines are provided by Scandinavian Co. They incorporated easy-to-understand step-by-step instructions, including tips and tricks for a better result and safe handling of the candle ingredients. You will surely feel like a pro with the clear instructions and professional-like outputs you will be doing. 

The hand-poured candle made with this kit would have a creamy soy finish which resembles a high-end boutique design and can also be a unique gift to your loved ones. Give someone a gift of a hobby. The candle making package can be a way to give someone an ideal hobby

where they can have fun with family and friends using the candle making set. It can also be a source of income when you sell the candles you made using this set. You will not be thinking twice because the manufacturer has a 100% satisfaction guarantee to customers. 

Best Premium Set: Pebbles and Stem DIY Candle Making Kit

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Another luxury candle making kit is from Pebbles and Stem, which features 83 premium pieces of candle making tools and ingredients. They made it, so you won’t need to look for other materials as they are all here in this kit.

Pebbles and Stem believe in simplified candle making with amazing results. Their candle making kit produces beautiful candles with amazing blended scents that are perfect gifts for your loved ones. The produced handmade candles will enhance your home’s attractiveness

and give a fresh scent to your house.

This kit is designed for beginners and professionals, featuring combinations of stunning designs and dependable functionality, no measuring required. The kit includes five bags of natural soy wax measuring 5×8 ounces with a burn time of up to 250 hours. Soy wax burns cleaner and brighter compared to paraffin wax. Plus, it resists soot buildup releasing rich perfumes in every lighting.

You will also get nine premium tins when you purchase this kit. Eight pieces of these are matte gold candle tins with a lid (two pieces of each: two ounces, four ounces, six ounces, eight ounces) and one 1×10 ounce blue candle tin with an embossed logo made for gifting candles. Together with these are elegantly styled stickers. 

Five specially blended fragrance oils of white sage and lavender, sea salt and orchid, roasted pear and cinnamon, lime basil and mandarin, and mango and coconut milk await your senses. These complimentary fragrances produce non-ordinary scents which will satisfy your senses like never before.

For special colored candles that you can match with different aromas, you’ll find five colored wax blocks on this kit. You can melt these color dyes together with your wax in a black aluminum melting pot that holds 1.2 liters. And measure the correct pour temperature using their thermometer.

Pebbles and Stem also have nine of the following: cotton wicks, wick holders, stirring sticks, glue dots, and warning labels. For added decoration, use the eight candle sticker sets and the two gift bags perfect for gifting candles. You will surely not be lost in your candle making as this kit includes a step-by-step instructions guide, clear and easy to follow for beginners. 

Best Beginner to Advanced Kit: Dellabella Candle Making Kit

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This beginner to advanced candle kit from Dellabella is a perfect kit suitable for all-level candle makers. Bring out your talent with this kit, as it is complete with all the things needed to make homemade scented candles.

DIY like a pro and fill your home with warm and inviting fragrances with homemade colorful scented candles. These candles are perfect as gifts where you can add a personal touch to your ordinary gifts. The candle making kit can also be gifted and fit for any occasion like birthdays and Mother’s Day.

Produces personalized and special candles that create a unique atmosphere to home or wherever it is placed. The package includes quality candle molds which are easy to use

and works with an easy-slide technology. Candles slip out easily from the reusable molds, and these molds may last years of use.

Four high-quality and rich oil fragrances with pleasing aromas of lavender, eucalyptus, cherry blossom, and sweet orange are present in this kit. The soy wax is naturally made from the oil of soybeans, with a light cream color. It can cater to different color dyes

and lasts longer than other candles of the same size. This vegan-friendly and cruelty-free wax is not tested on any animals. 

Six bright colored dyes of green, brown, orange, pink, blue, and light blue can create colored candles. These dyes are easy to dissolve and will easily mix with the candle wax for a trouble-free mixing process. Mix these all in the stainless steel melting jug featuring a safe handle for your protection.

Carving tools are also a smart addition to this kit to create specialized carved designs on your candle. You can add names or personal messages, fun and interesting shapes, and unique patterns to your candle while securing it with the ten available cotton candle wicks with a metal base.

All these tools and ingredients are enclosed in a storage box so you will not lose any of them. This also helps you organize and saves you space in your working area. 

Best for Colored and Scented Candles: Hearts and Crafts Soy Kit

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The premium candle making kit from Hearts and Crafts is best for making stylish colored and scented candles. The expanded kit suits both beginners and professional candle makers as it is complete with all the necessary equipment and tools you’ll need. All these things are assembled in one kit. Therefore, there is no hassle in finding individual products for your project.

Start your friend or loved ones a new hobby with this candle making kit. These industry-standard materials are made to withstand high temperatures and last long without damage, while environment-friendly products produce bigger candles. It is also a way to spoil your loved one’s interest in crafts and DIY with the numerous good quality item inclusions. 

Hearts and Crafts feature two pounds of all-natural soy wax flakes. The wax is safe and toxic-free derived from soybean oils. Natural is indeed the way to go as synthetic materials release carcinogens into the air, causing allergies and health problems. 

You will also receive ten pre-waxed wicks to ensure a great burn and four wick glue dots that keep the wick steady while pouring and cooling the wax. Four rich fragrances of cinnamon vanilla swirl, lush linen, dreamy lavender, and coconut lime zest would be perfect partners for the four candle dyes on this kit. 

The rest of the kit comprises a wax pouring pitcher and four of the following materials: stirring sticks, wooden devices, candle tins, gift boxes, and caution stickers. Start your candle project now with their clear and easy-to-follow set of instructions to guide you throughout your candle making journey. 

Amazon’s Choice: DilaBee Candle Making Starter Set

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DilaBee’s candle making kit for adults is the best-reviewed and best seller kit on Amazon. It is packed with care, producing candles that look, smell, and burn like expensive candles from high-end shops. 

The candle making kit is sourced from top-quality ingredients, pure fragrances, and sturdy tools which are easy to use. DilaBee serves quick and hassle-free customer support with a 100% satisfaction guarantee for customers.

You’ll find four dye blocks colored red, orange, lavender, and green with matching four fragrances in this package. These scents of clean cotton, lavender, coconut lime, and cinnamon vanilla bring different moods and personalities to your candles.

Another set of four cotton wicks, glue dots, warning labels, stirring sticks, and bow tie clips are also present in this kit. The candle making set will not be complete without the four pieces of eight ounces soy wax bags, a melting pot, and a thermometer. Finish the candles by putting them in two round and square candle tins for a perfect shape. 

Best Three-Step Candle Making Kit: Nature’s Blossom Kit

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Nature’s Blossom welcomes you to the amazing world of candle making with a kit suitable for both kids and adults. This kit features three-step easy procedures in producing your homemade candles to fill your home with soothing scents.

Bond with your family and friends and create ultimate gifts for holidays, housewarming, and even birthdays. DIY arts and crafts fanatics would surely love this beginner kit producing three eight ounces candles with 20 hours of burn time for each.

Nature’s Blossom makes use of 1.5 pounds of natural soy wax which produces a smooth surface when it hardens and burns slower and cleaner than other waxes. Soy wax is a preferred choice by expert candle makers as it spreads scents flawlessly into the room and melts easily. 

Other materials found in this kit are the wax melting pot with an easy-pour spout and heat-resistant handle and the six lead-free cotton wicks with pre-attached tabs. Center and balance your wicks with their wick stabilizers. 

Boost your senses with these three natural fragrances crafted by expert local scent makers. Lavender epiphany provides a calming and healing effect on your candles, while chamomile and sage are relaxing herbal fragrances. Lemon blossom is also here to bring a warming and comforting smell which refreshes your home.

Secure your candles in the three eight ounces tin jars. These pastel-colored jars come with a lid and adhesive cork coasters to help with efficient candle cooling. You will also find a booklet of beginner-friendly instructions which answer all your questions about candle making. This booklet will guide you through the steps in producing homemade candles.

Since I have mentioned that Nature’s Blossom is the best three-step candle making kit, here are the famous three steps to help you out. First, melt the wax and add your chosen scent. Then, fix the wick to the tin. Finally, pour the wax into the container and let it cool. It’s that easy!

Best Candle Making Gift Kit: DIY Gift Kits

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The 49-piece set of candle making tools and ingredients from DIY Gift Kits is the best gift kit for beginners. It is complete with the basic things you need for your DIY soy candle creating round votives for home and kitchen.

Candle making for adult beginners is made easy with this stylish kit that creates beautiful and original candles that can be used at home or sold in the market. DIY Gift Kit is a home-safe and high-quality kit complete with all the tools, accessories, and ingredients from premium sources. Have a fun and enjoyable bonding time with friends and family the DIY way. 

Here are the numerous inclusions of this DIY kit. Let us start our count with the eight ounces of 100% natural soy wax, ten candle wicks (two 5.5’’ and two 6’’ braided paper wicks), a pouring pot, a wick holder, and a box with a sticker label. We can also find ten tea light tins, two pieces of four ounces, and two eight ounces candle tins for all your candle sizes. 

An orange and burgundy color block would be a perfect combination with the rich fragrances in this kit. Essential oils (5 ml vials) such as lavender, lemongrass, and cedarwood create premium scented candles with a therapeutic effect. There are also four square mounting stickers and two lollipop stirring sticks to help us perfect the job.

Simple detailed instructions for making tea lights and round candles with a recipe guide and proven tips and tricks would also make our tasks easier as beginners. 

Best Budget Kit: DINGPAI Candle Making Kit for Beginners

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DINGPAI is the number one bestseller candle making kit on Amazon. It has guaranteed high-quality products and a great value for money. Not only that, their customer service is excellent too!

Let us start our countdown of DINGPAI’s quality inclusions with this sturdy, rust-resistant pouring pot measuring 5.1 x 3.9 x 3.6 inches. This high temperature and corrosion-resistant melting pot hold up to 31 ounces (900 ml), large enough to produce numerous candles at once.

The versatile pouring pot fits sauce pans and smaller pots and meets the standard for food grade, so they can also be used for boiling water and coffee and melting butter, cheese, caramel, and chocolates. It also features an easy to pour spout, which aids in the seamless pouring and transferring of melted wax.

You surely won’t need any additional materials as this candle making kit is complete with 50 pieces of eco-friendly candle wicks. These wicks are 100% cotton and measure 5.1 inches in length with a base of 0.5 inches (12.5 mm) in diameter. 

The wax burns cleaner in these wicks as they are non-toxic (no lead or zinc) and produces no bad smell when burning. These wicks are made with superb processing technology producing zero black smoke and burning steadily without flickering. 

Another 50 pieces of wick stickers, which hold and attach wick well to the container, are found in this kit. They have good retention and are water and temperature resistant, so you won’t worry that they may detach while pouring in the hot wax. There are also two pieces of wick holders to balance the wick while the wax cools. 

DINGPAI, like any other candle making kit, used soy wax as their base. The kit includes 12.04 ounces of natural soy wax with no added harmful chemicals and burns cleaner and smoother than other waxes. Manufacturers used plant-based additives in producing this wax

to ensure that no unhealthy minerals are added.

They also provided a special stirring spoon made from stainless steel and measured seven inches long. The stirring spoon has a square spoon head and a comfortable grip that handles high temperatures well.

Easy candle making operations are carried out as they incorporate simple tools with ease of use to produce customized candles to your liking. This kit works well with both beginner and professional candle makers in producing brilliant homemade candle products. 

Best Multi-Colored Kit: Etienne Alair Candle Making Kit

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Etienne Alair is Amazon’s choice as one of the best candle making kits for beginners. The 52-piece soy candle making set produces four beautiful scented candles which feature pure, light, rich, and bright scents.

This candle kit is also a wonderful craft gift set producing stunning and high-quality candles. The best multi-colored kit features 16 different color dyes, where you can use one color per candle or layer and mix them to create unique designs. 

Four bags of soy wax flakes measuring eight ounces each would be sufficient to make four different candles. Partner this with the rich and appealing scents of lavender, coconut lime, cotton clean, and cinnamon secured in the two round and square candle tins with lids for perfect molded candles. 

They also included four of the following: cotton wicks, stirring sticks, warning labels, and glue dots to keep your candle wick in place when pouring melted wax into the container. The wax can be melted in the reusable metal pouring pot and by the thermometer. There is also a smart inclusion of three silicon finger protectors to keep your finger safe and clean from hot wax.

Start your homemade candles now with the provided step-by-step candle making instructions, which are clear and simple for all beginners to understand. 

Best Stylish Candle Jars: Velver Candle Making Kit

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Velver’s candle making kit features high-quality content and produces three stunning candles that add fragrance to your home and lift your mood as well. They believe that you don’t need to spend a lot on low-quality candles when you can create a premium one. 

The package includes two bags of high-quality soy wax (14 ounces each) and four essential oils (10 ml each). These therapeutic grade luxury oils are lavender, lemongrass, sandal tree, and vanilla. They also included three candle wick holders, four powdered candle dyes, six cotton wicks and glue dots, and a wax thermometer to check the proper temperature to add the fragrances.

In the package, you’ll also find three stylish candle jars with wooden lids. They feature a fancy modern design with interior glass to see the flame glow from the outside. Paired with these are six candle glass jars, gift and warning labels, and a luxury gift box. All these are what make Velver’s candles the perfect and unique gift idea for your crafty and creative loved ones. 

Mix your melted wax and fragrances with this durable wax melting pitcher with a stirring spoon that holds 600 ml of liquid. This sturdy pitcher can be heated in a double boiler or on top of a stove or saucepan and withstands high temperatures. 

Of course, Velver’s mission is to help you get started in candle making, so including a helpful and easy-to-understand instructions guide is necessary. 

More Things You Should Know About Candle Making for Beginners

Here are some answers to questions you may have in mind upon looking for the best candle making kit in the market. 

Are candle making kits worth it?

Candle making kits may seem expensive, but since it is a set, you will find everything that you need in one kit. It is easier than going from store to store finding every piece of candle making materials and ingredients you need. Plus, these kits include tools like pouring pots, thermometers, and candle tins that you can reuse, making it worth the price. 

What is the easiest candle to make for beginners?

Soy wax candles are the most common candles, for starters. They are made from soy wax, a very reliable wax, safe to use, and all-natural. The processes to be followed in making these candles are pretty simple that one without experience can easily follow. For beginners, it is recommended to look for candle-making kits with pre-measured ingredients and come with guided instructions so you won’t lose your way. 

Is it cheaper to make or buy candles?

It is cheaper to make your candles in the comfort of your home. This will save you a lot of money, especially if you build your candle making hobby. But if you are just looking for some stylish candles and don’t want to pursue making them, it would be advisable to buy them at your local stores. Plus, the lack of candle making materials would surely cost you a lot if you can’t reuse them. 

What things do I need to make homemade candles?

You will need ingredients such as candle wax (soy wax, beeswax, or any wax of your choice), color dyes, and fragrances or essential oils. You must prepare your candle wick, wax melting pot, thermometer, stirring spoon, double boiler, and your candle tins or molds for the tools and materials. If you create container candles, you must also prepare your glass jars attached to the wick. 


In starting as a beginner candle maker, motivation plays a big role in making you push forward and master your craft. With all these candle making kits, Scandinavian Co.’s kit gave me the most inspiration to pursue candle making. This luxury kit is complete with all the tools you need. Just by looking at its packaging, you can conclude that you’ll be producing perfect candles like a pro. 

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