Best Candle Making Classes: When in the Learning Phase

One of the most enjoyable and enjoyable crafts that you can do yourself or with the family is candle-making. Learning the candle-making skill will provide creative pleasure and a sense of achievement that will motivate you to make candles in your home. Taking candle-making classes is one way that you can perfect your skill, and enrolling in a well-round candle-making training is important.

1. Udemy How to Make Candles Class: Great for Beginners

The first class that you can take for candle-making is the Udemy class of How to Make Candles. It provides creative-best candle-making lessons, which are perfect for beginners. It is a hundred percent online candle-making training, so you don’t have to worry about going outside to take the class.

It is a hands-on course where you will get a wide range of assignments to practice what you have learned within the course. This course is considered to be one of the top online candle-making courses that offer plenty of things to learn.

You can learn how to make candles with beeswax, paraffin, and soy wax with different types of fun techniques. Aside from that, the course will teach how to make container candles and pillar candles. There are different types of wax, and this course will give you the knowledge on how as well as when to use them. It will also teach you what type of container or mold to use for the different types of wax.

Source: Udemy

You will also learn the right kind of fragrances to use and know the drill to anchor the essential oils that you will add to the candle wax. Aside from that, you will also learn how to properly theme and decorate the candles for different gifts, occasions, or for selling purposes.

There is a long list of what you can learn from this Udemy class that will help you achieve the candle-making expertise you want to achieve.

You won’t need to follow significant prerequisites for this candle-making workshop online. There is no need for any prior experience for the course, but you will need the following:

  • Molds and containers
  • Basic wax, colors, fragrances, wicks, and equipment
  • Familiar with fragrance oils and essential oils
  • Knowledge to calculate the simple percentage

Familiarity with fragrance and essential oils is not needed, but it is advantageous. These candle lessons are perfect for those who wish to learn how to make candles with different molds. Also, for anyone who wants to learn different techniques for personal use, business, or gifting.

It is also great for somebody familiar with soap making and anyone who wishes to make candles with safer emissions and minimum health risks.

2. The Wooden Wick Co. Classes: Second Best Candle-Making Classes

Source: Wooden Wick Co.

When you are looking for different candle-making classes, The Wooden Wick Co. is your go-to online class. The online class is self-described as a community and online marketplace designed for a mindful maker today. They offer high-quality sourced supplies for your at-home crafts and the body.

The Wooden Wick Co. has a Youtube channel that is for free that offers different DIY tutorials across disciplines. Also, the curated candle-making playlist will dive deep into anything and everything you would want to know about candle-making.

You start with the basics, such as Candle Wax! How to Choose the Right Type or The 10 Candle Making Terms You Should Know. You can get a crash course in the nuances of perfecting your candle-making skills when you have more expertise.

In the videos, they will teach you to handle sinkholes, jump lines, use the right wick size, and create different types of wax candles. They even provide a tutorial on how to burn the candles that you make properly. When candle-making is moving beyond just a hobby, they offer a five-part series for building your own business.

The Wooden Wick Co. has just about anything, from the eager beginner candlemaker to the ones that already have experience.

3. Scented Soy Candle-Making Class: Can Be Found in Skillshare

Source: Skillshare

The Scented Soy Candle-Making Class is a brief Skillshare online candle-making course that one can take. You will find 16-minute candle-making lessons where you can learn how to make scented soy candles. When you have finished this course, you will have enough knowledge to take on your soy candle journey.

There are also plenty of resources included in the course that will help you achieve to create the soy candles that you want. These courses are great for beginner candle-making classes online. Anyone with zero prior knowledge is perfect for these courses.

4. Candle Making Business Diploma Course: Offered By Centre of Excellence

An excellent hobby that you can have is candle making because it is very fun and exciting. When you are well-acquainted with candle-making, you will have a good specialization to make your own ornamental candle that you can use for gifting or decorations.

This particular course will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to make beautiful candles. It is an accredited and certified online candle-making course that comes with nine modules. Any resources that are shared in this course will come with lifetime access.

Source: Centre of Excellence

In the lessons, you will learn an array of things such as the candle-making fundamentals, knowledge of the different types of waxes, and understanding the types of wicks. Here you will also know the safety precautions you need to take into consideration whenever you care making the candles.

You will also learn to make your workplace for selling candles, rolling the candles, making your own wax sheets, and the knowledge of different additives and containers. You will also learn the different kinds of candles, from hand-molded candles to birthday candles to floating candles.

Here, you will also learn to set up your candle-making business and will have the knowledge of the equipment as well as supplies you will need to complete a candle project. Lastly, you will learn about marketing techniques to promote your business and create your own successful business.

These courses are perfect for anyone who is passionate about candle-candle making and enjoying this particular art.

5. The Shaw Academy Candle Making Classes: Great for All Levels

Source: Shaw Academy

The candle-making classes that Shaw Academy offers are available to all levels, from the beginner to the expert candlemaker. The duration of the class is eight weeks, and it consists of 16 lessons plus the assessments that you will be taking once the course is done.

The course comprises multiple modules that will cover different aspects of candle-making as well as its production. When you are lucky, you might get this candle-making class for free for a limited time period offer.

The course covers setting up a candle production line and marketing if you are planning to put up a candle business. It also includes elementary and advanced level candle-making courses as well as customizing candles.

6. Makers Mess Introduction to Candle Making: Another Class for the Beginners

The Makers Mess is a creative art studio that is based in Silver Lake, which is the neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. It doesn’t only offer art and design classes; it also expanded its studio, offering workshops online for kids and adults.

The intro to candle-making class will provide knowledge in the ins and outs of poured candle-making. You will also learn how to create your own clean-burning candles that incorporate cotton wicks and natural fragrances for just about $20.

The workshop is prerecorded so that you can complete it at your own pace. After you purchase the class, you will receive a download with a link to the video class. It will also include instructional information with tips, tricks, and ideas for your next candle-making project.

If you don’t have the candle-making supplies, you can buy a kit on the Makers Mess site for you to get started. You can also set up a class of your own virtually with a private event with a live Zoom workshop that will be perfect for birthday parties, special nights in, or team bondings.

You can do this with a minimum of eight participants with a price of roughly $35 per person. Also, there would be an added price of the candle-making kit that each person should have.

7. Paddywax Candle Bar Candle Making at Home: Great for Groups

Paddywax Candle Bar is located in Nashville, Charlotte, Birmingham, Reston, and Philadelphia. It is a great place for friends to come together and learn candle-making with a few drinks in between. You can connect with your friends while creating custom candles.

The company has taken the IRL workshops to virtual, so you don’t have to leave your home to spend time with your friends and family. Whether it is your friends, families, or work event, the Paddywax’s kits are great for setting up your own artisan candle. It also comes with completely beautiful custom vessels and a lineup of the company’s signature fragrances.

Choose from keeping your workshop within your own group or having a 30-minute virtual question and answer question with their professional candle makers. Depending on the level of expertise you and your friends have, you can choose to outfit your kit with tools or not.

The pricing for the candle working workshops that come with tools ranges between $38 to $45 per kit. If you don’t want a class that comes with tools, the price range is from $28 to $30. This price range would depend on the number of people involved in the class.

You choose from ceramic or metal vessels in different types of designs as well as scents that hit the notes of woody, sweet, fresh, spic, and seasonal. It also includes amber and smoke, fresh Meyer lemon, wild fig and cedar, and so much more.

8. CandleScience Classes: Best for Learning How To Blend Fragrance Oils

If you are looking for affordable candle-making supplies that are designed for the at-home candle maker and small business owners, this company is the authority on all things that are related to candle-making. They also have a YouTube channel that spotlights many free information videos for those who are willing to experiment with different scents for candles.

Source: CandleScience

You can check out their special installment of CandleScience Live: How To Blend Fragrance Oils. It is an almost hour-long video where Cassi and Kevin from CandleScience will offer a session on the subject of blending fragrance oils.

They will also show you how to scent-blend and address how to mix fragrance oils. Aside from that, they will show you how many fragrance oils to mix together, scent pairings, and so much more.

The duo will cover potential opportunities for scent-blending, just like the fact that the scent blends can provide your candles a whiff of exclusivity. It will also specifically highlight a note within a fragrance oil and can help you refine your nose and practice picking out the right fragrances for your candles.

9. Sheri Vegas Class: Best For Learning How to Add Colors to Candles

Source: ClassBento

Now, when you have mastered the basics of candle-making, you want to take your skills to the next level by learning how to use colors properly. In this class, Sheri Vegas will demonstrate three different ways to add DIY colors to your candles.

The supplies that you will need for this class are wax, wicks, and vessels. You can also add fragrance or essential oils of your choice, and of course, your burning-safe dyes for the colors. In this tutorial, Sheri Vegas experiments with one colored dye method per candle.

These methods are cosmetic-grade mica shimmer powder, proper candle dye, and food coloring. When the wax is melted, you are ready to start dyeing your candle wax. Using the candle dye is pretty easy, and all you need to do is just add a few drops, depending on the color intensity you want to achieve on the wax.

Once that is done, all you need to do is mix. You can use the same technique to incorporate the food coloring and mica. After that, secure the wicks in your vessels, pour the melted wax into your chosen container, and let them set.

Watch the Sheri Vegas class for the ombre effect that is created with the mica shimmer.

10. Aromatherapy Candle Making: Another Great Udemy Class

The aromatherapy candle-making class is one of the best seller candle-making training out there. Handmade aromatherapy candles can go a long way in providing beautiful scents in your home. They are also better for your health and for those who are living inside the home.

There are different essential oils and blends that can bring an array of benefits to the mental, energetic, and physical health who inhale the aromas. In these candle-making lessons, you will learn the drill of relaxation through aromas.

From stimulating, healing, and relaxing properties, it will be covered in these classes. The overall aromatherapy skills that you will learn in this class will help you learn to awaken a memory, control insomnia, and lower your depression as well as anxiety symptoms.

Source: Udemy

You also learn how to disinfect the environment, boost your concentration levels, and inspire optimism as well as courage. Lastly, you will learn how aromatherapy candle-making can balance your mind, body, and emotions. Once you are done with these classes, you will earn a certification from the School of Holistic Therapies.

When you complete the course, you will be able to make candles 100 percent eco-friendly and all-natural therapeutic. You will also have a fundamental knowledge of candle-making, like wick and wax selection. Aside from that, you can perform burn tests, learn how to blend essential oils to create new fragrances with properties that can help cure the mind, body, and soul.

Lastly, the class also provides reliable and straightforward knowledge on making therapeutic candles.

There is also no prior knowledge or experience needed for you to take this course and the classes are the best for anyone who wishes to learn to make therapeutic candles for personal use. It is also great for anyone who would want to sell or gift the candles that they make.

Also, it is great for people who are holistic, or massage therapists are aspiring to better work through therapeutic candles.

The only disadvantage to this course is it doesn’t cover decorating the candles. Also, there are some portions of the course that need to show what the instructor is actually doing rather than just sound. Now, if you are not satisfied with the course, they do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

11. Fabulous Candle Making For All: Best for Candler Level 1 Certified

This is another great Udemy class that you can take for candle-making, and it teaches you the drill to make candles at home. These lessons are accredited and certified candle-making lessons that you can take. It is a pretty easy course to follow and contains several follow-along instructional videos as well as downloadable resources to help you make the candles.

The courses will help you learn how to candles at home, the candle-making fundamentals, and how to work with beeswax, soy wax, and other types of wax available. It will also teach you all about the different types of candle wicks and how to use them, wick and wax selection basics, and the do’s and don’ts when it comes to making candles.

Source: Udemy

Here you will also have an understanding of the different fragrances, creating your own fragrance, and how you can repurpose old candles. Aside from that, you will also learn how to shape candles with everyday objects and learn about the different candle-making methods that you can use for your projects.

There are plenty of things that you can learn from this class, and since it is a beginner-friendly course, you don’t need any prior knowledge or experience needed. Now, to make the candles, you would need some equipment, and the instructor will be able to provide you with details about it in the course.

People who love essential oils, candle lovers, aromatherapy practitioners, and anyone wishing to make their candles can take this class.


There is no wrong time to take online candle-making classes, but during these trying times, it is still best to take them at home with a couple of friends and family or even by yourself. There are different types of candle-making classes that you can take; some have fees, while others are free since you can watch video tutorials on YouTube. If you are a beginner, here is an article I have written for you to read.

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