Best Leather Dog Leash: Perfect Match With Dog Leather Collar

There are plenty of things that will make it to your dog checklist, such as dry dog food, treats for training, a comfortable bed, collars, and, of course, their leash. No matter what breed or size of your dog, a leash is essential for them to get their daily exercise. Having a leather dog leash will be perfect while you are walking your dog and giving them the exercise they need.

Soft Touch Collars Leather Dog Leash: The Best of the Best

The best choice for a leather dog leash is the Soft Touch Collars Leather Dog Leash since it doesn’t only provide an elegant look but also comes with a lifetime warranty. Another great quality of this leash is it’s handmade and naturally tanned with no harsh dyes, stains, or chemicals.

This means that you don’t have to worry about exposing your furry friend to anything harmful. The Soft Touch Collars Leather Dog Leash is also handstitched so that you can ensure its durability as well as quality. It is made with full-grain genuine leather, which is a material that is meant to last.

The hand loop is lined with soft, luxurious sheepskin leather for maximum comfort when walking or running your dog. With this material, you don’t have to worry about chafing or irritation on your hand when you have to pull a heavy dog.

The solid brass hardware has a lacquered finish which will keep the snap rust in all weather conditions. You can ensure that this leather leash will last you for years to come. The best thing about this leather dog leash is it comes in different colors.

You can choose from six different colors, which are brown with cream, turquoise with beige, tan with coral, brown with pink, tan with teal, and black with cream. They also come in different lengths which are 4ft x 1/2in, 6ft x 3/4in, 48 x 0.5in, 72 x 0.05in, and 72 x 75in.

Now, the only downside to this leather dog leash is the leather feels stiff at first, which is something that you can expect from full-grain leather material. When being made, full-grain leather doesn’t get treated with oils to soften them, so you will have to do that yourself. You can simply use the leash to break it in.

The price range of the Soft Touch Collars Leather Dog Leash ranges from $19.95 to $27.95, depending on the length that you will be choosing. You can purchase this leather dog leash on Amazon.

Mighty Paw Traffic Leather Lead: Perfect for Large Dogs

Now, this leash is not designed for everyday use since the length is 14″. It can only qualify as a traffic lead. It is good to have this on hand if you plan on taking your dog to crowded areas where you need to keep your furry friend close. However, this traffic lead is not ideal for your dog’s daily walks.

The lead is extra-strong and can hold about 850 plus pounds of force tension, which is crucial when you have a dog that’s a tough puller. It is made with 100 percent genuine leather and has a 7/8 inches handle grip, which will provide you with an easy grip and comfortability on the hand.

Since this is made for large dogs, when you plan to use this on small dogs, you would have to carry them instead when they are in a crowded place. To keep the dog leather leash in its best shape possible, you would have to regularly remove oils to maintain its softness as well as its flexibility.

The Mighty Paw Traffic Leather Lead features aviation of aluminum carabiner clip which is the same clip that mountain climbers use. You can rest assured that the traffic lead will do its job with this feature when your dog pulls too hard.

The Mighty Paw Traffic Leather Lead is available on Amazon for $17.99, and it’s available in two colors which are black and grey.

Logical Leather Dog Leash: Best Leash for Training

The Logical Leather Dog Leash is the best leather dog leash to purchase when you are still training your pups. It is made from genuine full-grain leather and comes in a rainbow of colors. With this leash, you are not limited to just the typical brown or black color.

The Logical Leather Dog Leash comes in three different lengths: four, five, and six feet. This leather dog leash is strong, thick, and can endure over 245 pounds of pulling force. When you have large, strong dogs, you can ensure that this leash will last for years.

It comes with a nickel-plated clasp that is made from solid brass, which is both attractive and will help the leash last for years to come. Just like the Soft Touch Collars, the Logical Leather Dog Leash also comes with a lifetime guarantee that allows you to return the leash for any reason.

The Logical Leather Dog Leash requires minimal care but still feels supple and won’t tear over time. This leash also doesn’t collect hair, just like nylon leashes whenever you are training, walking, or running your dog.

Now, even though the leather material that is used on this leash is of good quality, the clasp is weak. When used frequently, the clasp stops shutting properly. The leather itself is also stiff and lacks flexibility.

The Logical Leather Dog Leash is available on Amazon for $19.99.

ADITYNA Heavy Duty Leather Dog Leash: Great for Medium to Large Dogs

The ADITYNA Heavy Duty Leather Dog Leash is made with premium-grade genuine leather, which makes it durable and resistant to dog pulling. Aside from that, it makes the leather resistant and will allow you to have controlled walks.

This leather dog leash is six-foot-long which is the perfect length for walks and training your dogs. The ADITYNA Heavy Duty Leather Dog Leash is designed to be an efficient leash and has been successfully tested on over 500 medium and large dogs.

It has a 360-degree heavy-duty stainless steel clasp that makes the ADITYNA Heavy Duty Leather Dog Leash stronger, and you will feel safe using it. It also has a durable stitch that is reinforced with two rivets for additional strength.

If you want a thin leash, the ADITYNA Heavy Duty Leather Dog Leash is also the best leather leash to buy since it’s available in a one since width for larger dogs. Now, this leather leash is both soft and strong at the same time. The six-foot leather leash can prevent the burning hands feeling that you get when your pups are pulling.

It is also easy to double up and hole when you need to keep your dog close to you. You can even use this leather leash as a short leash when you are training your dogs.

The ADITYNA Heavy Duty Leather Dog Leash has a two-year warranty where if you are not 110 percent satisfied with the item, the manufacturer will fully refund your money or send you a new one.

However, there are a couple of downsides when it comes to this leather leash. The stitching on the leash is more on the poor quality side since it unravels easily. The leather is also on the thin side, and it can easily stretch. Lastly, it has a chemical smell from the tanning process, which can be concerning to certain fur parents.

The ADITYNA Heavy Duty Leather Dog Leash is available on Amazon for $27.97.

YOGADOG Leather Dog Training Leash: Best for Strength and Durability

When looking for a genuine leather dog training leash, the YOGADOG Leather Dog Training Leash is the one that you can purchase. The first layer of this leather leash is made from cowhide which is strong and soft at the same time. You can ensure that it will last for a year and only get softer when it is used often.

It has an upgraded copper hook that is made with pure copper hardware. This feature will solve the problem of automatic hook shedding. You can easily clip on and off the leash to a collar without any problems.

Since the leash is made with good leather material, you can get a good sense of control whenever you are walking or running your dog. The thick leather provides good elasticity to buffer the force when your dogs are pulling. Aside from control, you can also protect your hands from any burning feeling when force is enforced.

Of course, a leather leash provides a chic look for your dogs. The YOGADOG Leather Dog Training Leash has a classic and elegant design, and you can choose from two kinds of lengths. This leash is also a professional trainer’s recommendation.

Aside from running or walking, the YOGADOG Leather Dog Training Leash can be used for dog shows, patrolling, and training.

Now, the clasp on this leather leash is unreliable since it opens easily, which can be dangerous for your dogs. Also, the stitching can come apart easily, so the durability of the leash is a bit questionable. The leather also stretches, which might make you feel like you don’t have enough control of your dog while walking.

The YOGADOG Leather Dog Training Leash is available on Amazon for $18.99.

Redline K9 Premium Soft Leather Dog Leash: Super Soft Leash

The Redline K9 Premium Soft Leather Dog Leash is your go-to dog accessories if you are looking for a super-soft leather dog leash. It is a handmade Amish leash is made from soft leather to help it feel more pliable from the first time that you use it.

Now, it is a bit thinner than other leather leashes since it measures 3/8 inches wide. However, it still provides heavy-duty support for your dog while doing outdoor activities. It is available in three lengths: three, four, and six feet. So, you are free to choose the length that will work best for you and your pet.

The closure is made out of high-quality brass to make sure it can withstand the weight of your pet and will match the lifetime quality of the leather. It is best to treat the leash with some leather sealant to improve the grip and elasticity, but this is unnecessary.

Unlike the other leather leashes on this list, the Redline K9 Premium Soft Leather Dog Leash doesn’t have any warranty. However, due to the durable nature of the leather, it can last for years, as long as you have regular maintenance done.

Some fur parents have tried this leather leash with small dogs, and it’s a bit too heavy for them. Also, if you are walking with multiple dogs, the leash can easily tangle with each other.

The Redline K9 Premium Soft Leather Dog Leash is available on Amazon for $23.99.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Your Leather Dog Leash

If you are shopping for a leather dog leash, you want to choose the best for your pup’s needs. There are different factors that you should consider, and I will be discussing them in this following section to help in your search for the best leather dog leash.

Check the Dog Leash’s Durability

When it comes to a leather dog leash, it is more durable than the nylon material because they don’t fray or get holes easily. As long as you keep them cleaned and well maintained, they can last you for years. However, this would also depend on how each leather leash is made.

The best quality of leather leashes is they are thick and water-resistant. When they are thick, they can endure any type of pull force.

Consider the Length of Your Dog Leash and Collars

For most breeds of dogs, five to six feet is a comfortable leash length for your daily walks with your dogs. However, for smaller dog breeds, you can do with four or five feet of length. You can also find short leashes that are only around a foot long.

These types of leashes will keep your dog close to the heel, especially when you are walking in dangerous situations like having traffic around. These leashes are known as the ‘traffic leashes.’ You can also use these types of leashes when you are navigating through crowded areas.

It is also important for you to choose the best collar possible for your dogs. Slip collars are the best when you need to correct your dog’s behavior during walks. Pack lead collars are a great pair at the top of the neck, so they work well if the slip collar is problematic for you.

Use a harness when your dog likes to pull on the leash, so make sure to consider adding reflective tape on your pup’s collar when you increase any nighttime visibility.

If you want to know the best leather collar that you can buy, you can check this article that I’ve written.

Comfort to Hold and Design Features

Plenty of leashes offer supple leather, which is more comfortable to hold when walking your dog. You can also find leather leashed with padded handles. With this feature, you won’t feel any burning on your hand when your dogs pull on the leash.

Check the Stitching of the Leather Dog Leash

When you see leather leashes with triple stitches, you have hit the jackpot because it provides greater strength and durability than double-stitched leashes. When you are training a big dog that likes to pull and chew, finding a dog leather leash with triple stitching is the best way to go.

In my opinion, the Logical Leather Dog Leash would be the best leather leash for you to buy. It is strong, and six feet leash is perfect for training your pups.

Consider Getting a Braided Leather Dog Leash

Now, braided leashes work perfectly well with dogs that have high energy and are strong-willed. These leather dog leashes have a wider handle for a comfortable, pain-free grip whenever your dog pulls. The braided enclosures also ensure secure connections.

Double Handle Leather Dog Leash is the Key for Control

A leather leash that has a double handle will provide superior control. When you use the long leash handle as you walk side-by-side or grab the built-in traffic handle, it can guide your dog when strolling down a busy sidewalk.

Most of the time, professional dog trainers recommend six-foot leather double-handle dog leashes for walking or training dogs.

Know the Maintenance of Your Leather Dog Leash

Now, leather dog leashes are worth maintaining, and it is not a difficult process. There are different conditioning products that you can buy to make sure your leather leash is in its best shape. I have listed the different leather conditioners that you can use to maintain your leather dog leash in this article.

The best thing that you can do is wipe the leash with a damp cloth after every use. If for any reason that it gets wet, make sure that you hang it to dry. Avoid exposing the leather dog leash to direct sunlight and drying it out there.

At most times, the manufacturer also provides maintenance instructions for your leather dog leash. When you follow simple rules, you can get the most out of your leather dog leash.

Types of Leashes Available on the Market

Now, choosing a leash would depend on the breed and the temperament of your dog, as well as the type of walks you would be taking. There are different types of leather dog leashes that you can choose from, and I will be mentioning them right here.

The Standard Dog Leashes

These are the most common leashes on the market since they have been developed for average and regular walks. They are made of several materials, and the choices are very wide. Leather dog leashes are usually between four and eight feet long, which provides a good range of motion while you are walking your dog.

The Adjustable Leashes

As the name suggests, these leashes can be adjusted to suit that individual needs. These leashes have extra loops that you can increase the length by up to six feet. Due to this feature, these types of leashes are very versatile. They should be great for training and long walks for your dogs.

The Retractable Leashes

The length can also be adjusted with these types of leashes, but you can do it all in one go. These types of dog leashes work like retractable tape measures. It has a locking mechanism, and you can easily hold the leash to a specific length.

Now, the only downside to this type of leash is they give owners less control rather than other types of leashes on the market.

The Special Leashes

There are special leashes that usually come in handy in different situations. A great example is bicycle leashes which are adjustable leashes that can be attached to bicycle frames. It will allow your dog to run beside you while you ride your bike.

The distance between you and your dog will be safe when you have special leashes. These are also called seat belt leashes and are essential when you go out on the road for an adventure. When you have such a leash, you can easily attach your dog to the seat belt.


For me, the best choice of leather dog leash is the Soft Touch Collars Leather Dog Leash because it provides an elegant look. It is also not treated with any harsh chemicals, so you can rest assured that it will be safe for your furry best friend. When you know the different factors to consider when buying the right leather dog leash, you can never go wrong on your dog’s comfort as well as yours. Choose wisely!

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