The Best Leather Dog Collar Your Furbaby

The leather collar is the current trend when it comes to your furry friend. Since leather is soft, hard-wearing, and easy to clean, it is the best choice for your dog’s collar, rather than other common collar materials. Leather dog collars are also the epitome of class as well as style. So, if you want your dogs to be stylish yet comfortable, a leather collar is the answer!

The best leather dog collar for your dogs should be lightweight, durable, comfortable, and stylish. It should also be strong enough when your dog is playful and tugs on the leash a lot. The following leather dog collars are the best in the market: Soft Touch Luxury, Custom Catch, Aolove Basic Collar, Ellie Dog Wear, Chede Luxury, Blueberry Pet Classic, and BlackJacks Leather Dog Collar.

Soft Touch LuxuryMade from soft sheepskin leather
Comfortable to wear
Doesn’t irritate dog’s neck
No foul smell over time
Retains the smell of genuine leather
Lifetime warranty
D-ring snaps off easily
Sizes are not matching what’s advertised
Custom CatchGreat for customization
Great colors and prints
Great for medium to large breeds
Has an extra ring to hold other dog accessories
Other dogs can grab on the extra flap
A bit thick for small breeds
The lettering doesn’t last long
Aolove Basic CollarGreat for small breeds
High-quality leather
Coated to prevent rust
Can withstand wear and tear
A wide range of colors
Not made for huge breeds
Ellie Dog Wear Full Grain Leather Dog CollarMade with superior grade leather
Perfect for all dog sizes
Can last for years
Chede Luxury Real Leather Dog CollarCheap
Made with genuine leather
No restrictions during playtime
Fully adjustable
Smooth to touch
Not meant for strong dogs
Loosens when dogs pull
Blueberry Pet ClassicGreat colors and design
Durable and soft heavy-duty polyester
Multiple holes for easy access
Can be hard to adjust
Not a full leather collar
Leather tends to peel off easily
BlackJacks Leather Large Breeds Dog CollarDurable
Made with handcrafted genuine leather
Law enforcement approved
Only has one color
Return policy doesn’t apply when personalized

Soft Touch Luxury Collar: The Luxury Collar Your Dog Needs

Soft Touch Luxury Collar is on the top of the list when it comes to the best leather dog collars because of plenty of reasons. This leather collar is made from padded leather, which means it is comfortable and soft for your dogs to wear, and not only that, it is also durable.

Not like any other dog collars, the Soft Touch Luxury Collar is not made from cheap materials. Rest assured that this leather dog collar won’t develop an odor over time and will remain dry too. The smell of genuine leather is retained because it is made from natural sheepskin leather that’s fully tanned.

With the Soft Touch Luxury Collar, you can have peace of mind since it won’t develop any rashes or discomforts when your dog is wearing this collar. The manufacturer also spared no expense in designing this dog collar, and it is made to last for years.

For instance, the D-ring is made from rust-free and non-corrosive metal so that it can handle water without damaging it over time. Aside from that, you don’t have to worry about finding a place for your dog’s tag since the D-ring is placed next to the buckle.

The best thing about this leather collar is you will have a lifetime guarantee. When the collars break or fail due to the materials or workmanship, Soft Touch is more than happy to replace the collar free of charge.

The Soft Touch Luxury Collar is available in six colors: brown, turquoise/beige, tan/teal, tan/coral, brown/light pink, and black. It is also available in different sizes, which are from small to extra large.

Now, there have been some reviews where the D-ring snaps off easily, and the sizes are not matching to what is advertised. In this case, you would need to measure your dog’s neck properly and maybe get a size higher just to be sure that it will fit your dog’s neck comfortably.

Aside from that, I feel that the Soft Touch Luxury Collar is still worth your money since it will provide the durability you need for your dog’s collar needs as well as the stylish feel that you want for your furry friend.

The Soft Touch Luxury Collar is available on Amazon for $25.95.

Custom Catch Leather Dog Collar: The Customization Your Dog Needs

If you want a customized leather dog collar for your best friend, the Custom Catch Leather Dog Collar is perfect for you. Pets have their own personality to portray, and the best way to do so is by getting a comfortable and fashionable collar.

Having a personalized leather dog collar can help identify your dog if they get lost, and finding them becomes easier. You can consider this product as one of the most basic pieces of equipment for your furry best friend, and it makes the identification of your pet easy.

With the Custom Catch Leather Dog Collar, it will allow you to attach other pet accessories to it, such as seat belts, leashes, or any tracking devices that you may have for your pet.

This leather dog collar is made from durable, high-quality genuine leather that will last longer than you expect. You can rest assured that it is pet-friendly and comes with an engraved design of bone, paw, or heart, whatever you prefer.

It also provides an attractive look on your dog and goes well for specific or general use. The Custom Catch Leather Dog Collar features perforated holes and a durable buckle which is great for easy adjustment. You can make sure that it will perfectly fit your dog’s neck as long as you measure it correctly.

Now, this leather collar comes with a heavy-duty D-ring that enables the attachment of a leash or other means of identification that your dog may have. It also has an extra ring to hold the end of the collar, which is well coated to prevent any rust or corrosion.

Aside from that, it also has a great quality, neat finishing with perfect stitches that will not loosen over time. The Custom Catch Leather Dog Collar is also very easy to maintain and is available in five different colors with different sizes, from extra small to large.

With the wide range of sizes, it is great for both small and large breeds. The extra small dog collar is great for dogs with a neck measured from 8.5 to 11 inches, small is great for dogs with a neck measured from 11.5 to 14 inches, the medium is from 14.5 to 17.5 inches, and large is from 18 to 22 inches.

The downside to this leather collar is there’s an extra flap that other dogs can play with, which can be a choking hazard to your pet. Also, the collar is a bit thick for small dogs to use, much better for medium to large breeds. Lastly, the lettering on the collar fades pretty quickly.

Aside from the downsides of this leather collar, in my opinion, I think this is still a great purchase if you want something that is customizable and stylish for your furry friend.

The Custom Catch Leather Dog Collar is available on Amazon for $11.95.

Aolove Basic Collar: Best for Small Breeds

Now, every pet deserves a stylish collar to make sure that it clearly spells out their identity and makes them beautiful at the same time. The Aolove Basic Collar is perfect for small dogs but also works for medium-sized dogs whose neck size is from 29 to 38 cm.

The dog collar comes with five holes for adjustments and will let pet parents get the perfect fitting on their furry friend. It also has a strong D-ring at the top, which allows the attachment of the leash whenever the fur parent feels like it.

It is also made out of high-quality leather materials that can withstand any wear and tear that it may face. It is also durable and will not break away from your dog’s neck over time. The hardware is heavy-duty and coated to prevent any rust from happening over time.

Also, the stitching on this leather dog collar is durable and sturdy and has a good finishing that makes the collar stand out. When worn, it is flexible and comes with a relaxed feeling on your dog’s neck. It also stays on his neck comfortably without choking him.

The Aolove Basic Collar comes in different colors so that you can choose the perfect style for your dogs. This leather dog collar also comes in four sizes which are extra small for your puppy or small breeds, medium, and large.

Another great thing about this leather dog collar is it’s easy to maintain. Now, since there are four different sizes, it doesn’t mean that huge dogs would find this comfortable. If you have huge breeds for your furry pets, it is best to find another option for them.

The Aolove Basic Classic Colar is available on Amazon for $9.99.

Ellie Dog Wear Leather Dog Collar with Saddle: Great for Quality and Durability

If you want a durable and quality leather dog collar, the Ellie Dog Wear Full Grain Leather Collar with Saddle is the perfect choice for you. It is created with exceptional full-grain leather that is comfortable for your dog to wear and durable enough so that you don’t have to buy another for years.

You will find this leather dog collar soft to touch whenever you handle it, and it is coated with saddle leather wax for added strength. These qualities are what make the Ellie Dog Wear dog collar better than other full-grain collars in the market.

When it comes to the design, it has a vintage look with rustic detailing, which gets better with time. The Ellie Dog Full Grain Leather Dog Collar is great for small dogs, but it comes in different sizes for older dogs as well. There are three sizes available: small (9″ to 14″ with a width of 0.75″), medium (12″ to 18″ with a width of 1″), and large (16″ to 22″ with a width of 1.25″).

Size small is great for dogs who are extra small and small, while a medium-sized collar is recommended for medium to large-sized dogs. Lastly, the large is recommended for L, XL, and XXL-sized dogs. It has a separate D-ring for the leash attachment that’s rust-proof and coated with a clear finish to prevent corrosion.

The only downside to the Ellie Dog Wear is that it’s a bit expensive, but if you have the money to splurge on your furry friend, this is a good buy. It is available on Amazon for $39.99.

Chede Luxury Real Leather Dog Collar: Luxurious Dog Collar

When looking for a combination of style, durability, and luxury, Chede Luxury Real Leather Dog Collar is the best option for you. It is made from 100 percent genuine leather and features edges that won’t irritate your furry friend’s skin.

It is smooth to the touch and fully adjustable so that it can last for years, and all you need to do is adjust the collar as your dog gets older. The Chede Luxury Real Leather Dog Collar is perfect for medium to large-sized dogs. The lined interior of the dog collar is padded for maximum flexibility as well as comfort.

Rest assured that your dog won’t even notice that they are wearing this leather dog collar. They can continue to run around and have fun with no restrictions on their neck. The inside of the collar is made from soft pads, and it can protect your dog’s neck from rubbing and irritation.

The Chede Luxury Real Leather Dog Collar is hand-stitched, so you don’t have to worry about loose threads. The metal is also handcrafted from strong and beautiful metal. It is also handcrafted from high-quality genuine leather that is durable, strong yet soft.

Maintainance is also easy; all you need to do is clean up the collar with a soft, damp cloth and gentle leather cleaner. Make sure to use the right leather cleaner so that the Chede Luxury Real Leather Dog Collar can last for years.

Now, this leather collar is not meant for strong dogs as it may break apart. Also, the hardware doesn’t adjust the collar since it tends to loosen it whenever the dog pulls.

The Chede Luxury Real Leather Dog Collar is available on Amazon for $11.99.

Blueberry Pet Classic Leather Striped Dog Collar: Classic Collar Look

If you want to make your dog look exquisite, the Blueberry Pet Classic is the best dog collar for you. It is designed with top-notch leather polyester webbing and a beautiful blueberry logo. Even though this collar has an open-ended collar, it might not be easy to adjust.

However, it does offer a sophisticated look for your dogs. Now, the open-ended collar has multiple holes that can fit easily on your dog’s neck. Aside from that, Blueberry Pet Classic also offers different sizes to fit different types of dogs.

There are three sizes available for this leather dog collar. First is 1″ wide with neck size of 15″ to 18″, then 1″ wide with neck size of 18″ to 22″. The last size has 3/4″ wide with neck size of 12″ to 15″. The polyester is very durable, so you can rest assured that this dog collar will last for years to come.

The metal buckle is coated with eco-friendly brass color that matches the entire dog collar design. When cleaning the collar, you need to make sure not to wash it, apply bleach, dry clean, or iron. All you have to do is wipe it clean.

The Blueberry Pet Classic Leather Striped Dog Collar is suitable for most kinds of breeds. However, you still need to measure your dog’s neck properly and check their size chart to confirm the right size for your furry friend.

This leather dog collar comes in a wide variety of colors and designs that you can choose from, so it can match any style you want for your furry best friend. The color combinations are great as well. From the rustic color of chocolate & taupe to the multicolor crayon stripes, you can get the best design for your dogs.

Now, the downside to the Blueberry Pet Classic is the leather is not as durable since it can easily be ripped off. It’s also not a full leather collar but only part leather.

The Blueberry Pet Classic Leather Striped Collar is available on Amazon for $28.99.

BlackJacks Leather Dog Collar: Great for Large Breeds

Finding the right collar for large breeds can be difficult sometimes, which is why BlackJacks is the best leather dog collar when you have a large dog. This leather dog collar is handcrafted from 100 percent genuine leather. It has a simple design that displays the elegance, durability, strength, and comfortability that your furry pet needs.

The BlackJacks Leather Dog Collar is tightly secured at every stress point by using heavy-duty buckles and a secure D-ring. These would ensure that your dog will always remain secure during your walks or any adventures you may have with them.

The collar has been tested with military-grade law enforcement dogs, so you can make sure that it is made at the highest quality. Though it is great for large dogs, it is also available to all dog owners. It has also been tested at 2,000 pounds per square inch to burst strength.

The BlackJacks Leather Dog Collar is great for training and working days, which allows your dog the mobility, comfortability, and safety that they deserve. The hardware is made with heavy-duty nickel-plated that can last for years.

You also have the option to personalize the collar if you want. All you need to do is to message them on Amazon through Amazon’s Gift Message Box or send a note or email through Amazon. Provide them the font size you prefer (big or small), your dog’s name (up to seven characters with large font and up to 12 characters with a small font), and when you will check out.

The seller would then contact you to make sure that everything is done correctly. The only downside to the personalization of the collar is there’s no refund and no return policy on these items. Also, it is only available in one color, which is mahogany.

The BlackJacks Leather Dog Collar is available on Amazon for $24.14.

The Right Way to Measure Your Dog’s Neck for Your Leather Dog Collar

Pet collars are something that pets try to free themselves from since it is a restricting accessory, though other dogs tend to be calm. In both cases, finding the right size is important so that you can achieve the maximum benefits and comfort for your dogs.

Remember that a collar that is too small can be constricting, while a collar too loose will not function properly. With this said, it is recommended to take accurate measurements before buying one. All you need is a measuring tape and to follow these steps.

First, take the measuring tape and place it around your dog’s neck and make sure that it covers the neck comfortably. Next, ensure that the circumference is a little bit loose. You don’t want it too tight and not too loose, and the rule of thumb is you should be able to put two fingers in the with ease.

Once you get the measurements, compare them with the sizes that are provided by the collar’s description. Now, if your dog is between two sizes by a small difference, it is best to get a larger-sized collar. The smaller size can constrict your dog’s movement and put pressure on its trachea.

To avoid this from happening, you need to consider a larger adjust leather dog collar.

What to Look for When Buying Leather Dog Collars

Just like any other purchase, you must make an informed choice based on different considerations. Here are some of the important factors that you should know when looking for the best leather dog collar on the market.

The Size and Design of the Leather Collar

When it comes to dog collars, you want to make sure that your furry friend is comfortable when wearing them. This is why it is important to find a collar that has the perfect fit. Most of the collars are either adjustable or available in different sizes, which is great.

Make sure to measure your dog’s neck before buying a leather collar, and follow the steps that I’ve mentioned above to get the right measurement.

Ensure the Durability of Your Dog’s Leather Collar

As you may know, leather is one of the most durable materials known to man, so leather collars are unmatched when it comes to their quality. Now, there are plenty of different types of leather material, but some are cheaper than others.

It is best to opt for a good quality option even though you need to pay more for it. A leather dog collar should also come with a durable metal D-ring that won’t break even when your furry friend is still pulling on the leash while walking.

Comfortability and Style of the Leather Collar

You also want your dog to be comfortable while wearing the leather collar. It shouldn’t choke or irritate your dog’s coat. The best ones to get are collars that are padded with a soft leather interior which is the first preference of dogs.

Now, when it comes to style, it is a personal matter, of course. However, it is safe to say that there are plenty of stylish options in the market. Some leather dog collars are designed according to a rustic and vintage style, while others have a more modern and minimalistic look.

Most of the dog collars come in brown or tan color, but there are other colors out there for those who would like a unique option for their dog’s collars. Some designs are made to suit a specific outdoor activity, such as hands-free dog leashes.

However, the most important thing that you should look for is durability first, and then comes the style. Make sure to choose a color that suits your dog’s personality as well as temperament. Keep in mind that it may take a few days to break in a leather collar so that you might see your dog fidget during that time. Once that phase is done, it will become completely comfortable with the leather dog collar you’ve bought for them.

When it comes to maintaining leather dog collars, you need to make sure that you clean them whenever necessary and rinse them after every walk. To know more about the leather cleaner that you can use for your leather dog collar, you can read this article.


When finding the right leather dog collar, it should be durable, meet the comfortability of your dog’s needs, and, lastly, fits the style of your furry friend. With a good quality leather dog collar, it will keep you and your pup happy. You can go on any adventures you like such as hiking or walking. Have peace of mind with the right leather dog collar!

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