Can Candle Making Break the Bank: What You Need to Know

Candle making is a simple yet interesting hobby. You can do many things, designs you can make, and combinations of wax and scents you can explore. Candle making has been a business for quite some time, with some scented and unique candles sold at high prices.

Despite some candle products being expensive, candle making is not as expensive and lavish as it may seem. The good thing about candle making is that you can start with materials in your home, and the cost will only start at $40. Also, you can save more if you make your candles. 

Candle making need not be costly but will depend on the types of candles you want to make. In this article, you will know the overall cost of candle making you will need to get started. 

Cost of The Heating and Melting Essentials

It is common knowledge that if you want to melt wax or anything, then a source of heat will be the answer. In candle making, you should always have them readied before starting.

Heat Source

For the heat sources, stick to electric ones or a microwave. It is important to remember this to avoid fire disasters.

When the wax is heated beyond its flashpoint, which easily happens if you melt it directly in the fire, it can easily ignite, which can be very dangerous.

An electric stove may cost around $12 for a single burner stove and reach $499 for stovetops. These are specifically prices for a stove that can fit a typical kitchen or shop.

Pouring or Melting Pot

You also need to add the melting or pouring pot to your list. This is usually stainless steel with a non-heat conducting handle for easy wax pouring. 

A pouring pot for candle making will cost you $8 for 32 ounces wax volume. As the size goes larger, the price will also go higher.

You can use what you have in your kitchen for the larger pot underneath or buy one with the lowest price at $28. Just ensure that it can fit the pouring pot you have. 

Major Candle Elements: Cost of The Wax, Oils, And Wick

Today, many candles have been reinvented to fit in demand for candles more than the light it gives, and here are the major candle elements you need to make this happen.

The Power of Wax

You can try many types of wax, and it will be best to know what and when it is ideal to use each type. Some examples of wax types include soy wax, beeswax, and paraffin wax. 

The cheapest option will be paraffin wax that you can buy for $9 for 1lb; natural soy wax starts at $11, while beeswax starts at $12 sold in pellets or blocks.

It would be best to use pellets for easy weighing if a beginner. For large candle melting or production, you can use candle blocks. 

Fragrance or Essential Oil

You can transform your candles into scented ones by adding fragrance or essential oils during the making process. Most oils added in candles are pure extracts from plants, ranging from cheap to expensive for unique scents. 

The common essential oils have a price range of $5 per 5mL. You can buy a set of oils which will be cheaper than buying them separately. A set with six fragrances or scented oils can be as low as $12 to $35. 

The Wonders of Accessories: Wick, Wick Tabs and Containers

A candle can not be without other elements, including the wick, tabs, containers, and other accessories. 

The wick acts as the backbone of the candle. It conveys the fuel and enables the candle to light up. It is the cloth or material that lights up the candle.

It is an essential element since, without it, there is no way a candle can be as functional as it is. 

There are many types of candlewick you can explore see from inexpensive to special ones. You can also make your candlewick; it is pretty simple and can be a bonus in your pocket. You can read here how to make a candlewick.

At the same time, a wick tab is also needed in candle making. It is the metal structure that you will add to the end of the wick to hold it in place, ensuring that it will dry in the right position it should be.

The wick and wick tabs are sold separately on Amazon, but you can also buy them in sets. A 200ft braided cotton wick with tabs costs $8, the most affordable option for beginners.

If you want to try wood wicks with an iron stand, you can purchase a set of 50pcs for $9. 

Of course, above all these essentials, a container is surely a must. The containers you can use can have any shape, and it will dictate how the final product will look. The common containers are clear glass with a $26 for 12pcs of 8oz containers.

You can use ceramic containers with higher heat tolerance than glass ones for scented candles for $15 for 2pcs 10oz. 

Candle Dye For a More Colorful Candle

If you find white candles boring or want a breath of fresh candle view, you can also add a candle dye to your expenses. Candle dyes will surely make your candle more vibrant and pleasing to the eye with colors.

You can mix colors; make sure that it will be the right mixture to get your desired color. 

Candle dyes start at $16 for a set of 12 colors with 10 ml volume on Amazon. Again, these prices may vary depending on the brand you will be buying. You can read some of the best candles dyes you can buy here.

Summary of the Overall Cost

If you sum up all the cost of candle making, it will yield less than $90. It might be quite the money at first, but you can use the tools repeatedly, especially if you invest in high-quality ones. 

This money is not bad as an investment for a new skill and a good saving in the long run since you can save around 20 to 30% if you make your candles and try your fortune in candle making. 

Again, candle making is not an expensive hobby, but remember that anything beyond your means will be expensive for you. Most candle making materials are affordable for starters, but be ready for the additional price if you want to upgrade.

For now, brace the excitement and make candles in the best way you will not break your bank! 

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