DIY Monogrammed Leather Keychain: Add It to Your Fashion

Leather keychains are cute on their own, but it’s even more personal with a monogram. This DIY monogrammed leather is a perfect gift idea for anyone on your list. It is easy to make, and most importantly, you do not need to spend much in making this personalized monogrammed leather key chain. It is also a fun and exciting activity to do. So, let us put our DIY hat on.

Start Right With The Essential for the Leather Keychain

Here is the list of the materials and tools you’ll need to prepare beforehand. Make sure to prepare these tools and materials to have a smooth workflow when you start crafting your monogrammed leather keychain. Basically, the tools you will need here are the same as other leather projects, so there will be no need to buy sophisticated tools for this one.

  • Scissors
  • Awl
  • Hammer
  • Leather Stamps/ Leather Stamping Kit
  • Leather Hole Puncher
  • Paint Brush
  • One inch wide leather Strips
  • Painter’s Tape 
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Metal Rivets
  • Key Ring
  • Burnisher and wax

Make A Pattern If You Need One

In any leather project, a pattern will be your best buddy. No matter how simple the project is, it will help you craft efficiently, especially for a beginner. In making the pattern, consider the size of the keychain you like. The common size used in leather key chains is one-inch wide, but you can adjust this accordingly.

Ensure also that you will have the design of the monogram in mind. Lay this out and visualize how the final product would look. This way, you can ensure that you will achieve the monogrammed leather keychain that you pictured out.

However, creating a pattern is not compulsory for a project like key chains if you are already a well-trained leatherworker. You can have it in mind and execute it according to plan with your skills.

Cut The Leather Into Strips

You would surely want your keychain to be cute and fancy. So the first thing to do is to cut your leather into strips. In doing so, make sure that measurements and dimensions are precise (depending on the size you like).

Use your knife, scissor, or cutter, and always be careful to avoid getting cuts and wounds. Cut your leather piece according to the size you like your keychains to be. You can use veg-tanned or faux leather for this DIY project since they’re the common type of leather for this one.

Once you’ve cut them into fine equal strips, check your leather pieces, cut excess materials if there are any left, and check whether there are scratches or marks. This step will prevent your leather piece from looking unpleasant due to unequal edges or sizes. Note to cut a 5’’ long leather strip enough for the hole to fit later on.

Create A Hole on Your Leather Strips for The Chain

When you create your holes, make sure the holes fit and are thoroughly cut. Your holes will lock your keychains once you’ve finished them. This is where the rivets will be put to ensure that your keychain is secure and won’t fall off.

Mark the area where you exactly want your hole to be placed. Get a leather hole puncher or awl and make a hole on both ends of your leather strips. Make a ⅛’’ wide hole on both ends (optional, this will depend on the size of your strip), and then check whether they’re cut nicely or punched evenly to avoid future mistakes.

Monogram by Stamping the Leather

Generally, a monogram means a design that is used to identify someone’s belongings. This is usually done by stamping or embossing on the leather the desired monogram. The most common monogrammed decorations are initials combined with other design techniques.

In starting to monogram your key chain, make sure to find the perfect stamp or emboss design for your leather piece. Be creative and artistic in making this step, for this will serve as your symbol. It can be your name, initial, family name, or anything you’d like to put on your leather piece.

Start by creating a design by using your stamping kit or embossing tool. If using a kit, ensure to read and understand the instructions before stamping. Follow the instructions on your stamping kit and then start stamping down on your leather strips and make sure you stamp it on the right side or area based on your design.

Set them aside for a while, and prepare your paintbrush and acrylic paint if planning to paint your leather keychain too.

Smoothen and Polish The Edges of The Leather

If you like your key chain to have a more comfortable feel, it will be ideal for polishing the edges. You can do this by burnishing the ends with your burnishing tool and wax. This will prevent your free edges from being too open to external factors that will cause your key chain to wear out easily.

Adding beeswax and conditioning your leather keychain will somehow give it a water-resistant and dust-resistant property that will promote more extended use of your personalized keychain.

Paint Up The Leather Key Chain (An Optional Step)

When done with stamping or embossing, you can paint your keychain to get the color you want. You can use acrylic paint for added color and design to your leather strips, and this will make your leather monogrammed keychain look more fashionable and unique.

Of course, this is just an optional step that you can do. If you like to preserve your leather’s raw and rustic look, then you can skip this step. It is all up to you.

Suppose you decide to paint or dye your leather, make sure to use leather-suitable paints available in the market. Depending on the colors you like, you can use different colors if you like matte colors, vibrant ones, pastels, neon, or just plain ones. These colors will definitely make your keychain look cooler and trendy! You can buy them online and in any physical store.

In painting, start by covering the stamped monogram. Use a painter’s tape ½’’ and place it above the stamped name or your monogram. Paint only the exposed sections of the leather strips using your acrylic paint and paintbrush. Set it aside for a while. Let it dry before removing the painter’s tape.

Wrap It Up By Adding the Key Ring

Here you will have to create the loops. Loops are important because they are where the keyring is placed so you could hang them. Loops can be created wide, or just a small loop will do; it actually depends on you.

First, you have to slide the keyring onto the leather strip. To add the loop, fold the strip in half. Follow the instructions on the metal rivet packaging to attach both ends of the leather.

Then attach or add some extra designs or decors you like if you still want to add more. Now, your DIY Leather Monogrammed Keychain is ready for use!

Best Reasons To Get or Make a Leather Monogrammed Keychain

Reasons for getting a key chain may vary, which primarily depends on you. Well, anyone can get a key chain, and if not sure yet, here are some of the best reasons.

A Keychain is Budget-Friendly

Keychains are known for their cute adorable stylish look that makes them attractive. Most keychains are sold on travel destinations, and collecting keychains has been one of the many goals for travelers on vacation.

These souvenir items are affordable and are lightweight, thus easy to carry. In making one, some of the materials used for the project can be found in your home so that you can save more of your budget.

This DIY leather monogrammed project will not cost you a lot of money but will cost your time, effort, creativity, and patience. However, the results will satisfy you as you enjoy the triumph you’ve made by simply finishing your leather monogrammed keychain. 

It Has a Timeless Design

Leather, in general, is a timeless piece and monogrammed leather keychains are in demand crafts. They are more customizable that show a personal touch, and are easy to make.

It will give you a more customized or personalized look, making it more unique and eye-catching than the typical keychains sold on the market. It is just the right accessory to your keys and other belongings.

It is The Key to Efficient Identification of Property

Keychains help you identify your property since it’s personalized for you. It is also useful in classifying your keys apart like your home, car, office, and the likes, thus making things a lot easier every day.

Monogrammed leather especially has recognizable logos, and these logos serve as symbols that will help you easily locate your things.  The customized details will represent the symbol of anything you like.

If traveling, it will serve as your guide, especially when your bag is put on a conveyor belt. You can also use keychains on your bags to avoid mix-ups because it will help you find your bag, especially when you’re traveling.

The Perfect Gift For Your Loved Ones

Keychains can be one of the simple yet useful gifts you can give to your loved ones. Whenever you travel, for sure, you will think of buying a keychain as a remembrance of the place and to give to your relatives, friends, and family when you come back home.

You can also give them as a souvenir or token at weddings, birthdays, or christening giveaways for your visitors. Keychains serve many purposes, and customizing them gives added value because it’s personally handmade by you, thus making the people you love happier about it.

Keychain Can Be A Product You Can Sell

Keychains are almost everywhere, and with the knowledge to make one can be taken as an advantage. If you are planning to market this, then now is a good start.

Of course, there will be many competitors since it is a simple project anyone can make if they want to learn. This is the primary reason that a customized one such as a monogrammed leather keychain can be your next product to sell.

With the right skills and materials, you can make personalized DIY for individuals or companies. Like any leather product in the market, this will be durable and a classic piece anyone will want.

The Cost of a DIY Monogrammed Leather Keychain

If you’re thinking about having a little extra on your DIY project, then go the extra mile and add more to your budget, as it will also help you beautify your keychain more. Adding a little on the budget wouldn’t actually hurt that much. Keep in mind that keychains are special, and they are worth every dime.

In any DIY project, often we really think about how it would actually cost us to make one, and costing is very important. Costing will determine how many pieces you can produce and the quality of the materials you can and should use. After all, quality is important.

When you’re planning to open up a business, for sure proper costing and inventory will help you with it, so here are some that might help you to begin with.

Acrylic Paint usually costs $3.20 to $4.50, but some of these acrylic paints go on sets and are not sold individually, so you might want to note that. Paintbrushes are about a dollar or two. It’s not that expensive, or if you still have extra brushes at home, use them.

Faux Leather ranges from $4.00 to $35, and it depends on the brand and quality and where it’s from, so it would be wise to use local brands if you don’t want to go over budget. Veg Tan Leather can be from $1.96 to $45.34. As mentioned above, it depends on the branding and where it’s from, so you have the freedom to choose which one you’d like to use.

Painter’s tape can cost you $1.89$ to $3.69 on the local market, and rivets set can cost approximately $3 to $5. Lastly, if you have to purchase an awl, it can cost around less than $2, while a leather hole puncher can cost from $20.50 to $43.

This is just a general costing, including the tools and materials, but if you have most of the tools for leathercraft, you will surely be able to make a monogrammed keychain at a lower price.

Use and Flaunt Your Monogrammed Key Chain

Keychains serve as a tag on our keys. It is a simple accessory but indeed a useful one. Of course, adding a personal touch when you DIY will make it even special, and it’s so satisfying to be able to make one with simple tools and materials. Follow the steps, and you will surely make a remarkable piece. Next time you think of a new leather handicraft to make or a gift to give, include a keychain on your list, and you will never go wrong.

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