Steps in Leather Projects: Every Beginner Should Know

You are a beginner in the leather world and wanted to create your first project. But then, upon looking it up and studying various tutorials, you still can’t figure out which of the numerous processes are essential in creating a leather project. No more confusion as I have listed down here all the steps you […]

Leather Used For Book Binding: Keep Your Book Beautiful

Leather bookbinding has always been a thing for many leatherworkers, bookbinders, and conservators. Many books used in history were covered in different types of leather, showing how people valued leather as a cover for their precious books throughout the ages. Thus, it is important to know which kinds of leather are perfect for bookbinding and […]

Leather Celtic Knot Projects: All The Ideas You Need

Celtic knots are symbolic knots that are believed to represent and symbolize the interconnectedness of life and eternity. It is a symbol that can be made using nylon, plastic or rubber cord, and leather. This symbolizes a vital role in religion, culture, and community, which is why utilizing this symbol in your leather projects will […]